The 8 Best .22 LR Rifles

One of the best beginner gun designs you can find out there is the .22 long rifle (LR). It has less kick than some other guns out there, and it gets the user used to using both hands on the gun to aim and fire, as opposed to pistols where it’s mainly one hand doing the firing.

These guns are perfect for beginners and experienced gun enthusiasts alike, and shooting them is fun at any age. Furthermore, they tend to be less expensive than other guns and the ammunition which can be used by them is also more easily accessible.

If you’re on the hunt for the best, most well-reviewed .22 LR rifles on the market today, here’s a quick guide to help you see which ones are most popular, which are cost-effective, and what the measurements and features of each rifle are.

Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle - Model 8400Ruger Precision Rimfire

This .22 rifle is a smaller, much more customizable version of Ruger’s classic .22 centerfire options. Maybe one of the most notable aspects of this particular long rifle is its ability to be changed to a lighter or heavier weight, and a trigger which can become a lighter or heavier press, as well.

Besides its customizability, this rifle is a great price and has been highly reviewed. It’s one of the most quickly-recognized .22 rifles on the market, along with Ruger’s other fantastic weaponry.

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  1. Caliber: .22
  2. Magazine: 15 rounds
  3. Barrel Length: 18 in
  4. Overall Length: 38.63 in
  5. Weight: 6.8 lb
  6. Highlight: Very Adjustable


  • Quickfit Precision
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Externally Adjustable Trigger
  • Accepts all 10/22 Magazines

This rifle has made a few ripples in the guns community as more and more people have become interested in the highly adjustable, accurate, and well-made weapon created by Ruger.


Marlin 60 .22 LRMarlin 60 .22 LR

This .22 long rifle is a tried and true classic which completes anyone’s arsenal of .22s. It has an awesome price range and pretty good durability, and it’s another more well-known LR available today.

This rifle was introduced in the 1960s and became popular very quickly. Marlin itself has said that this model “has continuously represented one of America’s finest rimfire values.” It has been frequently tested and reviewed by many riflemen around America, who are loyal to this .22’s reliability and ease of use. Many have wonderful memories using this as a first gun.

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  1. Caliber: .22
  2. Magazine:  14+1 rounds
  3. Barrel Length: 19 in
  4. Overall Length: 37.5 in
  5. Weight: 5.5 lb
  6. Highlight: Highly Popular


  • Adjustable Open Rear Sight
  • Scope Mount
  • High ACcuracy
  • Popular Design
  • Cross-Bolt Safety


If you’re looking at any rifle list on the internet, you’ll come across the Marlin 60 at some point. It’s been reviewed so many times, it’s not a surprise that its popularity has only grown (although it initially became popular without the help of online reviews or established gun loving communities).


CZ 455 American .22 Rifle CZ 455 American .22 Rifle (Discontinued/Well-Loved)

CZ makes great guns. Few people would contest that. This particular model of their LR .22 rifle was hugely popular, but they did discontinue it (it was followed-up by the 457 American model, which is also pretty great). This one has plenty of reviews and loyal advocates still lingering in the popular gun websites all over.

The production of the CZ 455 American rifle was discontinued in 2018 but is still available at many gun stores such as Bud’s Gun Shop, Cabella’s, etc. Presumably, this gun’s popularity and soon-to-be-scarcity will make it nearly a collectable further on in the future.

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  1. Caliber: .22
  2. Magazine: 5 rounds
  3. Barrel Length: 20.5 in
  4. Overall Length: 38.2 in
  5. Weight: 5.85 lb
  6. Highlight: Accurate and Cost-Effective


  • Adjustable Trigger Mech
  • Two-Position Safety
  • High Accuracy
  • Popular Design
  • High Quality Build

Tikka T1x MTRTikka T1x MTR

This one is built to give you all the great qualities of a heavier rifle while still being lightweight and versatile. Tikka crafted it to be weather-resistant and accurate in any terrain, and it also comes with a great new asymmetrical grip designed for stability and safety.

It has a wonderful, sleek design and is the first rimfire .22 LR made by the reputable Tikka company, so it’s no wonder it’s gained popularity easily over the last two decades.

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  1. Caliber: .22
  2. Magazine: 10+1 rounds
  3. Barrel Length: 16 in
  4. Overall Length: 35.6 in
  5. Weight: 6 lb
  6. Highlight: Consistent and Accurate


  • Single Stage Trigger
  • Great for Hunting
  • No Sights
  • Light and Accurate
  • Scope-Mountable
  • Adjustable Barrel

Henry US Survival AR-7 Semi-Auto Rimfire RifleHenry U.S. Survival AR-7

This .22 rifle is a great choice. Even U.S. Air Force Pilots are a fan, as many have named this rifle as their weapon of choice in a pinch, especially in any remote areas. It’s easily dismantlable, can fit in a bag, and is reliable in operation every time.

Henry’s firearms are 100% American-made quality, and this is no exception. This rimfire rifle is fantastic for hunting or target shooting, it comes in a great price range, and it is built to be stable and durable for any rifleman’s needs, new or experienced.

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  1. Caliber: .22
  2. Magazine: 8 rounds
  3. Barrel Length: 16.13 in
  4. Overall Length: 35 in
  5. Weight: 3.5 lb
  6. Highlight: Reliable and Portable Operation


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Weather-resistant
  • Portable
  • Safety Switch
  • Smaller and Lightweight
  • Easy to Maintain

Smith & Wesson M&P®15-22 SPORTSmith & Wesson M&P®15-22 SPORT™

This epic-looking long rifle is excellently reviewed and particularly great for target practice and training. If you’re planning on getting your child or someone you know acquainted with rifles as an into the firearm hobby, you can’t go wrong with this uniquely-designed, well-made .22.

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  1. Caliber: .22
  2. Magazine: 25 rounds
  3. Barrel Length: 16.5 in
  4. Overall Length: 33.8 in
  5. Weight: 4.8 lb
  6. Highlight:


  • Folding Sights
  • Shell Deflector
  • Receiver-Mounted Safety Lever
  • Armornite Barrel Finish
  • Great Reviews


The M&P 15-22 Sport has mainly gotten 5-star reviews in many places, and it has had several articles and youtube videos dedicated to showcasing its great quality and great magazine capacity.


Browning Semi-Auto 22 LR Rifle Grade 1Browning Semi-Auto 22 LR Rifle Grade 1

These rifles designed by John Browning have been around for a long time for good reason. They’re classic, they’re accurate, and they have a large band of followers who firmly believe that not only are these rifles great for firearm beginners, but they’re also a fantastic gun for anyone who’s interested in small game hunting and quality rifles.

This is truly a gun born of the accumulation of research, high-quality design, and classic firearm feel. It’s built to be incredibly long-lasting, and you can quickly become an accurate shot practicing with one of these great rifles.

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  1. Caliber: .22
  2. Magazine: 10 rounds
  3. Barrel Length: 19 in
  4. Overall Length: 37 in
  5. Weight: 5.3 lb
  6. Highlight:


  • Crossbolt Safety
  • Adjustable Sights
  • Autoloading
  • Tubular Magazine
  • Great Reviews
  • Classic Design


You don’t have to go far to find plenty of positive reviews from firearm enthusiast organizations and individual gun lovers across the internet professing their love of this simple, excellent long rifle made by the John Browning company.


Mossberg International 715T Flat TopMossberg International 715T Flat Top

These rimfire rifles are known to be a bargain for their quality, and they’re durable and easy to use. Model #37205 is a great, accurate rimfire .22 rifle which does particularly well with 37-grain Winchester Varmint HE ammunition.

Mossberg International has been around for approximately 100 years and in that time they’ve managed to make some great, durable and quality guns. This one is no exception.


  1. Caliber: .22
  2. Magazine: 26 rounds
  3. Barrel Length: 16.25 in
  4. Overall Length: 33 in
  5. Weight: 5.5 lb
  6. Highlight:


  • Vented Quad-Rail Forend
  • Compatible with Many Accessories
  • Accurate
  • 5-14.5 in LOP Range
  • Integrated LOP-Range Adjustment Lever

Buying Guide

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re in the market for a firearm, and long rifles seem to have no end of models, reviews, features, and great selling points. If you’re searching for an easy-to-practice-with gun, or if you’re getting a beginner rifle for your son or daughter, or even if this is for you to have some fun with shooting on weekends, here are some quick things to consider:


Many people naturally take price into account when they’re searching for the next best practice rifle that will complete their arsenal, but this is also something to keep in mind because buying a damaged or dysfunctional firearm for a fantastic price is… well, not a fantastic price in the end.

If it seems like you’ve stumbled across an unbelievably good deal for one of these rifles, double-check that it works and is reliable and safe. However, these rifles listed here are in the lower price ranges for guns (rifles and pistols in general tend to be most budget-friendly).


If you get a very long gun for a child with very short arms, it’s not going to be the best fit until they grow into it. If you’re planning on having them start practicing right away, make sure they’re comfortable with the length, weight, and feel of the gun before purchasing it.

Another thing to keep in mind with length for rifles is that storing very long guns can be a little frustrating for some people. If you need an easily disassembled, portable and reliable rifle, Option #5 is probably the best for you.


Make sure you have a cleaning kit which will be able to clean out the rifle of your choice. For example, if you’re getting a 36-inch .22 and your cleaning equipment you got in a gun cleaning kit is a little too short to get right there in the middle, it’s probably time to get a better cleaning kit for this particular gun.


Long rifles are a lot of fun, and .22s are hugely popular for many reasons. Mainly, these are fantastic for target practice, hunting small game, beginner firearm hobbyists, and those who are looking for a simple and reliable option to be used for a long time. If these are your reasons, you’re in a great place.

If you’re looking for collectible .22 rifles and you’re trying to share your love of guns with the world, you’re also in the right place. However, these aren’t optimal guns for concealed carrying or self-defense, so keep that in mind.

How to Clean a .22 LR Rifle

Cleaning these fantastic .22 rifles will be a little different depending on which one you go with, but there are a few tips and tricks for cleaning, as well as a few recommendations, which will make this process a breeze.

Here are some steps to follow for generally cleaning any .22 rimfire LR:

  1. Prep.

Before you pull out your gun and cleaning kit, make sure you’re ready to devote a bit of time to give your firearm some TLC. Have a ventilated area ready for the solvent you’ll be using (this is a great, highly-recommended option), which will break down grease and grime on the weapon. Have your cleaning equipment ready.

  1. Make sure it’s not loaded and turn off the safety.

Empty the clip before doing anything. Generally, storing guns loaded is not a good idea, and storing them dirty is also not advisable. Those two combined can cause some rust and general issues with firearms. Before anything else, make sure it’s unloaded and that the safety is off.

  1. Remove the bolt (if there is one).

If there’s a bolt in your rifle, undo it and hold down the trigger while sliding the bolt forward. It should slide all the way out of the back end.

  1. Apply your solvent to the bore (inside the barrel).

Wet one of your gun-cleaning kit’s wipes with the solvent you chose and run this through the bore three or so times. After that, wet a clean one and let it sit in the bore for a little bit to break down the carbon and copper powder and build-up left in there.

  1. Use the bronze brush.

Using the bronze brush sized for your .22-caliber rifle, run it through the bore a couple of times while it is still wet from the solvent. Don’t use a back-and-forth motion, but feed it through one end and pull it out the other smoothly so you’re not leaving gunk behind in streaks.

(Once you’re done with the bronze brush, use a degreasing spray to clean it before putting it away.)

  1. Wait a few minutes.

After using using the solvent on a wipe and the copper brush inside your rifle’s bore, let the solvent sit for a few more minutes, giving it time to break down the remaining residue left in there.

  1. Use the brass brush.

Once the solvent has sat for a little bit, use a brass bore brush to scrub the remaining residue out. You’ll find that much more was left in there than you initially thought. You could consider using another solvent (something more heavy-duty would be good) during this process if you feel there’s probably more jammed in there.

  1. Dry the barrel.

Run a dry wipe through the bore three or four times and make sure it’s coming out relatively clean. Once this has been accomplished, lightly oil the rifle’s barrel with the gun oil of your choice.

  1. Clean the other nooks and crannies.

Whether it’s the slide, the hammer, the trigger, a cartridge, or anything else, finish disassembling your rifle and wipe down the other areas with solvent on heavy-duty grease and general, gun-safe cleaner on other areas. When you’re done, rub gun oil lightly over the entire .22, but don’t go too heavy at this part.

  1. Reassemble your rifle and store.

Once this has all been completed, reassemble your rifle and store it in your chosen location (many people like to keep theirs out-of-sight, but some like to hang these on their wall almost as a decoration). Then clean the area where you were cleaning your rifle. Specifically, make sure your rifle-cleaning kit’s tools have all been properly cleaned and organized before putting them away.


Even those who fall outside the firearm-avid community will recognize the term “22 rifle”. It’s a great gun for lower kick, easier practice, and beginners. It’s also just a fun firearm to have in the arsenal, whether you’ve been shooting for years or you’re going out once or twice with your in-laws to a shooting range.

Remember to keep firearms in secure locations and keep them cleaned and properly oiled, whether they’re used regularly or not. Keep guns in areas where children will not have access unless they need it in an emergency, and if there are going to be children around, teach them general gun safety.

If you take good care of a .22 rifle and make sure you are using the best ammunition (or your preferred ammunition) for practice and target-shooting, and if you clean it regularly and practice general care, these guns can last for quite a long time and each one is definitely worth every penny. Any one of these best 22-caliber long rifles is a staple that will complete anyone’s gun collection.