The 30 Best Men’s Leather Jackets

The cold breeze is a sign that you must go over your wardrobe to check if you’re ready for the winter months. Men’s fashion requires a few essentials to complete the masculine winter style. One of the best articles of clothing you can wear to round out your winter outfit is the leather jacket.

The leather jacket is a bold statement. It has always been associated with the bad boy persona in both pop culture and real life. The fact of the matter is that most any man can pull-off wearing a leather jacket. You don’t need to be a Rock Star to wear one – but, you’ll definitely look the part.

Here are the 30 best leather jackets.

The Best Men’s Leather Jacket

Filson Leather Short Cruiser JacketFilson Leather Short Cruiser Jacket

This Filson Leather Short Cruiser Jacket is a great addition to any guy’s year-round wardrobe. It comes in a very dark brown color and is constructed out of pure naked cowhide.

The inside lining is made out of moleskin and polyester twill, which adds to the warmth of this classic jacket. It is designed to be short which means that the hem only reaches the hips. It has a snap button closure running down the middle as well as snap button adjustable waist and cuffs.

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D73 Ring Leather JacketD73 Ring Leather Jacket

The D73 Ring Leather Jacket is the culmination of more than 40 years of manufacturing and design experience. This D73 jacket is a European classic. It first became popular in France and soon became a well-known brand all across Europe among the motorcycle riding crowd.

The Ring Leather Jacket is built for the road. Keep yourself warm and cozy during long rides with this on your back. It is constructed out of full-grain leather that’s 1.1 mm thick. This makes it extremely high-performance.


Taylor Stitch X Golden Bear The MotoTaylor Stitch X Golden Bear The Moto

The Moto is a jacket with a proud history. It’s the result of the collaboration between Golden Bear and The Moto. It’s built to be so extremely hardwearing that the makers tout it as a future heirloom.

It is constructed out of full-grain steer hide that will just gradually patina and soften the more you use it. It is also insulated with the proprietary Thinsulate technology, which makes this the ideal leather jacket during the coldest months of winter, as well as the durable down jackets. It features a shoulder bi-swing to improve your range of motion, especially important when riding.


AllSaints LarkAllSaints Lark

Everybody likes the Lark Jacket from All Saints. It’s the embodiment of the unique stylish sensibilities of All Saints.

At its core, this is a minimalist jacket with very clean lines. Though it is constructed to have a regular fit it does wear slim, giving it a very modern silhouette. It is made out of pure goat leather and is lined with 100% polyester. Its distinct design features include a shirt collar, a central zipper, two chest pockets, and two side pockets.



Belstaff V-Racer SlimBelstaff V-Racer Slim

The Belstaff V-Racer Slim is a leather jacket that relies on its minimalist features to create a subtle yet very remarkable statement. It is constructed out of soft leather that has been lightly tumbled.

The most prominent design feature on this sleek black leather jacket is the ridged padding over the shoulders. It’s a very efficient jacket. It even fits slim to reduce drag. It looks and feels like how a premium racing jacket should and it would go perfectly well with a good pair of motorcycle racing boots. But, of course, it is still a very stylish and functional casual jacket when you’re not on your bike.


Officine Generale Clyde Shearling-Lined Leather Aviator JacketOfficine Generale Clyde Shearling-Lined Leather Aviator Jacket

This very vintage-inspired leather jacket takes its design aesthetics from the aviator pioneers of old. It is made of premium black sheepskin leather and cream-colored shearling.

To produce the aviator look, it features two drop-in pockets at the front. For increased durability, the elbows are also reinforced with a leather panel. Even though the brand is French, this jacket is made in Italy.


AllSaints Coleman Shearling Biker JacketAllSaints Coleman Shearling Biker Jacket

Keep yourself warm with a premium quality shearling biker jacket from AllSaints. If you want something other than the classic black leather jacket, then this modern, slim fit jacket is perfect for you.

It comes in a very elegant light pebble/natural color. It is constructed out of warm and soft sheepskin, making it very comfortable to wear. It has an asymmetric zipper closure. It also features 6 pockets – 2 at the chest, 2 at the sides, and 2 on the interior.

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Zara Leather Biker JacketZara Leather Biker Jacket

Zara offers their take on the iconic biker leather jacket. It’s most definitely a good-looking jacket that exudes confidence. This biker jacket gives a classic timeless vibe, and this is its appeal.

It only comes in black and features a large, lapel collar complete with robust snap buttons. It has an added feature of zippered cuffs for a slimmer fit around the forearms and also to accommodate gloves. It closes asymmetrically with the zipper going up the right side at the front. To complete the traditional look, a belt and buckle is also constructed at the hem.


Tom Ford Icon Biker JacketTom Ford Icon Biker Jacket

Tom Ford is a high fashion name that consistently brings us very stylish and practical apparel for each season of the year. For these cold months, Tom Ford brings you the Icon Biker Jacket.

This very attractive black jacket is constructed out of worked leather. It comes fully lined and features an asymmetrical zipper that run off-center from the bottom and closes at an angle just a little to the right collar. The front of the jacket also features three angular zipper pockets. It also has a biker collar with stud closure. Additional prominent design features include stitched padding from the shoulders down to the upper arm.

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Mango Lapels NappaMango Lapels Nappa

Mango brings us a well-designed classic leather jacket – the Lapels Nappa. It features all the design elements of the iconic leather jacket and then some.

Mango makes the Lapels Nappa jacket in a very flattering modern fit, with the hem just reaching the hip line. It is constructed out sheep leather and has a polyester lining to add to the ease of wearing. Design features at the front include a lapel collar, an asymmetrically aligned zipper, three zipped pockets, and a belt and buckle at the hem.


Lewis Leathers Racing Jacket No. 442Lewis Leathers Racing Jacket No. 442

The Lewis Leathers Racing Jacket No. 442 is a durable high-performance racing jacket that is manufactured by the first motorcycle apparel company in the United Kingdom. It was first introduced in 1973 and has quickly become a modern classic.

It features a buttoned racing collar, four zipped pockets at the front, a zipper along the middle, and padded shoulders and elbows. You have your choice of a variety of colors from black to white and a few others in between. You can also choose which hide you want. The options include horse, sheep, and cow.

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H&M Leather Biker JacketH&M Leather Biker Jacket

This premium leather jacket is an awesome H&M offering for those who want look and feel badass. This leather jacket is built to be functional. It’s great for riding but it also works just as nice as a casual outer wear during the colder months of winter.

It is constructed out of 100% leather with polyester lining. It is superbly constructed. The front zipper closes asymmetrically. There are four zipped pockets at the front of the jacket. It features zipped cuffs for glove access. It also features an adjustable belt at the hem and several seams that taper down the fit making the silhouette very slim and modern.


Reiss AquilaReiss Aquila

The Reiss Aquila is the perfect addition to the dapper gentleman’s wardrobe. It was designed with minimalism in mind. The lines are so clean which means that there are no unnecessary design elements. It is the polar opposite of the iconic rugged black leather jacket in that the Aquila looks so tamed. This however does not make it boring. Reiss just took leather jackets in a completely different direction.

The soft leather that the Aquila is constructed with is tailored to produce a very slim fit. The Aquila comes in only one color – butterscotch. It has a centrally located zipper, two pockets (one over each hip). and does not have a lining.


Norton Mark JacketNorton Mark Jacket

The Mark Jacket from Norton was designed to be tough and durable. It was made to withstand the abuse of daily use in all weather, especially in heavy-duty riding conditions. Besides being extremely tough, the Mark Jacket looks very good.

It is constructed out of vintage cow leather. This gives it a distinct well-worn look. It features a shirt collar, three front pockets, and a shoulder bi-swing to accommodate movement. This works great as high-performance wear and also as a tough outer shell for your winter layering.

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John Elliot Men's Natural X Blackmeans Riders JacketJohn Elliot Men’s Natural X Blackmeans Riders Jacket

John Elliot and Blackmeans collaborated to bring this Riders Jacket to life. The form and function of this jacket is that of a classic rider’s jacket.

It comes with an asymmetric zipper, three angled pockets, one pocket with a flap, padded shoulders, zipped cuffs, and a belt. Where this differs from the iconic leather jacket design is with its color. This John Elliot X Blackmeans jacket comes in a very eye-catching and rebellious distressed-ivory hue. When worn, it looks so grunge or punk.


Buck Mason Bruiser MotoBuck Mason Bruiser Moto

The Buck Mason Bruiser Moto is built to be extremely tough. It’s made out of soft lambskin leather that was washed twice to make it just as durable as leather from calf hide but with the added bonus of only being half the thickness.

It is lined with polyester to make wearing it a breeze. It’s an essential jacket that needs to be added to the stylish man’s wardrobe. You can easily wear it every day for years, and it will just keep on keeping on.

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Schott NYC Hand Vintaged Cowhide Café Racer JacketSchott NYC Hand Vintaged Cowhide Café Racer Jacket

The Schott NYC delivers with a bang with this gorgeous-looking Hand Vintaged Cowhide Café Racer Jacket. It’s a racer jacket that is made of 100% cowhide. It comes in black with brown undertones showing at the faded parts of the jacket, namely: the arm creases, near zippers, and seams.

These artificially reproduced design features make the jacket look like it has been well-worn for many years. It comes equipped with vintage nickel hardware and a lining made out of gingham lining. It is a jacket that excels at being both superbly stylish and comfortable.


Schott NYC Casual WeekendSchott NYC Casual Weekend

Schott NYC once again graces this list with an aptly named good-looking leather jacket. The Casual Weekend Jacket is just that – a jacket you wear during the weekend in place of your weekday monkey suit.

It features simple design elements which makes it a classic. It’s made of genuine black cowhide leather, so you know that it is durable. It closes with a centrally located zipper, is fully lined with a quilted nylon satin, and comes in a men’s fit, which basically means that it is wider at the top and tapers down to the waist.

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Reiss MimoReiss Mimo

Looking at the Reiss Mimo, it is easy to see why it is a favorite. It has undeniable appeal and offers a version of the classic which exudes an aura of unmatched quality.

It comes in black premium leather and features the three-pocket design and asymmetric zip closing. It is a great addition to your stylish winter ensemble. Wear it with a white shirt or even use it as your outer shell over a warm sweater in the colder months. Whatever the style choice, you’re sure to look confident and in charge in the Mimo Biker Jacket.


Schott NYC 141 Cafe Racer Leather JacketSchott NYC 141 Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

The 141 Cafe Racer from Schott NYC is a true classic that is built to be tough enough to last. It is designed to protect the rider during long rides in harsh weather.

This lightweight jacket is made out of premium-quality naked cowhide, which means that it’s just going to get better with age. It also features a stand-up collar as well as a shoulder bi-swing fold for added mobility. Other functional design features include a wind flap on the inside of the main zipper and polyester twill lining to keep you warm.


Golden Bear All Leather BaseballGolden Bear All Leather Baseball

The All Leather Baseball Jacket from Golden Bear is a real American classic. It is made out of naked cowhide and features two besom slash pockets with double welts for added durability as well as a design accent.

To make the jacket more comfortable, it is also made with a Pepper Chambray lining on the front and back panels and satin on the sleeves. The distinct design features on this very good-looing jacket are the non-pilling knitted collar, cuffs, and waistband.


Superdry Curtis Leather JacketSuperdry Curtis Leather Jacket

With the Superdry Curtis Leather Jacket on, you’re sure to hit the town in style. This is a premium jacket constructed out of 100% leather for the shell and polyester for the lining.

It features two pockets at the front that close with popper buttons. These poppers are also found at the cuffs. To help you customize the fit, it also features an adjustable strap at the hem. It utilizes a centrally placed zipper to completely close it. Design-wise, it is simple and well-made. It incorporates very functional minimalistic design features that make this a modern classic for riding in style or even just walking around town.

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Flint and Tinder x Golden Bear Bomber JacketFlint and Tinder x Golden Bear Bomber Jacket

The two San Francisco-born companies collaborate to produce the awesome Bomber Jacket. This warm jacket is constructed out of soft nubuck leather. It also features a detachable Sherpa collar to add some more versatility into the mix.

It is built to last, and it may just very well become a family heirloom you can pass down to your children. Aside from the removable Sherpa collar, other prominent design features on this jacket are the wool and nylon blend fabric cuffs and hem.


Mr. Porter Shearling Trimmed BomberMr. Porter Shearling Trimmed Bomber

The Mr. Porter Shearling Trimmed Bomber leather jacket is an elegant-looking, well-made jacket. It fits perfect to size and is tailored to fit slim.

This classic jacket is constructed out of lambskin leather. It comes in a very masculine dark brown and is thick and warm. The prominent design features on this jacket that makes it a bomber jacket are the shearling collar together with the front flap, drop-on pockets, and the wool-blend cuffs and hem.

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Coronado American Bison Leather JacketCoronado American Bison Leather Jacket

The Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket is designed to be very tough and durable. It is, after all, made out of one of the toughest leathers in existence – American Bison.

It’s going to last many years and will most likely become a family heirloom. With age, this leather jacket will develop a visually appealing patina that will do nothing more than to add to its appeal. The closure mechanism incorporates both the zip up system and the snap close wind flap.


Acne Studios Lazlo ShearlingAcne Studios Lazlo Shearling

This Acne Studios leather jacket is built to last for life and more. This is made as an heirloom jacket that you can pass down to your children.

It is made out of 100% cow leather. The vintage design and silhouette feature the distinct design elements of the shearling collar, ribbed hem and cuffs, and the two drop-in front pockets. To improve the experience for winter wear, it is fully lined with a cotton blend fabric.

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Roland Sands Ronin Leather JacketRoland Sands Ronin Leather Jacket

The Roland Sands Ronin Leather Jacket is one sexy beast of a leather jacket. Upon its release, it immediately became a trendsetter with many other leather jacket manufacturers copying its modern style.

It is made out of an exclusive leather called “Airborne” leather. This material is thick enough to protect from abrasion but still comfortable enough to create an easy-feeling experience. One distinct feature of the Ronin is its pre-bent sleeves. This ensures that you will have optimal range of movement in your arms, especially when riding. Since it was designed for high performance, it also comes with pockets at the shoulder, back, and elbow for protective inserts.


The Arrivals Ford Leather Bomber JacketThe Arrivals Ford Leather Bomber Jacket

The Ford Leather Bomber Jacket from The Arrivals is an homage to Indiana Jones; hence the name. While its iconic look may be a tribute and replica of the famous movie jacket, it is still made of high-quality materials.

Of all premium jackets, this may be one of the more affordable ones. But that doesn’t mean that it is in any way inferior. On the contrary, the Ford actually comes with a lifetime warranty. To add to its durability, it has also been pre-treated to ensure that it won’t get damaged by water or stains.

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Sandro Leather Jacket with Quilted TrimsSandro Leather Jacket with Quilted Trims

This Sandro Leather Jacket is a racing jacket to the core. First, it features a very slim fit which is typical of racing leather jackets. Another feature that makes this Sandro jacket a high-performance racing jacket is the ridge quilting on the shoulders as well as the ridged patterns that run along the back. These design features convey the speed design in racing jackets.


Dunhill Shearling Leather JacketDunhill Shearling Leather Jacket

Dunhill has made high-fashion jackets for a lot of cool male celebrities, so you can be sure that what they conjure up are top-shelf designs.

This Shearling Leather Jacket is made of high-quality black leather. As a distinctive design element, instead of the typical high-contrast shearling color, Dunhill opted to go with a black shearling. The shearling is seen on the collar, the hem, and the cuffs. This completes the all-black look that they are going for.