The 8 Best Denim Motorcycle Jackets

There is a myriad of accessories that you can deck your bike out in to amplify its look plenty, but sometimes it’s not the motorcycle that needs sprucing up. On the back of your ride, you want to look like you belong, like you’re one with the beautiful beast roaring beneath you. You also don’t want to have to sacrifice comfort for style and the statement you’re aiming to make, which is why you want to shift your focus to a denim motorcycle jacket.

More than just comfortable, you can customize a denim jacket with patches and unique logos, which comes in handy if you’re part of a biker group. Shopping for the right denim motorcycle jacket is mostly about personal preference, but there are certain styles and brands you’ll want to shift your search towards.

Rather than have to sift through the dozens upon dozens of options out there to choose from, consider purchasing one of these eight denim motorcycle jackets. They’re among the best of what’s on the market and should cater to your wants and needs.

Speed and Strength Overhaul JacketSpeed and Strength Overhaul Jacket

The Speed and Strength Overhaul isn’t your average denim jacket and it most certainly doesn’t look like one. Made from an enzyme washed 12oz denim frame and constructed with shoulder, elbow, and spine protectors, the Overhaul is everything you could want from a denim motorcycle jacket.

Adding to the unique style of the Overhaul is a leather trim and mandarin-style collar. Belt loops prevent the jacket from riding up while a reflective trim adds a layer of protection for the wearer. Versatile in a range of temperatures, the Overhaul Jacket is equipped with an insulated vest liner so you can be comfortable in warmer and cooler temperatures.


Furious JacketFurious Jacket

Chances are you’ll be hard pressed to find a denim jacket with a construction so well thought out as the Furious Jacket from Spidi. This unique garment is a denim and polyester cotton blend that was made with safety of the wearer in mind. Flex Tenax joints were used on the shoulder blades while certified Multitech and Forcetech protectors were added to the shoulders and elbows for amplified protection.

Spidi designed the Furious Jacket to be a modular unit in order to utilize modern innovations for a comfortable, insulated, and protective jacket. As part of its Step-In Clothing project, the Furious Jacket features different linings that work well in a range of temperatures.


Speed and Strength Overhaul Men’s Black Denim JacketSpeed and Strength Overhaul Men’s Black Denim Jacket

As the name of this denim jacket may have you think, there are two main concerns most motorcyclists have – the speed of their motorcycle and the strength of their gear. The Overhaul Men’s Black Denim Jacket may not be able to alter the speed of your bike, but it can provide a strong and stylish layer of protection.

The black coloring provides a slick look while the enzyme washed 12 oz denim and leather trim provide comfort and a moderate layer of safety. Constructed to be used with the removable VAULT C.E. shoulder, elbow, and spine protects it’s equipped with, the Speed and Strength Overhaul found a way to keep you looking good while also protecting your body. The jacket is also stitched with a reflective trim to aid in those night rides and several belt loops to keep it from riding up.


18 oz Heavy Denim Jacket Low Key18 oz Heavy Denim Jacket Low Key

A jacket that doesn’t need a fancy name to sell itself is a jacket that you can trust in. This black denim jacket is made from a heavy denim, one that’s 30% heavier than the standard material used in denim jackets. This 18 oz, low key denim jacket allows you to ride in style without sacrificing safety or functionality. The black denim will surely go well with the color of your bike while the two chest pockets, two waist pockets, and four concealed pockets allow you to carry your personal items.

The weight of the jacket also keeps it from being picked up by the wind, an annoying that most lightweight jackets can’t prevent. While it’s mostly an aesthetic thing, you do want to look your best while you’re out on the road, and having material flapping behind you isn’t necessarily the best look you can achieve.


Roland Sands Design Men’s Bronson Denim JacketRoland Sands Design Men’s Bronson Denim Jacket

There is nothing quite like the classic style of blue denim, and Roland Sands’ denim motorcycle jacket delivers on that look, adding a touch of leather and the necessities of every motorcycle jacket. At 10.5 oz, this denim jacket is on the lighter side and made from an indigo denim with silicon wash.

The true draw of the Bronson Denim Jacket is how it was designed to work for the average rider. The zip front and zip pockets mean you won’t have to deal with buttons and can easily slip in and out of this denim jacket. Action back gussets allow for a range of motion while the shoulder, elbow, and back protector pockets allow you to beef up the protection offered by Roland’s Bronson Denim Jacket.


Men’s Classic Bulk Denim Full Sleeve Jean Pocket Style JacketMen’s Classic Bulk Denim Full Sleeve Jean Pocket Style Jacket

Fourteen ounces of 100% cotton denim was used to construct this comfortable and functional jacket. The front buttons add a pop of style to the classic denim style. Inside the jacket are two concealed weapon gun pockets, perfect for the gun owner that doesn’t want to have to sacrifice safety for convenience.

This classic denim jacket is all about being practical and is able to stick to a recognizable look while still delivering on the standards expected from a motorcycle jacket. Enjoy your ride while looking good with a simple design and durable construction.


Speed and Strength Band of Brothers Leather JacketSpeed and Strength Band of Brothers Leather Jacket

You’re not going to find many denim jackets that look as unique as the Band of Brothers Jacket, and that’s because it’s a mix of leather and denim. You may not expect the two materials to work so well, but Band of Brothers proves that in the right hands, it can be an attractive and functional pairing.

Made from a mix of cowhide leather and denim, the Band of Brothers comes with the staples of a good motorcycle jacket, including removable shoulder, elbow, and spine protectors. The LOCKDOWN waist adjuster increases comfort while riding while the reflective trim is designed to improve visibility on those night rides or in areas of low-visibility.


Saint Unbreakable JacketSaint Unbreakable Jacket

If you want something sturdy that will last you a long while, you want to go for a jacket known as “unbreakable.” The Saint Unbreakable Jacket, available in a sharp black or classic indigo blue, is 133 times stronger than the average denim jacket and it’s all thanks to the 66% Dyneema and 34% cotton blend. Fibers of the Dyneema UHMWPE are durable and stronger than steel, providing the Unbrekable jacket with 360° protection from abrasions, burst, and hard impact.

Saint’s denim jacket is a technical wonder in the world of denim motorcycle jackets and thanks to the trip stitching and bound seams, will last a lifetime. It’s even designed to age gracefully and keep its attractive look even years after wear. Enamel engraved buttons and orange detail add style to an already stellar design.