LĒVO II Automatic Infuser: Dazed & Infused

It’s 2021, and your grandma needs her canna-cookies. Her chronic arthritis is getting worse with the colder months, and your anxiety is through the roof. I can picture the scene: fans on full blast, windows thrown open, the most heavily scented candles you can find to mask the scent of your canna-butter prepping on the stove, and eventually, the smell of your coveted cookies throughout your apartment building — anxiety about the smell teetering between manageable or throwing in the towel. And you repeat this…every time grandma needs her cookies. Makers of the LĒVO II automatic infuser think it’s time to give yourself a break.

Why an Automatic Infuser?

With an automatic infuser, the skittish college-esque scenes never need to unfold again. The LĒVO II streamlines infusing — not just for canna-crazies, but for cocktail connoisseurs, adventurous foodies, and candle or cosmetic DIYers.

Among the aroma disbursement technology, personalizable settings, the LĒVO app, and other features, you’ll be able to control your infusions fully, so Grandma’s cookies don’t end up sending her to the moon.

levo ii

How Do You Make Cookies?

LĒVO II infuser is simple to use. Turn on and pack your herbs into the herb pod. The LĒVO II’s herb pod is double the pod’s size in the LĒVO I — double the herbs, double the flavor. Slide the pod into the top of the LĒVO II, dry and activate the ingredients to optimize your infusion, set the time and temperature, and start the infusion process.

With three different settings — dry, activate, and infuse — and programmable temperatures and times, the LĒVO II allows you to experiment with your experiments and then save settings for consistency and repeat recipes. The LĒVO app connects to the unit so you can monitor your infusions throughout the process.

Icing On the Cookie

Adding icing to this already delicious cookie are the features that have nothing to do with the infusions. Clean up in a snap with the automatic infuser’s all dish-washer safe components!

The 19-ounce reservoir is slanted and coated in ceramic. The slanted reservoir dispenses every last drop of your infusion, and the ceramic coating ensures your rosemary-infused olive oil tastes like rosemary olive oil and not rosemary-canna-olive oil-butter.

With the aroma disbursement feature, you’ll enjoy the smell of the wild orange candle you made last week instead of your mother finding out you’re making Grandma cookies again.

levo ii

Buying the LĒVO II Automatic Infuser

The LĒVO II automatic infuser is about the size of a Mr. Coffee Maker, measuring 14 x 8 x 7 inches, and easily stores in the corner of a counter or a cupboard. It is available in five colorways: Jet Black, Robin Blue, Cayenne Red, Alpine White, and Meyer Yellow.

A LĒVO II purchase includes a 3-year warranty and a 100-day risk-free trial. So, there’s no harm in trying out different methods on Grandma’s cookie recipe. Just make sure she doesn’t find out until after her cookie has settled. Old traditions die hard, you know?

The LĒVO II herbal infuser is $249. That’s some solid coin if you’re just fiddling around with infusions, but for kitchen fanatics, DIY beauticians, a those with a penchant for holistic medicine, the LĒVO II is a gift that consistently gives back.


levo ii