The 18 Best Home Office Desks

Setting up your home office with a desk for the first time is not an easy task. Whether you are about to embark on the work-from-home lifestyle permanently, or simply need a place where you can take care of your extra assignments in peace, equipping your home office is the kind of project that requires smart investments and even cleverer choices.

This could be the first time where you get the chance to set up things exactly the way you want them – without having to ask for your superior’s stamp of approval or adjusting to the needs of your roommate or spouse. However, you won’t be able to pass the bill onto anybody else, either, so you will have to go the extra mile to find quality pieces that bring value back on every dollar spent. Also, space in your place is limited, but so is your tolerance for things that don’t look right.

To compile this list, we have scouted the top-rated brands and best values in order to select the best piece de resistance for your new home offices. We have tried to strike the perfect balance between practical budgets, pleasant design, and long-lasting materials – and we’ve made sure anything you choose can be delivered straight to you.

Leick Corner Computer and Writing DeskLeick Corner Computer and Writing Desk

Unless you are willing to turn your home into a cubicle farm, your best bet for a welcoming and warm home office is to make the most of the edges, nooks, and crannies that your home already has. Corners are particularly good for this. They often get overlooked or left to dust, as nothing quite seems to fit them.

The Leick Corner desk offers a comfortable arrangement for your desktop computer, a laptop, or even for old-school handwriting. Furthermore, it achieves this with a console-type design that won’t clash against any typical living room furniture, hiding away any bulky CPUs or rough drawers from prying eyes. This is a great option for those who need to share their home office with a living room, or who live in an open-plan loft but still need privacy in order to concentrate. It’s available in five color schemes: black, chocolate oak, burnished oak, dark oak iron, and mission oak.

Purchase / $216

The Airia Desk by Herman MillerThe Airia Desk by Herman Miller

Our first and most-famous choice has ended up being on the pricey range of things, but there is a reason for that. Unless you are an interior decorator, you will rarely hear people describe desks the way they describe works of art. However, the Airia desk is one of the few desks out there for which this is completely justified. This model deservedly won a Good Design Award when it was first released.

Designed a bit over ten years ago, the Airia desk was created to provide timeless lines for those who need space to spread out their work activities. It is thin and light with discrete but plentiful storage space and superb leg room. Neutral colors and sleek, wide legs make it a good fit for almost any surrounding décor style.

Purchase / $2500

nathan-james-51101-computer-desk-for-homeNathan James Telos Desk

Decorating a home office is an easier task if you can devote an entire room to it. However, for those who can’t give up their urban flats but still want to reserve an all-work, no-play space, the Telos desk by Nathan James offers a good combination between price, size, storage space, and functionality – all sprinkled with some Scandinavian minimalism, which never fails to make any room seem lighter and breezier.

This is a sturdy, solid wood option with enough space for any laptop and creative scratches or manual note-taking. It is easy to assemble and has floor protectors as well as resilient drawer handles. Thanks to its size, it is a great, stylish option for students who need their own study space.

Purchase / $170

Bowery Hill Computer DeskBowery Hill Computer Desk

Minimalistic design may be all the rage in design circles, but it doesn’t have to be your taste. There is something timeless and uniquely soul-warming about classic pieces with a vintage feel. If your home wants to evoke something a bit older than nuclear war or you simply miss wood cabins during the week, the Bowery Hill is a great choice.

Modeled after an apothecary desk, this model offers enough space for a large CPU, four large drawers, and a well-integrated flip-down panel for a keyboard or mouse so that they won’t take any space away from your reading materials. It’s available in cherry, milled cherry, and auburn cherry finishes.

Purchase / $397

Southern Enterprises Willingham Mounting Desk Southern Enterprises Willingham Mounting Desk

Maybe what you are after is not an entire room to serve as your independent headquarters – just a comfy corner where you can touch up some final projects before calling it a night. In this case, you should aim to make the best possible set up without throwing away half your empty space. So, why not set up a mounting desk?

If you only need to fit a laptop rather than a whole desktop, the Willingham home office desk offers a warm and efficient way to fold up a table, finish your pending tasks, and be on your merry way. Available in both dark brown and white, this desk includes a drawer, a corkboard, a paper organizer, and four compartments in addition to the foldable table.

Purchase / $73

TANGKULA Computer Desk and Study TableTANGKULA Computer Desk and Study Table

Simple design, easy to assemble, and without pretentions or frills, the TANGKULA is a great option for those who need a good value that will last them for years to come. This desk provides an ample workbench to accommodate either a desktop or laptop. It also includes four shelves to keep any desk supplies or important documents neatly organized.

This is a light model that won’t add too many hidden shipping fees to your final bill. However, thanks to its metal X-shaped frame structure, it will remain stable even if you are an aggressive typist or if a client ever makes you want to slam your fist against the table.

Purchase / $85

Ameriwood Home CarverAmeriwood Home Carver

This is a powerful model for the at-home CEO or for anyone who has naughty pets or wild children around the house but still needs to keep the money-making part of their lives safe and imposing.

The basic layout for this desk appears simple enough – a worktable, three drawers, a letter paper organizer, and ample leg room. However, a closer inspection reveals numerous ways in which this desk will adapt itself to your needs and your work style.

The worktable is discreetly divided into two independent sides, each one providing the opportunity to be adjusted or inclined for extra comfort. Ergonomic but elegant handles make the drawers appear functional but keep everything within reach. These extra features make assembly a bit more complicated than the standard 15-minute-long solo tasks that most brands advertise nowadays. You will need someone else to help you the first time, but, afterward, you’ll be set for years to come.

Purchase / $243

Monarch Ladder DeskMonarch Ladder Desk

If you really need to organize everything in as little space as possible, then the key is to start thinking vertically rather than horizontally. This ladder desk by Monarch offers a great way to do just that. It will allow you to arrange a computer, stationary, document binders, and all your essential business supplies in neatly stacked rows.

As a productivity solution for those who are just starting out with their home business, this offers two advantages. First, you will save space, but you will also save valuable time if you don’t have to go to your garage to look for whatever you are storing there. Also, this desk’s sleek black wood gives the whole set up an artsy vibe. And after work is done, you can easily arrange your sketchbooks on it.

Purchase / $137

South Shore Crea Desk and Craft CounterSouth Shore Crea Desk and Craft Counter

Modern at-home jobs are usually centered on the internet, and therefore, home office furniture is often little more than a space to set up a desktop. However, handcrafters and manual designers are still hiding among the rows of paperless freelancers, and they deserve the best desk that fits their needs.

The Crea Desk is, first and foremost, a creative space. Beyond the expected sturdiness of the structure, the surfaces are all scratch resistant. Colors are kept simple and clean to avoid interfering with your craft. However, its most noteworthy feature is the presence of interchangeable modules, which will allow you to store materials of varying sizes in the way that is most convenient to you (rather than to some obscure furniture designer).

As a bonus, this office desk is constructed solely from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. A recycled particleboard means that using this desk as your crafting area will not only help preserve the environment but will also keep all your creations child-friendly and lead-free.

Purchase / $260

Coaster Barritt Industrial Antique Writing DeskCoaster Barritt Industrial Antique Writing Desk

There is no need for your computer desk to look like a bland aluminum-and-plywood piece, no matter what you plan to place on top of it. Those of us who need to keep some natural elements around will always appreciate the elegance of an antique-style piece of furniture even if we crave the convenience of getting one without scouting hundreds of flea markets.

This writing desk merges the industrial-era worktable with Jane Austen’s writing desk. An unpolished, soft, nutmeg finish covers an ample space with spacious legroom, three separate drawers, and a stable layout. This model is ideal for graphic designers or architects who may need to spread over their work over a large table.

Purchase / $141

International Concepts OF-41 Writing DeskInternational Concepts OF-41 Writing Desk

From the name to its six sleek corners, this one of the best desks that brings both the garden and workshop into your home office. A crude-colored surface, slim legs, and an unassuming but surprisingly spacious drawer offer a chance to integrate the best of Scandinavian design with the homey elements that are already around you.

This desk has made the list as one of the best computer desks due to it featuring a very high-quality construction made completely from high-grade hardwood. This is how, despite its airy and leggy construction, the desk will remain stable and sturdy. The unfinished polish offers you an opportunity to customize the design for a fraction of what a hardwood desk usually costs.

Purchase / $121

AKRacing Summit Gaming DeskAKRacing Summit Gaming Desk

This is a bold design choice for those who like a powerful machine to get them through both work and play times. Originally meant to be a “gaming desk,” this AKRacing model offers hours of comfort for the workplace as well. It was, after all, designed with long hours of grinding and cramming in mind.

This desk is wide, soft, and comes with a built-in cable management system. You can mix in the black base with any of its four available finishes – green, blue, red, or white. This is not a desk meant to blend in with your pre-existing furniture. Keep the rest of your décor open to meet this desk halfway. It’s a powerful workhorse for anyone who works with computers. It’s perfect for anyone from programmers to accountants.

Purchase / $349

Rivet Mid-Century Reader DeskRivet Mid-Century Reader Desk

When you think back on your school days, the chances are that friends, assignments, and recess pranks fill your mind – not school desks. And yet you managed to spend over five hours a day on them, feeling comfortable enough that they blended into the landscape.

Rivet tackles both nostalgia and functionality with their mid-century inspired reader desk. Modeled after vintage school desks with some Mad-Men era tweaks, this hardwood piece of art provides a lot of writing and storage space for a relatively low price. It keeps many of the quiet perks of school desks (the chance to quickly hide a love note beneath the table, for example) and adds a walnut veneer finish.

Purchase / $123

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner DeskWalker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

The Soreno 3-Piece may be a bit of a project to install, but it adapts just as well for those who have access to a whole office room as to those who only need to set up a work corner. It’s cleverly made, yet beautiful, offering the opportunity to make the most out of every inch without looking cramped or cluttered.

The L-Shaped layout means you can keep clearly separate areas for your desktop computer, including a sliding tray for your keyboard and mouse, and a workspace for writing or drawing. A tempered glass surface and polished aluminum keep the final product modern and chic.

Purchase / $92

Contempo Computer DeskContempo Computer Desk

Many brands have tried to go the school desk route for their new home office desk models as they provide a good balance of functionality and ergonomic comfort. Most of these models, however, tend to be writing desks, not fully-featured computer desks.

This is where the Contempo offers a truly unique approach to the adult workspace or the futuristic secondary school. Thanks to its heavy duty tempered glass cover and its resistant keyboard tray, this desk combines a silver finish, round and soft lines, and a very efficient set up for those who need to keep things clean. Add an extended warranty and easy-to-follow assembly instructions, and you have a great way to kick-start your new work-from-home business in less than a weekend.

Purchase / $133

Ameriwood Home ParsonsAmeriwood Home Parsons

Sometimes, it’s not just space or time that’s lacking. Budget constraints might your most serious enemy. For the starting entrepreneur, sometimes, the only way to ensure you’ll make it to the end of the first fiscal year is to keep things simple now and upgrade later down the road.

However, this doesn’t mean you should settle for taking over your dining room table. The Ameriwood Parsons desk provides a very inexpensive but resilient workspace complete with a spacious drawer and 16 different color combinations. Choose whichever mixes best with your existing furniture or add a splash of daring décor to keep you motivated.

Purchase / $76

Lyfe Desk ConverterLyfe Desk Converter

Standing desks are now all the rage for both practicality and health reasons. This is why we have reserved the last two spots on our list for those who are ready to break the chains of the office chair. Whether you are migrating towards a paleo lifestyle or are simply a kinesthetic learner who needs to stay always on the move, the best transition choice will be a two-tier standing desk converter.

With a desk converter, you can easily switch back and forth from the conventional chair-based desk to a standing one. This model, in particular, offers two air-lift height adjustment levers that allow you to move your screen and keyboard up and down smoothly and silently. Also, its sturdy material will support a dual-screen setup for extra productivity.

Purchase / $125

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing DeskFully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

If you are 100% ready to embark on a standing lifestyle or are simply looking to drive yourself head-first into extra productivity, the Fully Jarvis standing desk is the best-value option for you.

Its high-grade aluminum frame is light and easy to adjust as it includes an electric system with memory for four height slots. The motorized system is silent and reliable to ensure your display won’t shake a bit too much while adjusting the height. The bamboo desktop has a scratch-resistant coating that keeps things looking clean and luminous.

Purchase / $445