Best Men’s Subscription Boxes for 2021: Nuanced & Niche

If you were a kid in the nineties, you might remember the subscription service that gave you a dozen CDs for only a few pennies. You’d convince your parents that this was a sweet deal, and a few weeks later, your music would arrive, and then more would show up. Soon enough, your parents were breathing down your neck because their credit card charges equated to more than the pennies you’d intended. Subscription services have come a long way, and now the best men’s subscription boxes contain a multitude of desirable products you never knew you needed.

Men’s clothing subscription boxes, for instance, can bring you threads from new businesses and even tailor your style to help you round out the look you’re after. Men’s subscription boxes range from hair care to toys, all the way to food and beverages. We’ve spent many hours scouring the internet for you and narrowed down a list of the best subscription boxes for men and think you’ll like what we found. Check it out!

The Best Subscription Box for Men

funko marvel gift subscription box for men

Funko Marvel Gift Subscription Box for Men (BEST CHOICE)

Everyone knows the adult male who’s still seriously into Marvel comics; there’s no shame in it! In fact, almost half of Marvel’s audience these days is adults, so get him something that he will really love. The Funko Marvel Gift Subscription Box for Men delivers every other month and brings four to six collectibles to his door.

Each box offers an opportunity to explore the wide variety of Funko collectibles carefully. Each product is hand-selected for the box and designed with attention to detail and originality. This forethought ensures that the contents are highly desirable by collectors. This box and its contents connect you to your favorite marvel characters and their story. Funko has a unique and fun take on Marvel characters that the man in your life will surely enjoy!

And for ladies, we have selected top gift subscription boxes for women. Don’t miss them.

Key Features:

  • Delivered every two months
  • Celebrates Marvel moments and crossovers
  • Four to five collectibles per shipment
  • Each month’s shipment gives a hint about the next shipment


gentleman's box accessories gift subscription box for men

Gentleman’s Box Accessories Gift Subscription Box for Men

The Gentleman’s Box comes to you straight from Detroit. This company shipped its first box way back in 2014 and continues to deliver great value to its customers each month. Each box is hand-crafted with items specifically chosen to bring the art of being a gentleman back into fashion. With over $100 of value in each box, the recipient of this great gift can expect to see things like socks, ties, wallets, suspenders, and many other items that help round out a great outfit.

The Gentleman’s Box Accessories Gift Subscription Box for Men includes a small magazine called The Gentleman’s Post, packed with tips and tricks on each product in that month’s selection. This edition also contains information about the gentleman of the month that they curated the box after, so you can embody his spirit a bit as you don each of the accessories. Of the monthly men’s subscription boxes on this list, this one is best for the man who’s already got a sense of style but wants to take it a step further to improve his game.

Key Features:

  • Delivered monthly
  • Join a community of gentlemen
  • Each monthly box is inspired by one gentleman
  • Over $100 of value in each box
  • Four to six fashion accessories


breo box lifestyle gift subscription box for men

BREO BOX Lifestyle Gift Subscription Box for Men

The BREO Box is one of the more popular monthly gift boxes for guys available through Amazon. This award-winning box offers five to eight unique products every three months ranging from tech, gadgets, Bluetooth speakers, coffee, and tea products, as well as a wide range of home goods you never knew you needed! The BREO Box is one of the few “men’s” subscription boxes on the list that is as good for a man as it is for a woman.

BREO BOX Lifestyle Gift Subscription Box For Men prides itself on relying on industry experts to identify emerging trends for consumers. Their group includes items from categories of products that are probably familiar but with new and innovative improvements on the product line. With three months separating each shipment, you can be sure that the man (or woman) in your life will be surprised and thrilled every time the BREO Box arrives!

Key Features:

  • Delivered every three months
  • For men or women
  • Winner of 2019 SUBTA Cube Award for the best box design
  • Wide range of product samples
  • Seasonal selections


fit snack healthy snack gift subscription box for men

Fit Snack Healthy Snack Gift Subscription Box for Men

If you’ve got a real fitness nut in your family, or just someone who loves to snack but wants to dial in their nutrition, the Fit Snack Healthy Snack Gift Subscription Box for Men is an excellent option! Monthly gift boxes for guys rarely prioritize their health, so it’s cool to see a service focused on keeping them on track with their diet.

This monthly men’s subscription box service delivers healthy snacks for adults and kids alike. Each month a nutritionist sifts through the endless supply of junk food and picks out healthy options for the man in your life. Up to ten premium healthy snacks ranging from chips, beef jerky, seed and nut blends, and more arrive ready to eat.

Key Features:

  • Healthy snacking selections
  • Items selected by a nutritionist
  • Healthy for kids and adults
  • Seasonal selections
  • Fitness tips included


the winston box clothing gift subscription box for men

The Winston Box Clothing Gift Subscription Box for Men

Bigger gentlemen often get overlooked when it comes to delivery boxes and fashionable clothes, but The Winston Box is the perfect choice for that bigger guy in your life. Each month Wintson’s team of fashion experts select items perfect for larger gentlemen, giving them the confidence they need to go about their day in confidence.

Every month two to three garments are hand-selected and shipped to lucky recipients. These fashionable choices are affordable, look great, and offer free exchanges if the sizing isn’t just right. From XL to XXXXXXLT, The Winston Box Clothing Gift Subscription Box for Men is a great choice that solves a common problem for the big guy you care about most.

Key Features:

  • Monthly delivery
  • Two to three items per month
  • Sizes from XL-XXXXXXLT
  • Free size exchanges


cairn outdoor men's subscription gift boxes

Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box for Men

We here at Improb know that getting outside is synonymous with having the right gear, and Cairn, the first outdoor-focused gift box, has been delivering the goods since 2014. In each Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box for Men, the lucky recipient will find new pieces of outdoor gear and snacks sure to motivate and inspire exploration. The Cairn team comprises outdoor enthusiasts and partners with new and existing brands to seek out the best outdoor gear.

Brands often lean on Cairn as a part of their rollout strategy for new products or even new company launches. When you buy into the Cairn family of product boxes, you’ll occasionally receive something so new you won’t even know you needed it.

Key Features:

  • Monthly delivery
  • $50 in value delivered in each box
  • The original box for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Food and equipment
  • Outdoor inspiration


carnivore club meat subscription box for men

Carnivore Club Meat Subscription Box for Men

The carnivore diet is all the rage these days (thanks, Rogan), and if you’ve got a meat-lover in your life, we’ve got the men’s subscription box for you! The Carnivore Club curates artisanal meats that will expose your favorite guy to new cuts, new preparations and expand his tastes. Each month, four to six handcrafted cured meats totaling 20 to 32 ounces will land on the door of your favorite meat-loving dude.

While most meat requires the benefit of refrigeration, the Carnivore Club ships you cured meat that is vacuum-sealed to keep freshness locked in and skips the need to keep it cool. Carnivore Club Meat Subscription Box for Men contains a meat-eaters guide that will walk the recipient through everything included in the package for the month.

Key Features:

  • Delivered monthly
  • Four to six items per month
  • Three subscriptions options:
  • Refrigeration not necessary
  • Meat eaters handbook included


gainz box premium fitness subscription box for men

Gainz Box Premium Fitness Subscription Box for Men

If you know a special someone who is always on the Gainz Train, you might want to investigate the Gainz Box. These hand-selected subscription boxes include all sorts of functional exercise accessories and ways to improve the pump. Some of the biggest names in CrossFit training endorse the Gainz Box as the way to get the goods before anyone else.

Gainz Box Premium Fitness Subscription Box for Men typically ship with products designed to help you get in the gym and get your workout on. Still, they also occasionally contain stuff to help you recover. The May 2019 box was all about rest and recovery, focusing on critical items to help you rebuild muscle and get ready to jump back into the gym. June of that same year was their “Pounds and Puppies” box, which had a t-shirt that read “Fitness Goal: Pet More Dogs,” a sentiment we certainly cannot disagree with.

Key Features:

  • Male and female option
  • Special gift included every three months
  • Each box is valued at double the cost
  • Functional gear for exercising
  • Customized by size


battlbox survival and outdoor gear men's subscription gift boxes

BattlBox Survival & Outdoor Gear Subscription Box for Men

You don’t have to be a prepper who buries cash in mason jars in your back yard to do a little contingency planning for the inevitable. Sometimes a little supply and food stash can go a long way in terms of peace of mind, and we’re all about a little peace of mind. One thing that’s great about the BattlBox Survival & Outdoor Gear Subscription Box for Men is that it has four options ranging from Basic to Pro Plus. The higher-level packages also include a Knife of the Month (KOTM), which ensures that you’ve always got something sharp on hand because you never know when an Amazon package needs opening or a seatbelt needs cut.

Everyday Carry (EDC) plays a big role in each of the levels of support in the BattleBox. Whether you have a regular 9-to-5 or live in the jungle, many of the items in each delivery will be great for your daily routine.

Key Features:

  • Delivered monthly
  • Four box sizes available
  • Mission card (included) outlines box contents and features
  • Five to nice products included
  • Perfect for the survivalist


sock fancy subscription box for men

Sock Fancy Subscription Box for Men

Thanks to brands like STANCE, the sock game has been elevated to a whole new level. What was something you’d want to keep covered with your trousers, socks are now a thing to show off; free the ankle! Sock Fancy has recognized this evolution and decided to create a delivery service dedicated to delivering you the best way to keep your feet warm and in style with their men’s-specific subscription boxes.

Each month Sock Fancy Subscription Box for Men ships a single pair of combed cotton socks directly to your favorite guy, either crew or no-shows. They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his feet, so this year hit your guy right in the feels while keeping his toes toasty.

Key Features:

  • Delivered monthly
  • One pair of socks per month
  • Two sizing options
  • High quality combed cotton


datebox club subscription box for men

DateBox Club Subscription Box for Men

Keeping a relationship fun and interesting can be a full-time job, whether it’s just selecting a great movie or planning a full date night. This statement is not to say that it’s not important, just that it can be a lot of work. That’s where DateBox Club Subscription Box for Men steps in to support your budding relationship or revive the one you’ve been in for years. Each month, the DateBox crew finds new and unique ways to couple people through games, snacks, and interesting experiences.

Every month, a box will arrive at the recipient’s door designed specifically to evoke new experiences and continue to grow the bond between the couple. The great part about this service is that it is great for every couple; who doesn’t love a good board game?

Key Features:

  • Delivered monthly
  • A budget-friendly alternative to date nights
  • Keeps things interesting
  • Perfect for any level of relationship
  • Keeps it PG!


bbq box barbecue subscription box for men

BBQ Box Barbecue Subscription Box for Men

There’s a whole wide world of barbeque out there these days, and though the technique is as old as time, the market is stepping in with more ways to make it tastier than ever. Of the four master sauce bases, there’s an entire world of variations on these classics. Working your way through them all can be tough. That’s why BBQ Box exists, to help you work your way through the wide variety of selections.

Each month, BBQ Box Barbecue Subscription Box for Men will arrive at your favorite apron wearer’s door with one sauce or marinade, one rub or spice, one snack, one sample package of premium wood chips or planks, and one recipe highlighting featuring the contents of that month’s box. This service is a fantastic way to break a guy’s habit of always slathering a sirloin with mustard and pepper and straight-up grilling it. There are a million ways to bring a cookout to life, give him the gift of variety. You’ll love it, too!

Key Features:

  • Delivered monthly
  • Five products
  • Custom recipe included
  • US shipping only



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