Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Patio Balcony or Backyard

Fall is creeping quickly around the corner; that means shorter days in the sun and long nights around the fire. Summer festivities may have brought a bittersweet end to your old patio furniture. As you gear up for crisp fall days and cozy nights, you need to revamp your backyard patio furniture. Check out our guide to the best outdoor patio furniture on the market to make the most of this patio season.

The Best Outdoor Furniture

1. u-max 7 piece outdoor patio furniture set

U-MAX 7 Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture Set (BEST CHOICE)

Starting with our best choice, the U-MAX 7-Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is an exceptional pick. It is a chocolate brown polyethylene (PE) rattan with a powder-coated steel frame. The steel is rust-resistant, and the rattan is handwoven for tight and precise weaves with a UV protective finish. The cushions are tan, water-resistant, and have UV protection to decrease fading and wear from outdoor elements. The cushion covers are zippered and machine washable. This set has all the features to keep it looking new for longer.

This backyard set will seat four to six people comfortably. It is customizable so that you can choose your set up based on your backyard or patio space. The set includes four single armless chairs, two corner chairs, one coffee table with a tempered glass top, and six cushion sets. The included furniture clips will keep the seats together; however, you choose to arrange them. The necessary hardware and a detailed manual for assembly come with this outdoor furniture set. With construction estimated to take an hour, you’ll be enjoying your new patio space in no time.

Purchasehomall 4 pieces outdoor furniture sets

Homall 4 Pieces Outdoor Furniture Set

The Homall Four-Piece Outdoor Furniture set is a no-brainer as patio furniture for small spaces, and it won’t break the bank. With one double sofa, two single chairs, and a center table with tempered glass, it’s great for apartment patios or a front porch. Each piece has a strong steel frame covered with resin wicker or synthetic PE rattan.

The rattan is an all-weather material and will stand up to harsh weather conditions. The cushions are beige against a brown rattan. They are water-resistant and machine-washable with a hassle-free zipper. Assembly won’t take long but be sure to look over the pieces thoroughly and place all screws in designated parts before tightening them down for ease.


u-max outdoor furniture dining set

U-MAX Outdoor Furniture Dining Set

If you’re looking for outdoor patio furniture set for dining outside, look no further. For those looking for an outdoor eating setup specifically, the U-Max Patio Furniture Dining Set stands out as a bargain. This set includes two single armrest loveseats, one corner loveseat, one table, and three ottomans. The ottomans can be footrests or extra seating around the table.

The cushions are incredibly comfortable; they are a sponge, wrapped sandwich style with cotton, then covered with rain-resistant zippered covers that are machine-washable. The adjustable feet on the furniture eliminate any chances of wobbliness on uneven patios or other outdoor spaces. The rattan design is lightweight but sturdy. A manual and tools accompany the set for easy assembly.

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best choice products 7-piece modular outdoor furniture set

Best Choice Products 7-Piece Modular Outdoor Furniture Set

The Best Choice Products 7-piece Modular Outdoor Conversational Furniture Set not only looks stylish and sleek but is a deal full of extras. The outdoor furniture set includes a protective covering, two accent pillows, and ten seat-fastener clips for attaching the chairs in customizable setups. Using the single chairs and two corner chairs, you can shape the collection as a large L-shaped couch, or three love seats, or a U-shaped set up around the included coffee table. Whatever you’re space requires, this outdoor patio set will fit your need.

The frame is a rust-resistant, powder-coated steel frame wrapped with high-quality wicker. The cushions are machine-washable with zippers. The extra plush cushions will fade in the sun, but the water-resistant protective covering offers UV protection to preserve your outdoor patio furniture. Directions and hardware for assembly are in the box, and the pieces come with labels for a straightforward construction.

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amolife 7 pieces sofa set outdoor furniture

Amolife 7 Pieces Sofa Set Outdoor Furniture

The Amolife Seven-Piece PE Rattan Sofa Chair Outdoor Sectional is another ideal set for custom shaped sectionals. With two corner chairs and four singles, it will comfortably seat six people, and you can choose how you’d like to set up your space. The black weather-resistant, PE rattan wicker looks sophisticated against any background. The contrast with the plush tan cushions will keep your guests admiring your new furniture all evening long.

The price for this outdoor patio sectional is a bargain compared to other outdoor furniture sets. And with removable, machine-washable covers for the cushions, steel frame, and a table embedded with tempered glass, this outdoor furniture set will last plenty of late summer nights. Adjustable feet on the chairs and table allow it to steady on any surface, and the furniture clips keep the chairs from inching away from each other.

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ovios outdoor furniture sets with table and pillow

ovios Outdoor Furniture Sets With Table And Pillow

ovios paid close attention to detail while designing their outdoor patio furniture set. The structure is ideal for all-day comfort in the backyard. The inclined backrests for ergonomic seating, with broad handrails and four-inch cushions of this medium-sized sofa and chair set, scream ‘sit and relax.’ The gray-denim blue cushions and two included throw pillows would look perfect in any lake or beach house. The cushions are water-resistant, UV-protected, machine washable, and the handwoven wicker promise sturdiness and longevity.

Compared to other best outdoor patio furniture picks, the downfall is the versatility of this set. The ovios Patio Furniture is a three-seat sofa with two chairs and two ottomans. You do not have the luxury of a variety of setups with this set, although the two ottomans double as tables and extra chairs if necessary. Assembly is said to be more challenging than others, but with dedication should not be too daunting.

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7. devoko 5 pieces outdoor furniture set with cushion and glass table

Devoko 5 Pieces Outdoor Furniture Set With Cushion And Glass Table

If you’re looking for a sectionals’ versatility but don’t need ample seating, the Devoko Five-Piece Patio Furniture set is a great choice. It can comfortably seat four people versus the usual six or seven of other sectional patio furniture. The backyard patio set is two corner chairs, one chair, one ottoman chair, and a coffee table. Combine the ottoman chair and corner chair for a lounger bed or line all the chairs in a row for a sofa and an ottoman footrest. Make a double daybed set up with the coffee table in between for a lounge day at the pool.

The beige cushions are durable, water-resistant, and washable and have tabs to attach to the chairs to stop the cushions from sliding off. The high-quality PE wicker can withstand all-weather conditions but store the cushions inside for longevity when not in use. This outdoor furniture set does not come with furniture clips, so be mindful of any potential shifting before sitting down. The average time spent assembling this patio set is two hours, with detailed instructions and tools included.

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tuoze 5 pieces sofa set with glass coffee table outdoor furniture

Tuoze 5 Pieces Sofa Set With Glass Coffee Table Outdoor Furniture

The Tuoze Five-Piece Patio Furniture Sectional Set will add a bright pop of color to any patio or backyard. The blue cushions and the additional red throw pillows contrasted against the dark brown PE rattan wicker will look great in any setting. It’s another excellent choice if you’d prefer a sectional but don’t need ample seating. If you enjoy the Devoko versatility but didn’t need extra ottoman seating and instead want a table, the Tuoze patio set is for you.

The table is heat-resistant, tempered glass with four suction cups in the corners to adhere to the glass. The broad arms and plump cushions are comfortable enough for extended get-togethers. Adjustable height screws in the legs eliminate wiggle room on uneven patios. Open your backyard for friends and family with this Tuoze set that won’t break the bank.

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wisteria lane 4 piece outdoor furniture set

Wisteria Lane 4 Piece Outdoor Furniture Set

The Wisteria Lane Four-Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture set is a low profile, small yet high-quality set which features two chairs, one loveseat, and a tempered glass rattan table. The table has an additional lower shelf for pool towels or an extra weighted blanket. It has a galvanized steel frame and handwoven PE rattan. It is weather-resistant and will not rust or fade. The light gray cushions are washable and paired with the quality rattan make for a long-lasting outdoor patio set that is easy to clean and maintain.

Because of the size, it would suit a smaller patio area or balcony well. There are cheaper backyard sets for smaller spaces; you’re spending a touch more for quality, but you’re getting a steal in the grand scheme of patio furniture prices.

The estimated assembly time is shy of two hours, and an included detailed manual and hardware will speed up the build time.


pamapic 7 pieces outdoor furniture with tea table and washable cushions

PAMAPIC 7 Pieces Outdoor Furniture With Tea Table And Washable Cushions

Lay back and relax with the PAMAPIC Seven-Piece Patio Furniture. It would be hard not to indulge a sunny afternoon snooze in this outdoor patio set’s reclining corner seat. The recliner has four different adjustments, perfect for a nap, reading, or enjoying a happy hour beverage. Aside from the corner recliner, the pieces can fit into different combinations around the coffee table based on your backyard’s shape or size.

The black rattan is UV-protected and water-resistant, and the steel frame is resistant to rust and corrosion. The bright blue cushions have zippers and are machine-washable. Small details create a stand-out backyard set — furniture clips, fasteners that keep pillows in place, and raised feet for effortless movement. Easy to read instructions make the tricky corners pain-free and keep assembly under two hours!

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furnimy 7 pcs outdoor furniture with tempered glass coffee table

Furnimy 7 PCS Outdoor Furniture With Tempered Glass Coffee Table

If darker rattan is not what you’re looking for, then the Furnimy Seven-Piece Outdoor Furniture set is the choice for you. The price of this set is on par with the others on our list. The rattan is a light gray and tan mixture, paired with tan cushions and two red accent throw pillows that bring together the ensemble. It comes with two corner chairs, four chairs, and a table with a tempered glass top; you’re free to set the furniture up in any configuration you’d like and then fasten the chairs together with the furniture clips to prevent movement. And it’s perfect for sunny spaces, as the gray rattan won’t take on as much heat as darker backyard patio furniture.

It is a quality PE rattan wicker with a steel frame. The cushions are not rain-resistant, so covering the furniture or stowing the cushions and pillows will be a must during wet weather.

Shipped with the set are the instructions, hardware, and tools for assembly. To avoid frustration, align, and place all screws before tightening them down.

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ohana collection outdoor furniture

Ohana Collection Outdoor Furniture

If you’re not inclined to DIY work and money isn’t a hindering factor, note the Ohana Seven-Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture. It requires no assembly other than choosing the setup you’d like. The set comes with two corner sofas, two chairs, two large ottomans, and one coffee table; you can spend the time it would’ve taken to assemble the furniture figuring out the best arrangement for your backyard.

The frame is lightweight aluminum, and the handwoven PE resin wicker is black. Cushions are water-resistant, and the covers are removable for easy machine-washing. The backrest cushions are a trapezoid shape, creating a comfortable ergonomic position. Velcro stitched onto the back and underside of cushions keeps them in place. The purchase includes a free protective covering, so you’ll never have to make room in the garage for cushions during the wet season. A three-year warranty on the wicker and a one-year warranty on the fabric ensures your purchase is protected.

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homall outdoor furniture daybed with retractable canopy

Homall Outdoor Furniture Daybed With Retractable Canopy

For a unique and, potentially, less gathering-oriented outdoor furniture set, the Homall Patio Daybed with Retractable Canopy. It is similar in material and features as other options, but it’s much different in versatility and shape. The daybed can be one circle or two semi-circles — one covered with a backrest and one half moon ottoman — instead of the traditional L-shaped sectional or loveseat and chair combo. Perfect for shady poolside slumbers and enjoying a lazy day reading outside.

It is all-weather PE rattan with a steel frame. The lightweight material makes it easy to maneuver around a patio or pool deck. A telescopic pull rod controls the adjustable canopy. The four cushions and three throw pillows are all easy to clean and maintain. Hardware for assembly comes included, and it is best to put together with two people.


Features to Look for in Outdoor Furniture

When making decisions tied to a hefty price tag, it’s best to know what you’re looking for, or at least have some parameters. Outdoor patio furniture is not a purchase where you want to skimp. You’ll want something that will last and be adaptable to each season. Below are features to look for when choosing the best outdoor patio furniture for you.

Size – To avoid return shipping costs or potential mishaps, make sure you measure your backyard or patio space. Most outdoor furniture sets are shipped in multiple heavy boxes and would cost a fortune to send back. It would be frustrating if you were halfway through the assembling process only to realize what you ordered is way too big or not big enough.

outddor furniture near a swimming pool

Material – Thoroughly research the materials used in the construction of the furniture. Different composites make different materials susceptible to various wear and tear — cracking, warping, discoloration, heat retention, mold and rotting, corrosion, and rust. Genuine rattan will not hold up in all weather conditions as well as synthetic rattan. Steel, unless treated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion sealant, will rust and wither if left in the elements for long periods. Make sure the materials will withstand the climate you live in and support the lifestyle you have.

Style – The style of the patio furniture can depend on usage, personal preferences, or limitations with space. Outdoor furniture can be fixed or modular (separate pieces fitting together in different combinations) for adapting to various events or crowds.

Seating Capacity – Consider how many people you’ll potentially have sitting around and on your new outdoor furniture. Do you entertain frequently, or is this furniture just for you and your family? Be careful to cross-reference seating capacity with how much space you’re working with for optimal seating within the area available.

Weather-resistant – Different climates are going to call for various features. If you live in Arizona, water-resistance might come second to cool fabric with UV-protection. Or if you’re a Pacific-Northwest resident, steel might not be the best choice for the humid atmosphere, and water-resistant cushions are a must. Rattan can be great for all weather conditions but, again, cross-reference it with the material. Remember, synthetic rattan will hold up to weather conditions and constant exposure better than real rattan.

Comfort – Relaxing outside is the epitome of long summer nights and get-togethers with old friends. But letting loose is difficult if you’re uncomfortable. Look for ergonomic designs — curved backrests, cushions promoting natural posture, and taller cushions for backrests that support your neck. Seat cushions are usually a combination of sponge material, wrapped in cotton, and covered with a washable cover. They typically range between three and four inches, but a thicker cushion doesn’t always mean a comfier cushion.

Maintenance – Look at what it takes to increase the lifespan of the furniture. You just spent a pretty penny on outdoor patio furniture you’d like to last. Most PE rattan patio sets will be UV-protected and all-weather resistant out of the box; maintenance can be as simple as wiping down with a damp cloth. Cushion covers are machine-washable, and some may require covering to decrease the color fading. If you are concerned about your investment, look at the options with a free protective cover included.

outdoor furniture besides potted flowers

Outdoor Furniture FAQ

What type of outdoor furniture is the most durable?

Metal outdoor furniture will be the most durable, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks. It is heavy, making it hard to maneuver and near impossible to ship. Metal absorbs heat, sometimes retaining enough heat that the furniture is uncomfortable or unable to sit on. Wicker furniture is a great middle ground. It typically has a metal— stainless steel or aluminum — frame, treated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion sealant, then wrapped with rattan and integrated into the handwoven construction. Wicker outdoor furniture boasts the strength and durability of metal furniture while eliminating heavyweight and heat retention.

Can you leave the patio furniture outside in winter?

You can do anything with your furniture during the winter. But bear in mind that protecting your outdoor patio furniture will increase your investment’s life and integrity. If you have space, move your furniture into a garage or shed during the winter months to keep out moisture, critters, and debris. A protective cover will also suffice to shield the furniture from UV rays, rain, and snow.

How long should the outdoor furniture last?

There is no right or wrong answer. Ideally, it lasts year after year. But your outdoor patio furniture’s longevity depends on materials’ durability, how well you care for your furniture, your region’s climate, and how often you use your outdoor furniture.

outdoor furniture near a fireplace

Is wicker or rattan better?

They are two entirely different concepts. Wicker refers to the furniture style or the weave construction of the furniture. Rattan is a natural fiber grown in Asia and a popular material for wicker furniture. Currently, most wicker furniture is a synthetic rattan called polyethylene rattan or resin wicker.

How do you weatherproof your outdoor furniture?

Depending on the outdoor furniture you choose, it can already be weatherproof. Typically, PE rattan or synthetic rattan is already resistant to water and ultraviolet light. If it does not state that any weatherproofing is standard, you can apply a coat of sealer to your furniture set to protect it from the elements.