The 22 Best EDC Knives

An everyday carry (EDC) knife can be used for a lot of tasks. Some people use it to open items, cut ropes, skin game, and prepare fruits. Others use it for self-defense, cutting seatbelts, and sharpening pencils. Some people even use it for hygienic purposes, such as shaving, cutting hair, and, quite disgustingly, picking food from their teeth. Seriously, an EDC knife can be used for a lot of things. It’s a great tool to have, especially for those who love outdoor activities like hunting, camping, and fishing.

If you’re interested in buying the best EDC knife, then you’re in the right place. In this guide to the everyday carry knives, you get to pick from an already curated list of products. No need to go through dozens of products that all seem to offer the same set of features. We already got you covered.

Different people have different preferences. So before you commit to one of the best EDC knives listed here, make sure that product is in line with your needs and personal taste. Consider the length, the weight, the materials used on both the handle and the blade, the origin of the product, and the locking mechanism. And needless to say, make sure the knife length is legal where you live.


Opinel No. 08Opinel No. 08

The Opinel No. 08 is an EDC knife with an international flavor. It comes from a French company who has been in the business for decades. Opinel’s folding pocket knives come in different sizes, with each number in the model name representing a different blade size. The Opinel No. 08 refers to the one with a blade size of 3.35 inches, which is right in line with the preferred blade length of most folks.

The blade is made of carbon steel while the smooth handle is made of beechwood, sourced from sustainably managed French forests. With the carbon steel blade, you get a durable and incredibly sharp blade to use for everyday tasks. It can easily withstand daily heavy use and is easy to re-sharpen. All the cool knives from Opinel’s No. 06 onward feature a stainless steel safety ring, which locks the blade in place while it is closed or in use.

Some people might complain at the lack of a real thumb rest and the slow-opening blade, but overall, the Opinel No. 08 is an excellent budget EDC knife with a very stylish classic look. It cuts extremely well and is easy to carry due to its lightweight frame.


Columbia River Knife & Tool SquidColumbia River Knife & Tool Squid frame lock knife

Say hello to the Squid, a compact and lightweight EDC knife from Oregon-based Columbia River Knife & Tool. It’s a small knife that has a 2.25-inch blade and weighs just 3.4 ounces, making it extremely easy to carry in your pocket.

Although small in size, the Squid is an EDC knife that commands respect. It has an 8Cr13MoV steel blade while the easy-to-grip handle is made of 2Cr13 steel. The finely constructed drop point blade is sharp and durable and can go through several weeks of use without the need for a re-sharpen. For safety, the Squid comes with an internal frame lock.

The Squid’s compact design is not the only thing that makes it easy to carry every day. CRKT made sure you have more than one way of carrying your EDC knife. The Squid includes a deep pocket clip on one side of the handle and a lanyard hole at the end of the handle. If you want an affordable and compact EDC knife, the Squid is for you.


Ontario Rat IIOntario Rat II

The Ontario Rat II is one of the best EDC knives under $30. It’s a well-made product that, despite its ridiculously low price, offers excellent quality. It has a quick-opening AUS-8 steel blade secured by a reliable frame lock. The 3-inch blade, which comes in a satin finish, is sharp and ready to cut out of the box.

On the other end, the Rat II is supported by a textured handle made of nylon 6. The handle is compatible for both hands, featuring dual thumb studs and a reversible pocket clip. You can also remove the pocket clip for a much better fit in your pocket. The black handle has an ergonomic design and an excellent grip.

At just 2.8 ounces with an overall length of 7 inches, the Rat II is a recommended EDC knife for those who want a budget-friendly and easy-to-carry knife that can handle all sorts of everyday tasks.


SOG Flash IISOG Flash II

Founded in 1986, SOG Specialty Knives, Inc. is an American company known for its wide selection of knives made for both military personnel and civilians, ranging from EDC folding knives to fixed blade knives. The manufacturer is best known for its reproduction of the SOG Knife, a knife made for a US special operations unit, called the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG), during the Vietnam War. SOG got its name from that.

Moving on to the actual product listed, the Flash II is an 8-inch folding knife with an AUS-8 steel blade and a glass-reinforced nylon handle with a black finish. The blade, which measures 3.5 inches, has a straight edge. It opens quickly, with the patented SOG Assisted Technology allowing for a one-handed blade deployment.

The Flash II comes with a reversible low-carry pocket clip and a safety lock, which guarantees the blade won’t accidentally deploy in your pocket when not in use. SOG managed to fit all of the aforementioned features without sacrificing weight, with the Flash II weighing just 3.1 ounces.


Kershaw Cryo II knifeKershaw Cryo II EDC knife

If you’re looking for EDC knives under $50, Kershaw is one of the first brands you should look into. The Oregon-based company, which was founded by Pete Kershaw in 1974, offers an extensive collection of pocket knives for camping, hunting, and everyday use.

The Cryo II, which usually sells for around $30, is one of the best in Kershaw’s lineup of affordable EDC knives. It’s a durable folding knife with a 3.25-inch 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade and a 410 stainless steel handle. The entirety of the knife has a BlackWash finish, which helps it hide marks such as scratches and fingerprints.

An ideal EDC knife for just about everyone, the Cryo II comes razor-sharp out of the box and has superb edge retention and corrosion resistance. It’s got an assisted blade deployment and a frame lock. And like with the Ontario Rat II, you can change the position of the deep-carry pocket clip on the handle for a more comfortable and secure fit. Although the Cryo II is a bit on the heavy side at 5.5 ounces, it is still a fantastic knife for everyday use.


Boker Plus Subcom FBoker Plus Subcom F

With over 100 years of experience in the business, Boker is a trusted brand when it comes to knives. The company offers dozens of EDC knives for you to choose from, with the Boker Plus Subcom F being one of the most portable knives in the roster.

In terms of size, the Subcom F is the opposite of the Kershaw Cryo II. It’s an extremely lightweight folding knife that weighs just 2.5 ounces. It has a 1.875-inch partially serrated blade and measures just 2.625 inches overall when closed, making it one of the least imposing knives on this list. The Subcom F’s small and lightweight frame makes it extremely easy to store in your pocket.

The black-coated blade is made of AUS-8 stainless steel while the gray-coated handle is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon. Since the blade is partially serrated, it can be tricky to re-sharpen it, but the good news is that you don’t have to do that very often. The Subcom F will be a fine addition to your EDC self-defense knife collection. It comes with a frame lock and a reversible pocket clip, which also makes for a neat money clip.


Spyderco TenaciousSpyderco Tenacious

A pioneer of many knife features, Spyderco is one of the most popular brands when it comes to knives, offering a formidable roster of products that range from high-end to budget-friendly. Founded in 1978, the Colorado-based company is known for its past collaborations with numerous custom knife makers, including Jens Anso and Ernest Emerson.

The Spyderco Tenacious is a reliable EDC knife designed with both cutting efficiency and hand comfort in mind. It comes in several versions, with the product listed here being the black-coated Tenacious with a non-serrated blade. It’s got a quick-opening, liner lock-secured 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade with a non-reflective black coating and a large Spyderco Round Hole. The blade measures 3.39 inches.

Meanwhile, the rugged handle is made of a G10 material and comes with a four-way pocket clip, which allows for a more customized profile. Overall, the Tenacious lives up to its name. It’s an unyielding knife with an ergonomically sound design and an extremely sharp blade out of the box.


Kershaw Blur (Black) pocket flipper knifeKershaw Blur (Black)

The Kershaw Blur is a handsome folding knife that combines strength and form in a compact and lightweight frame. At first glance, it appears to be a high-end knife with a $100 price tag. It’s a steal that you can get it for way less than that, considering the quality it brings to the table.

Made in the US, the Blur is an EDC knife built to be effective at different everyday tasks. It has 3.4-inch Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel blade that comes with exceptional hardness and durability. In addition, the drop point blade is coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC), which enhances its corrosion resistance and appearance. The Blur has an assisted opening for a quick and safe one-handed blade deployment.

The handle is made of 6061-T6 anodized aluminum with Trac-Tec inserts for a reliable grip even when you’ve got snow or mud all over your hand. The Blur comes with a well-placed thumb stud, a liner lock, and a reversible pocket clip. It measures 4.5 inches when closed and weighs 3.9 ounces.


Spyderco Dragonfly 2 british racing greenSpyderco Dragonfly 2

The Spyderco Dragonfly 2 is, obviously, the successor to the original Dragonfly, which was first released in 1994. It’s an extremely lightweight folding knife, weighing just 1.2 ounces. Combine that with its closed length of 3.33 inches and what you get is an easy-to-carry knife that won’t even feel like you have it in your pocket.

The Dragonfly 2 features a 2.3-inch leaf-shaped, flat-ground blade made of VG-10 stainless steel. The blade has that familiar oversized Spyderco Round Hole, which makes opening and closing the blade smooth. And with the back lock mechanism, the blade is well-secured when open.

On the handle side, the Dragonfly 2 has an injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced nylon with a bi-directional textured pattern, which translates to an excellent grip. The well-designed handle is available in bright colors, making it easier for you to find your knife in case you misplace it around the house. As usual, the handle has a lanyard hole and a reversible pocket clip.


Columbia River Knife & Tool No Time OffColumbia River Knife & Tool No Time Off

Designed by Brazilian Flavio Ikoma, the CRKT No Time Off is a rugged folding knife built for daily heavy use, and you only need to check out its handle to confirm that. The textured, glass-reinforced nylon handle boasts an excellent grip. It’s comfortable to hold for long stretches and has the strength and durability to keep up with rigorous tasks.

Measuring 2.9 inches, the drop point blade is made of BD1 steel. The model listed here has a serrated blade, but you can also get a model with a straight edge, which is easier to re-sharpen. The No Time Off has an Ikoma Korth Bearing System (IKBS) that, combined with the flipper system, allows for quick deployment of the blade. Seriously, the blade opens really fast.

That’s not all. The No Time Off also features the Ikoma Locking System (ILS), which adds another layer of protection. With the ILS, you get a sort of fail-safe mechanism that involves a small pin set between the frame and the liner lock. Basically, the pin prevents the liner lock from malfunctioning when the liner lock has been compromised by dirt or other disgusting elements.


Spyderco Delica 4 pocket bladeSpyderco Delica 4

If you fancy the Spyderco Dragonfly 2 but feel like its blade is too short, go for the Delica 4 instead. At first glance, the Delica 4 appears to be an identical twin of the Dragonfly 2. But look closer and you’ll see that the former actually has a slimmer and slightly longer blade.

The 2.875-inch blade is similarly made of VG-10 and has the same large hole that makes opening and closing the blade hassle-free. It comes razor-sharp out of the box and has excellent edge retention. For safety, the Delica 4 includes a Boye dent locking mechanism.

As with the Dragonfly 2, the 4.25-inch handle is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon with a bi-directional textured pattern for an unyielding grip. It includes pre-drilled holes in four locations for the pocket clip, allowing you to change the pocket clip position according to your style. The handle is available in different colors, including blue, green, and purple.


Buck Knives 0347 Vantage ProBuck Knives Vantage Pro

When it comes to knives, it’s hard to bet against Buck Knives, who has been in the business since 1902. The American company, which is now based in Idaho, is known in the industry for popularizing folding hunting knives. Buck Knives has a wide selection of EDC folding knives, and the Vantage Pro is one of the best in the lineup.

The Vantage Pro combines an ergonomic form with an excellent cutting ability. It comes with a 3.25-inch S30V steel blade that offers superior hardness, durability, and corrosion resistance. And since the blade stays sharp for a long time, there’s no need to constantly re-sharpen your knife after just a few days of work. The liner lock-secured blade opens fast and stays locked in place.

The handle is made of injection-molded reinforced nylon with a CNC-contoured G10 material. It’s comfortable to hold and has a reliable grip. It includes a reversible deep-carry pocket clip, which is also removable. Overall, the US-made Vantage Pro is a sharp and reliable EDC knife that you can always count on for everyday tasks.


SOG Trident Elite knifeSOG Trident Elite

The SOG Trident Elite is a feature-rich EDC knife that you can rely on during emergency situations. Even when the blade is not deployed, you can use it to cut thin ropes, belts, and webbing, courtesy of its built-in line cutter. In addition, the handle includes a glass breaker, making the Trident Elite a versatile EDC knife.

Out of all the products listed here, the Trident Elite is easily one of the longest, coming in with an overall length of 8.7 inches. It has a 3.7-inch AUS-8 stainless steel blade that deploys quickly and smoothly, thanks to SOG’s assisted opening mechanism. The blade of the model listed here comes with a TiNi finish, which makes it extremely scratch-resistant, but you can also opt for a satin-polished model.

The handle has a well-balanced design. It’s made of glass-reinforced nylon with textured rubber inserts, giving it an excellent grip. Like other modern EDC knives, the Trident Elite comes with a reversible pocket clip. If you want an EDC knife that makes you more prepared for emergencies, get the Trident Elite.


Cold Steel American LawmanCold Steel American Lawman

The Cold Steel American Lawman is a tough, durable, extremely sharp, and no-nonsense folding knife designed with law enforcement officers in mind. It weighs 4.5 ounces and features a 3.5-inch S35VN steel blade with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating for additional corrosion resistance. The coating also enhances the blade’s overall appearance.

The 4.625-inch G10 handle, which includes a reversible pocket clip, has a contoured design. It’s comfortable to hold for long stretches, even when doing particularly laborious tasks, and has a very secure grip. The handle comes with Cold Steel’s Tri-Ad locking mechanism, guaranteeing that no law enforcement officers will be placed in harm’s way due to a lock malfunction.

Whether you’re a police officer or a civilian, the American Lawman is one of the best EDC knives you can get. It’s reliable and razor-sharp out of the box and is built to withstand heavy use on a regular basis.


Cold Steel Recon 1Cold Steel Recon 1

Founded in 1980, Cold Steel is a reliable brand when it comes to edged weapons and tools, and that includes swords. The California-based company is known for its extensive roster of knives for both law enforcement personnel and civilians.

The Recon 1 is in the same mold as the American Lawman in that it offers a no-nonsense profile, with its entire design built to be effective and efficient. The Recon Series is composed of knives with different styles. The product we got here comes with a non-serrated, spear point blade with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating for enhanced protection against corrosion. The blade is made of S35VN steel and measures 4 inches.

Combine that blade length with the G10 handle’s 5.375-inch measurement and the Recon 1 easily checks out as one of the longest EDC knives on this list. It weighs 5.2 ounces and includes Cold Steel’s Tri-Ad locking mechanism. The handle has a lanyard hole and a pocket clip.


Benchmade Mini Griptilian knifeBenchmade Mini Griptilian

Benchmade is another Oregon-based manufacturer of knives. Known for its past collaborations with noted custom knife makers such as Mike Snody and Ernest Emerson, Benchmade offers a wide selection of knives for law enforcement officers, military personnel, and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The Mini Griptilian is a popular EDC knife among civilians, and not just because its handle is available in different colors. It is a well-constructed knife that offers an extremely sharp blade. The 2.91-inch drop point blade is made of 154CM stainless steel while the handle is made of glass-filled nylon with a textured pattern for a more secure grip. With a closed length of 3.87 inches and a weight of 2.81 ounces, the Mini Griptilian is both compact and lightweight.

In all, the Mini Griptilian is an excellent manual EDC knife. It has a fast, one-handed deployment action and comes with Benchmade’s AXIS lock. And like most folding EDC knives, the Mini Griptilian includes a lanyard hole and a reversible pocket clip. It’s also available in different styles, including a model with a serrated edge and a model with a coated blade.


Spyderco Paramilitary 2 pocket knife folderSpyderco Paramilitary 2

Rounding out Spyderco’s four-product appearance on this list is the Paramilitary 2. It’s an expensive folding knife that packs a razor-sharp blade and a well-balanced textured handle. The blade measures 3.438 inches and is made of CPM S30V steel while the durable handle is made of G10 material. Its overall length is 8.281 inches, with a closed length of 4.812 inches.

Compared to the original Paramilitary, the Paramilitary 2 comes with a thinner and more ergonomically sound overall design. It’s comfortable to use for extended sessions and is resistant to wear and tear, making it one of the most reliable EDC knives you can buy today. It’s got excellent edge retention and is extremely easy to open. And with the compression lock system, the Paramilitary 2 is also safe to use.

Made in the US, the Paramilitary 2 is a superb EDC knife that delivers outstanding long-term value. At just 3.9 ounces, it’s easy to carry as well, with the four-way pocket clip and the lanyard hole on the handle offering multiple carry options.


Zero Tolerance 0566 knifeZero Tolerance 0566

Since we’re now in the high-end territory, you should expect a parade of Zero Tolerance products. Founded in 2006, Zero Tolerance is a sister brand of Kershaw – both brands are under Kai USA. While Kershaw is known for its budget-friendly selection of knives, Zero Tolerance is noted for its roster of expensive knives.

Designed by Rick Hinderer, the 0566 is an unyielding EDC knife with a 3.25-inch CPM S35VN steel blade with a stonewash finish, making it non-reflective and undeniably better-looking. The blade has an assisted opening mechanism, which makes for a quick, one-handed blade deployment. It’s rugged and wear-resistant and is extremely easy to re-sharpen.

The handle, which comes with a G10 front and a stainless steel back, has a textured design for a secure grip. The 0566 frame lock knife includes a lock bar stabilizer, a lanyard hole, and a four-way deep-carry pocket clip. A made-in-the-US product, the 0566 weighs 5.4 ounces, with an overall length of 7.7 inches. It’s an excellent EDC knife that will easily impress you with its durability and cutting ability.


Zero Tolerance 0350 folder knifeZero Tolerance 0350

The Zero Tolerance 0350 is a premium EDC folding knife that cuts and looks like a boss. It’s an extremely well-made knife built for the long haul. At 6.2 ounces, the 0350 is a bit heavier than the Zero Tolerance 0566 but offers a similar easy-to-carry profile, with a closed length of 4.6 inches.

In appearance, the 0350 is different from the 0566. It’s got an all-black finish. The 3.25-inch CPM S30V steel blade comes with a non-reflective black finish and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating. It’s got an assisted opening mechanism with a flipper and offers exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.

On the other hand, the handle matches well with the blade. The G10 handle has a matte black finish and has a textured pattern for a safer and more reliable grip for long stretches. The 0350 has a liner lock and includes a sturdy four-way pocket clip and a lanyard hole for multiple carry options. Like with most EDC knives from Zero Tolerance, you can’t go wrong with the 0350.


Zero Tolerance 0801BW knifeZero Tolerance 0801BW frame lock knife

We weren’t kidding when we said you should expect a parade of Zero Tolerance products down here. When it comes to high-end folding knives, few other brands can keep up with the Kai USA-owned brand. The Zero Tolerance 0801BW is similar to the Zero Tolerance 0350 in that it comes with a handsome all-black finish.

Made in the US, the 0801BW boasts a 3.5-inch blade made of premium S35VN steel. The blade is coated in diamond-like carbon (DLC) and has a BlackWash finish. It’s extremely sharp out of the box and is tough and durable enough to handle heavy-duty tasks on a regular basis. And with the KVT ball-bearing system, the frame lock-secured blade opens fast and smooth with just one hand.

The 0801BW has a machine-grooved titanium handle with a BlackWash finish, which matches well with the all-black blade. The handle has an excellent grip and is comfortable to hold for extended periods. It includes a lanyard hole and a sturdy reversible pocket clip. At 5.8 ounces, the 0801BW is slightly lighter than the 0350.


Benchmade 940 everyday carry knifeBenchmade 940 EDC Knife

Designed by Warren Osborne, the Benchmade 940 is a stylish and extremely durable EDC folding knife built to last for a long time. Unlike the three Zero Tolerance knives above, the 940 has a slim profile. But despite its slimmer profile and lightweight design (2.44 ounces), the 940 packs a serious punch.

The 940 has a manual-opening CPM S30V steel blade, which measures 3.4 inches. The blade is available in different styles, including a plain edge with a satin finish and a serrated edge with a coated finish. The model listed here has a plain edge with a coated finish. In all models, the fast-opening blade is secured by Benchmade’s AXIS locking mechanism.

The 0.44-inch thick 6061-T6 aluminum handle is comfortable and well-balanced. It includes a standard reversible pocket clip. Overall, the 940 is a high-end EDC knife that comes with excellent cutting ability and toughness. It’s lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket.


Zero Tolerance 0095BWZero Tolerance 0095BW

Naturally, our best EDC knives list ends with another product from Zero Tolerance. The Zero Tolerance 0095BW is unmistakably high-end, with its edgy design making it stand out in a big way. But the 0095BW isn’t just about appearances. It’s also an extremely rugged and durable knife that can easily laugh off even the most taxing tasks.

Equipped with a 3.6-inch CPM S35VN steel blade with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating and a BlackWash finish, the 0095BW cuts efficiently and stays razor-sharp for a long time. The harpoon-style blade is easy to re-sharpen and has excellent corrosion resistance.

The handle is just as impressive as the blade. It’s made of titanium, guaranteeing extreme strength and durability, and has a matching BlackWash finish. The US-made 0095BW includes a KVT ball-bearing system and a flipper for a ridiculously smooth blade deployment. In addition, it has a titanium frame lock, a hardened steel lock bar insert, and a reversible pocket clip. If you want an EDC folding knife that screams high-end, get the 0095BW.