The 20 Best Office Chairs under $100

Long hours  at the office are a necessity for anyone who is still working their way up through the corporate ladder. However, long-term lumbar health is rarely happy about this and is often unwilling to compromise until the next big raise in order to earn a more comfortable place to rest.

Fortunately, the times of Downton Abbey have long passed, so there is no need to be the lord of the manor in order to earn the right to a comfortable and resilient chair. While vibrating massagers and fine grain leather may still carry a hefty price tag, there are many options that offer comfort and class at a cubicle farm price tag.

The 12 best office chairs below encompass a variety of décor styles and materials, but they are all comfy and made from high-quality materials.

Homall High Back Gaming & Office ChairHomall High Back Gaming & Office Chair

Larger and a bit bolder than most office chairs we are used to seeing, gaming chairs are notorious for offering extra stability and superior posture-correcting features. This gaming chair under $200 by Homall is no exception; it’s made from high-density foam – the kind that will let you lean back without sinking – and is supported by an extra-heavy five-point rack, which increases the reliability of its smooth, multi-directional wheels.

This model is great for those who have slightly larger offices and need to be able to roll about a little in order to get the phone in time. It also swivels smoothly and offers three different backrest angles.

The material is made from rather thick PU, which will is easy to clean and will not cause any uncomfortable tight sweat. Depending on your office’s existing décor, you can choose between bright red or blue color schemes, or opt for a smoother black version that will blend in much more easily.


Green Forest Ergonomic Office ChairGreen Forest Ergonomic Office Chair

Spine-friendly but no less stately because of it, this high-quality chair combines the elegance of well-polished edges and solid black with the lightness of synthetic mesh. Equipped with an adjustable headrest and thick foam in the seat, this is the kind of chair that will feel luxurious upon seating. However, thanks to the tightly-knit backrest, it still keeps a bouncy feel that is meant to keep you alert and productive for hours on end.

At no point have they sacrificed comfort for practicality; the pneumatic height adjustment system allows a maximum height of 50 inches, making this model ideal to fit the tall crowd, and the total weight capacity of 300 pounds will further enhance this versatility. The swivel mechanism allows for 360-degree rotation and functions fairly smoothly. Finally, the tilt mechanism can be reclined up to 110 degrees, a far cry from horizontal but enough to lie back and relax while the rest of the office catches up.


OFM Mid Back Office Computer ChairOFM Mid Back Office Computer Chair

Comfortable, discreet, and wide enough to give your profile the office equivalent of power armor, OFM has scored a solid hit with this budget-friendly creation. This office chair under $100 still keeps all the necessary levers and settings needed to ensure nothing is tense until it has to be. The armrests are wide and padded, which will prevent any pressure ridges from forming on your skin.

Both the chair and the materials have been made to last and persist; the steel and aluminum structure can support up to 250 pounds worth of future boss. The seat itself is covered with a sturdy, yet soft fabric that offers increased breathability and three different charming colors: brown, tan, and gray – none of them are garish and never boring.

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AmazonBasics Classic Mid-Back Mesh ChairAmazonBasics Classic Mid-Back Mesh Chair

This is a light and easy-to-assemble chair that combines the superb value offered by AmazonBasics with a solid construction that still manages to keep things cool even during the summer’s most stressful days.

This was accomplished by combining firm seat padding with a contoured mesh cover, which provides much better breathability than standard PU. The main frame and armrests are also covered in a black anti-bacterial coating, which will help ensure the chair remains looking good-as-new for longer.

The backrest is also flexible and has been equipped with an extra supportive frame to help provide better posture seamlessly. The chair will only support up to 225 pounds and only stands up to 40 inches tall, but for the light and stealthy among us, it offers supreme value.


Techni Mobili Mesh Task Office ChairTechni Mobili Mesh Task Office Chair

Leather and faux-leather usually tend to catch the eye. However, younger office goers who prefer to keep everything looking “business casual” usually prefer mesh for very good reasons; it’s lighter, creates less heat, and offers a more modern and joyful look to any otherwise dull environment.

Techni Mobili has stripped their Task Office Chair to the very basics but kept the quality of materials high. The chair is easy to assemble, comfortable, and light enough to favor quick moves. The pneumatic height adjustment and springy backrest will keep you quick to adjust, stand up, and get back to work without endangering your position. The armrests are fully molded into the chair’s main skeleton but can be flipped up for when you need to squeeze in a companion close to your office desk.

This model is available in two colors: blue and black. They both enjoy the same nylon-coated casters and non-marking wheels.


GTPOFFICE Gaming and Racing ChairGTPOFFICE Gaming and Racing Chair

Gaming chairs always seem to go out of their way to differentiate themselves from its more serious adult cousins, but they tend to pack extra comfort-oriented features, which makes them hard to ignore. And in this price range, the extra perks are showing their best possible face on this GTPOFFICE creation.

This chair sports superb big-body-friendliness, as its frame is extra wide and can support up to 330 pounds. In addition, the detachable neck and lumbar pillows are there to complement, rather than replace, an ergonomically shaped backrest. Its multi-direction wheels, rapid swiveling capabilities, and the ability to recline all the way down to 170 degrees make this the kind of chair you’ll never want to leave.

It’s available in blue, gray, and black – and on the latter, the wide flaps at the sides of the back will give you a truly imposing shadow.


Flash Furniture Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task ChairFlash Furniture Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task Chair

The further down we go on the budget scale, the easier it is to feel that all office chairs are utilitarian and unimaginative creations. This is precisely what makes this chair by Flash Furniture such a breath of fresh air in the under $100 market; the bold choice of colors and the quilted padding give it a unique look that will be quick to draw our gazes, without the need for expensive materials or supersized back widths.

The customization options for this model are basic, yet efficient; the wheels are smooth, and the pneumatic height adjustment level works quickly and without a glitch. You’ll be sure to reach your desired position and comfort quickly and leave the most troublesome part of ergonomics behind. However, you will still have a wide variety of colors to choose from, a soft and discreet lumbar curve, and a light set of adjustable armrests to play with.

Since that is rarely enough to completely captivate our inner artists, Flash Furniture has launched this model in six different colors, which range from classics such as black and blue to purple and minty green. All these options are fun, safe and hide CA117 fire retardant foam beneath.

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Modway Ripple Mid Back Office ChairModway Ripple Mid Back Office Chair

Many people are used to thinking of office chairs as miniature thrones, which naturally rules out armless options. However, these models have their own loyal following, as they tend to go better in small spaces or with minimalistic or retro décor.

This chair by Modway manages to simultaneously please the design lovers and the sale seekers at once; it offers a very distinctive shape, eight different colors, and sturdy construction for less than $100. The lack of armrests prevents it from stretching into truly extreme reclining positions, but the chair still packs a very responsible pneumatic height adjuster. In addition, the chrome-reinforced aluminum frame makes the chair stable and adds a shiny sheen to the overall package, while the wheels hiding beneath are silent and can handle quick changes in direction.

Finally, the cushion itself is just as comfortable as it is attractive; the ribbed seats offer discreet support around all key areas, and will, therefore, prevent a lot of pain after a long day.


AmazonBasics Classic Leather-Padded Office ChairAmazonBasics Classic Leather-Padded Office Chair

Leather is a rare sight on any budget office furniture listing, but one that includes ergonomic backrests, padded arms, and three different adjustment axes are a complete rarity. Yet this is exactly what Amazon has managed to provide as part of its Basics brand, which makes them worthy of applause and a marketing emporium.

The backrest reclines steadily and easily, without ever feeling out of control. The steel frame resists up to 275 pounds of extra weight, and the 5-point base axis is covered in polished plastic to better protect it from spilled drinks and surrounding cables.

The chair’s movement capabilities are also well-rounded; in addition to 360 rotation, the armrests and seat height can be independently adjusted, and an added screw lets us limit the recliner as needed with almost no strength involved. Finally, the bonded leather that covers both seat and backrest is smooth and fine, although unlikely to tear through normal operations. It’s available in three colors: black, white, and brown.

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Waleaf Vitesse Racing Style Office ChairWaleaf Vitesse Racing Style Office Chair

Firmly nested in that ideal midway point between a gaming chair and an office chair, this model offers a lot of chair for a fairly low price. Thanks to its 300-pound capacity and very sturdy metal frame, this is the kind of chair that is meant to last through years of hard and intensive use.

In addition to a very stable frame and neatly sewn lumbar support pillow, there are two other features that make this one special: first, the inclusion of cold foam padding, which will offer increased spinal support, and the unique elegance offered by the “Black carbon” version. Naturally, the mandatory 360-degree swivel and pneumatic height adjustment are also there, cleverly hidden beneath the adjustable armrests. This chair is also available in red and white.


Recliner Office Chair by Best MassageRecliner Office Chair by Best Massage

Just one cent below our price cap lies the beach recliner of office chairs, but if you have the privilege of extra space and privacy in your workspace, there are few reasons to avoid splurging. Elegant and futuristic, this chair combined smooth aluminum edges with black decoration and a thin, yet bouncy mesh. The end result is surprisingly light despite the great amount of space offered by both the backrest and the seat.

However, the most notable feature of this chair is the way it addresses the comfort of your entire body, from the very tip of your head to your feet. The headrest provides better support than any pillow would without looking like you’re actually sleeping at the office – and if need be, it can also be quickly disassembled and stored away. The footrest provides 12 extra inches of room for a power nap or meditation session. The seat itself is equipped with an extra lumbar support skeleton, which will keep you upright and stable during long cramming hours. Finally, the wheels offer quiet and smooth-rolling, as well as the option to lock them in whenever safety calls for it.

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Boss Office Perfect Posture Low Back ChairBoss Office Perfect Posture Low Back Chair

Imposing armrests and neck support have a way of being very eye-catching, but let’s not forget that a significant number among us actually need lower back support rather than extra neck padding. For them, the Perfect Posture model by Boss Office should be one of the top performing chairs – even if we were looking at much more expensive models.

This is a small chair that will be unobtrusive in small cubicles or shared conference rooms. However, thanks to its clever back depth adjustment and the waterfall-shaped seat, it offers significant improvements over the stock option you are likely to be using right now.

In addition, you can choose between four different colors and three different arm finishes: no armrests, loop armrests, or adjustable ones.


Furmax Office2 ChairFurmax Office2 Chair

Furmax has gained quite the reputation for their budget-friendly, yet eye-catching gaming chairs. However, most of their creations haven’t kept to the classic lines required in suit-and-tie environments. This is not the case for their Office2 Chair; firmly clad in timeless black faux leather, this ergonomic PC gaming chair offers a wide back and elegantly curved armrests alongside a resilient steel-based structure.

The extra-long backrest is noteworthy by itself, as it manages to integrate a discreet headrest with its own hidden neck support with a minimum of fuss. The chair is made from long-lasting foam and includes an extra roller right by the edge, which will help you keep your back straight and comfortable even when spreading out. Finally, the armrests are padded but not adjustable. However, their unique curve keeps the latter from becoming an issue, as the arms will still fall on their natural place.


Student Mesh Task Office ChairStudent Mesh Task Office Chair

Extra comfort and lumbar support are an ideal choice for those of us who can concentrate without a problem. If you find that an excessively soft environment is killing your productivity, why not choose a model that keeps you “standing at attention” while sitting?

This chair is marketed as a student option precisely by how it turns your back straight, not just because of its very low price. It is packed with a very durable nylon base, non-marking wheels, and an anti-bacterial synthetic mesh. The extra plastic shell at the back makes it surprisingly resilient, while the lack of arms actually facilitates switching from typing to old-school writing.


DJ Wang Grey Modern Office Computer ChairDJ Wang Grey Modern Office Computer Chair

Smooth rolling casters and effective height adjustment are great features for an office chair, but they should never be the end-all and be-all of your purchase. This model by DJ Wang offers two extra perks that are becoming increasingly harder to find: an unusual light-gray and white-matter color combination, and a certain air of sleekness that makes it look a lot more expensive than it really is.

While not exactly ideal for the big and tall crowd (the total weight capacity barely hits 220 pounds, and the maximum height falls just under 40 inches), this is nevertheless a stylish option that works great in offices with lots of natural light. The nylon and cotton blend covering the seat and backrest are light and breathable.

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OFM Essentials High-Back Executive ChairOFM Essentials High-Back Executive Chair

Likely the most elegant-looking chair on the entire list, this Executive Chair by OFM Essentials stays right on budget despite offering something that would almost look right on a leather-clad sports car.

It’s not just the faux-leather upholstery that makes it look way above its price budget; the carefully quilted seat and backrest give it an extra edge of personality and immediately makes it stand out from the bunch. In addition, the raised edges around the seat will discreetly push you into place and gently improve your posture.


BestOffice Ergonomic High Back Office ChairBestOffice Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

Superb for anyone over 6 feet tall or who simply like to sneak some quiet snooze time during lunchtime, this is extra-large office chair offers largesse without indulgence. This model is almost completely in PU (with the exception of the lower half of the armrests and the main frame) and thick, quilted padding. It’s not quite leather, but it looks very close to it and it even offers improved oil and water resistance.

The five-point base can swivel smoothly by 360 degrees, although it does not do this quickly. Instead, you get a steady, silent movement that can easily be turned into a power move. The padded armrests feel spacious, although they may be a bit too far apart for those with thinner frames. It’s available in three colors: black, brown, and white.


Boss Office B6105 - Armless Task ChairBoss Office B6105 – Armless Task Chair

For a budget chair, this model has the best-ranked wheels we have seen so far; fully nylon-coated, each one of the five wheels actually packs a double layer of perfectly smooth rollers. As a result, this is the right chair for those who need to move stealthily or is afraid to leave any skid marks on carpets or wooden floors.

It is also very easy to adjust, thanks to a one-touch lever that responds easily to minimal adjustments. There is also a tilt tension control at the back, which will allow you to control how much you want to lie back – or if you’d rather stay focused and gazing straight ahead until lunchtime rolls along.


Homall Carbon Fiber S-Racing ChairHomall Carbon Fiber S-Racing Chair

A high-back racing chair may be a bit too imposing for a cubicle or shared space, but it can also be the perfect way to celebrate the promotion that finally earns you a big corner office. Since decorating these is usually expensive enough by itself, most new floor managers are usually eager to save on the chair – provided they find an option that doesn’t look cheap.

The Homall carbon fiber chair offers precisely that; its reinforced PU cover looks nearly indistinguishable from leather. It also provides the perfect camouflage for the removable headrest and lumbar cushion. The chair has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds and can recline all the way down to 150 degrees, which is so close to perfectly horizontal that you will feel like you are on your own private plane cabin. It’s available in black, gray, and (for those who can get away with it) a limited edition black and purple combo.


Office Star Knee ChairOffice Star Knee Chair

Almost no modern list devoted to office furniture can be complete without addressing the standing desk movement. Although this still-unorthodox option naturally rules out normal chairs, it still leaves enough room for a bold chair alternative: the knee chair, which combines most the health benefits of a standing desk without actually having to stand.

Granted, knee chairs often look like they need a user manual, but this highly rated model by Office Star offers two features to make up for this: a very affordable price and soft foam rollers on all the right places.


Why Invest in a New Office Chair?

Few things damage productivity as much as chronic pain. Spend enough hours sitting on something that is not the right height and is forcing you to drop your shoulders, contract your elbows or keep your head at an awkward angle, and chronic pain may be exactly what you get.

Furthermore, the effect of good style and familiar color schemes can never be overestimated; who wants to work in a space that they feel doesn’t reflect their personality?