The 8 Best Guitar Gun Cases

If you’re a gun owner, then you know that carrying your firearm with you can intimidate others or make some people uncomfortable. Most places are not particularly welcoming to the open carry of guns, so it might be best to get a case that will allow you to feel safe without making anyone else uncomfortable.

And if you have a collection of equipment, finding a comfortable and secure way to carry it all can be tricky. That’s where guitar gun cases come in. They’re comfortable, designed to carry large loads, and their shape will allow you to avoid questions or judgment by people that have a fear or dislike of firearms.

Here are the eight best guitar gun cases.

The Best Guitar Gun Case

Cedar Mill Firearms Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle/Shotgun Gun CaseCedar Mill Firearms Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle/Shotgun Gun Case

This company began in Montana in 2014. Despite having been in the market for just five years, their discreet and durable options have become very popular. Furthermore, the affordability of their designs makes them very attractive to people interested in carrying their guns safely and discreetly without spending an arm and a leg. Despite starting at a national level, the brand has become global throughout the years. They started offering their products online in 2017, and they have been a whirlwind success.

The Concealment Guitar Gun Case allows for secure and discreet transportation of your rifle or shotgun. Thanks to a double layer of foam materials, your gun will be protected and safely stored at all times. If the foam gets damaged, it’s completely detachable, and you can replace it with a new one. You’ll also find that the foam can be customized to fit your rifle or shotgun and any accessories you want to carry as well. The case is shock-resistant; it won’t open if you drop it or break upon impact.


Savior Equipment Tactical Discreet Rifle Carbine Shotgun Pistol Gun CarrierSavior Equipment Tactical Discreet Rifle Carbine Shotgun Pistol Gun Carrier

Savior Equipment started under the premise that there was a problem with the gun case market. Its founder is a gun enthusiast, and he had first-hand experience dealing with gun covers. According to him, many of the cases had high prices with regular, if not poor, quality. Therefore, he decided to start a company that offered options with prices that matched the quality of what he provides. Furthermore, Savior Equipment has the goal of establishing excellent customer service.

One of the cases offered by Savior Equipment is the Tactical Discreet Rifle Gun Carrier. Inside, you can carry anything from a 9 or 10mm pistol and handgun to a shotgun without anyone being the wiser. The foam inside the case protects your gun and accessories, with a lockable device to ensure that everything stays safe and where it’s supposed to be. The design features wheels that will help you move your equipment around efficiently. Lastly, one of our favorite things about Savior Equipment is that they offer a lifetime warranty for all of their products. So, investing in a gun case with this company comes with a piece of mind.


Sport Line Covert Soft Guitar Rifle CaseSport Line Covert Soft Guitar Rifle Case

Covert Cases is a smaller company where you can get a unique case for your firearm. What makes them so special is that the company crafts them by hand to guarantee the quality of their products. For this reason, some parts of the products they manufacture sometimes have imperfections in things like the foaming lining. However, they offer a warranty, meaning that they will be able to provide you with solutions if there’s any major problem with the product you’ve acquired.

They offer numerous options for guitar gun cases. One of them is the Soft Guitar Rifle Case. This model provides enough space for one rifle or one shotgun to fit comfortably. The foam acts as a protective device against any bumps the case might experience. Despite this, the case is lightweight, which makes it perfect if you’re going to carry it around for an extended period. Thanks to its double strapping, you can wear it as a backpack for greater comfort.

There are two foam options. One of them offers you the possibility of cutting it and customizing it yourself, which will provide you with a case much more adaptable to your needs.

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Hazard 4 Battle Axe Guitar-Shaped Padded Rifle CaseHazard 4 Battle Axe Guitar-Shaped Padded Rifle Case

Hazard 4 is a brand that stems from a parent company called Civilian Lab. This brand is born out of the necessity to provide high-quality equipment for professionals who use firearms as part of their daily work. Therefore, the products are some of the best in the market. These products have been tried and tested all over the world with excellent results. One of the goals of Hazard 4 is always to innovate and incorporate the latest technology into their designs.

The Battle Axe Guitar-Shaped Padded Rifle Case has a unique characteristic. Unlike the majority of guitar gun cases in the market, this one has padding on the outer side of the case. This feature makes the case much softer while it continues to protect your equipment. Furthermore, the internal part is compartmentalized to adapt to your needs. If you’re carrying a rifle and accessories for it, you won’t have any trouble making sure every piece is easy to locate. Its double nylon material makes it a very durable option, so with the proper treatment, this case should last you for years.

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Covert Dreadnought Guitar Double Rifle CaseCovert Dreadnought Guitar Double Rifle Case

The Covert Dreadnought is one of the unique cases on the market. This case is a double case; you can carry two rifles and even two pistols. This ability makes it perfect for when you’re heading to a gun convention or exhibition, and you want to bring as much of your equipment as possible. The internal foam is fully customizable, and there’s no need for cutting. The idea is for you to be able to protect your equipment as much as possible.

This case is also one of the largest cases we’ve seen, and it’s the largest one offered by Covert Cases. Thanks to the two separate layers that line the case, you’ll be able to separate your rifles without any inconvenience. The one drawback is that it has no wheels, so you have to carry it at all times.


L&Q Army Guitar Gig Bag Gun CaseL&Q Army Guitar Gig Bag Gun Case

L&Q Army and its sister company, ArmyCamo USA, offer numerous pieces of equipment for both law enforcement and the military. The company currently holds its operations in Texas and Asia, and they manufacture and distribute their products worldwide. They also offer them for people with active lifestyles that include outdoor activities, such as hunting, or shooting range hobbyists. This diversity has led them to develop high-quality products that can withstand rough treatment and harsh weather.

The Guitar Gig Bag Gun Case is a durable way to carry your shotgun or rifle. It’s made entirely of polyester and nylon, and it comes in three different colors, including camouflage. You also have the option of customizing it to have the color you prefer. They also offer the option to personalize your case further by adding a logo or label.

The capacity is for just one air rifle, and it has extra features to secure your firearm and accessories. These features include a webbing system that will make your items easier to organize. It has double strapping that allows you to carry it as a backpack, and the straps have extra padding to provide a more comfortable carry. A favorite feature for us is the external pockets that allow you to carry any additional accessories and items you need. A significant drawback, though, is that shipping times can be quite long for this company.


Covert Hard Guitar Rifle CaseCovert Hard Guitar Rifle Case

Although almost last on the ranking, this is one of the most durable guitar-shaped cases out there. Covert Cases incorporates waterproof technology in the hard shell of this model. This way, not even the rain can wreak havoc among your guns. Furthermore, the vinyl is extremely durable, protecting your case if you happen to drop it or bang it against something.

Another plus for this model is the security lock. This lock will keep your guns safe, as well as guarantee the safety of those around you. The foam can adapt to the items you place inside your case. One drawback of this case is that it is not as large as other models. Therefore, not every type of rifle will fit in this case. Additionally, you might have to leave some of your accessories at home. This model also comes with a heftier price tag than other models on the market.

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Desperado Gun CaseDesperado Gun Case

This company is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and owned by veterans. They manufacture only one product, and that is the Desperado Gun Case. Inspired by the movie of the same name, this is the most stylish option to carry your rifle, shotgun, pistols, and any accessories you might want to put in there. However, it’s also one of the most expensive options. The reason is that they take a standard guitar case and a guitar and modify them to create a case in Desperado’s best style.

One of the upsides of this model is how spacious it is. This extra space will allow you to carry all of your equipment wherever you want. However, due to the hard case and guitar front, it can be heavier than other brands. Another drawback is that, since the models are handmade, they might take a long time to ship. However, if you want to go to the shooting range, gun convention, or even hunting while showing how stylish you are, then this is the case for you.

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