The 15 Best Japanese EDC Knives

These Japanese everyday carry knives are different from regular EDC knives in a few ways. The main reason is that most of the Japanese knives are made by hand. The blade and handles of these knives are intricate, skillfully made and considered works of art. It is still an honor in japan to have skills that require great amounts of concentration and detail. These knives have a long tradition of being special.

Higo no Kami Tokudai NagaokomaHigo no Kami Tokudai Nagaokoma

This higonokami knife is a folding pocket knife that has a history in Japan going back to the late 1800s. It has a friction folder that includes no locking system,and can be used for sharpening your pencil to carpentry.It is the same design from the beginning, which means it works just fine the way it is.


Saikai Higonokami Mini Knife Saikai Higonokami Mini Knife

Take perfection and then make it a bit smaller, and you have this mini Knife. It has been hand-forged to be sharp and durable while still being a great little functioning  pocket knife. In this mini version there is a brass housing that looks great and a hole in the blade mechanism for hanging on a chain on your neck or a belt. It’s a tiny knife that goes anywhere.


KATSU Damascus Steel Higonokami Japanese Razor Knife KATSU Damascus Steel Higonokami Japanese Razor Knife

This handmade Damascus steel knife is a closed type of edc knife and is 7.5 inches with a 4 and a half inch blade. The handle is handcrafted from natural snakewood with Damascus Bolster and it has a traditional Japanese thumb notch for one hand opening ease. It is extremely sharp.


Mcusta Tsuchi Large Pocket Knife Knife Mcusta Tsuchi Large Pocket Knife Knife

This foldable style of knife is made from 33 layered nickel Damascus blade and the handle is worked stainless steel. It has a look that may seem more American  but made in japan with the traditional craftsmanship. Durable, small and  quality piece.


Mcusta Yoroi Knife with San Mai BladeMcusta Yoroi Knife with San Mai Blade

This beautiful looking knife is not just functional, it looks great, too. The Mcuast Yoroi Knife with San Mai Blade is another folding style of knife of the highest in quality and durability. It has a 4-1/2″ blade  of closed linerlock made from Damascus and has a dual thumb stud for easy opening. It has a specially designed, oiled washer system for smoother movement. and it comes with a lovely decorative, woven Nishijin pouch.


Mcusta Tactility Mcusta Tactility

This folding style of knife comes with a black micarta handle and VG10 blade. These knives are made by having the components laser cut and C&C machined to assure the best possible precision fit. Nice feature of this knife is that it features a thumb hole for ambidextrous users, and the name Mcusta made some of the finest knives in the world.


Mcusta Tactility DamascusMcusta Tactility Damascus

This is another beautiful knife from Mcusta Japan and has a 33 layer nickel Damascus steel blade with a VG-10 center. This knife also has ambidextrous thumb stud for one handed, easy opening. This handle is contoured Cocobolo wood and liner lock and comes with a pocket clip that has some decorative script cutout, to add to its appeal.


Moki Rabbit MK021BKPMPMoki Rabbit MK021BKPMP

This knife has a unique design, where it is wider and rounder than some of the longer and thinner knives. It has a 3 3/4″ closed framelock. The wider frame may suit those with larger hands or limited mobility in their hands, with this easier to use wider frame and blade. 2″ VG-10 stainless blade with extended thumb ridge. The frame is brushed stainless with matte black micarta handles. Moki inlay shield.


Moki Blossom MK-502Moki Blossom MK-502

Here’s another beautiful knife from the Moki family, this one handcrafted in Japan, it features mirror polish and all stainless steel construction. The beautiful mother of pearl inlays will be a hit with anyone. The ATS-34 stainless steel blade is only  2-1/2″ and only weighs 1.9 ounces, so you will hardly know it is there. Solid lockback lockup. Has a hole for wearing on a chain on your neck or belt loop, and it comes with a green canvas belt sheath.


Higonokami pocket knife 7,7 cm HIGO153, White Paper SteelHigonokami pocket knife 7,7 cm HIGO153, White Paper Steel

Nagao Seisakusho, the last remaining manufacturer of this trademarked knife, has crafted a beautiful piece here, and it has a three inch blade, turquoise  handle that is about four inches and made from paper white steel for durability and made to last. This smaller knife only weighs about 50 grams, so a nice, well made compact everyday knife.


Ohta FK5 Higonokami Pocket KnifeOhta FK5 Higonokami Pocket Knife

Compact and durable, this FK series of knives are all hand crafted, and still being handmade from Ohta himself. His knives are modeled after the higonokami style of knife and these are foldable, and the handles are all man made in several choices, including rosewood, ash, cherry and ebony, to name only a few. The knives are top quality and are also affordable.


Higonokami pocket knife 7’4 cm SPE2, SK-carbon fiberHigonokami pocket knife 7’4 cm SPE2, SK-carbon fiber

This popular name in pocket knives has another on offer, this one has a genuine D2 Steel 61 HRC hardness for durability. Made with top grade carbon fibre handle, available in several choices of material and patterns. Thumb notch level for easy one hand open. This knife is extremely sharp, very functional and completely handmade.


Mcusta MC-181D NobunagaMcusta MC-181D Nobunaga

This Mcusta Nobunaga knife is made with grooved black Micarta scales and a locking frame. The blade is made from a VG-10 core forged and nickel Damascus steel. There is a  pivot pin washer system that makes the blade action smooth and it also has blued ambidextrous thumb stud for one handed easy opening.  Comes with a nylon sheath. This knife claims to be very user friendly that is also beautiful.

Each component of Mcusta knives are laser cut for precision and fit. They are then assembled and finished by hand.


Higonokami Pocket Knife MY-120Y, 3-layered blade 10 cm Higonokami Pocket Knife MY-120Y, 3-layered blade 10 cm

Another great knife in the same family, this one is slightly different with its slightly curved blade, made from durable brass and carbon steel, it is lightweight and hand carved handle with the traditional Higo trademark. About 70 grams in weight.


Kanekoma Higonokami Pocket KnifeKanekoma Higonokami Pocket Knife

This knife is made with a strong double edged blade and will fit comfortably in your hand while you’re using it. The double edged blade means that you can use both sides of it while still staying sharp. Chrome and steel combination for durability and the thin blade makes intricate work easier. The Miyamoto Musashi will fold up small and fit well in your pocket. Nice looking and nice performance in this knife.



Keep in mind a price range, that best Japanese foldable knives are not always the most expensive and many will be perfect to perform all your everyday tasks. Blade length, the brand name, the cost of the knife verse what you are actually paying for and the comfort of the knife all need to be considered. If it is just for small jobs or artwork, you can find the best knife for a great price. The type of steel or other materials that the blade are made of should be considered, if you need it to cut heavier materials or just some lighter easier articles, like strings, or small bits of wood or taped boxes.

Specific types of blades may need a special type of sharpener, so it’s good to know what will be needed to keep it as sharp as it needs to be. There is certainly no shortage of pocket knives available on the market today, so do a bit of research and find out all you can about the types of knives and their abilities, and happy cutting.