The 12 Best Tactical Wallets

Tactical wallets are a piece of equipment that is designed to not waste any space. You can hold your cards and cash in them as you would any other wallet, but they also include some sort of a function on all corners. Every single square centimeter of space is carefully designed and all of the material and fabric are useful in a specific way. They usually have bottle openers, blades, and tools as part of their design. And you will often find RFID blocking technology included in the lining. They are aesthetically pleasing and they have many functions that you probably thought you don’t even need. Once you get one, though, you will probably keep buying only tactical wallets in the future.

These wallets are also made of the sturdiest materials as their purpose is to be combat wallets. Whether you prefer refined leather, heavy duty canvas, or vinyl, there’s a tactical wallet for you and your demands. These wallets are also generally made with weather and waterproof components, and they are very good for anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors. You will also get a lot of use from these wallets on your next survival adventure or hunting trip. You have to be prepared and pack the right gear before you go on outdoor treks, and these wallets will only increase your safety.

You should know, though, that these wallets won’t prevent theft or losing personal information and valuables. Even a wallet that’s inspired by the military can’t stop that. They will, however, protect what you carry inside them and provide years of high quality usage. Take a look at the list below of the 12 best tactical wallets and discover which one will serve you best.

Dango EDC Tactical WalletDango EDC Tactical Wallet

This wallet is made in the United States. It features RFID blocking technology and is made of genuine leather. What else could you ask for? Well, there’s more than meets the eye. It also has a multi-tool kit with ten different functions built into the chassis. This features aerospace grade aluminum, holds up to a dozen cards, and can also be a smartphone stand. All of this at only two ounces of weight. You won’t get this functionality in such a compact package with very many models.

The Dango T01 EDC wallet features a saw knife and nail prier. You can also detach the multi-tool from the wallet so that you can carry it separately or leave it at home when traveling by air.


Trayvax Element Tactical WalletTrayvax Element Tactical Wallet

It’s impossible to make a list of tactical products without mentioning Trayvax. You are missing a lot of features if you’ve never owned anything by them. They are one of the best manufacturers of tactical gear in the whole world, and this wallet is yet another example of how good they are.

This wallet is also made in the United States and you can buy it in eight different colors in shades of red, brown, and black leather.

It’s made completely from metal and leather and you can stash five bills and ten cards in it. Also, it has a steel frame that further increases its durability and RFID blocking technology. The leather itself is top-grain, meaning it’s very durable, and it gives the wallet a very pleasing aesthetic. This wallet also has a bottle opener, an attachment point, and a money clip which can be useful in different situations. You’ll also get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. How amazing is that for this type of product?


Trayvax Original Tactical WalletTrayvax Original Tactical Wallet

This model is the face of Trayvax. They are really on point with this design. It looks like a tool from Blade Runner and a military radio from the ‘60s. It seriously is very well designed and has everything that a good tactical wallet should include.

It’s also made in the United States and you can buy it in four different colors. It can hold up to 5 bills and 14 cards that are secured from scanning with RFID blocking mesh and aluminum and stainless steel plates. It’s designed for front-pocket comfort and you will get a lifetime warranty, as with the previous Trayvax model. There are also multiple multi-tools along the chassis and an elastic strap closure. This model set the trend for a lot of tactical wallets that are available today.


Dango Pioneer Tactical WalletDango Pioneer Tactical Wallet

This product has simply amazing looks. But besides looking good, it’s also very functional. The whole wallet is wrapped up in fine Italian leather and is made from aerospace grade aluminum. There is also the anodized pen that will serve you as an additional function.

It goes very well with Dango Notebook and Schmidt space ink. It’s specifically designed to work with the MT02, a separate multi-tool, and it has a fine lanyard strap attachment. A knife is not going to get through this wallet, nor will RFID scanners.


RAPDOM USA Tactical WalletRAPDOM USA Tactical Wallet

This is a military trifold wallet that sports the emblem of heroes in the form of an American flag and provides some excellent functions. It is is made of very durable nylon and has a storage for a media card with a Velcro flap. You will need to use some force to open the zip pockets, showing that they are sturdy and won’t slide open. It will also prevent pickpocketing.

The ID windows won’t stick, giving you added convenience when you need to flash your driver’s license, work badge, or student I.D. There is a single slot where you can store whatever you want and an additional 18 slots for your credit cards or business cards. The whole focus of the wallet is on durability and functionality. You will get to choose from five different color styles in olive, khaki, brown, and black.

Unfortunately, the wallet doesn’t include any RFID blocking protection.


5.11 Outdoor Tactical Wallet5.11 Outdoor Tactical Wallet

Don’t be fooled by the size of this wallet. It offers a lot of functionality in a very small package. You can store business cards, credit cards, cash, and even a small notepad in it. And not only that, but if there’s space, you can even store a flashlight or a pen inside it.

The wallet is available in a lot of styles and colors so you can pick the one that will go well with your general style, messenger bag, jacket, or briefcase. You don’t have to worry about an unnecessary bulk because it’s so small. It has a sleeve for credit cards and business cards, and you can combine it with other 5.11 products to be more stylish. It’s also very light, so you won’t have the temptation of carrying a fat wallet in your pocket.


Kydex Highlander Tactical WalletKydex Highlander Tactical Wallet

This wallet has a multi-tool and money clip that are perfect for any true adventurer. It has titanium screws and a very interesting texture to it made of Kryptek Highlander.

It’s very durable and resistant despite its very simple and minimalistic design. The Kydex Highlander was put to many tests regarding durability and functionality, and it passed them all without any problems. This is probably why it’s one of the best reviewed wallets and why customers are reporting that they are so pleased with it.

You can store up to 8 credit or business cards inside it. If you’d like to buy a wallet that has some extra features, this one has an expansion kit. It also has an additional RFID blocker that you can buy separately, so you can’t go wrong if you decide to buy this model.


Lethnic Minimalistic Tactical WalletLethnic Minimalistic Tactical Wallet

Are you looking for a wallet that is very compact but also insanely durable? The Lethnic Minimalistic Tactical Wallet could be the one for you. At only 4.33 x 3.15 inches, this compact wallet offfers everything you need. Don’t let the look of it fool you as it seems as if you won’t be able to carry much in it. You can easily store up to 20 credit or business cards in it without having too much bulk. And not only this, but you can store more than 20 folded bills in a large space inside it, and the wallet will still close with ease.

The inner part of the wallet is made of three compartments that are fairly sized. You can fit different sizes of bills and cards inside it, allowing for customization to your needs. There is also a button strap on one side to further secure your valuables when you close the wallet.


Survival Hax Tactical WalletSurvival Hax Tactical Wallet

If you’re planning to bring a wallet on an adventure with you, consider buying this one. This wallet has a whole collection of 12 tools designed for survival that are going to be very useful on your trip.

There is enough space to store four cards inside it, which is usually enough for daily life, and especially your weekend trips. There is an emergency whistle included with a survival toolkit, which you hopefully won’t have to use. One of the tools included is the card knife, and we recommend handling it with care as it’s very durable and sharp. You don’t want any accidental cuts while you’re handling your wallet.


Trayvax Axis Tactical WalletTrayvax Axis Tactical Wallet

This is yet another product by Trayvax, and yet another product that won’t disappoint anyone as it’s one of their best products. This tactical wallet can store up to 14 different credit or business cards inside it. It also has an internal cash clip where you can store up to 8 additional bills.

A military grade nylon strap is wrapped around the wallet to further enhance the security of your belongings. You can easily adjust the space between the plates thanks to another paracord. As with other Trayvax products, you will also get a lifetime warranty on this wallet. This shows how confident Trayvax is of the quality of their products.


HUSKK Slim Tactical WalletHUSKK Slim Tactical Wallet

At first glance, this wallet may seem as if it doesn’t have a lot of capacity. Don’t be fooled. You are going to love its minimalistic design combined with a huge capacity for storing up to 10 credit or business cards. The wallet is also very thin thanks to its minimalistic design. It’s made of medical-grade elastic and high-end leather, which mean that is quite durable and very light. This is exactly what you want to look for when you’re buying a tactical wallet. Lightweight and amazing resistance are the things that rate a tactical wallet.

To access your money and cards, you simply draw them out with the pull-tab. You can also choose from three different color choices for this model: black, tan, and red.


Nite Ize Tactical WalletNite Ize Tactical Wallet

If you’re looking for a multi-tool wallet, search no more. This one has almost everything that you need. It includes a wrench, a ruler, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a lot more. It’s also fairly lightweight and you can carry it with your everywhere safely.

It’s made of steel, ensuring that your valuables will be protected. You can use it as a handy everyday wallet, but you will use most of its functions on your weekend adventures or outdoor trips. You can show your kids a couple of cool tricks on your next hiking trip, or you can teach your date how to start a fire on your next trip to the mountains.