The 13 Best AR-15 Stocks

AR-15 rifles are beautiful guns. They’re lightweight, semi-automatic, and perfect for avid shooters who enjoy classic firearms. Like many guns out there today, these are easily customized to fit the needs and preferences of the shooter.

One of the most common pieces used to customize the AR-15 rifle is the stock. These can be replaced and altered to be lighter, heavier, bigger, smaller, shock-absorbent, and so on. Whether you are looking for a stock for your own custom build or need to replace an existing stock, the options can sometimes be overwhelming. If you’re looking for some of the 13 best AR-15 stocks out there for your firearm, you’re in luck.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 13 best AR-15 stocks. We provide you an overview of the stock specs, highlighting their most important and sought-after features. We hope you find this information helpful in choosing your next AR-15 stock.

Best AR-15 Stocks

Magpul MOE Mil-Spec Fixed Stock (Highest Rated)Magpul MOE Mil-Spec Fixed Stock (Highest Rated)

If you are looking for an affordable fixed stock, then the Magpul MOE Mil-Spec is the stock for you. This stock provides a slender design and numerous sling attachment possibilities for the most flexibility that you will find in a fixed AR-15 stock. This stock can be used with ASAP Plates and the extended rubber butt-pad and is super easy to install with the included accessories.

Specifically designed to meet regulations requiring a fixed stock, the Magpul MOE will pass most state inspections. Personalization can be achieved with this polymer constructed stock that can even be painted to fit your own personal style. While this stock may have a length of pull, 12.2 inches, that individuals with longer arms may find difficult, the integrated sling loops and multiple accessory options make this fixed stock option the highest-rated AR-15 stock available.

Materials: Molded Polymer

Weight: 12.8 oz.


Magpul AR-15 CTR Stock (Best Overall Quality)Magpul AR-15 CTR Stock (Best Overall Quality)

When looking for a portable and foldable stock, it is important that the stock provides flexibility, yet remain sturdy and solid when you need it. This Magpul CTR stock has a friction-based lock that prevents excess movement when in use. This stock is heavy duty and will stand up to whatever punishment you are willing to put it through.

The spring-loaded lever ensures some of the fasted length of pull adjustments of any AR-15 collapsible stock. This Mil-Spec stock is available in several different colors and built to be shock and heat-resistant. It fits smaller buffer tubes and other carbines like the Colt-manufactured M4. It works extra well and is compatible with the COLT – AR15A4.

Whether you are right or left-handed, you will have no issues using this stock, thanks to its variety of sling attachment possibilities, including web slings and single-point, push-button sling mounts. Styling options include several colors, it comes fully assembled and is ready to go with no complicated assembly required.

The only drawback to this stock appears to be that the stock may be a little short for shouldering purpose and may not work at all with a dual-sling mount.

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Materials: Polymer

Weight: 8.8 oz.


Brownells - AR-15 Retro Buttstocks (Best Classic-Looking)Brownells – AR-15 Retro Buttstocks (Best Classic-Looking)

If you’re looking for the most classic design option available for AR-15s to emulate the ones used by servicemembers decades ago, this is the right stock for your firearm. With a sleek, classic and almost old-style feel, this stock is solid and ready for action.

While the original buttstocks from the AR-15s used in service are nearly unavailable, this is a close replica for an affordable price. It’s the same as Type D stock, with no trap door compartment. It’s simple, straightforward, and a true winner. Brownells’ Retro stocks feature a rear sling swivel as well as multiple attachments. These stocks are designed to fit many AR-15s and earlier M16s.

Manufactured in stylish colors depending on the years of replication, you can choose the style and fit of the stock to match your rifle and personality while honoring the past in original and useful ways. While this is not meant to exactly replicate the buttstocks which were used by men and women in the military, it is a close design to their original stocks and compatible with many of those guns.

It should be noted that slight modifications had to be made to the original designs to improve functionality and avoid infringement. However, the original aesthetic remains as an excellent tribute. This stock is perfect for individuals who value configuration options, or those looking to build a replica gun for a veteran.

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Materials: Polymer

Weight: 1.15 lbs.


Magpul MOE Rifle Stock (Best Fixed Standard Stock)Magpul MOE Rifle Stock (Best Fixed Standard Stock)

Magpul MOE provides you with a standard stock for rifles like the AR-15. With a fantastic design and tough build, it’s no wonder this is ever a popular stock for new gun owners.

This stock is deemed the best fixed standard stock thanks to its tremendous flexibility, and adaptability to many different rifles and shotguns. When you need a little something extra, the stock has a trap door compartment hidden behind the butt plate. Additionally, the butt pad is made of a replaceable rubber to help decrease shoulder strain and wear. If you need more convincing, then you will love the accessory rail options and off-hand hold options.

Don’t worry about grabbing an A2 spacer either, because this stock mounts to the extension tube without it, however, you need a rifle length receiver extension, as well as buffer and spring. This stock truly is the best and most flexible standard fixed stock on the market.

Magpul made this the gold standard in AR-15 stocks, with top-notch fit and finish at a great price; the perfect alternative to an A2 stock. Most people will agree that this is the standard for the best reasons, however, there are others who think the MOE rifle stock is a little basic.

Materials: Polymer

Weight: 1.1 lbs.


B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD Stock (Best Fixed Minimalist Option)B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD Stock (Best Fixed Minimalist Option)

The B5 Systems Bravo buttstock has everything you need for a simple, clean and easy experience. This stock has been streamlined for ultimate performance without all the glitz or unnecessary extras that come with other stocks.

The sleek design is lightweight and affordable and offers a no-tool installation. It comes in 6 colors for customization to preference, and besides serving as a solid and streamlined performance tool, this stock is gloriously simple. Made to ensure quick and easy placement every time, this stock offers a no-slip butt pad, a smoothly designed cheek weld. The sling mounts are fixed and strong.

Milspec materials ensure this stock will be a perfect fit for any AR-15 receiver extensions. This stock may be simple, but the solid construction attaches tight, so no worries about slippage or snagging, and provides a classic factory looking stock with modifications for easier use, such as the wider cheek weld.

Besides being simplified and leaving out the unnecessary bells and whistles which many buttstocks are loaded with, this stock is sturdy and much more natural and comfortable than MOE stocks. For minimalists, this is the perfect and seamless option for an AR-15 buttstock.

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Materials: Polymer

Weight: 9 oz.


Magpul AR-15 STR Stock Collapsible Mil-Spec (Best Collapsible)Magpul AR-15 STR Stock Collapsible Mil-Spec (Best Collapsible)

Magpul is one of the finest firearm stock manufacturers for AR-15s. This stock is the upgrade to the CTR stock and comes with dual side battery storage tubes. This lightweight and easily adjustable stock provide great cheek positioning, thanks to the wider cheek weld, which means increased comfort and flexibility.

One of their most popular options is the collapsible STR (storage/type restricted) Mil-Spec stock, which is a fantastic option for those looking for durable quality guaranteed for a lifetime. In addition to the friction-based lock that reduces movement, this stock has water-resistant features such as rubber caps and a comfy and detachable thick rubber butt pad.

Weighted to help balance heavier rifles and shotguns, and packed with plenty of options for customization, this stock is compact yet versatile, and comes in black, dark earth, and green. If you use 1.14” carbine buffer tubes, then this stock will fit perfectly. Between the popularity of Magpul and the ingenuity of this stock’s design, it comes as no surprise that this one is a popular option for AR-15s.

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Materials: Reinforced nylon polymer

Weight: 12.5 oz.


Mission First Tactical, LLC - AR-15 Battlelink Minimalist Stock (Best Collapsible Minimalist Stock)Mission First Tactical, LLC – AR-15 Battlelink Minimalist Stock (Best Collapsible Minimalist Stock)

Battlelink Stocks are changing how we look at stock production and increase technology use on the battlefield by manufacturing Military-Grade, polyamide stocks. Designed to be the lightweight, the minimalist design added to the collapsible selling point, Mission First Tactical, LLC has created a fantastic collapsible option for minimalist stock lovers everywhere.

It’s new, it’s lightweight, and it’s gaining traction in the world of firearm stocks quickly. This stock adapts to your individual needs with custom mounts and can accept most sling configurations, making this the lightest in today’s AR-15 stocks. If you are looking for a simple and easy upgrade, then the Battlelink may be the perfect stock. This stock requires no modifications to your firearm and is designed for a fast and accurate mount, even in the toughest situations, such as using body armor.

Designed for either right- or left-hand use, this stock is perfect for just about everyone. This superbly lightweight stock has become a quick go-to for many AR-15 shooters who enjoy durable and light stocks. This stock just flat works, no unnecessary add-ons to detract from the quality made stock.

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Materials: Polyamide

Weight: 6 oz.


Luth AR (Best Adjustable Fixed Stock)Luth AR (Best Adjustable Fixed Stock)

This one is a fantastic fixed stock option which offers lightweight design and premium adjustability. It’s built to endure and provide smaller adjustment options for those who like to mix it up here and there for a better experience.

This glass-filled nylon rifle stock can fit onto standard A1/A2 buffer tubes and add adjustments and extra features to AR-15 rifles, including most .308 models. This easily adjusted option offers several lengths of pulls and overall great design. The glass helps the stock perform better, offering a light, well-balanced weight.

Additionally, the increased ergonomic and top-notch design and multiple sling attachment points mean endless possibilities for customization and personalization. This stock will sit well into the shoulder without added stress. You can mount and unmount quickly with the included Allen wrench in under ten minutes. At just over a pound, this stock will soon become your go-to stock.

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Materials: Glass-filled nylon

Weight: 1 lb. 3 oz. (without glass filling – 11 oz.)


VLTOR Weapon Systems AR-15 IMOD Stock (Extra-Durable, Great Cheek Weld)VLTOR Weapon Systems AR-15 IMOD Stock (Extra-Durable, Great Cheek Weld)

This gun offers a wide cheek weld and was designed to suit needs better based on AR-15 performance in the battlefield. Taking the basic stock designs and building on them to provide better cheek placement, shoulder placement, and so on, this stock is built for optimum hold.

Another bonus for this gun is that it comes pre-assembled from places like Brownell’s and it comes with convenient storage compartments (for batteries or bullets) and a butt pad.

The collapsible style and durable construction prove this stock has been crafted after notes taken in the battlefield and designed to withstand demanding use, this stock has the comfortable, wide cheek weld which everyone wants.

The improved cheek weld is a huge step in the right direction for Vltor, their cheek weld is like the Monte Carlo cheek weld, that many may be familiar.

Material: Polymer

Weight: 9.5 oz


Strike Industries Viper Fixed AR-15 Stock (Affordable Fixed Stock Option)Strike Industries Viper Fixed AR-15 Stock (Affordable Fixed Stock Option)

This is a popular option due to its affordability and function. If you’re not trying to invest a large chunk of money in a stock, you’re not sure about, this one will please you with both its lower cost and its performance.

Strike Industries has been a popular manufacturer for a while due to its budget-friendly options and multiple designs. Their pieces are sleek and well-made, and while this Viper AR-15 stock might be a little difficult to get on a firearm at the get-go, it’s worth it.

This stock was specifically designed for military professionals looking for a compact, lightweight design in stock at a lower price point. This stock is a simple slide-on replacement for a factory collapsible buttstock. Improved QD sling mounts are located and integrated to both sides making the stock easy to use both right and left-handed.

This stock does not come with a butt pad but can be used with one purchased separately. With a variable pull-length provides flexibility for multiple users or guns. In the end, this is a rock-solid stock which works well for those who are keeping their rifles relatively simple without mounts or a bunch of add-ons.

Some of the products can be a little tricky to get on certain gun models, but in general, they are a no-rattle, no issue, great stock. There are also monopod options.

Material: Polymer with steel hardware

Weight – 6.6 oz


Magpul PRS Gen 3 AR-15 Stock (Best Precision Stock)Magpul PRS Gen 3 AR-15 Stock (Best Precision Stock)

Magpul really does manufacture some of the best stock options available today, and one of the finest in their arsenal is the PRS stock, which is built for optimal precision. This one has an adjustable tool-less length of pull and rotation-limiting QD sling cups.

If you’re looking for a stock which will take your AR-15’s precision to the next level, this adjustable stock option by Magpul is about to be your best friend. This stock will easily mount to rifle-length receiver extension tube without A2 spacer. The improved strength and durability will withstand harsh punishment and a strong recoil.

Besides being durable, made of only high-quality materials, and perfect for shoulder comfort and precision shooting, this stock can be personalized thanks to the additional sling mounts, and is easy to install provide a fast, well-balanced design. The rubber butt pad is comfortable and prevents slippage, while the cheek weld can be adjusted for a truly personalized fit.

This stock can easily be adjusted while in use without worrying about damage or decreasing precision. The shafts are coated in Melonite to prevent wear, while everything else is has a hard-anodized coating. This stock works well with mil-spec M4 carbines as well as many A5-length tubes, and if a fantastic fit for Ruger PRS.

Material: Polymer

Weight: 27.8


FAB Defense AR-15 Survival Stock Collapsible (Best for Extra Mag)FAB Defense AR-15 Survival Stock Collapsible (Best for Extra Mag)

This unique stock offers the option of storing an additional magazine right by the butt of your gun, which is convenient for long shooting experiences and for times when you don’t feel like reloading your magazine all the time.

The stock comes with one, ten-round polymer magazine. Besides being sleek and ambidextrous, this stock is collapsible for convenience and built to last a very, very long time. This stock features a quick-release and non-slip texture. The thick rubber butt-pad helps to improve comfort and increase hold stability for better accuracy. This stock is easily the best functional stock ever manufactured; it puts your head right where it belongs for smooth accurate firing. The easily adjusted stock fits very tight, so you will never have to worry it may come off by accident.

However, this stock has been discontinued by FAB Defense, so it’s a little more difficult to come by. When you do, you’ll have to hang on to it. It’s a keeper. Hopefully, FAB Defense will choose to reinstate manufacturing of this amazing stock.

Materials: Reinforced molded polymer

Weight: 14 oz.


B5 Systems AR-15 Enhanced Sopmod Stock Collapsible (Best for Functionality and Use)B5 Systems AR-15 Enhanced Sopmod Stock Collapsible (Best for Functionality and Use)

This stock is currently being used in the U.S. military, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s durable, it has a fantastic cheek weld, and it comes with waterproof storage sealed with separate O-rings on either side for batteries, or whatever you decide to store.

Designed to meet the needs and standards of special forces units, this stock features waterproof storage, an anti-slip rubber recoil pad, and improved cheek weld for increase comfort and durability, sought by firearms enthusiasts of all types. This stock is fully collapsible and features an adjustable lever for smooth and easy operation. The QD adjustable sling mount and versatile battery compartments mean you have plenty of accessorizing options.

Additionally, this stock can easily be used right or left-handed, thanks to the quick-connect mount. Besides its overall design and high-quality materials, this firearm stock is perfect with AR-15 shooters who are looking for comfort and functionality in their firearms.

This B5 Systems stock has excellent ratings everywhere it is sold, and that’s because those who give it a try are pleased and want to share with others that this purchase is a well-worth-it one.

Materials: Polymer

Weight: 14.4 oz



Out of all these stock options, you are sure to find one to meet every need. Whether you’re rebuilding the gun your grandfather used in Vietnam, or whether you’re looking at taking a change on an extra-lightweight new stock for your AR-15, one of these 13 options are perfect for your firearm needs. The options available for customizing your AR-15 are endless. Purchasing a new stock is just one step toward a full custom gun.

In the end, AR-15 rifles are fantastic firearms for their accuracy, price, and overall quality, and it’s not difficult to find some great cost-effective and adjustable stock options so that your rifle will suit your needs perfectly. Gun owners of all ages and skill levels can easily customize their gun to meet their needs and improve comfort, reliability, and even accuracy. Whether you have a younger shooter getting started with an AR-15, an avid gun enthusiast, or just prefer mixing things up with different stock options, you are sure to find the AR-15 stock just right for you.