The 15 Best Mattresses for Sex

There is nothing more inconvenient than a noisy bed or a protruding spring interrupting your intimate moment with your partner. Imagine you decide to throw out of your old mattress and buy a new one. You go to the furniture store but are too embarrassed to ask for a right mattress for sex. Good thing you’re here. You will learn everything there is to know about the best mattresses for sex and what to look for so that you can select one that is perfect for your needs.

Here are the 15 best mattresses for sex.

Purple MattressPurple Mattress

The founders of Purple, Terry and Tony Pearce, came up with a unique material: The Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Smart Comfort Grid™, and it made the company iconic. The Purple Mattress is 10 inches thick and is comprised of three distinct layers. The combination of those materials makes the mattress pressure-relieving yet bouncy, which makes this mattress perfect for sex.

The cover is a combination of Viscose, Polyester, and Lycra, which is breathable, soft and can wick away moisture. The comfort layer is the 2-inch Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Smart Comfort Grid™, which creates support and pressure relief that will leave you feeling super comfortable. The transition layer is a 3.25-inch poly foam, while the base layer is a 4-inch high-density polyfoam, giving the mattress its shape and structure. However, if you are into something more traditional, the quasi—“waterbed” feel might turn you off.

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Leesa MattressLeesa Mattress

Leesa Sleep has become one of the most accomplished mattress companies since its official launch in 2015. The Leesa Mattress creates a supportive and firm structure due to the combination of its three layers.

The cover is a thick polyester blend that is soft and gives a cozy feel. The comfort layer is made of LSA 200 foam, which provides the mattress with good bounce and promotes cooling throughout. The transition layer is a 2-inch memory foam and is responsible for some sinkage and body contouring. The foundation layer is a thick high-density polyfoam, giving the mattress its shape and stability. The bounce and responsiveness of this mattress make it excellent for sex. The downside to this product is the weak edge support.


Bear Hybrid MattressBear Hybrid Mattress

In 2015, Bear was launched with a mission to provide active folks with a mattress to help them sleep better. Their Hybrid Mattress has a thickness of 14 inches and is made up of four layers. The combination of foam layers and pocketed coils creates a balance between support and pressure relief.

The cover is made from Celliant, which, according to some studies, could assist with muscle recovery was you sleep. The comfort layer is a Premium Comfort Foam, which reacts slowly to pressure for pressure relief and deep body contouring. It’s constructed to cushion sensitive spots like hips and shoulders. The transition layer, however, has a faster response to pressure. The support layer is a thick section of pocketed coils to provide support to the mattress. It also makes the mattress super bouncy, which is why you will not feel stuck while you’re having sex. The base layer is made of a high-density polyfoam that gives the mattress a bit of shape. However, this mattress might be a little too soft for larger folks.

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Casper Hybrid MattressCasper Hybrid Mattress

Casper was established in 2014 and quickly became a famous brand when it comes to mattresses. Their Casper Hybrid Mattress is constructed with memory foam, open-cell latex, pocketed coils, and high-density polyfoam. The combination of these materials is believed to provide a balanced level of comfort: supportive and pressure-relieving at the same time.

The cover is made of a stretchy, breathable, and soft polyester blend. The comfort layer is made of 1.5-inch Open Cell Foam that provides the mattress with a quick response to pressure, natural cooling capabilities, and excellent bounce. The next layer is a 1.5-inch memory foam, which allows you to experience relief and deep body contouring. Next is the 1.5-inch high-density poly foam for added support. The base layer is a 7-inch section of pocketed coils, which cradles the layers above it. If you are on the weightier side, though, this mattress might not be a good fit.


Loom & Leaf MattressLoom & Leaf Mattress

Loom & Leaf was launched in 2015 and is a branch of the well-known mattress maker, Saatva. Since its launch, the company has been an excellent source of high-quality luxury memory foam mattresses. The Loom & Leaf Mattress has a thickness of 12 inches and is made with four different layers. The extra thickness provides durability and excellent compression support. The responsiveness and bounce of this mattress, despite the layers of memory foam, makes it great for sex.

The cover is soft organic cotton and thistle, which is a flame-retardant. This combination provides an excellent cooling sensation. The comfort layer is a 2-inch conforming gel foam that responds to pressure slowly and is constructed with unique swirl technology, which ensures the even distribution of the cooling gel. The compression layer is a high-density Visco elastic memory foam created to contour to every curve of your body. The transition layer is a polyfoam that offers extra support. Finally, the foundation layer is a 5.5-inch high-density polyfoam that gives the mattress shape and excellent durability.

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DreamCloud Hybrid MattressDreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud offers mattresses with a luxury feel for less. Their Hybrid Mattress uses a combination of foam and coils for a balanced sleeping experience. The innerspring bounce makes it excellent for sex. It also offers pressure relief and less motion transfer. It is 15 inches thick and is comprised of 8 layers.

The cover is made of quilted cashmere, which is extra soft. The five foam layers underneath include the gel memory foam that provides cooling, the quilted memory foam that offers pressure relief, the natural latex foam that increases responsiveness, the high-density memory foam that provides support. and the contouring memory foam. Found in the core of the mattress is a pocketed coil layer. The coil layer is not your average type; the micro-coils here are divided into zones with different densities that align to the various parts of your body. High-Density memory foam comprises the final layer, which supports the innerspring core.


Keetsa Pillow Plus MattressKeetsa Pillow Plus Mattress

Keetsa was established in 2007 in San Francisco promising a more customer-centric, pleasurable, and comfortable experience for its customers. Their Pillow Plus Mattress offers the innerspring mattress’ bounciness with eco-friendly foam.

The cover is an organic pillow top with fire retardants that are PBDE-free. Then, there’s the memory foam layer, which offers the perfect amount of hug. The mattress core is made of a section of 7-inch coils that provides the mattress support and comfort. It also has added edge support enhanced by the corner and side stabilization systems. The freshness of the mattress is guaranteed because the memory foam is infused with green tea.

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Nest Alexander Signature HybridNest Alexander Signature Hybrid

The company Nest Bedding was established in 2011. Despite the company being young, it has been making waves because of their high-quality, organic, and eco-friendly products available at competitive prices. Their Alexander Signature Hybrid is constructed superbly with the use of advanced technology, which makes it an excellent mattress for sex.

Its top layer is a 0.25-inch gel-infused memory foam that enhances the cooling effect of the mattress, which is covered by a breathable stretch fabric. The second layer is a 3-inch TitanChill™ Endurance foam, which produces a more cooling effect as well. The third layer is a 1-inch Smartfoam™ support layer that enhances the airflow. The base is an 8-inch layer made of zone pocketed coil units with coiled edge support for excellent overall support. Its firmness is at a medium level that is perfect for couples.


Layla Memory Foam MattressLayla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla is a new brand that has been receiving a lot of great feedback with their mattress. Their memory foam mattress comes with a key feature: copper-infused memory foam, which offers cooling benefits. It is also a reversible mattress, offering two options when it comes to firmness; one side is soft, while the other is firm.

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress also comes with layers. Both firm and soft covers are infused with ThermoGel to cool your body down when it’s hot or after lovemaking. The second layer on the soft and firm side is 3-inch, and 1-inch copper infused memory foam respectively, which provides rapid cooling, support and antimicrobial barrier. The third layer for the soft side is a 2-inch zoned SMT layer that offers increased airflow and zoned support. The core of the Layla Mattress is a 4.5-inch layer that provides utmost motion transfer. However, this mattress lacks bounce and has poor edge support.


The WinkBedThe WinkBed

The WinkBeds Company is based in Wisconsin and produces hand-made, luxury mattresses. When it comes to durability, the WinkBed is one of the best. It is an excellent mattress for sex because of its extra support, good bounce, and temperature regulation feature. The WinkBed is sold in three varieties of comfort levels: Luxury Firm, Softer, and Firmer.

The WinkBed has seven layers. The first layer is a quick responding 1-inch hyper soft comfort foam, which assists ease of repositioning and contouring. The second layer is a 1-inch Stabilizing Gel foam that rids the heat from your body and absorbs motion transfer. The third layer is a 2.4-inch Pocketed Micro Air-Springs™ that promotes airflow. The fourth layer that assists good spinal alignment and adds stability is a 0.75-inch Lumbar Support Pad. The fifth layer is made of pocketed tempered steel coils measuring 8 inches and provides stable foundation and support. The sixth layer supports the layers above and measures 2 inches. Lastly, the perimeter layer is a high-density foam measuring 4.5 inches thick that provides sturdy edge support.


Saatva MattressSaatva Mattress

Saatva started in 2010 intending to provide luxury mattresses that won’t break the bank. The Saatva Mattress is an innerspring type of mattress that is made from eco-friendly materials. They offer a wide range of thickness and firmness options to address every customer’s needs. The eco-friendly structure of this mattress features an organic cotton cover, bio-based foam, and recycled steel.

The Saatva Mattress is excellent for sex because of its strong edge support, great bounce, and high level of responsiveness. However, compared to non-innerspring mattresses, the Saatva Mattress has a shorter life span.

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Brooklyn Signature MattressBrooklyn Signature Mattress

John Merwin, one of the founders of Brooklyn Beddins, was among the first to launch the concept of bed in a box in the mattress industry in 2008. The company continues to expand and manufactures for private-label mattress brands as well. Their Signature Mattress is constructed with four layers of foam and pocketed coils. The combination of the coils and bouncy foam materials results in a buoyant structure that gives that needed extra support, primarily when used for lovemaking.

The cover is a poly-cotton blend that is breathable and soft. The comfort layer is a 2-inch TitanFlex™ foam, which offers a memory foam’s contouring properties and a latex’s quick responsiveness. The transition layer is a 2-inch Energex foam. The next layer is a 6-inch section of pocketed coils, which brings incredible bounce to the mattress. The base layer is a 1-inch high-density polyfoam. This mattress in a box is good for sex because the support extends to the edge of the bed.


Avocado Green MattressAvocado Green Mattress

Avocado provides eco-conscious and green mattresses and bedding. Their products are GREENGUARD Gold certified as well. If you are into saving the earth and want great sex at the same time, the Green Mattress is perfect for you. This mattress is also suitable for those with heavier body frames because of its firmness and thickness.

The cover is made of breathable and smooth organic cotton. It also comes with Joma Wool underneath that wicks away moisture and regulates temperature. The first layer is a 2-inch 100% Dunlop latex with no added chemicals and is heat resistant. The second layer is a section of pocketed 8-inch upcycled steel coils. The base layer is a high-density Dunlop latex, which is firmer. The perimeter has stronger coils for additional edge support.


Awara Hybrid MattressAwara Hybrid Mattress

Awara manufactures products with naturally-sourced materials. Their Hybrid Mattress is another great option if you are an eco-friendly shopper. It is also great for sex because it is one of the most responsive hybrid mattresses on the market.

The Awara Hybrid Mattress has an organic quilted cotton blend cover that is super soft and designed for excellent air circulation. Its Organic Dunlop latex ensures responsive cushioning, full-body support, and pressure point relief. The individually wrapped pocket coil system provides support from head to toe and comes with motion isolation. However, this mattress is less conforming than other hybrids.


Allswell Luxe Hybrid MattressAllswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Allswell is well-known in the online mattress company because of its solid mattresses at competitive prices. Their Luxe Hybrid Mattress is designed for exceptional sleep and sex. It is 10 inches thick and has three internal layers. It has excellent edge support because of the thick coils around the outside of the mattress.

Its core is a 7-inch section of pocketed innerspring coils that promote resilience and spine-supporting responsiveness. The top layer is soft, quilted cotton that promotes cooling. The comfort layer is a 2-inch memory foam that is gel-infused to enhance motion isolation and pressure point relief.


Types of Mattresses for Sex 

  • Memory Foam – This type of mattress is quiet and has excellent edge support. Although it offers plenty of comfort, it is not that bouncy and responsive.
  • Innerspring – This type of mattress bounces perfectly and offers superb responsiveness. It also has superior edge support but tends to be noisy while you’re having sex.
  • Latex – This type of mattress offers excellent responsiveness, bounces nicely, and does not produce much noise. It has reasonably good edge support as well.
  • Bed in a Box – The market for this type of mattress is growing. Although edge support is not that exemplary, it offers the center support, bounce, and comfort you need for intimate moments.

What Makes a Mattress Excellent for Sex?

A mattress is particularly good for lovemaking when it has these characteristics:

  • Firm – An excellent mattress should be able to distribute the weight of two people’s weight evenly. A firm mattress also prevents uncomfortable pressure points, especially if you are sexually active.
  • Durable – This is probably an essential feature you should look for in a mattress that is awesome for sex. A saggy mattress makes it difficult for you to move around. You don’t want to sink and get stuck while at the peak of your intimacy.
  • Great Edge Support – A mattress with poor edge support will cause the edges to sag, limiting your options because you can’t lie over or lean on the edge.
  • The Bouncier the Better – A mattress offers a good bounce if it quickly recovers to its standard shape or state after high compression. The bounce will enhance your every movement, resulting in more pleasurable sex for both of you.
  • Noise-Free – Let’s face it, a squeaky bed can ruin an intimate moment with your partner, especially when your next-door neighbor is just a wall apart. They would know that you are having sex because of your noisy mattress. Latex and memory foam mattresses are the quietest.
  • Breezy and Cool – Lovemaking can make you sweaty, and that extra thermal energy will become apparent afterward. A mattress with excellent breathability can wick away moisture, keeping you cool and the mattress fresh.