The 15 Best Gaming Chairs under $100

If you are a serious gamer who spends hours-on-end playing, you need an ultra-comfortable gaming chair. Sitting for hours with bad posture is not only horrible on your health but also your gaming performance.

Check out our list of the 15 best gaming chairs under $100 – your gaming companions, and your back, will thank you for it.

Homall High Back Gaming ChairHomall High Back Gaming Chair

Racing chairs are some of the best gaming chairs since they are comfortable and enhance your posture for increased performance. This model by Homall is an excellent option at an even better price. It is covered in high-quality PU leather that doesn’t wear out quickly. It is also padded with foam that is incredibly comfortable without being too thick.

The chair is adjustable from 90 to 180 degrees while keeping your back straight for comfort. It can support up to 300 pounds and any height without being uncomfortable. It is height adjustable with durable wheels that won’t break under pressure.

The chair comes with removable lumbar and neck support, and it is comfortable enough without them if they get in your way. Unfortunately, the armrests are not adjustable. They may be a bit uncomfortable for some people. The assembly instructions are clear and easy enough to follow, so you shouldn’t have any issues putting the chair together. This chair is a great option if you want to transition from a basic office chair model.


Vitesse Gaming ChairVitesse Gaming Chair

One great feature about the Vitesse gaming seat is the back support. It has a broad and deep bucket-style back that makes it more comfortable and less straining to your spine. It also has removable lumbar and neck cushions if you need that extra support. The full seat makes it easy to balance, so this chair is nice and stable. It has a 360-degree swivel with high-quality casters that are quiet and don’t scratch the floor.

It has a recliner control with a well-located controller that adjusts the incline between 90 and 180 degrees. The controller has a lock, so your settings remain between uses. It can also rock, but this feature may seem a bit unsteady to some users. Height adjustment is easy, and it can go as low as one-and-a-half feet if you prefer a low setting. The PU leather material is firm yet soft to the touch.

The arms on this chair are not adjustable or removable. However, they are at a comfortable height for medium to tall gamers. This chair can support up to 300 pounds.


SEATZONE Bucket Gaming ChairSEATZONE Bucket Gaming Chair

This model looks much like an office chair but works very well as a gaming model. It has a bucket-style ergonomic top to facilitate comfort. It is shaped like the spinal cord to provide adequate support with help from the padding, which is firm but soft.

Just like most gaming seats, it has an option of rocking or engaging the lock mode, and thanks to a large cylinder, it is incredibly steady. The SGR approved cylinder is also responsible for the fact that it accommodates up to 350 pounds.

While the arms are not fully adjustable, you can move them up and down to your preference, which is better than most chairs offer. The height adjustment doesn’t allow it to rise higher than 49 inches, so if you have a high gaming desk, this could be an issue.

The casters are made from nylon, making them quiet and smooth on the floor. Assembling the chair is easy and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.


BestOffice PC Gaming ChairBestOffice PC Gaming Chair

This office chair that doubles up as a gaming seat is an excellent option if you are on a tight budget. The design is like a basic office chair but with an ergonomic construction for comfort when you are gaming. It also has a rocking feature. The chair, however, only reclines up to 30 degrees at its furthest, so don’t expect anything extreme.

The back doesn’t have as many unique features as many chairs on this list, but it is well-padded and comfortable to sit in for long hours. The PU leather is soft and well woven, so it is durable.

The height is adjustable and is about 17.5 inches at the lowest setting, so it is suitable for low desks. The wheels are not as smooth, but they don’t damage the floors and may need replacing over time. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Assembling it is quite easy and should take around 15 minutes.


JUMMICO High Back Gaming ChairJUMMICO High Back Gaming Chair

This is a very comfortable chair for the price, thanks to the ergonomic and deep bucket-design. It has thick, comfortable padding covered in soft, high-quality PU leather. The deep bucket enhances comfort and eases pressure on the back. The seat is generally bigger than most on this list, so it is an excellent fit for people looking for a more spacious gaming chair.

The chair comes with adjustable and removable lumbar and neck supports, and it is still comfortable enough without them. It has a recliner feature between 90 and 155 degrees with a lock for stability. The swivel turns 360 degrees. The armrests are padded for comfort, but they are not adjustable, and so may be uncomfortable for taller people.

You can adjust the height between 19.5 and 24.5 inches. The chair is stable enough, even when reclined. It can accommodate up to 300 pounds and any height since it is adjustable. Assembly is pretty straightforward and should take about 20 minutes. However, be careful to ensure that the screws are correctly tightened; otherwise, it may not hold up well.

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Furmax Leather Gaming ChairFurmax Leather Gaming Chair

The Furmax gaming chair is another option if you are on a tight budget since it costs less than $60. It has a high back with an ergonomic design that greatly compensates for lack of neck and lumbar support. The racing design with high-quality padding is excellent for added comfort. The armrests are also padded and covered in PU leather for comfort, although they are not adjustable.

The seat has a waterfall design making it better for sitting for long hours; it is sturdier and lasts longer. The swivel turns at 360 degrees for ease of movement and is backed with strong and smooth wheels that are surprisingly quiet. It has a rocking feature, but it can only go down 30 degrees, and it has a lock to maintain the settings.

While the height is adjustable, there isn’t much to work with since it can adjust from 14.5 inches to 17.5 inches. It is, however, very steady and doesn’t squeak as long as you stay under the 280-pound weight limit.


Homall Ergonomic Computer ChairHomall Ergonomic Computer Chair

This gaming chair by Homall has an ergonomic design that works well for long gaming hours without straining your back. It has a Racerback design that has extra thick padding to enhance comfort and durability. The armrests are padded and adjustable up or down, which is excellent since they are not very comfortable at their default position.

It has a more prominent and thicker cushion that may feel a bit stiff for the first couple of weeks, but it is comfortable. The rocking mode allows you to change from 90 to 180 degrees. The air spring cylinder works well when adjusting the height between 17 and 20.75 inches. The chair can only support up to 280 pounds, but it comes with neck and lumbar pillows.

Assembling it is quite easy and should only take a couple of minutes. The chair also comes with the Homall lifetime-exchange warranty that gets you money back or an exchange within 30 days. Homall also offers replacement parts for free within the first six months of purchase.

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Merax Ergonomic Gaming ChairMerax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a lightweight yet good quality chair on a budget, then this might be it. It is a high Racerback-design chair with thick comfortable padding perfect for anyone. It is a swivel chair with a recliner locking system that goes down to about 120 degrees while remaining stable.

The bottom is well-padded for maximum comfort but also has a great design to make it comfortable to sit on for extended periods. The arms are at a comfortable height and are padded for durability, but they are not adjustable. It has a high-quality air riser that is durable and locks in quite well. The height adjusts by about 3.5 inches. It is a lightweight chair, so it can only support up to 225 pounds.


Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming ChairEssentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

This chair by OFM is a pretty basic one but is excellent when you are on a budget and looking for a high-quality option. It has an ergonomic design and a comfortable sitting area, so it is great for gaming for long periods. It features flip armrests that are padded for extra comfort. The flip-up design is a nice touch on this model.

The back is well-padded and covered in soft leather and mesh for breathability. It has a locking recline feature and 360-degree swivel. The height is adjustable from 17 to 20.75 inches, but this chair is probably best for medium-height people. This model doesn’t come with a neck rest; the soft padded headrest, however, is a great option and works well for most people.

The downside is that this chair might be a bit stiff for the first couple of uses. It is, however, durable and comfortable after that, and assembling the chair is quite easy, taking just about 15 minutes. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

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Devoko High-Back Computer ChairDevoko High-Back Computer Chair

Hovering right around the $100 mark, this is an excellent gaming chair. It is a great-looking model with a curved, high back that is excellent even for tall users. It features a soft, adjustable, and removable neck and lumbar support pillows. The seat has a bucket design that is comfortable for sitting up to ten hours, perfect for those Saturday gaming sessions. It has a swivel feature up to 360 degrees, which is supported by five smooth wheels that hardly produce any sound.

One of the best features of the chair is the three-setting locking recliner. It reclines between 90 and 180 degrees for different comfort levels while remaining incredibly stable and sturdy. The armrests, while nicely padded, are not adjustable. They are ergonomic, though, so they’re quite comfortable. The chair design allows you to opt-out of installing the rests, so if they’re uncomfortable or you need more room, you can remove them.

It has a high-quality air height adjuster between 16.1 and 20 inches. It is essential that you follow the instructions for the best results and so as not to break any of the parts. However, it has a 30-day free exchange and returns policy with free parts within the first six months if anything does go wrong.


GTPOFFICE Gaming ChairGTPOFFICE Gaming Chair

This is one of the best chairs that you can get for its price. It has an impressively ergonomic design with extra help from the adjustable neck and lumbar support. The frame is metallic and strong, so you can count on it to last you years with minimal issues. Its armrests are padded, and although they are not adjustable, the height is quite comfortable for most people.

One of the must-have features in a gaming chair is a locking recliner, and this model doesn’t disappoint. It has a 90-170 degrees locking recliner that is suitable both when gaming and resting. It remains quite sturdy in any position. It has a 360-degree swivel supported by a five-point base and smooth and quiet casters that don’t scratch your floors.

Due to its sturdy frame, it can hold up to 330 pounds, and since the height is adjustable between 40.06 and 49.2 inches, it is great for any size person. It comes with easy assembly instructions, so you can be sitting in it within seconds.

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BestOffice Mesh Computer ChairBestOffice Mesh Computer Chair

This chair looks like a basic office model but works a lot better than some chairs made for gaming due to its numerous features. It has a mesh design that is quite comfortable and breathable with an ergonomic design. While it doesn’t come with a neck rest, the headrest is adjustable, so you can fix it to a height that is most comfortable for you.

If you are interested in a chair with adjustable arms at a great price, then this fits into that box. The arms are adjustable, and they recline as you adjust the chair to make it more comfortable. It is also one of the only two chairs on this list with a footrest. It goes under the seat, so you can choose to use it or not. The chair reclines up to 130 degrees, so it has two settings, which is what you would need when gaming.

It uses a commercial air lift to adjust the height. It has 360 degrees swivel with high-quality wheels that may not be as quiet, but it is bearable and doesn’t scratch the floors. Since it is quite lightweight, it can only support up to 250 pounds.


Polar Aurora Gaming ChairPolar Aurora Gaming Chair

This chair has a nice Racerback design that is synonymous with most gaming chairs. The frame is metallic, reliable, and durable, so it is a good quality chair for just a fraction of the price. It has an ergonomic design and a neck and lumbar support for comfort. These cushions are quite fluffy and soft.

It has lock recline up to 160 degrees with three main settings. It is quite sturdy when you lean back, so it is unlikely that it will ever tip. The armrests are well-padded and soft but are not adjustable, so it may be uncomfortable for some users. The casters have 360-degree swivel movement and are smooth, so they are almost completely quiet and don’t scratch floors.

The height is adjustable to your preferred height between 17.3 and 21.3 inches, which isn’t too high, so it is not best for high desks. Thanks to the sturdy frame and base, it can comfortably hold up to 300 pounds (recommended), but it may accommodate a bit more.


BestOffice Ergonomic Office ChairBestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair offers a bit more than many of the chairs on the list. For starters, it has a robust metallic frame. The high Racerback padded design is essential for comfort, allowing you to focus on gaming for hours. It comes with lumbar and neck support that is adjustable and removable.

The seat has a thick cushion for enhanced comfort and durability. It also features a footrest that comfortably slides under the seat. Just like any other excellent gaming chair, it has a locking reclining feature that goes down to 155 degrees and sits securely. The height is adjustable thanks to the commercial air lift to accommodate higher desks or taller users.

The wheels are smooth and quiet. They feature 360-degree swivel movement and are adequately supported by the five-point base. While this is a beautifully constructed chair, it can only support up to 250 pounds comfortably.

This is the second of the two chairs on this list with a footrest.


Giantex Racing Style ChairGiantex Racing Style Chair

If you are looking for a decent gaming chair to replace your regular office chair, this may satisfy that need. It has a beautiful high Racerback bucket design that enhances comfort, making this an excellent chair for long hours.

It can recline slightly to 30 degrees. The air spring cylinder works well to adjust the height between 17 and 21 inches. The wheels are smooth and don’t make a lot of noise, and they swivel 360 degrees to help in moving around with ease.

The armrests are ergonomic as well but aren’t adjustable, but you can choose to leave them off during assembly. This chair is quite lightweight and can hold only up to 264 pounds. It is a comfortable and breathable chair that will suit you well during your next gaming session.