The 12 Best Foldable Mattresses

Foldable mattresses are a great addition to any home or camping trip. They come in different materials that make them perfect for any someone who might be using them. The fold-up design makes it easy to store them out of sight and prevent them from taking up large amounts of room in a small space.

Foldable mattresses are great for someone who might have a guest staying over but don’t have an extra bed to spare. You can get them in memory foam and with a machine washable cover so that your guest is always comfortable for the night. Some even come with little storage cases that make it easy to pick up and put away once your guest is done using it.

They also make camping much more comfortable. If you are someone who prefers to camp with a good old fashion tent, but can’t stand sleeping on the hard ground, a foldable mattress is an excellent solution for you. They come in small and compact sizes that make them easy to carry on a camping trip, and at the end of the day, they fold out to a nice and comfortable spot to sleep.

Here are the best foldable mattresses.

Milliard Tri Folding Memory Foam MattressMilliard Tri Folding Memory Foam Mattress

The Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress is made of ultra-soft memory foam that is perfect of a good nights sleep. The memory foam is also ventilated for air flow for those hotter nights, but still provides support for those who might have more back discomfort than others. The mattress is made up for 6 inches of memory foam, 4.5 inches of which is a supportive foam base. A supportive base might be important to someone with back problems.

The mattress also comes with a removable cover, making washing a breeze. It is perfect for camping trips or unexpected guest who need a temporary place to sleep. It comes in twin, full, and queen sizes. The tri-fold system makes it easy to store in small places and have out of the way until it is needed again.

The Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress makes an excellent solution for unexpected sleeping needs. The techniques used to make it both cool and supportive means that either you or your guest will not have to sacrifice a good nights sleep just because they are on a foldable mattress. Everyone deserves a good nights sleep.


Compact Technologies Portable Mattress-Folding Memory Foam Guest Fold Up BedCompact Technologies Portable Mattress-Folding Memory Foam Guest Fold Up Bed

This mattress by Compact Technologies is designed to be highly compact, portable, and comfortable. It folds up in three sections and comes with a case that had handles. This makes it easy to squeeze into tight spaces when being stored or easy to carry on trips. It is made out of a super soft memory foam that also makes it lightweight.

This fold-out camping mattress does not offer a cover, so washing is not something that can easily be done. It will have to be wiped down and will hold stains easily. This means that if you want to take it on a camping trip, you might want to buy a separate cover for it. It is also not made with any breathable materials so it might not be ideal for hotter climates.

The carrying case with handles does make it easy to pull out when needed or carry it from one location to the next. This might be something that is important to you if you are going on a long trip that requires a lot of hiking to the campsite.

Being on the softer side of foldable mattresses, it might not be perfect for someone who needs a lot of support or someone who will be sleeping on it for an extended period of time. It is important to know how long and where you will be using this mattress before deciding if it is the right fit for you.


Inofia Memory Foam Tri-fold MattressInofia Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress

The Inofia Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress is another foldable mattress that comes with a removable cover. Removable covers are important if you think you will need to clean the mattress at any time. A normal mattress cannot simply be cleaned, but if they have a protective cover, the cover can be removed and washed to get rid of any dirt, debris, or stains.

The mattress is also made out of breathable materials to prevent any sweating or discomfort throughout the night. It is super soft and plushy as well. It is important to know if the person who is going to be sleeping on it needs a softer or firm mattress. Since this one is more on the softer side, it might cause discomfort for someone who needs a firm mattress.

This mattress is also made with CertiPUR-US certified memory foam that is free of toxins and chemicals. If you are someone who likes to stay away from chemicals as much as possible, this mattress might be the best fit for you.

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LifeSmart Memory Foam Tri Fold MattressLifeSmart Memory Foam Tri Fold Mattress

The LifeSmart Memory Foam Tri-Fold Mattress is made out of high-quality memory foam that contours to the body of the person who sleeps on it. It is made out of materials that are tested to last and ventilated for a cooler night’s sleep. It also uses a combination of firm and soft memory foam to provide comfort to all who enjoy a night’s sleep on it.

This foldable mattress comes with a carrying strap. This means that after it is folded up, it can be easily carried to another location. This might be something that is important to you if you plan on going on a long trip with it.

It also comes with a bamboo non-slip cover. This means that your mattress won’t slip around on the floor when in use and can easily be cleaned for any accidents that might occur or dirt that might collect when camping.

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Modway 4” Relax Tri-Fold MattressModway 4” Relax Tri-Fold Mattress

The Modway 4” Relax Tri-Fold Mattress is also CertiPUR-US certified. This means there is no chemicals or toxin in the materials that were used to make the mattress. You can rest peacefully knowing that the materials in this mattress will not negatively impact your health in any way.

It also has a removable cover with a non-slip bottom. If you are using this mattress of tile floor or a tent, a non-slip bottom might go a long way in ensuring that you have a comfortable nights sleep. It is also lightweight and claims to be made with memory foam that will support up to 400 lbs. If you need a more dense mattress, this might be the solution for you.

There is no carrying strap or carrying case, which means this mattress might not be the best solution on a camping trip, unlike these air mattresses for camping. Without a way to properly carry the mattress, it is best to not take it somewhere where you might have to hike to your location.


Cushy Form Tri-Folding Mattress with Storage & Carry CaseCushy Form Tri-Folding Mattress with Storage & Carry Case

The Cushy Form Tri-Folding Mattress comes with a storage and carry case that will keep it protected when it is put away for long periods or taken on trips that might require a lot of hiking. The carrying case makes it easy to bring with you, and the lightweight design means it won’t weigh you down and tire you out before you reach your destination.

It does have a removable cover, but it only comes in a twin size. This means that if you want to sleep more than one person on the mattress, you will have to push two of them together. Having two mattresses together instead of one might seem fine, but the mattress is already on the more pricey side and having two together instead of one means they might separate in the night.

The mattress is also only 4 inches high instead of the traditional 6. For some, this might not be an issue, but if you or your guest needs a little extra padding for comfort, this mattress might not be the right solution.

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Cozzzi Twin Folding MattressCozzzi Twin Folding Mattress

The Cozzi Twin Folding Mattress is more of a mat than a true mattress. Even though it is 4 inches in thickness, it stills feels a bit stiffer than other mattresses. If you are someone who needs a firm place to sleep, this mattress could be your solution for travel.

It also has a removable cover that not only makes cleaning a breeze, but it is also highly durable. This means if you place on placing this mattress directly on the ground outside, it won’t easily tear or be ruined. It also offers carrying handles when folded up to make carrying it a lot easier.

Lastly, the mattress states that it would also be a good solution for exercising if this is something you might be in need of. The durable cover makes it great of high impact, and firmness means it will provide you with the ideal support. It really is the foldable mattress that can provide a solution to all your mattress needs.

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Broyhill Easy Sleep Rollaway Portable Folding Guest Bed CotBroyhill Easy Sleep Rollaway Portable Folding Guest Bed Cot

The Broyhill Easy Sleep Rollaway Portable Folding Guest Bed Cot is a little different than the other foldable mattresses on this list. First, it folds in the middle and not in threes like the others. It is also meant for rollaway beds and not for sleeping on the floor.

This mattress comes with the cot for the mattress and can be folded directly in half to be stored off out of the way. This a great guest solution, but not for camping. The cot or mattress does not fold up compact enough or provide any real way to carrying it on camping trips.

Even though it is not good for camping, it still provides a memory foam base for comfort and has wheels on the base so that when it is folded up, it can easily be taken to another room for storage. It is also made with breathable materials to keep your guest cool on warmer nights.

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American Furniture Alliance Hide A’ Mat, TriFold MattressAmerican Furniture Alliance Hide A’ Mat, TriFold Mattress

The American Furniture Alliance Hide A’ Mat, TriFold Mattress is another memory foam mattress that offers a three-section fold design. Unlike the rollaway, this mattress can be folded up more compact and be stored in smaller spaces. This is ideal for someone looking to put their foldable mattress away in a closet or possibly under a beath.

It comes with a canvas-type carrying bag that will keep it both clean and dry on camping trips. The memory foam used to make it is more on the firm side, which makes it great for anyone who needs extra back support. It also used breathable materials for a cool nights sleep for those who might run a little more hot once they are sleeping.

It also has a non-slip mesh side that will keep it in place on slick surfaces. This means you won’t have to worry about your mattress moving around in the night while you sleep if you are someone who tosses and turns a lot throughout the night. Having a mattress that stays in place can go a long way in making sure your guest is as comfortable as possible during their stay.

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Gaintex Memory Foam Mattress Tri-Folding Sofa Floor Comfort Mat BedGaintex Memory Foam Mattress Tri-Folding Sofa Floor Comfort Mat Bed

Gaintex Memory Foam Mattress is made out of premium quality foam that will never lose its shape and is made out of high-density foam. This means that is will always bounce back after contouring to a person will provide a more firm supportive sleep than other memory form foldable mattresses.

It comes with a carrying case that has a strap for easy transportation on any camping trip and a removable cover that makes it easy to clean if it gets dirty. The materials are ventilated as well and made with bamboo fibers that make it harder to stain if you do get caught in a messy situation when not using the cover.

It is also 6 inches in thickness, which means it will provide the most support on a hard surface. It also comes in twin, queen, and full size for those who might need a mattress for more than one person.


Best Massage Folding Mattress Guest Bed Camping Cot Tri-FoldBest Massage Folding Mattress Guest Bed Camping Cot Tri-Fold

The Best Massage Folding Mattress is probably the best foldable mattress for camping but not so much for long guest stays. It does offer a soft air memory foam, which means it is both soft and breathable, but the memory foam might be too soft for some.

It is also made out of a durable material that is easy to keep clean and has a removable cover for when it does need to get washed. These materials do not provide a soft texture to sleep against but do make it easy to keep clean when camping somewhere that might have a lot of dirt, or if you want to place it directly on the ground.

Lastly, it doesn’t come with handles that make it easy to carry to a campsite. This mattress might not be most comfortable to sleep on, but it will hold up on harsh camping trips and provide a better place to sleep than the ground.


Cheer Collection 4” Folding MattressCheer Collection 4” Folding Mattress

The Cheer Collection 4-inch Folding Mattress is the best solution for someone who has low on space to store things. This mattress is the most compact out of the rest that we discussed so far. It can be squashed into tighter spaces making it easy to keep out of the way when not in use. The materials are also breathable like so many other foldable mattresses.

It also has a machine washable cover in case the mattress should get dirty or dusty while being stored. It is made out of soft memory foam and bamboo materials that make it soft and comfortable to sleep on. It does not provide any firm support for someone who might need extra back support, however.

It is also not ideal for camping. Even with the washable cover, it is not very durable. The cover could tear easily, and the mattress underneath is not made to hold up to any harsh conditions. This foldable mattress is best left at home for guest and not taken on any camping trips. If you do decide to take this mattress on a camping trip, it is best used in a tent or RV. It is not made to be placed directly on the outside ground.