The 15 Best Reading Chairs

If you read often (and you really should) then you know how important it is to have a comfortable place to do it. After all, when you dig into a good book, there is a good chance you’ll be in that seat for a while, so it needs to have all the right support and cushioning to keep you cozy. Whether you prefer a high-back chair to hold you upright and support your shoulders and neck while you turn each page or a more relaxed lounger that lets you recline while you read, there is the perfect reading chair out there for you. Not only can you find the perfect style, but you can definitely find a design that fits any interior in your home.

Dilleston Pillow Top ChaiseDilleston Pillow Top Chaise

This chaise is the perfect way to stretch out while you read, without sacrificing support for your neck and back. This faux leather lounger comes with two supporting pillows, one for your head and the other for your lumbar region, so you can easily find a comfortable spot to read. The pillow top cushion is equally as comfortable and includes a contrast double stitching that is modern and fashionable. The arched design even provides comfort and elevation for your lower body, as opposed to a flat style chaise. The chair comes in multiple neutral colors, all of which should match nicely with any home decor, and features metal plated legs that are durable and stylish.


Acacia Leather ChairAcacia Leather Chair

This chair is a roomy chair for those who prefer to sit upright when they read. The material is a light brown, creamy colored leather with quilted accents and legs sculpted from real wood. The chair includes a matching leather lumbar support pillow and plenty of space to get comfortable with a seat that is 22” wide, which is guarded by an armrest on either side. The chair sits low to the ground, so you really feel like your lounging and relaxing.


CB2 Pod Hanging ChairCB2 Pod Hanging Chair

This is a nifty little chair if your low in floor space or just love the idea of a little swing to your seat. It is essentially an egg-shaped wicker basket with a large cut out to allow you to nestle down inside. Fill it with your favorite accent cushions and you have a seat optimized for your comfort, or opt for the optional tufted cushion, which is weather resistant, meaning this is the perfect porch chair if you love to read outside. The basket is hand woven and includes a galvanized metal chain and hook, so you just need somewhere to hang it and a good book to help you settle in to your new (swing) chair.


Cuddler ChairCuddler Chair

This chair is perfect if you love to cuddle with a pet or young child while you read, and its deep, rounded design can make you feel cuddled even when reading alone. The fabric is a fusion of microfiber’s functionality and the soft, luxurious feel of velvet. The chair is on a swivel system that gives you 360 degree access to the room around you. The pegs are clad with plastic safeguards to prevent scratching even the most delicate wood flooring. The seat heights sits at about 18 inches high and the chairs core is made from high-density, supportive foam for extra cushioning and comfortability, no matter which position you choose. The chair has plenty of room for you to curl up as you please, even if you invite a friend. It is available in several different sleek neutrals and a bold blue or purple shade.


Bellanca Tufted Chaise LoungerBellanca Tufted Chaise Lounger

This chaise is easily described as both functional and fashionable. The polyester material is applied in an intricate quilted pattern, and available in several neutrals, including Ivory, as well as two bold color options: dark teal and deep red. The curvature of the chaise will conform to your lower body in most leisure positions and the straightened back helps offer support and a comfortable posture. The lightly colored wooden legs are crafted from birch, and the chaise will look great on its own or with your favorite throw pillows. It’s a pretty cozy reading spot for one person, with just over 2 feet of space in width. It sits a little higher that some other lounging furniture, so it looks sleek when paired with other day room furniture, but is low enough to the ground that you don’t feel like you’re stuck in the office. This chaise is a great place to stretch your legs and flip pages after a long day.


Dries Leather Sling Chair Dries Leather Sling Chair

If you prefer to sit a little higher up, this may be the chair for you. This sling chair is built on a durable metal frame and provides seating that is deep and cozy, allowing you to settle in and relax with ease. The simplistic design is great for the minimalist. The chair is made from aniline leather, which is naturally lush and soft, and has a waxy finish that ages with the seat to create a gorgeous antique look. The color is called “Nutmeg” and is as warm as you’d imagine. The seat sits at about 27.5” off the ground, and is lightweight and easily portable if you like to switch up your reading spot often.


Stone & Beam Mid-Century Leather Wingback ChairStone & Beam Mid-Century Leather Wingback Chair

This chair is sleek and sophisticated and brings an authentic, mid-century feel to any room. This professional looking chair will look great in any day room, but would also compliment your library or office perfectly. The straight back chair will create a comfortable, posture conscious position, while the premium leather cushions create a nice padding, even if you  love to sit and read for hours. The chair is made from real leather and wood, and is built to be durable enough to compliment its timeless look. The addition of the wingback adds a little flair that makes this a unique reading chair for any room in your home. It comes in two colors, both shades of warm brown, including Chestnut and Walnut.

Callan Chair and OttomanCallan Chair and Ottoman

The real wood frame is made from your choice of cherry wood, beech wood, or walnut that gives it a warm color and texture. The frame holds a contoured, well-cushioned seat that is 24” wide, with deep seating and a moderately high back that will help keep your back and hips well-supported as you read. The seat material is Trip linen, a blend of cotton, polyester, and acrylic that is tough and resists damage while also being soft to the touch. The cushioning is made from a high-density foam that is ultra supportive and won’t wear much over time. You can choose from several beautiful, warm neutral tones.


Antonina Plush Tufted ChaiseAntonina Plush Tufted Chaise

Here’s another lounge option that has a unique design and a chic color option. You can choose between three fabric materials, including medium beige, blue-grey, and dark charcoal, as well as two leather options, including ivory or dark brown. This is a flat-style chaise, which means you can easily enjoy any position you choose, including ones that may not be possible in an elevated chaise. The material is attached in a quilted design that is modern and adds a bit of detail to an otherwise simple piece of furniture. This chaise stands apart from many others because it includes an armrest on one side, which is a great addition for an avid reader. The four legs are crafted from birch and are detailed with a natural finish that compliments the simple design.


Book Nook Arm ChairBook Nook Arm Chair

Here’s another small option that’s great for your personal library or home office, but will also look great placed near a corner window or simply in your favorite reading spot. The design is simple and modern, but definitely not boring. It is available in multiple colors, including an off-white shade called “wheat,” which will seamlessly match any interior decor. The legs are finished with a “chocolate” shade that perfectly accents the lighter colored fabric. The fabric is plush and soft, and the chair sits at a moderate height from the ground and includes a straight back, so it’s perfect for you if you sit up straight to read. The chair is just over 26” wide and 32” high, so it is easily fit into virtually any space, and moving it around is no hassle at all.


Bryant Corner ChairBryant Corner Chair

This reading chair is a comfortable, roomy option for those who love intricate, unique furniture. Not only is it topped with pillowy, plush cushions that are sure to keep you comfortable even if you read for a while, but the triangular “corner cut” design is similar to the corner wedge of a sectional couch, so it is small enough to move around or fit into any room, but large enough to comfortable read, even if you invite a little guest, like a child or a pet, to sit with you. The three large pillows are easily adjusted to fit your needs, and the chair is available in two colors, including Bella Navy and Taylor Felt Grey. There are also multiple options to customize this comfy chair to fit your needs.


Wegner Wing ChairWegner Wing Chair

This chair is another sleek mid-century design that features the crisp lines of a wingback, along with bold black leather. Together, these features help to make this chair a definite statement piece in any room. Plus, it is incredibly roomy at over 36 inches wide, with an armrest on either side for complete functionality while reading. The chair features a deep back and totals just over 40 inches high, with a seat height of 15.7 inches. The solid beech frame and stainless steel legs are secure and will withstand wear and tear. The chair is lightweight and easy to move around. You can also find the chair in light grey and dark grey leather, along with a matching footstool that turns this high-profile business chair into a lounger, meaning you can read in whatever position you see fit.


kardiel Womb Chair and OttomanKardiel Womb Chair and Ottoman

This is another statement piece that is unique, but more suited for a minimalistic design. The chair features a deep seating position and high back that is perfectly slanted for lounging, which complements the foot rest perfectly. The seat is 16.5 inches high and around 37 inches wide, so you have plenty of room to find a comfortable position. The hand stitched seat is made from Cashmere, so you can probably guess just how luxurious this seat feels. The frame is made from stainless steel that won’t bend or break, even if you move the chair around frequently (which is easy, because it isn’t heavy at all). There are multiple stylish color options, including some neutrals and some bold shades, like a bright orange or baby blue.

Haotian Rocking Lounger Haotian Rocking Lounger

This is a perfect mix of a lounging chaise and a rocking chair that doesn’t lack in the style department either. The rocking lounger features an intricate, curved wooden frame and sleek black sitting surface that is angled for the most comfortable reclined position possible and provides good support for the back and hips as well. The position is adjustable and features 5 different options, so you can easily find the best position for you, or switch is up when you find yourself stuck in a good book. The chair also features an integrated footrest, so you can easily kick your feet up to relax. It comes in multiple solid colors, including light grey, cream, red, and black.


Eames Lounge Chair and OttomanEames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

If you are looking for luxury, you found it. This might even be the most luxurious reading chair on the market, and it is definitely often sought out by people with a taste for design. This reading lounger is made from soft, real leather combined with a real wood frame, which is curved just enough to offer the perfect relaxed lounging position for delving into a good novel or reading the morning paper. The including matching ottoman lets you kick up your feet after a long day. The chair was designed after a “well-used first baseman’s mitt,” so you can imagine how cozy the deep, cushioned seat must be. The chair is held to the highest possible standard and each unit is handcrafted and inspected to ensure quality and durability. The sophisticated, modern design will look great anywhere you put it, and is sure to offer an inviting seat for reading day after day.



Choose a Chair for Comfort and Quality

There are any things to consider when choosing a reading chair for your home. For instance, you may want a lounger, or more serious high-back option to keep you upright. You may prefer warm neutrals, or you may be a fan of the bold and brilliant options we listed above. Other deciding factors may be maneuverability, or how easily you can move your favorite chair around the house.

No matter which you choose, you can rest assured that all of these chairs are top of the line in comfort and quality, so you can make it your favorite daily spot for years to come. Think of a reading chair as an investment that will provide you warmth and comfort every time you turn a page. If you choose the right chair, you may be so comfortable you never want to put your book down.