Benchmade Table Knife Set: Meat, Meet Knife

Not that you would ever cook tough steak (you aren’t that kind of person), but let’s think hypothetically. If you somehow managed to create a tough porterhouse, dry chicken breast, or gristly pork chop, you are gonna need some high-end, razor-sharp table knives to saw through those bad boys. Check out the Benchmade Table Knife Set — four American-made knives with clean lines and reliable Benchmade construction.

benchmade table knife set

Benchmade Table Knife Set: Bring on the Butterfly

It’s worth noting that these knives are table knives, not kitchen knives. You shouldn’t prep meals with these bad boys — merely set the table with them.

That said, this knife set is a thing of beauty. The blades are the clip-point style with a handsome stonewash finish. Each knife is about 5 inches long and weighs just over 3 ounces. Big enough to get the job done, but not so large as to scare your dinner guests. The tang runs the entire length of the handle; three openings perforate it for balance and looks. The resin handle is textured for easy gripping, even if your hands are slippery with wing sauce.

There’s just a touch of serration towards the tip for those especially tough food items, and each blade is laser engraved with the iconic Benchmade Butterfly, so your dinner companions won’t help but notice your good taste. On top of the individual embellishments, the set comes with a red birch wood case for convenient and befitting storage.

benchmade table knife set

The Price of Functionality

We’ll be honest. It’s hard to imagine dropping $600 on a set of table knives — particularly if you are truly a master of the grill (at least a few of your meat dishes should be fork-tender, shouldn’t they?). But Benchmade is renowned for the quality of their knives, and American-made craftship is still hard to beat in this product category.

Benchmade will also service and sharpen each knife for free, so you can consider this table knife set an investment that keeps its edge.


benchmade table knife set benchmade table knife setbenchmade table knife set