Sealed: 15 Best Waxed Canvas Jackets for Men

If you have a need to stay warm and dry, few jackets have proven more useful than the waxed canvas. For centuries, waxed canvas has been the jacket of choice for men of the sea, specifically those sailing in the Royal Navy. As it continued to prove the best means of preventing an uncomfortable and dry body, the waxed jacket became the inspiration for the first fisherman’s slickers.

Since then, it’s evolved into a versatile piece of apparel that can be found roaming the streets on a chilled day or out on the fields, keeping a rancher looking unintentionally stylish and comfortable. The waxed canvas jacket has become a staple of menswear, almost as commonplace as a pair of jeans.

If you’re looking to join the ranks of men sporting a classic, visually appealing waxed canvas jacket, consider any of these top 15 choices.

Taylor Stitch Rover JacketTaylor Stitch Rover Jacket

What’s the purpose of a jacket? To keep you comfortable and dry, right? At least that’s what every jacket tries to do, but Taylor Stitch’s waxed canvas Rover Jacket actually succeeds. This stylish jacket repels waters water like it’s nothing, insulates from even the coldest of winters, and ensures you look good while doing it.

Like the classic waxed canvas jackets of yore, Taylor Stitch’s Rover is durable and can stand up to the elements. The added benefit of three front pockets only further adds to this jacket’s functionality. Available in olive and navy blue, expect to impress when sporting the Rover.


Filson Lined Short CruiserFilson Lined Short Cruiser

Filson’s Tin Cloth Short Lined Cruiser makes no qualms about looking like a durable work jacket. Its hefty build promises to keep the cold from penetrating while the water-repellent, abrasion-resistant oil finish will keep you dry and comfortable. The jacket’s interior is lined with a light insulation, a durable synthetic that keeps the wearer warm without adding much bulk to it.

Though it looks like it only has one breast pocket, Filson’s Cruiser is equipped with a slotted utility pocket and two handwarmer pockets for added storage. Available in dark tan, this is the jacket ideal for any hard working.


Barbour Land Rover Traveller Wax Jacket for menBarbour Land Rover Traveller Wax Jacket

When it comes to waxed jackets, Barbour is a name that will come up often, and this Traveller is a good look into why. At first glance, it looks like your standard waxed canvas jacket, but once you slip into this wax jacket, Barbour’s expert craftsmanship starts to shine.

It may be higher in price, but there’s no beating this collaboration with Land Rover, which sports 100% waxed cotton, a wool back panel, leather overlays at the shoulders, and moleskin-lined lower pockets. Everything you could want from a wax jacket – warmth, comfort, and style – is available in Barbour’s special edition Traveller.


Globe Inkerman Jacket for guysGlobe Inkerman Jacket

There are jackets that need to prove a point and then there’s this hooded bomber, which simply aims to be the perfect covering for those wet, colder days. Made with a 600mm waterproof coating, even the rainiest of days can’t penetrate the waxed canvas of Globe’s Inkerman.

Lined with Taffeta and polyfill, this waxed canvas is surprisingly lightweight for the amount of protection that it affords the wearer. Available in black or tan, there’s no outfit that this canvas jacket would perfectly round off.


Belstaff Roadmaster Waxed-Cotton JacketBelstaff Roadmaster Waxed-Cotton Jacket

When you want a quality product, sometimes you have to pay for it; and while The Roadmaster Jacket from Belstaff’s collection is a pretty penny, the jacket itself ensures it’s worth every cent. In any of its nine colors, the Roadmaster is a stylish wear. The fabric glistens and hugs the wearer comfortably while a waist buckle belt cinches it off for a clean look.

The Roadmaster was introduced in 1981 and, since then, has become a timeless icon of outerwear. Four pockets, a two-way zip fastening, and compatibility with Belstaff’s Waistcoat and Wilson Jacket make this a versatile, worthwhile purchase. Should you need the extra warmth, simply snap in either of Belstaff’s compatible product.


Rogue Territory Ridgeline Supply JacketRogue Territory Ridgeline Supply Jacket

This is a jacket designed intended for the rugged man. The distressed fabric, a 10-ounce waxed canvas, provides style, comfort, and a unique look beyond the typical clean and pristine construction. Two exterior patch handwarmer pockets and an interior right chest pocket provide ample storage.

For maximum comfort, the fabric around the shoulders is designed to allow for a little stretch so as not to trap the wearer’s arms into one position. Rogue Territory’s Ridgeline is incredibly simplistic and doesn’t try to be more than what it’s meant to be – a practical yet appealing waxed canvas jacket.


Orvis Heritage Field CoatOrvis Heritage Field Coat

A jacket serves two purposes: protect the wearer from the elements and look good on them. The Orvis Heritage Field Coat is all about fulfilling those responsibilities. Made from dry-waxed cotton, rain, dirt, snow, sleet, and whatever else Mother Nature throws your way will slide ride off. Adding another layer of waterproofing is the rear-entry game bag.

The Heritage Field Coat is built to last and is the type of jacket you’d expect to see on a hardworking rancher. Orvis’ no-frills mentality produced a jacket that can look practical and comfortable but still have a hint of style.


Faherty Canvas Sherpa Stormrider JacketFaherty Canvas Sherpa Stormrider Jacket

If you like a jacket with a bit of an emphasis on being cozy to the casual wearer, the Stormrider may be a good start for you. While the waxed coating is appealing, it’s the jacket’s liner that steals the show. The Stormrider is a lightweight jacket that still provides ample warmth thanks to the Sherpa fleece lining the inside.

The contrast of brown and white certainly lends to the “work jacket” look, but whether you’re walking around town or herding cattle on the ranch, the Sherpa Jacket is a perfect fit. Despite being lightweight, it’s durable and will keep the elements from getting you down.


American Eagle Waxed Cotton Workwear JacketAmerican Eagle Waxed Cotton Workwear Jacket

If there’s one thing American Eagle has plenty of experience in, it’s making men look good. This waxed cotton jacket is just another fine example of the designers behind AE’s collection mixing practicality with comfort and style for the perfect wear.

The outer fabric, a waxed cotton twill, is durable while the removable fleece hood and faux Sherpa lining provide a level of comfort and warmth not typically expected from a workwear jacket. It’s a simple design that lets the three pockets blend in for an aesthetically pleasing look.


Lucky Waxed Bonneville Cotton JacketLucky Waxed Bonneville Cotton Jacket

Lucky Brand wants you to be comfortable, but Lucky Brand also wants you to look good. So the designers behind this Bonneville Jacket went to work on a concept that’s so incredibly simple that, in the hands of any other craftsman, it would be considered boring.

Two zipper breast pockets are the only embellishments on this clean Bonneville Jacket. Zipper cuffs, a snap biker collar, and quilted lining amplify the comfort and elegance of this designer waxed canvas outerwear.


Beretta Men’s Waxed-Cotton JacketBeretta Men’s Waxed-Cotton Jacket

Beretta wants to appeal to the working man, and with this plaid-lined, oil-free, odor-free worker’s waxed cotton field jacket, it does a good job of doing so. Working men want few things out of their outerwear and this simplistic but effective jacket hits all the right notes.

Keeping the wearer safe from the elements is Beretta’s main concern and it’s that which appeals to the men that spend their days outdoors. Waterproof, thornproof, and windproof, somehow this waxed cotton jacket is also breathable, lightweight, and allows for a full range of motion.

Multifunctional pockets provide more-than-enough storage space for hunters, fishermen, and ranchers.


Barbour Sapper JacketBarbour Sapper Jacket

Barbour’s army-style jacket is a fine melding of style and practicality. On one hand, it’s an attractive piece of apparel. On the other, by looking at it, you know it’s intended for someone with a lot to carry. Four front pockets and an inner zip pocket let you have all of your essentials on hand and the lightweight material and polyester insulation make it so you won’t be so easily weighted down even when your cache of pockets is full.

A stowaway hood and weather-resistant outer coating promise to keep you warm and dry on the worst of days.


L.L.Bean Original Field CoatL.L.Bean Original Field Coat

Made from waxed cotton, L.L.Bean’s field coat is useful, stylish, and traditional. The midweight build keeps the wearer warm and protected from the elements, especially the flannel lining, which provides a soft, cushiony fit.

Essential to any jacket is the ability to move, and this field coat’s underarm gussets and bi-swing shoulders allow for a full range of motion with ease. The added benefit of five pockets only further amplifies the appeal of L.L.Bean’s take on a waxed jacket.


Barbour Classic Bedale JacketBarbour Classic Bedale Jacket

A third time on this list, Barbour proves that it knows how to handle men’s jackets. There is nothing about this waxed canvas jacket that isn’t either attractive or functional. Take the two large pockets in the front, large enough to fit all of the day’s essentials and easy to access. Then there’s the comfortable lining, a classic Barbour Tartan cotton for an added layer of comfort.

There isn’t much weight to this midweight Sylkoil fabric, but what it has is just enough to keep the wearer from suffering the more uncomfortable effects of Mother Nature.


Timberland Mount Lincoln Waxed Canvas JacketTimberland Mount Lincoln Waxed Canvas Jacket

When you buy Timberland, you know you’re in for a sturdy product that will take you where you need to go. This waxed canvas jacket is just another success in the company’s long line of them. Two front pockets make up the frills in this very casual, 100% cotton exterior design. ON the inside, a lining of 100% cotton twill maximizes warmth and comfort.

A gunlock patch on the right shoulder and corduroy trim and collar give the Mount Lincoln Waxed Canvas Jacket a small panache to appeal to someone looking for those subtle touches.