The 15 Best PC Gaming Chairs Under $200

Gone are the days of when you had to settle with an ordinary chair while playing video games for hours. Many companies that design and manufacture gaming accessories have come out with gaming chairs aimed at giving hardcore and casual gamers alike a comfortable seat to park in front of their desks.

You’ll also love the fact that you don’t need to spend a fortune to be able to pick up a solid and comfortable gaming chair. For less than $200, you can find gaming chairs that have unique features, such as dedicated pillows for your neck and lumbar areas. These pillows can minimize pain and stiffness of the neck and back that occur after long hours of playing.

Most of the gaming chairs that sell for less than $200 are adjustable, too, from the height to the armrests. And these entry-level chairs look good enough to blend in with the furniture of any room you put them in, whether in the living room or in your man cave.

Here is our list of the 15 best PC gaming chairs you can get for $200 or lower.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Leather Office ChairAmazonBasics Mid-Back Leather Office Chair

AmazonBasics has everything you need, from electronic items such as HDMI cables to home office furnishings like PC gaming chairs. This mid-back leather office chair could be the best bang for the buck PC gaming chair on the market today.

While marketed as an office chair, this would still be a good choice for a gamer like you. It has a modern profile and a sleek look. This leather office chair is available in various colors: black, white, and brown.

Playing for hours seated on this chair won’t be an ordeal because it is super comfortable. The leather upholstery covers not only the padded seat but also its solid and square-shaped padded back. The nylon armrests, meanwhile, further enhance comfort and support.

This office chair is fully-adjustable with simple pneumatic controls. You can also rock back in the chair after a tense game by turning the tilt-tension knob located underneath it. You can also move from one area of your room to another with the durable, dual-wheel casters of the chair.


Respawn 200Respawn 200

Respawn is a division of OFM, a company that designs and produces ergonomic home and office furniture. Respawn develops accessible and ergonomic gaming furniture.

The Respawn 200 could be the best PC gaming chair for budget-conscious gamers. While the AmazonBasics chair is an office chair in nature, the Respawn 200 is a legitimate racing car-style PC gaming chair. Weighing 50 pounds and capable of supporting users who weigh up to 275 pounds, the Respawn 200 is available in five colors.

This racing car-style gaming chair is ergonomically designed to support long hours of playing. Its steel tube frame design and open back seat structure facilitate superior heat control. The headrest is adjustable, while the lumbar support can deliver long-lasting comfort.

It also offers a lot of adjustability options. You can raise or lower the chair, adjust the height and depth of the armrests, and recline up to 130 degrees. It can also rotate to a full 360 degrees.


X-Rocker Pro Series H3X-Rocker Pro Series H3

X-Rocker is one of the more recognizable gaming chair brands. It started out in 2005 with the familiar floor rocker. The company has since then expanded into the design and manufacture of other gaming products and accessories, including headsets and gaming desks.

There have been many variations of the X-Rocker, but the Pro Series H3 could be one of the best value-for-your-money options. The Pro 51259 is an audio wireless gaming chair featuring full back support and 4.1 audio. The built-in speakers and subwoofer can give you an immersive gaming experience.

The audio system features extra vibration motors which, working together with the audio’s bass tones, create a powerful full-body sensation. You can adjust the volume and bass control through the side control panel. And this can also be used with your PlayStation or Xbox and even connected to your home theater system.

When you are finished using this gaming chair, you can simply fold it for convenient and easy storage.


Giantex Racing-Style Gaming ChairGiantex Racing-Style Gaming Chair

Giantex is a company that not only manufactures gaming chairs but also other products, such as home appliances and furnishings. This gaming chair is affordably priced but surprisingly well-made. The padding is sufficient even if it is an entry-level model.

The height of this racing-style gaming chair can be adjusted from 18.5 inches to 22.5 inches. Made of soft PU leather and sponge cushion, it can keep your back comfortable and cool. The sponge cushion of the backseat is breathable and sturdy. The armrests, meanwhile, can keep you cool and relaxed after a long day of gaming. You can also rotate this chair with its 360-degree swivel rotation.

The gaming chair can support users who weigh up to 260 pounds. It features nylon casters that are stable, mobile, and durable. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a gaming chair that is well-made and affordable.


Modway Veer MeshModway Veer Mesh

Modway is an American company that distributes living, dining, outdoor, bedroom, and office furniture. Its products are stylish but reasonably priced, like this office chair which can also come in handy for gamers like you.

This chair measures 26 inches long, 26 inches wide, and up to 21.5 inches high. It is ergonomically-designed and durable. The base and frame are both sturdy with adjustable armrests. It also has a breathable mesh back that can keep you cool even if you have been playing for hours. The chair also offers good lumbar support, while the seat is well-padded.

You can also adjust the height of the chair from 17.5 inches to 21.5 inches. Doing so is easy with the one-touch height adjustment of the chair. This chair can support users who weigh up to 250 pounds.


Brazen Phantom EliteBrazen Phantom Elite

Brazen is a UK company committed to producing high-quality yet affordable gaming chairs and accessories. Its Phantom Elite gaming chair has a classy look with numerous adjustable parts. Designed by gamers, the Phantom Elite offers plenty of room for its users.

This gaming chair is predominantly black with six color options to choose from. The Brazen logo is embroidered into the chair along with lumbar and neck support. It has a sturdy steel frame wrapped by a smooth PU leather. The foam padding provides a lot of cushion.

Brazen integrated numerous adjustability options in this chair. Its armrests are adjustable while a butterfly mechanism facilitates height and tilt adjustments. You can sit straight up one moment and then recline the next on this chair.


UMI Essentials Gaming ChairUMI Essentials Gaming Chair

UMI is Amazon’s gaming chair brand. Just like the AmazonBasics office chair, the UMI Essentials gaming chair is affordable but surprisingly well-designed and fabricated. This is a solid choice if you have a limited budget for a PC gaming chair.

Of course, don’t expect this low-priced gaming chair to be as stylish and comfy as the other models on this list. But this gaming chair is comfortable to play in, and it should last for quite a while as well.

Available in four color options – blue, green, red, and white – the gaming chair has adjustable armrests. It can also be reclined up to 150 degrees and move around with its smooth-rolling casters.

Made of a combination of fabric and leather, this gaming chair looks good. It offers plenty of support with its ergonomic design. The backseat is fully padded while the seat has lots of room. The headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are both removable.


Furmax Gaming ChairFurmax Gaming Chair

Furmax is a company that manufactures and exports office furniture. Established in 2016, it is based in Ningbo, China.

This gaming chair from Furmax is made from high-quality PU leather. The bucket seat has sufficient padding to make long-hours of gaming more comfortable and enjoyable. You can also adjust the backrest up to an angle of 180 degrees.

The Furmax Gaming chair can support heavy users who weigh up to 310 pounds. This is a good pick if you are on the larger side.


Killbee Gaming ChairKillbee Gaming Chair

Little is known about Killbee except for its reasonably priced products, like this gaming chair. With its futuristic look, you may mistakenly think that the Killerbee gaming chair is expensive. But you can get it for less than $100. This is a solid choice, too, if you are a tall gamer who finds most office chairs too small or uncomfortable to use.

This chair can support users who weigh up to 330 pounds. There are also testimonials online of users who weigh more than 350 pounds that this chair holds up well even after years of use. The seat is generously sized at 21.6 inches in width. It is padded with high-density foam that can resist undue compression.

This chair is tall with its back alone measuring nearly 32 inches in height. This could be the best PC gaming chair for tall gamers. Comfort is not compromised with its polyurethane-covered padding and vented back that “breathes.”

However, the chair lacks pillows or support to the neck and lumbar areas. It is not exactly a shock because this chair is an entry-level model. Overall, the Killbee gaming chair is a great choice for gamers who are taller or heavier than the average player.


OFM Essentials Racing Style Gaming ChairOFM Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair

North Carolina-based OFM is a company that manufactures and distributes high-quality office and home furniture. Its product line includes desks, tables, and gaming chairs. This racer-style gaming chair has a classy and compact design that belies its low price.

This chair is comfortable to sit on for hours as its seat is upholstered in leather. It is breathable and thus won’t make you hot even during long playing sessions. There is also enough padding in the headrest and armrest to keep you comfortable for long hours of gaming.

In terms of looks, this gaming chair should impress you. It has leather accents that give an upscale look. Sleek blue mesh coupled with black stitches gives it a contemporary appeal. The leather itself is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

The ergonomics of the chair are equally impressive. You can adjust the height of the chair and also recline or adjust the armrests. It is also possible to move the arms away if you desire.


Ficmax Ergonomic Massage Gaming ChairFicmax Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair

You know how gaming for hours is not only fun but can also leave your back aching. If you want a gaming chair that can give you a massage, then this is the model you are looking for. Ficmax is an online distributor of gaming chairs. With a design team composed of gamers, the firm understands what gamers want from a chair.

The key feature of this gaming chair is the massage lumbar support. This can give you a nice massage on the lower back area. With two vibrating massage options, the lumbar support is a nice function you’ll wish other gaming chairs offered.

The gaming massage chair is comfy to sit on even for hours with a hefty, 4.8-inch thick foam padding on the seat. It is then covered by dust and stain-resistant leather. There are numerous adjustment options, like the adjustable armrest and retractable footrest. In short, this is a gaming chair that would give you great value for less than $200.


Cyrola Gaming ChairCyrola Gaming Chair

Cyrola is a Chinese company established in 2017 to manufacture comfortable and affordable gaming chairs. Its gaming chairs have a classic racing car design like this model.

This gaming chair is large, adjustable, and comfortable. It can recline up to a 180-degree angle while also being capable of swiveling up to 360 degrees. It offers an adjustable footrest that you can pull out after an exhausting gaming session. You can even nap on this gaming chair!

The chair is made of high-grade memory foam and wrapped by wear-proof leather. It is cool to the touch and should keep you cool all the time. The height is adjustable up to 53.5 inches. With a user weight capacity of 350 pounds, this chair is more than capable of holding its ground when used by big gamers.


Ewin Gaming ChairEwin Gaming Chair

Ewin is a company that specializes in office furniture. In 2016, it established Ewin Racing with the sole purpose of designing and manufacturing high-quality gaming chairs.

This ergonomic, high-back leather gaming chair is one of the best bang-for-the-buck models you can find on the market. For less than $200, you can get your hands on this gaming chair that is made of high-density foam and wrapped in 1.2mm thick PU leather. The back of the chair has the curve of a racing-style chair and is designed to provide superior support to the lower back, shoulders, and neck.

This chair can swivel to 360 degrees while it can be reclined up to 155 degrees. The headrest pillow and lumbar support can also be removed. The armrests can be adjusted up and down, so you can find the most comfortable position for your body.


Homall Gaming ChairHomall Gaming Chair

Homall is a manufacturer of home and office furniture with products ranging from sofas, lounge chairs, bar stools, and gaming chairs. The Homall ergonomic, high-back racing chair is made from high-quality materials but remains reasonably priced. It has a sturdy steel frame and high-density foam that are hard to find in most low-priced models.

This racer-style chair is made from PU leather. Its bucket seat is well-padded, providing superior comfort in the process. It can hold users who weigh up to 300 pounds thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame.

This ergonomically-designed chair features armrests that can be adjusted vertically. The headrest and lumbar pillows are removable, and you can recline on this chair down to an angle of 180 degrees.


Merax JusticeMerax Justice

Last but certainly not least is this chair from Merax, a California-based firm that distributes a wide range of products, including home, office, and fitness accessories. The Merax Justice is a reclining, stylish, stable, and adjustable gaming chair that won’t break the bank.

The Merax Justice has a modern design that makes it a stylish addition to any space. It is wrapped in PU leather, which is stain and fade-resistant. Spacious and well-cushioned, the chair features a backrest that can ably support your back. You can also recline up to 150 degrees when sitting on this chair.

If there’s a chink in the armor of the Merax Justice, it would have to be its limited user weight capacity of 225 pounds.