The 12 Best 10mm Pistols and Handguns

10mm pistols are some of the most common sidearms in the world, and for a good reason. While 9 mm handguns often claim the title as the best self-defense firearm, 10 mm pistols have plenty of excellent attributes that make them worth consideration.

Smith & Wesson developed and manufactured the first common 10 mm pistols for the FBI. These guns are rimless and have a maximum pressure of 33,000 psi. This statistic allows them to put out significant stopping power without becoming too large for comfort and without producing too much recoil.

If you don’t know where to find an ideal 10 mm pistol for your needs, you’re in luck. We’ve reviewed the best 10 mm pistols and handguns on the market.

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Top Picks

What to Consider Before Buying a 10mm Auto Pistol

Why Use a 10mm Pistol?

How Accurate is a 10mm Pistol?


The Best 10mm Pistol and Handgun

Springfield Armory 1911 TRP OperatorSpringfield Armory 1911 TRP Operator

This pistol is a great example of the 10 mm as a basic handgun. With a 6-inch barrel length and a total round capacity of nine, it emphasizes versatility and has excellent capabilities in a variety of environments. It offers great velocity and accuracy, plus a longer sight radius to improve your precision at a distance.

It even comes with an accessory rail so you can attach various optics or additional attachments depending on your preferences. The pistol is made with a stainless steel barrel and features a 3-dot tritium night sight. This sight is perfect for painting your target, even in low light environments.

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Glock G20SFGlock G20SF

This Glock G20SF is a fantastic 10 mm auto pistol if you want something with lots of capacity, as it can hold 15 rounds in the magazine with one in the chamber. It features a fantastic grip with a textured surface, so it’s less likely to fumble or drop even in a tense situation.

The larger than average frame also improves the sight radius and makes it easier to hit targets at a distance. Even better, the trigger position is improved compared to many other 10 mm pistols on the market. It’s effortless to squeeze off several rounds in rapid succession, all without compromising accuracy.

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Glock G40 G4 M.O.S.Glock G40 G4 MOS.

This 10 mm pistol has an 11 round total capacity and comes built with a phenomenal optic on the top. This proprietary Glock modular optic system is specially designed for use with this pistol and affords you excellent accuracy even in low light environments.

The pistol has a long 6-inch barrel and an extremely comfortable but textured grip. A gas nitride finish over the pistol’s surface ensures that it’ll last for a long time to come and won’t quickly degrade, even in the face of corrosive elements. This 10 mm pistol, in particular, is an excellent choice for hunters as a backup firearm for hunting wild hogs and similar sized animals.

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Kimber MFGKimber M.F.G.

This Kimber M.F.G. pistol has a stainless steel finish, which grants it a particularly sleek aesthetic and resistance to corrosive damage. It has a 9-round total capacity and a 6-inch barrel length with a red fiber-optic front sight. This front sight is perfect for quickly acquiring your target and improving the quality of your sight picture.

As a long slide weapon, it feels phenomenal to load and fire and will be a favorite choice among hunters and marksmen alike. The grip is excellently textured and features a brown color to distinguish this pistol from others like it on the market.

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Springfield Armory RO EliteSpringfield Armory RO. Elite

This 10 mm pistol has a blue nitride finish, which provides it with extra durability and a classic appearance that will look nice when paired with any concealed carry vest or suit. With a nine-round capacity and .40 caliber rounds, it’s hard-hitting and versatile and is perfect for hunting or self-defense.

The pistol boasts a high strength frame, and everything is forged steel. The barrel is five inches long to provide accuracy and power, as well as excellent draw time and agility. It even comes with two eight-round magazines for even higher value for money.


Springfield Armory XDMSpringfield Armory XDM

This Springfield sidearm has a whopping 16-round capacity if you include the bullet in the chamber. It also features a 5.25″ barrel, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry situations and quick draw scenarios. Unholstering this pistol and bringing it to bear on your target is fast and smooth every time.

It features reinforced construction to improve its durability over its lifespan, and it weighs less than two pounds. Few 10 mm pistols are as comfortable and easy to use as this one. To make things even better, it comes with three 15-round magazines.

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Ruger SR1911Ruger SR1911

This adjustable 10 mm pistol has a stainless steel finish, and it’s on a robust 1911 style frame. This construction makes it an ergonomic and responsive sidearm for most, though this is partly due to the shorter five-inch barrel. It’s an excellent choice for self-defense and rapid target shooting.

It features traditional single-action operation and adjustable iron sights. These will help you land every shot when necessary. All in all, this is a classic 10 mm choice with a well-loved aesthetic and phenomenal performance.

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Glock G29 G4Glock G29 G4

This Glock G29 G4 is an excellent example of the ease-of-use and stopping power of the 10 mm pistol. It’s incredibly versatile, with a 10-round total capacity and reduced dimensions compared to other Glock’s like it. It only has a 3.7-inch barrel length, making it perfect for quick draw scenarios and concealed carry holsters.

It even has a modular backstrap designed to let you adapt it to your hand size. The dual recoil spring assembly reduces the recoil from every shot you take and increases the pistol’s lifespan at the same time. This pistol is a great 10 mm weapon for those with smaller hands and not a lot of practice.


Glock G20 G4Glock G20 G4

This 10 mm pistol features an 11-round capacity and a classic black gas nitride finish, which provides extra durability and resistance to corrosive damage. You can boost the capacity to 15 rounds, depending on the magazine you select with your purchase.

This pistol is also great because of its stopping power and its excellent accuracy. The adjustable rear sight works well with the fixed front sight to boost your precision shooting at a distance. The barrel length is also a little shorter than average, at 4.61 inches, so it’s easier to draw more quickly than average.

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Rock Island Armory M1911-A1 Tactical 2011Rock Island Armory M1911-A1 Tactical 2011

This 10 mm pistol is a tactical option with a relatively small nine-round total capacity. But it also comes with an exceptional parkerized finish; this particular finish is one of the most durable and iconic on the market, which increases the pistol’s tactile comfort and durability at the same time. The matte coating prevents the pistol from flashing and direct sunlight, so it’s great for stealthy moments, too.

This pistol has a five-inch rifled barrel, which improves projectile accuracy at great distances. It also includes a high visibility fiber-optic front sight, which is an excellent job of helping you hit targets when it counts. The hammer is skeletonized for aesthetics, and the trigger can be customized with a stop strap, reducing the likelihood of misfires.

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Glock G29SFGlock G29SF

This fantastic 10 mm pistol has an extremely short barrel length of 3.78 inches. This size makes it a great choice if you want something for concealed carry or as a backup firearm in a tactical scenario. It features a total 11-round capacity if you count the round in the chamber and is one of the more ergonomic pistols on the market, thanks to its textured and indented grip.

It has a fast velocity muzzle and is available for an affordable asking price. All the while, it maintains the stopping power and accuracy 10 mm pistols are well known to have. Pick this up if you want a budget option that doesn’t compromise on quality in the slightest.

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Colt Delta EliteColt Delta Elite

This iconic 10 mm pistol has a nine-round capacity if you count the one in the chamber, along with a stainless steel finish that grants it an iconic aesthetic and protection from corrosive damage. With a five-inch long barrel, it works phenomenally well at long distances. This pistol is balanced overall and feels comfortable in hand.

This pistol is a longtime favorite for competition pistol shooters. It has enough power to compete with .41 magnum ballistics, so it’s also great for hunting larger game. All in all, it embodies the versatility and consistent power of the 10 mm semiautomatic pistol as few others can.



10mm Pistol and Handgun Buying Guide

What to Consider Before Buying a 10mm Auto Pistol or Handgun

Before you decide on a 10 mm pistol for sure, keep these significant factors in mind, and you’ll end up with a firearm that perfectly suits your needs.

Magazine Size – 10mm pistols can come with lots of magazine sizes. Larger magazines are better for those who like to dump lots of rounds on their target, but it can also be helpful for self-defense purposes. On the flip side, you can get a 10 mm pistol with a smaller magazine if you want to perfect your accuracy and test your limits.

Grip Quality – Some of the best 10 mm pistols will have textured grips that make them easy to hold and difficult to drop. These are an excellent choice for most people, but especially suitable for self-defense. In tense situations, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you’ll drop your firearm.

Finish – High quality 10 mm pistols will come with finishes or anodized coatings over their surfaces. Not only do these usually look cool, but they often provide durability benefits. Finishes will prevent corrosive damage from affecting your firearm as frequently and can increase their lifespan tremendously.

Barrel Length – Don’t discount barrel length when selecting a 10 mm pistol. Longer barrels are excellent for improving your accuracy and can sometimes contribute to the power that a pistol can project on the field. Harder hitting handguns will have longer barrels and be better for precision work at a distance.

But 10 mm pistols with shorter barrels will be easier to draw in a dire situation, such as a self-defense scenario. They also work better for concealed carry holsters. Neither one is better than the other; each type of barrel is suitable for different circumstances.

Attachments – Finally, some 10 mm pistols are better suited for various attachments, like scopes or red dot sights, than others. If you want to affix your 10 mm pistol with an attachment or accessory of some kind, make sure to get one that has an appropriate rail (either Weaver or Picatinny) or mounting options above or below the barrel.

10mm Pistol and Handgun FAQ

Why Use a 10mm Pistol?

10 mm pistols are still prevalent in this day and age because they are an extremely versatile weapon. They can work with several types of bullets, ranging from double digits to 230-grain size. You can use a 10 mm pistol for just about any activity, from target practice to hunting small animals to self-defense.

These pistols are also incredibly easy to use, making them popular choices for self-defense for beginners. There are some of the best when it comes to concealed carry due to their small size and low weight. Even with their size and weight, 10 mm pistols are usually excellent in terms of stopping power, so you can depend on them to defeat an attacker or hunt animals consistently.

They do feature a decent amount of recoil compared to other semiautomatic handguns. While 10 mm pistols do require a little training to make the most of their accuracy, their benefits far outweigh any negatives.

How Accurate is a 10mm Pistol?

10 mm pistols can be incredibly accurate, but overall accuracy depends on lots of things, including barrel type, build quality, and ammunition selection. Caliber also matters when it comes to accuracy.

But a 10 mm pistol will enjoy an inherent accuracy boost that many other semiautomatic pistols don’t have. Most 10 mm pistols have flat trajectories that improve both your perceived and actual accuracy. You can usually bet that 10 mm pistols will be good up to 100 yards or so when taking average pistol construction and bullet caliber into account.

The 10 mm cartridge has a naturally flat projectile, and it has minimal drop even at the limit of its effective range. This characteristic means that it won’t dip below your target very often, so you can safely use a 10mm pistol up to 100 yards before you need to start worrying about accuracy overall.


Overall, the best 10 mm pistol for you will be the right size, type, and have a great feel to it. Consider what you’ll use the 10 mm pistol for before purchasing, and you should be able to find something that’s perfect for you from our list above. Good hunting!