The 11 Best AR Cases – Hard Cases and Soft Rifle Bags

There is a wide array of ARs that you can buy depending on your budget and interest. But whatever type you’ve purchased, it is important to keep it protected. This will not only ensure that the AR is kept safe from damage, but also ensure that it does not attract unnecessary attention when traveling.

There are two basic types of AR cases, soft and hard cases. The choice of whether to purchase a soft or hard model relies on your preference and also whether you’ll be traveling with it. Hard cases will protect your rifle better if it’s going to be handled harshly, but if you’re simply taking it in and out of your vehicle, a soft case will do just fine.

We did our research on both kinds and came up with 11 of the best AR cases. The AR case-production industry has many players not only here in the U.S.A but globally too. The following manufacturers, however, are not only renowned for producing high-quality cases, but they have also ensured that the products that they sell meet all legal transport and safety requirements.

Hard AR Cases

Pelican 1750 CasePelican 1750 Case

The Pelican 1750 is a product manufactured by the Californian based Pelican Products, Inc., which was founded in 1976. Dave Parker was the founding father of Pelican Products, alongside his wife. Together, they set out to distinguish their brand from the rest by producing high-quality protective cases that will last a lifetime. Through this product differentiation strategy, Pelican Products has grown over the years to have a global footprint of over 22 branches.

The Pelican 1750 case does not allow either water or dust to permeate the interior, so you are assured that your AR is safe from the effects of the elements. It is made of a toughened outer case that is crush-proof and comes equipped with a pressure equalization valve to release built-up internal air pressure that hampers the shooting capabilities of a rifle.

To secure the rifle in place, the Pelican 1750 case has double latches that are easy to open and have a firm grip. The Pelican 1750 comes with polyurethane wheels that assist in its mobility, the lack of which is a major drawback for hard cases in general. This one moves with you quickly and easily.

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Era3 Nomad CaseEra3 Nomad Case

The Era3 Nomad Hard Cases come in three sizes, The Nomad 42, the Nomad 48, and the Nomad 56. You’ll get the same specs in each, only varying in size to match the length of your rifle.

These cases are manufactured by the California-based company, Era3 Apparel and Hard Goods Ltd. The company was incorporated in 2014 as a brainchild of three entrepreneurs with a passion to develop products that “defy physical limitations” and “tear the skies.” That sounds pretty cool, right? This attribute can be observed in the Era3 Nomad Cases, which are versatile and not specifically made for carrying and storing ARs.

The Era3 Nomad Cases are watertight and made from replaceable hardware. They come with ergonomic handles that are stationed on three sides that allow for ease in carrying and also opening the lids. Also, the lids are hinged on one side with a retaining cable that ensures that opening and closing the case is not a clumsy affair for you. To make their portability easy, they have wheels to aid in movement so that you don’t have to carry it the entire time.

They do not, however, come with the foam cutouts that aid in arranging the various components of ARs, since this would limit the versatility of the cases. If you purchase the Era3 Nomad Cases for purposes of keeping your ARs, then it is advisable to have the foam pieces custom-made and inserted. Once done, you will have a long-lasting case that is as tough as nails.

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SKB Corp Rifle Case Roto-Molded Top Loaded 50-inch Rifle CaseSKB Corp Rifle Case Roto-Molded Top Loaded 50-inch Rifle Case

The SKB Corporation is a California-based company that commenced its operations with the manufacture of cases for the safekeeping of guitars in 1977. In the 1990s, they discovered that rifle owners were purchasing the SKB Keyboard cases and inserting their own modified foam for use while traveling with their rifles. It was with this discovery that the company decided to tap into this market to make hard cases for rifle owners, thus expanding their business. The SKB Corporation not only makes hard cases for rifles but also for pistols and handguns. They would later also diversify further to make cases for golf clubs, which increased their market again.

Of particular interest for AR owners is the SKB Corp Rifle Case Roto-Molded Top Loaded 50-inch Rifle Case. This case is made of polymer material to ensure that it is not only light in weight but also strong and non-corrosive. To make it suitable for you despite the weather conditions, the SKB Corporation also made sure that this case does not allow any moisture inside by fitting it with waterproof gaskets all around the case.

On the inside, it has foam on the walls of the case as well as on the lid and base to protect the AR from harmful vibrations. To increase its mobility for you, this case comes with quiet-glide wheels. And in case you feel that there is a need to enhance the security of your AR, the case comes with slots where you can use padlocks.


Boyt H-Series Hard Sided Travel CasesBoyt H-Series Hard Sided Travel Cases

Boyt Harness Company has been in the industry of making cases for guns, among many other products, for over a century. Since its incorporation in 1901 in Iowa, the company has served in both World Wars and survived the Great Depression. Over the century, they have diversified their products to not only manufacture hard-sided cases but also commenced the production of horse halters and saddles.

The Boyt H-Series Hard Sided Travel Cases are made from polypropylene that is not only non-breakable but also water-resistant. Their construction also does not allow for dust to enter. Since they are air-tight, they also come with a pressure relief valve. This aids to regulate internal pressure that can be harmful to the AR’s components. In instances where you feel that you need to secure your AR further, these cases come in handy with padlock compatibility.

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Plano Rifle CasesPlano Rifle Cases

Plano Rifle Cases are manufactured by Plano Molding Inc., an Illinois-based company that began as a manufacturer of tackle boxes way back in 1952. Over the years, they have diversified their product range to manufacture storage cases for gun owners.

These cases are both waterproof and dustproof. Since they are airtight, they come equipped with valves to release the pressure. This must be done to minimize damage to the rifle’s components and adjust internal settings. Their industrial-strength construction makes them durable. To ensure that your rifle or shotgun is safely secured, they have lockable latches that close in two stages. This ensures that it will also require a dual-stage when opening, thus ensuring that it’s not easy for the latches to break open.


Flambeau Tactical 6500AR CaseFlambeau Tactical 6500AR Case

The Flambeau Tactical 6500AR Case is manufactured and marketed by Flambeau Outdoors, a division of Flambeau Inc. Flambeau Inc was established in 1947 in Bruce Wisconsin, USA as a manufacturer of a variety of plastic products. Over the years, Flambeau, Inc. has grown in size through a series of acquisitions and diversification of plastic products that they manufacture.

This case is made of polypropylene, which gives it a tough shell that is light in weight. On the inside, its foam comes designed as an egg crate to hold your AR firmly in place. Additionally, to ensure that your AR is firmly secured, this case comes with Velcro straps. This case also comes with additional padlock slots that supplement the four plastic latches.

In case you need more storage capacity for your magazines, you can take advantage of the additional dividers inside. To ensure that the case is protected from corrosion, the company has infused Zerust technology into the magazine dividers.

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Soft AR Cases

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Soft CaseSavior Equipment Urban Warfare Soft Case

Savior Equipment informs its product designs and improvements from the feedback it obtains from customers. Having set a value proposition to ensure that its customers get value for their money, the company pays keen attention to customer reviews. As a result, they design their products to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction in quality and functionality.

The features of the Savior Equipment Urban Warfare soft case were developed from this standpoint. The cases are not much different in design then other standard cases, but they provide greater value for money with regard to quality.

On the inside, they have a padded divider that runs the whole length of the case. This enables you to carry two ARs without the threat of them knocking against each other, thus ensuring they don’t damage their parts. You can also secure the rifles better by using the lockdown straps on the sides of the case. Finally, this bag comes with additional internal and external pockets that you can use to carry pistols and ammo.


Condor Single Rifle CaseCondor Single Rifle Case

The Condor Single Rifle Case is one among a wide variety of products manufactured by Condor Outdoor Products. Established in 1990 in Irwindale, California, the company began with the manufacture of camping goods. Condor increasingly found themselves inclined to the production of military wear as compared to outdoor storage items. This came about due to an increase in demand for their products for use by armed officers and first responders in The War on Terror.

This rifle case comes with a 75-inch all round padding to ensure that your AR is well-protected. It also has two loop straps, complete with hook fasteners, to ensure that your AR is well-secured and won’t move around inside the case during transport. It is large enough to accommodate a 42-inch rifle and has three external pouches to store your extra ammunition.


NcSTAR Double Carbine CaseNcSTAR Double Carbine Case

NcSTAR was founded in 1997, immersing itself into the production of affordable sporting accessories and optics. In 2010, the company opened a new division, VISM, which was tasked to manufacture new products. It is under VISM that they produce the Double Cabin Case to suit sporting hunters who would like to carry all their guns in one bag.

As the name suggests, this soft case can accommodate two 35-inch ARs. It is made from strong PVC material, with heavy padding in the middle that creates two internal compartments for your two ARs. This prevents them from damage when they come into contact with each other when in motion. To fasten them in place, the case comes with four hooks, complete with loop straps.

The Double Carbine also has a secondary compartment that you can use for storing your extras e.g. ammunition, pistols, cleaning materials, optics, etc. Also, the case has three external pockets that are ideal to organize your ammunition and magazines. For ease in carrying, the case has two shoulder straps with an adjustable sternum strap to enable you to carry the case on your back easily and with no shifting of weight.


NcSTAR VISM Rifle Bag and Shooting MatNcSTAR VISM Rifle Bag and Shooting Mat

This soft case also serves as a shooting mat, a nice feature that differentiates it from other soft cases. What serves as a thick padding for protecting the rifle during transportation is spread out on the ground to serve as a comfortable shooting mat.

It’s made from tough PVC material that is water-resistant and durable, so this is one softy that will serve you for a lifetime. This case also comes with extra pockets to enable you to carry all the required accessories to your favorite shooting range.


Bulldog AR15 Carry CaseBulldog AR15 Carry Case

Synonymous with its name, Bulldog Cases and Vaults have specialized in the production of cases and vaults. This Virginia-based company has been in the industry for decades. Their products, whether made of leather or nylon, stand out from the rest in the industry.

One of their standout models is the Bulldog AR15 Carry Case. It is smaller in size compared to most of the cases you’ll find and is meant for carrying small to medium-sized ARs. It is stylish in design with padding that is 2.5 inches thick. This thick padding offers protection of your AR and its components from harmful vibrations. This, coupled with a padded divider, helps protects the optics and gear. To compensate for its small size, this soft case comes with two inner magazine pouches.