The 12 Best Motorcycle Racing Gloves

When you’re headed to a racing track, wearing the right gear is crucial. But a race suit and helmet are not the only vital components of your gear. A high-quality racing glove is also essential. By wearing one, you can protect your hands from injuries. This is especially true when you fall or during an accident. So, what features should you look for in a high-quality motorcycle racing glove?

When buying a motorcycle racing glove, one of the most crucial features you need to consider is the product’s ability to protect your hand from abrasions and impact. One example is the sliders. This feature can help prevent injuries in case you fall or have an accident.

Aside from the glove’s ability to protect your hand, the glove should also fit your hand. Plus, it should also allow your hand to move freely. A product with a good grip is also beneficial. In addition to those features, the product’s durability is also important; thus, you need to pick a glove that is made of premium materials. Added features, like a touchscreen capability, are also a plus.

Here are the 12 best motorcycle racing gloves.

Dainese Druid D1 GlovesDainese Druid D1 Gloves

The Dainese Druid D1 has various features that can provide protection, comfort, and durability. For one, the glove is made with sheepskin on its external side and goatskin in the internal side. It also has Amica Suede leather reinforcement between thumb and index fingers. The palm is constructed with super soft drum-dyed goatskin leather with polyurethane insert that provides good grip to the bars. This glove also has accordion panels that offer good flexibility. Plus, the fingers are pre-curved, which enhances grip and helps reduce fatigue. This glove has perforation on the inner sides of the fingers, providing better airflow.

For its protective features, the main protector of the Druid D1 gloves is located on the back of the hand, and it is made with carbon. This product also has TPU protectors located on the external side of the hand. Another great protective feature of this glove is the Distortion Control Protection (DCP). This feature helps slide the glove in case of a fall, protecting your little finger during the process.

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Alpinestars GP PRO R3Alpinestars GP PRO R3

A glove may have a tone of great features, but if it doesn’t fit you well, then you’re not going to use it. Fortunately, there are a lot of gloves that are designed for comfort and functionality. One, in particular, is the Alpinestars GP PRO R3. This product is not only easy to put on; it is also loaded with great features.

The Alpinestars GP PRO R3 uses a mix of kangaroo, cow, and goat leather for optimum comfort, protection, and feedback. Its seams are on the outside, which prevents your fingers from getting chaffed. Aside from that, it also has a long cuff with hard armor that can help protect your wrists during a fall. Moreover, the glove can move with your hand’s natural motion, thanks to the glove’s accordion panel across the backhand and fingers.

This product also has a finger bridge between the third and fourth fingers, which help reduce the possibility of the little finger from rolling beneath the hand during a fall. Lastly, the glove’s knuckle armor has tiny holes for better ventilation or airflow.


Five Gloves RFX Gauntlet Race GloveFive Gloves RFX Gauntlet Race Glove

The Five Gloves RFX Gauntlet Race Glove is designed for high performance. In fact, this product is used by FIVE riders in the Endurance World Championship, World Superbike, and MotoGP. But, that’s not all. This glove also provides the highest level of safety, thanks to its triple protective shell, which is made of Thermoset Carbon Composite. This material is generally found in aerospace or Formula 1, and it provides exceptional resistance to abrasion.

Aside from those features, the Five Gloves RFX Gauntlet also boasts a full-grain leather construction for optimum protection and durability. Additionally, its palms are made with goatskin for maximum flexibility. The palm also features Digital Pittards® English leather reinforcement for maximum grip in wet condition. Moreover, this glove has a Velcro adjusting strap, which is concealed underneath a protective leather flap. This feature helps reduce the risk of the glove being torn off during a fall. Finally, this product also has a ventilated TPU shells over the metacarpal areas and knuckles that is reinforced with carbon fiber. This feature increases the glove’s ability to provide optimum protection.

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Knox Handroid Hand Armor GlovesKnox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves

The Knox Handroid is one of the best motorcycle racing gloves not only because of its cool design. This product can also provide optimum comfort and protection.

One of the best features of the Knox Handroid is its hard exoskeleton that covers the fingers, thumb, and knuckles. Aside from covering those areas, this hard exoskeleton also provides full unrestricted movement. Furthermore, the glove’s metapod is coated with gel for extra comfort. The inside of the palm and fingers are also covered with strong and tear-resistant kangaroo leather. The palm also features a Scaphoid Protection System, and it is improved by added sliding systems on all of its sides. This feature can help prevent scaphoid injuries by allowing your hand to slide.

Aside from those features, the Knox Handroid also comes with a BOA lacing system, which allows precision adjustments throughout the cuff. As such, you can put on and off the gloves with ease.


Dainese Full Metal 6 GlovesDainese Full Metal 6 Gloves

The Dainese Full Metal 6 gloves will not only protect your hands and wrists during a race but provide the utmost comfort as well. This is thanks to its various features, making this glove a top-notch product.

For the glove’s protective features, it has carbon fiber inserts that protect the finger joints and the head of the ulna bone. Plus, this feature also allows an unrestricted motion for the wrist, arm, and hand. In addition to that, the knuckles and the back of the hand is covered by titanium and carbon fiber inserts. The gloves also have a DCP system and a resin insert, which provides additional protection to your pinky finger. For the palm, it is constructed with reinforced leather with a polyurethane insert that lets the hand slide during a fall. Lastly, this glove has a reinforced preformed cuff construction that also provides comfort and protection.

In addition to its protective features, the Dainese Full Metal 6 gloves are made with goatskin, which provides flexibility and softness. The glove is also reinforced with aramid fibers that increase its durability. Finally, the pre-curved wrist and fingers can help eliminate discomforts due to fatigue during a race.

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Racer High Speed GlovesRacer High Speed Gloves

The Racer High Speed gloves are made with high-quality materials, resulting in a glove that is lightweight and comfortable. But, that’s not all. This product can also provide the highest level of protection, thanks to its various protective features.

This glove has a cowhide chassis, and it has TPU hard protectors on the knuckles, wrist, and fingers. The knuckles area is covered with SuperFabric®, which provides further reinforcements. The glove also has double wrist closures, giving you a secure fit.

Another great feature of the Racer High Speed gloves is its palm, which is made of kangaroo skin and two Knox® SPS palm sliders. Remember, these sliders can help prevent scaphoid injuries by allowing your hand to slide during a fall or accident. Aside from that, the glove’s little and ring fingers are also joined. This feature can help prevent the so-called “finger roll.” Best of all, this glove takes zero minutes to break in.


RS Taichi GP-EVO Racing Gloves NXT054RS Taichi GP-EVO Racing Gloves NXT054

The RS Taichi GP-EVO Racing Glove NXT054 is a professional-grade product. In fact, like the other products on this list, it can provide the utmost comfort and protection.

For its features, the palm of the RS Taichi GP-EVO is made with kangaroo leather, which provides ultimate comfort and flexibility. It also has a cowhide upper for durability and protection. Lining the gloves are polyester and aramid fibers, which reinforces the glove’s abrasion resistance. Additionally, this product also has KNOX® SPS that helps prevent scaphoid injuries and reduce palm abrasion.

Like most gloves, the RS Taichi GP-EVO has TPU protection along the wrist and knuckles. A unique feature of this glove is the knuckle armor, which is split between the first and second fingers. This feature gives the rider’s hand unrestricted movement. Another feature of this product is the dual wrist closures that secure the glove to your hand. Lastly, this glove has pre-curved fingers that can help reduce fatigue and discomfort during a race.

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Alpinestars Supertech GlovesAlpinestars Supertech Gloves

The Alpinestars Supertech is equipped with numerous features that provide comfort and safety. For one, this glove is made of full-grain kangaroo and cow leather. It also uses a two-part finger construction. This feature offers numerous benefits, such as increases the flexibility on the fingers, reduces the number of seams where a tear could take place, and creates better grips. Additionally, this product also has abrasion AR-Shield material that further reduces the possibility of tearing.

Aside from those features, this glove also uses a combination of DuPont Kevlar and Cordura fibers. These fibers are applied in areas that are prone to abrasions, such as outside the palm, side of the little finger, and at the top of the fingers. There’s also an ergonomic stretch insert in the palm and an accordion expansion zone behind the knuckles that improves comfort and movement. Furthermore, this product has a TPU Dynamic Friction Shield on the cuff that provides flexibility to your wrist.

Another great feature of this product is the addition of shock-absorbing foam at the knuckles, and top of the glove, which help disperse energy during a fall. Lastly, this glove also has a CarbonX fire-retardant material, which is also beneficial when the hand falls down the road during an accident.


Cortech Adrenaline 2Cortech Adrenaline 2

The Cortech Adrenaline 2 is a high-quality gauntlet style race glove that can provide great comfort and protection for a reasonable price (less than $200).

This glove is made of cowhide and kangaroo skin, providing a durable and flexible surface for your hand. In the inside, the glove is lined with DuPont Kevlar that provides additional protection. The fingers also have SuperFabric that increases the glove’s capability to protect your hand without compromising flexibility.

In addition to those features, the palm of the Cortech Adrenaline 2 has Knox® SPS protectors, which ensure that your hand will slide and not grab the pavement during a fall or accident. This glove also has pre-curved fingers and palm that helps reduce fatigue and discomforts. Other notable features include dual molded TPU wrist protectors, molded TPU knuckle protectors, and soft padding on the outside portion of the glove.

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Scorpion Exo SGSScorpion Exo SGS

If you have a tight budget, the Scorpion Exo SGS is an excellent product you can purchase. Basically, this product is a short-cuff motorcycle glove that can provide the same protection and comfort offered by a gauntlet style glove.

For its features, the Scorpion EXO SGS is made with goatskin, which provides maximum comfort and protection. It also offers TPU finger protectors and carbon fiber reinforced TPU knuckle protector. Aside from that, this glove can also help prevent scaphoid injuries, thanks to its KNOX SPS palm sliders.

One of the best features of the Scorpion EXO SGS is that the index finger is touch screen compatible.  Aside from those features, this glove also has perforated leather at the back of the hand that allows great airflow. Moreover, its Velcro® band wrist closure can keep the glove secured on your hand. This product also has pre-curved fingers and palm that help reduce fatigue. The best part is that you can buy this great product for less than $100.


Cortech Latigo 2 RR GloveCortech Latigo 2 RR Glove

The Cortech Latigo 2 RR Glove has various features that make it great for the road and the race track. This glove has double layered leather along with rubberized padding in the thumb and fingers to absorb impact during a fall and prevent abrasions. Aside from that, the glove also has rubber paddings in the palm and wrist, which reduce shock and increase comfort.

To counter fatigue and help improve dexterity, the Cortech Latigo 2 RR Glove also has pre-curved fingers and palm. Wearing and fastening the gloves is also easy, thanks to its Velcro wrist strap with a rubberized puller. This product also comes with perforated leather that keeps the hand comfortable even in high temperatures. The best part is that this glove has an affordable price, which is less than $100.


Scorpion Exo Klaw IIScorpion Exo Klaw II

If you’re looking for a lightweight short glove that offers great protection, the Scorpion Exo Klaw II is an excellent choice. The glove’s body is made of goatskin leather for both flexibility and protection. It also has a neoprene panel at the wrist, which ensures that you will have a great fit from the hook and loop closure strap.

Aside from those features, this glove also has molded TPU knuckle protection, which is comfortable and safe due to the rib-stretch expansion panels inserted across the knuckles. Covering the fingers is the TPR molded protectors that increase the glove’s protective powers. Moreover, this product has pre-curved fingers and gloves that enhances grip and reduces fatigue. The best part is that you can purchase this product for an affordable price – less than $60.