Well-Designed: 17 Best Gaming Desks

Gaming is a real hobby. You dedicate a lot of time, money and energy to it, and like anything else worth doing, it is worth doing right. Owning the right desk is important for that reason; you need something that can keep up with the demand and make you more comfortable while doing it.

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner DeskWalker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is a desk for those who want none of the frills and all of the functionality of a good office desk. This desk is sleek, minimalistic and black, allowing it to fit effortlessly into any of the decor that already exists in your office or game room. This desk has beveled tempered safety glass that can withstand years of use. The frame itself is made up of durable steel and has been given a powder-coated finish not only for beauty but for durability as well.
The Walker Edison Desk measures 51 inches in width by 20 inches in depth by 51 inches in height. It comes with an L-shaped design that makes it ideal not only for placement against a wall but for pushing up into a corner in order to save space as well. It is simple to install and comes with all of the pieces that you will need to build the desk. There is room in the corner for you to store your computer’s tower. There is even a designated keyboard tray that allows you to store your keyboard beneath the actual desk so that you can free up more real estate on top. This keyboard tray slides in and out so that when you are not using it, you can save space by pushing it under the desktop. Its modern silhouette will provide a beautiful and functional desk for years to come.


Bestar Hampton Office Computer DeskBestar Hampton Office Computer Desk

The Bestar Hampton Office Computer Desk with Hutch is a great desk for those who prefer traditional and classic style desks. This desk is made with a brown bottom half and a black top half. In the bottom portion, there is a large drawer on the left-hand side that serves as a file drawer. This drawer sits on ball bearing slides and comes with a legal and letter filing system. There are also two drawers on the right-hand side that are enclosed and easy to store things in. Four shelving areas are available on the top of the desk in the black portion with a dedicated space for a large monitor in the center. It has a keyboard tray that tucks underneath the desktop. You can slide it in and out in order to save the most space while it is not in use to free up space on top.
The Bestar Hampton computer desk comes with a work surface that features 2.5-millimeter PVC edge banding that is shock resistant. The desk measures 54 inches in height by 59 inches in width by 23 inches in depth and is comfortable enough for people of all heights to sit at and enjoy. This desk weighs a sturdy 182 pounds and will remain stable no matter how long it sits in your office. It can be pushed up against a wall or placed in the center of the room as it does not need wall support.


Ergotron WorkFit-D Sit-Stand DeskErgotron WorkFit-D Sit-Stand Desk

The Ergotron Workfit-D Sit-Stand Desk allows you to work in the way that is most comfortable to you thanks to its sit or stand functionality. It is a simplistic desk that does not come with all of the bells and whistles that other desks have. Though it does not come with any sort of storage shelves or drawers, it has plenty of space on the top that makes it simple for you to get your work done. It also has ample space in the bottom of it for storing your computer’s tower with ease in order to further save space on top of the desk. The Ergotron adjustable pc desk comes with patented CF technology that allows you to position the desk however you would like while you work. You can position it in an instant as it requires no tools and is non-motorized, allowing you to find the precise position that you need to work comfortably. It has been designed in such a way that it meets both the European and the North American standards of ergonomics to ensure your comfort. The work surface measures 47.6 inches in length by 23.5 inches in width and makes it easy for you to store it in any office, dorm or game room regardless of its size. It has a neutral, light colored finish so that it can work easily with any of the decor that you already have present in your work space.


Bush Furniture Series A DeskBush Furniture Series A Desk

The Bush Business Furniture Series A 48W Corner Desk is ideal for those who prefer to use a traditional style of desk in their home office or in their game room. This desk features a black bottom portion and a lighter colored wooden tone on the top, providing a handsome contrast and a classic feel. This desk features a thermally infused laminate finish that can fight off any sort of stain or scratches from occurring on the desk. It has a wire management system that provides plenty of space for you to get rid of any channels and cords that are necessary to run your system, offering an organized, clean and streamlined look. It comes with leg and desk grommets that offer panels to keep the panels under control and hidden away. This corner desk is ideal for tucking away into a corner in order to save space or for pressing one end of it against a wall. It offers ample legroom for you to stretch out and get comfortable during long working hours. With the Bush Desk, you are able to expand your work station with the addition of a keyboard tray and other unique accessories in order to make it as efficient and functional as possible. Its colors allow it to match up with the decor of any traditionally styled office space to provide the whole room with a put-together feel.


Studio RTA Producer Desk

Offering plenty of space for you to organize all of your belongings, the Studio RTA Producer Station Maple allows you to store away any of your gear in a neat, organized and totally accessible way to make your workspace more efficient. The main level of this desk is large enough to hold an 88 full keyboard and it comes with dual, 20 space racks on both sides of the space in order to keep all of your games and other disks organized and within reach. There is an eight-space rack that can hold any additional equipment on the top. The upper tier can hold and other keyboards or a computer monitor in order to provide plenty of space for you to take advantage of on the main tier. There are two smaller tiers that slide in and out to hold keyboards or additional items, and useful cable organizers sit in the back that help to keep cords from getting tangled while also keeping them pleasantly out of sight. There are locking casters on the bottom of the Studio RTA Producer workdesk which makes this unit simple to move around the room when the need to reorganize strikes. It weighs a sturdy 140 pounds and measures in at 34 inches in width by 77 inches in height, making it large and accommodating without taking up way too much room in your office. Its light colored finish allows it to work well with any of the existing decor in your space.


Cabot L Shaped DeskCabot L Shaped Desk

The Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk is a sleek and stylish desk that boasts a classic feel to it. This desk is beautiful and traditional and is ideal for any professional office space in a commercial environment or in your home office alike. It is a large and durable desk that offers plenty of work space on its surface. This allows you to spread out all of your work comfortably and keep track of everything that you need to get done, allowing you to multitask with ease. The Bush Furniture desk comes with an integrated four port USB hub that helps keep all of your pressing devices connected, such as a phone, tablet, music player and more. This means that you do not have to waste precious space on the power outlets in your surge protector just to keep things charged. You can also hide away any sort of electronics in its storage tray that is durable yet soft enough so that you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged. There is concealed storage in one of the cabinets that comes with a stylish fluted glass door, providing a small peek into what you have stored in there while still affording you privacy. It comes with an open storage cubby shelf that allows easy access to paper or smaller items and office supplies as well as a box drawer for concealed storage in a way that is simple for you to access.


Atlantic gaming deskAtlantic gaming desk

With its small, stripped-down design, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is the ideal gaming desk for those who need to accommodate a small space such as a dorm room, bedroom or small office. This gaming desk comes with plenty of accessories that allow you to store away everything that you could need and keep it close at hand while you play. It comes with a charging station that keeps all of your electronics, such as tablets, phones and music players, charged up and ready. There are speaker trays on either side of the desk to keep them off of the precious real estate of the work surface and a storage drawer on the bottom that helps keep small knick knacks like batteries and pens secure. There is also a monitor stand that keeps it high up and off of the main area to further allow for more space and keep the visuals in clear view at all times. A game storage rack keeps all of your favorite titles close at hand, while a rear power strip holder ensures that you will not need to stretch out the cords to reach the nearest power outlet and will always have enough plug-in space. A headphone hook sits toward the back of the desk on a leg and a cup holder sits at the front on another leg so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally spilling your drinks on the computer area. A cable management system is also included.


Atlantic Pro Gaming DeskAtlantic Pro Gaming Desk

The Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro is an ideal desk for gamers who do not have much room to work with. This gaming desk maximizes the space that you have to work with by optimizing the use of each part of space for storage and convenience. This includes everything from the main desk to the storage that is available on the legs. It comes with a cup holder on the right side of the desk that sits just below the work top to ensure that you do not accidentally spill any liquid onto the precious items on the desk. On the opposite end of the desk, a headphone hanger sits for you to hang up your headset in a safe and neat way when they are not in use and to keep them within reach. There is a tray at the bottom that allows for the storage of smaller items such as office supplies and batteries for the mouse. It comes with a wire management system so that you can tuck away any sort of cables that might otherwise clutter up the space. On either side of the desk, there is a speaker holder that is deep and can accommodate speakers that are as large as six inches by five inches. The front of the desk has a curved design that allows for close-up comfort. The Atlantic Gaming Desk Prouses a charcoal-colored fiber laminated desktop that can easily match any existing decor in the room.


Orogami rde-1Orogami rde-1

Simplistic by design, the Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk is a great desk for those who prefer minimalism and modern design over flashy gaming desks with all of the bells and whistles. This desk, which is simple to install and takes no time at all thanks to its two-part setup, is ultra lightweight and can be moved around the room when the mood strikes for you to rearrange your home office or game room. It is durable enough to be used every day without wobbling or taking any sort of damage. When you are not using it, you can fold it up completely flat in only a few seconds, allowing you to store it away which is especially useful if you live in a confined space such as a dorm room. There are no tools required to assemble or fold up the Origami RDE-01. The table top is also removable which makes moving it around simple. When it opens up it offers you seven square feet of surface area for you to take advantage of. On the bottom of the desk, there is an elevated platform that allows you to store your computer’s tower below the desk but not on the floor in order to help stave off the dust and grime. The table top can accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight so that you can store any sort of items that you need to on the top when the weight is evenly distributed across it.


Merax 16106 Simple Gaming DeskMerax 16106 Simple Gaming Desk

If you need a simple desk that will provide you space to get some work done without any of the extra features, look no further than the Merax 16106 Modern Simple Design Computer Desk. This desk is minimalistic and modern, stripped down to its most basic features in order to provide you with plenty of space to work with but none of the additional hassle of having to deal with storage drawers and shelves or setting them up. All that is included in this Merax Deskis a table top and legs, the silhouette of the legs affording this already minimalistic desk a contemporary appeal. It is made out of a thick miff board that comes with a durable edge band. There are metal legs that support the desk and raise it to the appropriate height. This item measures 47 inches in length by 23 inches in width by 30 inches in height making it perfectly comfortable for people of any size. There is plenty of legroom underneath so that you can stretch out and get comfortable while you are working long hours or in the middle of an equally as long gaming session. It is simple to install and break down if you need to move it, and its lightweight nature makes it even more portable. It has adjustable leg pads that offer an adjusting range of one inch to make the desk stable on any sort of uneven surface.


ameriwood home dakota L shapeAmeriwood home dakota L shape

The Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves is a beautiful and traditional desk that will look great in any home office environment or commercial office setting. This desk is made out of durable black wood grain laminated MDF and particle board that provide a long-lasting frame. It comes in a handsome espresso finish that allows it to easily fit into any of the decor in your traditionally styled office space. This desk is L-shaped and can easily fit snugly into a corner to save space or press it up against a wall depending on the layout and spatial needs of your room. This desk features a bookshelf on one side, perfect for storing notebooks and important books to keep them close at hand while you work. The desktop surface is large and can accommodate different items depending on your needs. This includes a laptop, keyboard, monitors, papers and other necessary supplies for your office. There are two grommets that are built into the desk that allow you to organize your cords and get them out of the way. The Ameriwood Desk measures 28.5 inches in height by 51.5 inches in width by 53.5 inches in depth and is simple for anyone to use, regardless of size. It comes with plenty of legroom so that you can stretch out while you work in the middle of your day to stay comfortable no matter how long your hours are.


BHG L shape DeskBHG L shape Desk

The BHG L Shape Computer Desk is a desk that is able to fit into any small space, no matter what size room you are working in. Ideal for a dorm room, small bedroom or home office, this desk comes in a useful L-shape that makes it simple to place into a corner or press it up against a wall depending on what your space needs. This desk comes in a black finish that makes it simple for you to pair it with any of the existing decor in your home. The center of this desk has a curved design which lets you have even more space to work and lets you get up close and personal with your desk. It is supported by a gray metal frame that looks beautiful and provides an elegant and industrial look to the desk. The desk is reversible and allows you to configure the desk into a left or right facing orientation in order to get more comfortable and suit your space better. There is a slide out keyboard shelf that offers a safety stop mechanism. This ensures it will not fall out of the desk. You can use any size of keyboard along with a mouse in this spacious tray. There is an upper shelf area that makes it ideal for storing smaller office supplies, phones, tablets, books or anything else you need close to you and within reach without getting in the way of your work.


Z-line cyrus work stationZ-line cyrus work station

Sophisticated and classic, the Z-Line Designs Desk is perfect for those who prefer traditional style desks and want something that fits into their equally as traditional office spaces. This desk comes in a contemporary cherry finish that has been given black accents which afford it its classic appeal. It has clear tempererd glass that is durable, strong and beautiful and makes the desk look even more sophisticated. The Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation comes with a pullout keyboard tray that allows you to use any size keyboard on it with plenty of room left over for you to use your mouse on the tray as well. On the bottom of this desk, there are casters that make it simple to push the desk around. On the back of this desk, there is a screen that offers three different holes that you can use in order to better organize your cables. This can reduce clutter and tangles around the desk to give it a cleaner look. There is a shelf on the top of the main tier. This shelf is ideal for storing items that you need close at hand and within easy reach but that you do not want taking up the precious real estate of your work space. This includes items such as your cell phone and tablet or even notebooks and books that are important to your work. The tray on the bottom of the desk allows you to store your computer tower without putting it on the floor.


sauder executive deskSauder executive desk

Stately, regal and handsome, the Sauder Edge Water Executive Desk with Estate Black Finish is a traditionally styled desk that can easily fit into the traditional style of decor that you have in your commercial or home office. This classic looking desk features an estate black finish that is neutral enough where it can be put into any room in the house, regardless of its style or its color scheme. It comes with a large drawer that has metal runners that allow you to use it for storage of smaller office supplies like pens and batteries. This drawer has a drop down tray so that you can use it for your keyboard if you would like. There are two file drawers that come with full extension slides in order to make storing letter-sized hanging files a simple thing to do to help keep you organized. There are also two smaller drawers on the top of either side of the desk that are ideal for storing other items that you want to keep close at hand without worrying about them taking up space on your desk. Both sets of drawers, along with the top drawer, all come with safety stops. This means that you will not open the drawer too fast or with so much speed that you accidentally jerk the drawers out of the desk. This desktop features two different grommet holes that allow you to organize the electrical cords and cables to keep things looking neat.


Altra Pursuit U Shaped DeskAltra Pursuit U Shaped Desk

The Altra Pursuit Desk with Hutch Bundle is a U-shaped desk that provides you more than enough space to get all of your work done. With this style of desk, you have room all around you that you can access at any time just by swiveling around in your chair. It comes with abundant tabletop space for you to spread out all of your supplies and get to work with efficiency and organization. You can store more than one monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, books, plants, laptops, phones, printers, office supplies and decorative items to make it your own.
This bundle comes with plenty of storage as well. On one side of the desk, there is a tall hutch that offers plenty of open and closed storage options. Organize your papers, books, office supplies and more. You can put this desk into any sort of office space that has enough room, as the table measures a large 65 inches in width by 66 inches in depth. It also weights in at 297 pounds, meaning that it is a desk that will stay stable and be able to help you work for years to come. The Altra Pursuit Deskcomes in a light gray finish on its sides with a tan top and drawers. These two colors are neutral and allow you to pair it with any sort of office decor, no matter if you have a modern, transitional or traditional work space.


Tribesigns Modern DeskTribesigns Modern Desk

The Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Gaming Computer Desk is an ultra modern work or gaming desk that provides you with plenty of room to get all of your work done with organization and efficiency. This desk comes with a free CPU stand that will allow you to store your tower without having to set it on the dusty ground. It is made out of durable materials such as E1 class environmental protection particle board that compose the durable desktop; thick steel composes the frame of the desk which provides a durable foundation that will never shake or wobble. It features an L-space design that provides you with plenty of room for you to spread out and get your work done. You can place more than one monitor on this desk, a keyboard, a mouse, laptops, tablets, phones, books and even decorative items in order to customize and personalize your work space. The L-shaped design of the Tribesigns Modern Deskmakes it so that you can put it in the corner of your office, room or dorm room in order to save the most space possible. You can also put this desk against any wall in order to make the most of your available space. It is ultra sturdy and simple to assemble on top of it. This desk measures 66 inches in length by 18 inches in depth by 29 inches in height and it weighs only 55 pounds, making it simple for you to move it around.


DXRacer newedge gaming deskDXRacer newedge gaming desk

The DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Newedge Edition Gaming Desktop Office Desk is a bright and fun desk that makes it ideal for you to put it into any game room and fit your decor with ease. This desk is a simple desk, one that comes with no drawers or anything additional. Instead, it provides you with a durable and stable work station that you can use to game without any sort of instability issues, no matter how intense the game gets. This desk features a black work top and a green outline, one that spans the back of the desk, the sides of the desk, and then down two of the legs. There are two triangle supports that keep the desk stable. The video game desk is made out of top quality ABS plastic that is stable and supportive. It comes with a wooden desk board that is sturdy and able to accommodate a good deal of weight and tension. The steel rod frame adds to its durability from the ground up. There is a 10-degree slope that makes the desk ergonomic and comfortable for you to use, even during long periods of gaming and long hours of work all the same. There is plenty of room at the back that makes for ample storage space for your cables in order to keep them organized and tidy and out of the way. It is simple to move around to where you need it to go and offers a 360-degree rotatable table.



Benefits Of A Gaming Desk

Ample Space

With the right desk, you can have more surface area to work with. This will help you not only have more room to move that mouse around, but it will ensure that you are not dumping over your caffeinated beverage of choice when you move the mouse too quickly or too far. It can also help reduce clutter, and it frees up plenty of real estate for putting one, two, or even three monitors on your desk.

Your Health

Just like with everything else that you do, your health should be taken into consideration and the ergonomics of your gaming desk are no different. Having the right combination of a good chair and a good desk can save you a lot of pain and discomfort that you would otherwise experience using a poorly designed or cheaply made desk. You spend all of your time sitting when you are gaming, so be sure that you aren’t being distracted by aches and pains. Having the right desk height will also help stave off carpal tunnel syndrome which can seriously hurt your gaming ability.

Accessibility and Convenience

A lot of well-made desks are going to also have plenty of space for you to take advantage of. This includes designated areas for you to put your fancy computer towers to keep them safe yet on display. They also often have spots that let you house your mouse and keyboard individually as well as shelves for office supplies or walk through books and similar items. You can also usually find little shelves and drawers for housing things like extra batteries for the mouse.

Cable Management

You want to keep everything organized and out of the way, especially with a complex gaming computer. Computers with cable management are an excellent way to tidy up your complicated systems. The art of cable management is made easy with desks that include them.

Pure Style

Not only are such desks incredibly convenient, they are also great for simply looking stylish and storing your computer in a way that is just as fresh. A well-designed desk makes your new battle station look and feel complete and can really add something to your office area. It will also get you in the mindset to beat the competition with confidence.

The right desk can make or break your gaming experience on multiple levels. When you are considering getting your next gaming desk, use the information above and find one that feels as good and as natural as your fingers feel sitting on the WSAD keys.

Choosing the Ideal Desk

You know that you need a good desk, whether it is for gaming or for office work, as you spend most of your time in front of it. Finding the right desk can seem like a daunting endeavor especially when you are not sure where to even start. Check out the tips on finding the best desk for your needs below and get started vamping up your office or game room from there.


Things to consider when choosing a new desk:

Design. The first thing that you will want to think about before committing to a desk is going to be what you need from it in terms of design. You need to consider things like how many monitors you have to ensure that you have enough space. Do you have a VESA mount set up that you need to accommodate? If you do, a bigger desk is likely going to be better. Do you have wireless or wired peripherals? Finding a desk with cable management for your wires can really clean up the clutter. Do you plan to house your actual computer tower on the desk or on the floor? This will also factor into the size considerations. Plus, having plenty of real estate on the desk will help you declutter your space if you are an unorganized person. You can also consider desks with drawers and shelves for that reason as well.

Material. You need to consider the different kinds of materials, as these will not only impact durability but will impact the price of the desk as well. Wood is one of the most common elements used to make a desk and will often be maple, oak or pine due to their stability. A lot of people love wood desks due to their classic appeal but they are usually very heavy. PVC and steel desks are lightweight and portable, and are for this reason, they ideal for someone who is always on the move or a college student who isn’t hunkering down for life. Finally, a glass desk can be considered, but while these are often elegant and pretty, they can be quite fragile even if they have a steel frame.

Assembly Time. Consider how much time you are willing to spend setting up the desk. Some desk manufacturers make the instruction manuals easy to follow and the parts as minimal as possible, but other do not seem to care. You have to figure you how much time you are willing to put into it.

Fit. You will want to think about whether you want a corner desk or a standard desk depending on the space you are working with.

With the tips above, you won’t have to fear looking for a new desk anymore. Just breaking it down into what you really need is enough of a good place to start. Consider the tips above and then head off to look for your brand new desk.