The 8 Best AR-15 Fore Grips

There’s a ton of different AR-15 Fore grip options out there. Endless companies and variations. To help you select the one that best meets your needs and that will work with your AR-15, we put this guide together. If you still aren’t sure which one is best for you and your rifle, it is a good idea to speak with your local gun dealer. They can certainly help you find the right one.

Here are the 8 best AR-15 Fore Grips.

Magpul M-Lok Angled ForegripMagpul M-Lok Angled Foregrip

Magpul is a leading maker of grips and other accessories. This M-Lok Angled Foregrip is a nice option. At its core it is simple and functional. Although it is an angled grip, the angle is actually a little bit lower on this grip. They have also added a hand stop at the end nearest the shooter. In this way, you can use it as a basic hand stop.

The company has designed the far end of the grip to be narrow in case you want to use a thumb over grip if you want. The muzzle end of this grip features a small stop. This can actually be used to press against a barricade when aiming and shooting. Although not intended to be a barrier support in the truest sense, it can serve this purpose well enough.

This grip weighs in at 1.2 oz, which is great. Since the AR-15 already has its own weight and you want to avoid fatigue, you don’t want an overly burdensome accessory.

When purchasing this angled foregrip, keep in mind that most rifles will require an adapter in order to mount this grip correctly. If you do purchase this grip, be sure to keep that in mind and pick up an adapter kit at the same time.

The Magpul M-Lok Angled Foregrip will give you a versatile grip shape to accommodate any grip technique. In addition, it features a hard stop tab so you can pull your rifle in tightly. Users also appreciate the barrier support stop. This grip is a nice addition to your AR-15 pistol, especially if it is your first grip. Just be sure to make sure you have the correct adapter kit to correctly mount it to your rifle before the first use.


Strike Industries Picatinny Cobra Tactical ForegripStrike Industries Picatinny Cobra Tactical Foregrip

This grip is an all-around work horse. The grip is actually designed to be an angled foregrip with a forward barrier support stop. Users should take note of the included protective panels along the sides. This feature will help protect your fingers from the hot barrel.

The forward barrier support stop is another nice feature to the grip. The front of the grip is textured, which will help keep your rifle from sliding when you have it pushed up against a barrier. This feature will also help you maintain stability too when you are aiming and shooting.

An interesting feature of this Strike Industries Picatinny Cobra grip is that it mounts to a picatinny rail.  You will still need an adapter to mount it to your rifle, although adapters for the picatinny rail are easy to buy and use.

This grip is a good option for shooters who prefer a thumb forward grip. The company has also managed to combine both the angled grip and the barrier support into one attachment piece. And the picatinny mounting system is easy to attach and use with adapters when you are mounting it to your rifle.

The Strike Industries grip is made to be minimally bulky. It only extends 1” below the handguard. And it is constructed of molded polymer, which makes it very lightweight and easy to use.

It is worth noting that there is not much texture to the grip. This is not a major concern unless your hands get sweaty. At that point you may have trouble maintaining a correct grip and hold. You should also not use this grip if you prefer a thumb-over grip.

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Stark Express SE-5 ExpressStark Express SE-5 Express

The SE- Express grip is designed to accommodate those who prefer to use a thumb-over grip when shooting. The Stark Express is really a hybrid angled/vertical combo grip. This means that the grip is angled back towards the user. The shooter can then comfortably rest the rifle on their shoulder and use an over the top grasp to help resist the recoil.

The Stark grip uses an Armorsoft coating to give the grip a solid, no slip texture. This is always a good feature in any grip. The foregrip has a compartment that is accessed through a rubber plug in the bottom.

Another nice feature to the Stark Express grip is that it is easily attached to the Picatinny rails when attaching it to your AR-15.

Users will find that this grip is most comfortable for shooters who keep their support hand well forward. Having your hand farther forward gives you a greater ability to resist recoil and move from target to target quickly and accurately. This combo grip will allow the users hand to remain in a more natural position, which is beneficial when in the field for extended periods of time.

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FAB Defense Tactical ForegripFAB Defense Tactical Foregrip

FAB Defense belongs to the Israeli company Mako Group that produces different types of foregrips for all kinds of assault rifles.  They make foregrips with an integrated adjustable bipod, folding grips and foregrips with 1″ flashlight adapter.

This grip helps give the user improved aiming and the FAB foregrip also allows users to have the option to mount a handheld AR-15 flashlight with a 1″ diameter body. This is a nice feature for a grip to have as it allows for shooting in all types of lighting.

This FAB Defense grip fits comfortably in your hand. There are finger grooves, and a striped texture which helps the user to have a solid and comfortable grasp. This vertical foregrip is made from reinforced polymer composite, making it a lightweight addition to your rifle.  It has a storage compartment at the bottom, which is perfect for keeping for batteries for your flashlight. You can install this grip on your rifle using a Weaver or Picatinny rail system.

Additionally, the vertical grip features a trigger switch that eliminates your need for pressure switches, wires, and Velcro. Another nice feature of the FAB Defense grip, is that it can be permanently mounted on your AR-15 or you can use it temporarily by setting it in a quick release manner.

The FAB Defense grip is a reinforced, molded polymer grip that is designed to stand up to harsh conditions and resist wear and tear. It is a solid grip that goes the distance. Since it can be mounted using 2 different systems, be sure to talk to your gun dealer and be sure you are buying the correct mount taking into consideration if you want it to be a permanent addition to your rifle, or a removable one.


GG&G AR-15 Vertical GripGG&G AR-15 Vertical Grip

The GG&G Vertical Grip is different than other fore grips out there. Unlike other grips which are molded or made from injected plastic, these vertical hand grips (or “battle grips”) from GG&G are machined made using solid black Acetal cold polymer. The advantage in using this material is that it makes the grips more durable and they have a low heat absorption. This grip is designed to hold up to the toughest of settings and withstand all types of weather and temperature.  The low heat absorption is a way of protecting the user’s hands.

The shape of this grip is narrow at the top. The user holds the grip by using the thumb and forefinger. On the other side of the grip you will find that there is deep ribbing, which helps you keep your grip steady.

The GG&G AR-15 Vertical Grip is manufactured using a traditional design. Additionally, it also features a newly redesigned waterproof compartment to accommodate your AR15/M16 spare bolt assembly. If you plan on storing extra batteries in the compartment though, you will need to pack additional material inside it to eliminate any rattling which can be distracting.

You can attach this GG&G vertical grip to the Picatinny fore-end rail using the alignment window to aid you in the installation process.

Finally, be sure that you read the manufacturer’s directions that this vertical grip should not be installed on the “slide arm” of any shotgun because of the excessive recoil.

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Bravo Company Picatinny Gunfighter Mod 3 Vertical GripBravo Company Picatinny Gunfighter Mod 3 Vertical Grip

Vertical foregrips are still popular with some users. Although their design can be outdated at times, this Bravo Company Picatinny Gunfighter Mod 3 is updated and nice to use on your AR-15. Although it is a broomstick type design, it is much more than just a rounded stick attached to your rifle. For starters, this grip is purposely made to be thicker. In fact, it resembles a pistol grip. It gives you a much better hold and definitely helps to minimize any grip fatigue or numbness you may experience otherwise.  These conditions usually happen during longer shooting sessions.

This grip also has a slight angle to it. This design feature helps to improve the ergonomics of the grip. You will also notice that the grip is slightly angled. This was done so that the grip could also be used as a hand stop for shooters who use thumb forward or thumb over grips when holding their rifle.

Another nice option you have when using this grip, is to mount the grp pretty far forward on your rifle. When you mount it this way, you can also use the grip as a stop for barricade support.

The Bravo company has intentionally designed this grip to be short and stubby. This was done to help reduce any catching or snagging that could happen when in use.

You will need to get an adapter when using this grip with your AR-15 rifle since this grip mounts to a picatinny rail.

While some users may find this grip to be short and awkward, especially if their hands and fingers are long, there are many good points to recommend this grip. This grip has been ergonomically updated to be more comfortable in your hand, there is a reduction in the possibility of snagging and there is a stop for barricade support.


Daniel Defense Vertical Fore GripDaniel Defense Vertical Fore Grip

The next grip in our list is a nice suite of accessories for your rifle. The Daniel Defense AR-15 stock set contains several pieces in the set. It has an adjustable buttstock, an improved pistol grip and a vertical foregrip as well. The company has produced this set using glass-filled polymer for all the included pieces and they are finished with soft-touch rubber over-molding that is placed in the most beneficial places. This set will actually provide you with an adjustable buttstock that features interchangeable rubber end pads and a pistol grip that incorporates an oversized trigger guard.

The third piece to this set is the actual Daniel Defense pistol vertical grip. This grip is newly improved and redesigned. The user will find that it is very lightweight and it also includes the soft touch rubber overmolding. This molding will help you to improve your grip on your rifle. Another nice feature to the Daniel Defense grip is the included storage space built in. This extra space is perfect for keeping an extra set of batteries while you are out in the field or in the range.

Since there are 3 pieces in this set, it makes a nice addition to your tactical rifle case. If you are a serious hunter, it is a nice option to have all of these accessories on hand. The Daniel Defense grip will need to be mounted with a Picatinny mounting system, so be sure that you have the proper adapter if needed. If you are not sure, ask your gun dealer for suggestions.


Magpul Picatinny AFG1 Angled Fore GripMagpul Picatinny AFG1 Angled Fore Grip

The Magpul Picatinny AFG1 Angled Fore Grip is constructed using polymer and it has molding for reinforcement. This grip measures about five and a half inches in length and users find that the grip does extend just under two inches past the rail. This AR-15 fore grip is available for purchase in several colors – black, dark earth, or olive drab green. These colors options make this grip a good fit for hunting, since they help with camouflage. The angled grip helps the user to maintain better control when using their rifle and it increases resistance against recoil and rapid firing.

Additionally, this grip assists the user in having also ideal hand positioning when handling their AR-15. This is in part due to the grip’s ergonomic shape. This comfortable grip is an ideal grip for those who have to stand and maintain their position at the ready for long periods of time.

Another way this grip helps with maintain correct hand position is through the 2 points that are built in. These two points on the foregrip with are molded and constructed using a texturized material, which helps the user to maintain a good hold. The Magpul Picatinny AFG1 Angled Fore Grip also includes an interchangeable insert. You can use this insert to switch between using a straight surface or a surface with a convenient index finger ledge.

This Daniel Defense grip for the AR-15 rifle is a great option for those who have trouble with their fingers going numb with traditional or vertical foregrips. This grip is a nice option if you are required to stand at the ready or maintain positioning for extended periods of time. The Daniel Defense grip is also beneficial if you are frequently in rapid fire situation. The ergonomic design will help to alleviate the fatigue that can and does impact your hands and fingers.

Users like that this grip is available in several different colors. Another great feature is the textured molding, which help you to maintain your hold comfortably for extended periods of time.

The drawback to the Daniel Defense grip, is that the styling is a bit larger than other models. For some users of this grip, the additional bulkiness can be a factor for them when using the Daniel Defense. However, this larger grip does supply an extra layer of help when maintaining position and increased aiming accuracy.

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Why use a foregrip with your AR-15?

let’s look at some of the reasons why you might want to add one on.

There are 2 types of foregrips-a vertical foregrip and an angled foregrip. Each one has a slightly different purpose, so it is important to understand those differences and then to know what purpose you want your foregrip to have when using it with your AR-15.

The first type, the vertical foregrip, is a grip designed to be attached to the rifle and used by your forward hand. Originally intended to be added to sub-machine guns and military rifles, vertical grips served a specific purpose. They were intended to help the users keep the muzzle downward during automatic fire. It also kept the user’s hand away from the hot barrel. Today, vertical grips are added to AR-15’s as a place for the user to keep their forward hand. This helps the user have a better sense of balance and a better ability to aim and shoot.

The second type is the angled foregrip. This type of foregrip is designed with human anatomy in mind. The purpose of this grip is to provide a more comfortable resting place for your hand. Additionally, riflemen prefer this type of grip because they feel it gives them better control over the rifle during rapid fire. This type of grip also helps the user to have a better reference point when aiming, so then your target accuracy improves. Using an angled foregrip can also help combat fatigue. It does this because when your hand is closer to the rail of the rifle the focus of your form shifts to your shoulders. This helps your hand to relax and not be so tense.