The 18 Best RFID-Blocking Wallets for Men

Wallets have always been a great way to announce to the world that you are a competent, stylish, and mature adult. Whether you are going for a timeless leather piece or a futuristic and complicated trifold, wallets are no longer just something pretty to carry in your pocket. They are meant to keep you and your money safe.

Never has this been as true as it is now, thanks to RFID wallets. Now that payments have gone wireless, identity theft experts have quickly developed wireless methods of their own. If you want to ensure that nobody steals your identity while you are still in line for your morning cappuccino, it’s time to invest in an RFID-blocking piece. Ready? Here are 18 of the best rfid wallets.

harberlondon-bifold-rfid-walletHarber London Bi-Fold Card Wallet

Small wallets and card holders deserve an upgraded treatment just like old-school wallets had – They also deserve the data protection technology that is now essential in any crowded place.

Both priorities achieve a harmonious marriage in this premium bi-fold card wallet made by Harber London. Made from earthy, fine-grain leather, this wallet can hold up to 12 cards while maintaining a slim fit. Its pull tab will keep all of them easily accessible at a moment’s notice.

The magnetic closure strengthens the added layer of RFID-blocking aluminum – all carefully tied together by hand by expert Spanish craftsmen. This model is available in six different colors: black, gray, burgundy, deep brown, tan, and navy.



Bellroy Hide and SeekBellroy Hide and Seek

Premium leather handcrafting and a variety of color finishes (ranging from black to camel and cocoa) combine in the Bellroy Hide and Seek, and the final result has a bit more body to it. Understated enough for the office, the Hide and Seek doesn’t look pretentious, either, on a night out.

It’s made from quality handstitched materials, but that doesn’t detract from its high tech appeal. Its RFID-blocking capabilities are among the most potent currently available. It can comfortably fit between 5 and 12 cards, and also has a middle pocket that will fit your flat bills and other documents.

Bellroy is a brand that doesn’t joke with its name, which is why their wallet comes with a 3-year warranty.



Travelambo RFID WalletTravelambo RFID Wallet

This wallet was specially designed for front pockets. Not only will it slide out easily, but it is extremely flexible and smooth. As a brand, Travelambo specializes in products for travelers, which has always meant that an extra coating of sturdiness and versatility is added to their design.

This wallet does a great job of protecting your cards from potential interference by cybercriminals, and it has endured rigorous testing to ensure it can block any signal of up to 13.56 MHz, in which modern credit cards operate. Although a bit heavier than other options on this list, this wallet remains quite slim as it’s made from high-grain quality leather. It is also available in over 30 different colors and finishes, from carbon fiber black to suede yellow. It is equipped with ten card slots, two long slots for bills, and an ID window.



Trayvax Original WalletTrayvax Axis Wallet

Oh, the futurism! If you are among those who feel that a boring wallet should be reserved for boring people, then you should go straight for Trayvax’s cool bold design. Half money belt and half mil-spec, this wallet will give your friends something to talk about, in addition to keeping your money and identity safe.

The stainless steel plates make the RFID signal blocker extra sturdy and look amazing, especially if combined with a leather jacket and a bold handkerchief. It is equipped with a hidden coin pocket and a MIL-Spec paracord elastic strap. It can carry up to 14 cards and eight bills, and it comes in 4 different colors.



HuMn Mini RFID WalletHuMn Mini RFID Wallet

Minimalism is in, but that doesn’t mean it should only be worn by people who don’t have much to carry. Maybe you simply need accessories that don’t detract from your personal flair. Or maybe you are a chemistry lover and can’t do without the HuMN element-inspired logo.

There are many reasons why the HuMn Mini can be the right design choice for you. What is to be certain is that it will be an excellent choice to protect your identity as its RFID signal blocking technology is superb. Also, this wallet is completely made with environmentally friendly materials, from its aluminum frames to its laser-engraved decoration. It can hold up to 10 credit cards or business cards, plus a few bills, and keep them all neatly tucked away.

You can sport a HuMn Mini in 11 different colors.



Dango Dapper RFID WalletDango Dapper RFID Wallet

Looking sharp should not get in the way of protecting your financial assets. And make no mistake, your identity is one! If you move around in circles where carbon fiber or edgy tactical wallets would not fit in but are not ready to join the masses with a black leather trifold, then the Dango Dapper could be the middle ground choice you need.

This is a spacious wallet that can easily fit up to 12 cards. Made from top grain leather and aerospace grade aluminum, it is surprisingly sturdy for its size. It is only 0.3 inches thick, but can easily resist a large amount of battering thanks to its superior craftsmanship. It’s available in three color combinations: black on black, golden whiskey brown and satin silver, and brown rawhide and slate gray.



Billetus Carbon Fiber Minimalist RFID WalletBilletus Carbon Fiber Minimalist RFID Wallet

Talk about an all-in-one solution, right? Billetus set the bar high with their Minimalistic model. Made in sleek black carbon fiber and with just enough pockets to be roomy without being bulky, this wallet has a potent and efficient RFID-blocking feature. It’s a front or back pocket model that measures only about 4 inches wide.

This wallet has a no-fold design. Thanks to its large middle pocket and two side pockets, it can easily fit up to 6 cards or IDs, plus cash. The craftsmanship is superb. The carbon fiber is cut, cooked, and then polished until it shines, which makes it look well above its price point.



Radix One Black Steel RFID WalletRadix One Black Steel RFID Wallet

Superior RFID-blocking capacity and an ultra slim design make this the top high tech wallet currently offered by Radix Products. It can comfortably fit between 10 and 12 cards – although it will start to feel cramped after 10 – and is durable and solid despite only being half an inch thick.

This means it can be easily pulled in and out of your jean pockets without worrying about potentially damaging them, making it perfect for those who live on the go or like to multitask. It’s held secure by a silicone band, which adds to its resistance and flexibility without making it heavier. Equipped with an exterior money clip, it will also help you keep your cash neat and at hand.



Fossil Emma MiniFossil Emma Mini

Carbon fiber and aluminum linings can do wonders when it comes to protecting your identity, but they don’t necessarily fit every dress code. Some occasions simply call for the timeless elegance of a black leather bifold. The Fossil Emma looks like one of the black leather wallets of old, and wouldn’t look amiss next to a suit and tie.

That is, if you choose the black one! It comes in 16 different colors for you to choose from. Also, at only 2.4 ounces, this is a slim and light wallet that won’t cause anybody to attempt any puns about what you are hiding in your front pocket. It has a snap closure as well as five interior slip pockets, one exterior pocket or coin case, two card slots, and an ID window.



Pitaka Carbon Magnetic Card HolderPitaka Carbon Magnetic Card Holder

This carbon fiber case by Pitaka is much more than just a wallet as it can be used to secure and carry any sort of object under 8 cm long. Whether it’s your locker keys, your coins, an SD card with your next big presentation, or all your financial information, Pitaka has provided a way to carry it around discreetly.

Pitaka was a pioneer in RFID technology, but they really have struck gold with this modular design. This small luxurious case can hold up to six chip cards, although it is not very friendly towards those with old-school magnetic strips. It is also equipped with hidden storage compartments and the possibility to add an extra cash layer or box layer, which make this wallet highly customizable. If you want to strip it back to basics, it will remain thin and light. But fully stacked, it will carry your life and keep it neatly organized and easy to access.

The Pitaka card holder comes in 5 stylish designs that range in capacity and price.



Tommy Hilfiger Men's RFID WalletTommy Hilfiger Men’s RFID Wallet

As a brand, Tommy Hilfiger has always been a big name that is synonymous with both affordability and quality. This is a well-earned reputation, and this RFID wallet shows why. A 100% genuine leather exterior meets high-grade RFID-blocking lining, hand-stitched edges, and a classic design.

Roomy and spacious enough to hold up to 5 cards, coins, and bills without bulging out of your pocket, this wallet was constructed with fine attention to detail. Nevertheless, it remains durable as long as you remember to wash it by hand. It is not meant to be shuffled inside your laundry machine!

Its magnetic no-clip-closure keeps everything safe inside but easy to take out when needed. The basic design is available in 14 color combinations, including black, brown, tan, navy blue, and Tommy’s signature red, white, and navy combination.



Timberland Security WalletTimberland Security Wallet

The designers at Timberland have extensive experience merging rugged functionality with style, and their products have always evoked old-school masculinity that never fails to be attractive. This leather wallet shows the best that Timberland can offer: six card slots, an ID window, two slip pockets, and two separate cash pockets. This wallet is slightly larger than most other options on this list, but it remains slim for trifold standards. It is less than an inch thick and will comfortably fit inside your jacket’s main pocket or inside your blazer.

The leather casing has been specially treated to provide it with a soft, almost suede-like feel, which works great to prevent sweaty hands syndrome and related slips. It’s available in three colors, plus a double-stitched version.



Dosh RFID Luxe WalletDosh RFID Luxe Wallet

Futuristic and bold, this wallet can protect your money and up to six cards from RFID-based identity theft, bumps, scratches, and even water – as in, a glass of water, but maybe not a dive. Its smooth minimalistic design looks great with both formal and casual outfits.

Despite the lack of multiple color combinations, the chosen grey with a colorful strip makes this wallet a fashion statement rather than something that ought to blend in with the rest of your outfit. It is slim (the depth is only half an inch!), sturdy, and comes with Dosh’s signature premium packaging, which means it will not only ship in one piece but will also make for a very elegant and affordable gift.



Tumi Men's Alpha Global Center RFID Blocking Flip ID PasscaseTumi Men’s Alpha Global Center RFID Blocking Flip ID Passcase

This is a simple and roomy option that will please anyone who needs a safe place for up to ten credit cards and wants to entrust them (and the task of blocking RFID signals) to a well-known brand with a lasting reputation.

Made from high-grade ballistic Nylon and top-grain leather, this is an unassuming option that won’t need to be constantly replaced according to your outfit’s mood. Its handstitched leather lining hides their proprietary Tumi ID Lock technology, which protects all encoded data in credit cards, driving licenses, and passports.



Sharkk Aluminum Waterproof Credit Card HolderSharkk Aluminum Waterproof Credit Card Holder

If you are the type to cross all your Ts, why shouldn’t you waterproof your money too? While we would never recommend that you opt for waterproofing instead of RFID-blocking, if you get the chance to get both, you should definitely go for it.

That being said, Sharkk’s aluminum case looks sleek, safe, and cool, although it wasn’t designed to carry any coins at all. It will, however, carry up to 7 different cards, IDs, and bills, all while blocking even the strongest RFID signals.

The wallet itself opens accordion style, which is very practical if you need to keep everything organized and within easy access. No more poking around and slowly pulling out a card while the rest of the line impatiently waits behind you.



Johnston and Murphy Weekender Case RFID WalletJohnston and Murphy Weekender Case RFID Wallet

A manly wallet does not need to be a black piece of bulk or a metallic and sharp case. As cool as those look, current fashion means that those with nothing to prove can carry something with much more delicate details.

Johnston and Murphy’s RFID-blocking wallet adds a glam strip of color to what otherwise would still be a very high-quality wallet. Large enough to have earned the label of “Weekender Case,” it’s made from fine and soft cowhide leather, painstakingly treated into a soft, pliable (but sturdy) fashion statement.



Ben Sherman Holland Park WalletBen Sherman Holland Park Wallet

A monochromatic and textured option for those who have an eye for detail, this is a comfortable slim model with very good RFID-blocking capabilities. In addition to keeping your identity and financial information safe, this wallet will also keep your bills crisp and tidy thanks to its silky interior lining.

The wallet’s feel is also superior and is something you would usually only expect to see in very high-end watches or designer pieces. The textured line at the side gives it an extra layer of personality that will help you keep everything in check after dark, in addition to just feeling nice. This model can carry up to eight cards and has three interior slip pockets with an additional ID window.



Travelambo Passport HolderTravelambo Passport Holder

This is not technically a wallet but, as its name indicated, it is meant to keep your passport doubly protected when hitting the road. That doesn’t detract from the fact that it can carry several credit cards in addition to your travel documents, and that, in preparation for the advent of biometric identification, it has one of the most potent RFID blockers out there.

The fact that it can accomplish all of this while still coating itself in soft leather (and engraved with our nation’s coat of arms, no less), and in a variety of 22 colors – ranging from neutral to carnivalesque – just adds an extra layer of flair to the package. This creation by Travelambo is a must for all frequent travelers.



Flipside RFID Blocking WalletFlipside RFID Blocking Wallet

This is a resilient, yet light case that will protect your money and documents from high-tech crime, chipping, hot coffee, and even the occasional dive into the snow. It has enough space for ten cards and a thick handful of bills, and its secure lock will keep everything inside until you command it otherwise, via the convenient push of a button.

Also, the polycarbonate case has a high-quality, rugged finish that will prevent it from sliding away without being scratchy. It comes in three colors: bold black, bolder pink, and futuristic gray.



What is an RFID-Blocking Wallet?

An RFID-Blocking wallet is one that blocks RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification signals. This is still a relatively new technology meant to be easier and quicker to use than the traditional barcode-slide-and-sign routine that we’ve grown used to paying with plastic.

RFID uses an electromagnetic field that can transmit information instantaneously and is now implemented across a variety of credit and debit cards for all major companies, machine-readable passports, and NFC-friendly phones.

Unfortunately, there are dark places on the internet where one can buy a fairly potent portable reader, which, with a few expert tweaks, can help a cybercriminal standing several feet away steal your identity, address, and even full credit card number wirelessly. The solution? Aluminum foil all over your credit cards if you don’t mind the odd looks, or an RFID-blocking wallet if you care about your reputation.