The 8 Best Mattresses For Platform Beds

Platform beds are designed to be a little bit different from a traditional bed. A platform bed does not use a box spring to hold the mattress. In fact, a platform bed is able to have the mattress lay directly on top of slats or a frame.

Here is a look at the 8 best mattresses for a platform bed.

Helix mattressesHelix Mattresses

The Helix mattress is considered a personalized memory foam mattress. However, it is not entirely made of memory foam. The company uses pocketed micro coils, too. Helix calls this a “dynamic foam” Since there are different thicknesses of each foam and a layer of coils, you can personalize this hybrid platform bed mattress.  Additionally, there is no reason to use just 1 mattress for 2 people if you both have different preferences. There is a split mattress option which lets you customize the mattress to meet both of your needs.

The Helix mattresses come in several sizes – twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. All of their mattresses are standard sizes and measure just 10 inches tall to fit standard sheet sizes.

The Helix mattress is ideal for everyone because each mattress is custom made when you place your order. When you order your mattress, it is important that you are open about your needs in a mattress and that you are honest about your height and weight. This ensures that the mattress is correctly tailored to you and your needs.

You need to be patient with your Helix mattress. As with most foam mattresses, you have to allow for a breaking in period. A month of sleeping on your new mattress will be ample time to decide if it is right.

What is a nice option with the Helix mattress is the ability to select a mattress that can accommodate a plus size person or an extra tall person. The Helix Nightfall mattress has an additional layer of support built in that accommodates greater weight and size. This guarantees that everyone can have a mattress that is both luxurious and a great value.

The Helix Mattress company asks that you give them approximately 10 days to get your custom mattress from its factory to your bedroom. Keep in mind that this Helix mattress will work on many different types of surfaces, it needs a raised platform to have either a solid foundation or slats that are spaced no farther than 4 inches apart.



The Zinus Pressure Relief Mattress has been clinically proven to improve the efficiency of your sleep and your sleep time. It is able to do this by giving a good balance of both support and comfort that will cradle your body no matter what position you might sleep in.

This mattress is constructed using the highest quality foam, which is CertiPUR certified for its durability, content and performance. Zinus also uses BioFoam in their mattresses. BioFoam replaces petroleum that is typically used in memory foam mattresses. The BioFoam also contains natural plant oils, which help keep the mattress fresh.

This company researches and designs their mattresses in their own facility. This is why they also offer the Zinus Promise with their mattresses. They guarantee that their mattress is clinically proven to improve your sleep.

The Zinus mattress is designed to be both firm and comfortable. It is manufactured to have blended layers for support, comfort, and pressure relief. This helps you to sleep comfortably and to ensure that you will wake up well rested. The BioFoam that’s inside of it helps to keep your mattress fresh and safe.

Even though this is considered to be a firm mattress, some people think that it will not be able to conform to your body like other memory foam mattresses. The Zinus mattress will this, in fact, mold to the natural shape of your body. It gives your spine the alignment it needs while you’re sleeping to ensure optimal pressure relief.

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Amerisleep MattressAmerisleep Mattress

The Amerisleep company promises that their mattresses will keep you comfortable and help you fall asleep 15 minutes quicker than the average mattress. They also promise you that you will spend 18 minutes less each night tossing and turning.

This mattress by Amerisleep also promises to keep you cool while you are sleeping. This is achieved by maximizing breathability of the mattress with their Bio-Pur memory foam. Their Bio-Pure foam is also Certi-Pur Certified.

This mattress by Amerisleep is one of the most eco-friendly mattresses you can buy today. They construct their mattresses using plant based materials. These plant based materials allow them to use less petroleum in their products. Amerisleep also says that their mattresses are Celliant infused. This process helps your own body to use its energy more efficiently while you are sleeping. This means that you will spend less time awake during the night and it will also help you to fall asleep faster.

This process works by recycling.  The Celliant recycles thermal energy into healing energy. This in turn will turn your body heat into infrared light. This helps to promote better circulation and skin oxygen levels. These levels have been shown to promote better heart health and lung strength.

In keeping with their mattresses being eco-friendly, Amerisleep makes their mattresses with the most eco-friendly process available. They use a process called Variable Pressure Foaming process. The VPS does not send any emissions into the atmosphere due to a closed chamber process. The air that does leave the chamber is sent through carbon filters. This process removes any chemicals and will make the air cleaner than when it came in.

The Amerisleep mattress is designed to accommodate every type of sleeper-back, side, or stomach. At first the mattress will seem pretty firm. After about 2 weeks, it should start to settle in.

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Brentwood Home CypressBrentwood Home Cypress

The Brentwood mattress is a well-designed mattress. You will notice that the first material that you encounter is the New Zealand wool. This is found in the cover and offers several benefits. Wool is very responsive to cleaning because the moisture makes the fibers swell and release dirt. In addition, it’s naturally flame retardant. This mattress also has good breathability, durability, elasticity, and overall resilience. The Brentwood mattress makes use of a blend of polyester and bamboo, which helps to further soften the feel and keep the sleeping surface cool.

This mattress is designed to be have a medium firmness level. If you feel that this mattress is not quite firm enough for you, the Brentwood company offers a complimentary topper to help make the firmness right for you.

The Brentwood Home mattress is available in sizes ranging from twin through California King. It is also available in a 9”, 11”, or 13” thickness.

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Nest BeddingNest Bedding

Nest Bedding offers mattresses that have a variety of firmness levels. This helps them to be able to fit your specific needs. The Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series mattress is an extremely well-made mattress at a great price. It is constructed of materials that do not have a chemical smell, which is a good thing.

They also have the Alexander Hybrid Signature Select Mattress. This mattress has been called “The Most Comfortable Mattress On The Internet”. It gives users an exquisite blend of support because of the individually wrapped coils and the pressure relief from the memory foam, which happens to be copper infused. The hybrid version is a little bit softer than the other one and it has a much cooler sleeping surface. It is right between the Alexander medium and Alexander soft.

One of the best features of the Alexander mattress is its ability to create a pressure-free sleeping environment. The medium plush mattress is made specifically for back and side sleepers.

The Alexander mattress by Nest Bedding is a well-designed mattress for your platform bed.

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Spindle mattressSpindle mattress

When you order the Spindle mattress through the website, they will help you determine the right firmness.  Based on answers to your height, weight and sleeping positions, Spindle provides you with their recommendation.

Keep in mind that if you share this mattress with a partner there are no blended or dual products that personalize the mattress to each of you

When you receive your Spindle mattress, you will find that it is in several boxes. This is because the company will send the product to you disassembled. Each layer of latex will be outside of the cover, and you use the instructions provided to determine how your firmness setting is to be set up.

You will find a convenient chart from Spindle along with their instruction manual. This chart shows you what their recommended construction is based on your desired firmness. This is actually a nice feature because you now have the ability to mix and match the layers of the mattress to see if there may be another combination that better suits your preferences.

Another nice aspect of the Spindle mattress is that its organic cotton cover is knit in South Carolina. This cover is very soft to the touch and it looks nice. It uses a natural wool batting which does provide a flame barrier without the use of adding chemicals. Since wool also keeps moisture out, this can help keep your mattress fresh and help with thermoregulation. The cover features a circular knit pattern which helps to maintain the true feel of the latex that lies beneath.

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Dromma has made it their mission to provide consumers with the highest quality, most technologically advanced, eco-friendly, US-made materials in a mattress that is also at a price you can afford.

It is interesting to note that even though many companies will offer a 60 or 90 night sleep trial, Dromma gives you 200 nights to test their mattress before your decision is final.

Dromma makes their mattress in different levels of firmness so that you can pick what is best for you depending on your sleep positions and personal preference. For example, there is a Medium Firm option, but you also have the ability to select Medium Soft.

The Dromma mattress is allergen-free and definitely helps to reduce body aches and pains.

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DreamFoam EurotopDreamFoam Eurotop

The cover of the Dreamfoam mattress is made from 100 % biodegradable bamboo fibers. Bamboo is processed into viscose rayon using the cellulose that is found in both the leaves and inner pith of the trunk. Bamboo has the benefits of added breathability, softer-than-cotton feel, it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and it is very durable.

Under this cover there is a three-inch comfort layer made of Talay latex. Latex products are known for being extremely durable so this helps you be assured that the product will stand the test of time. This is especially important for a comfort layer as this is where most of your compression takes place.

After placing your order, you will be contacted by one of the company’s representatives. They will ask you a series of questions to help figure out the precise firmness level that they feel will best meet your needs. However, if you aren’t satisfied, the company does offer an exchangeable comfort option, which allows you to adjust the comfort rating of the mattress if you receive the bed and it is too soft or too firm.

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Platform Bed Design

There are many designs for platform beds. Often these beds are designed with drawers or storage spaces underneath them. This can be a great space saver technique if your bed is being placed in a smaller space.

Platform beds are also usually placed lower to the ground. This is because there is no box spring. If you are someone who struggles to get in and out of a traditional bed with a box spring, a platform bed might be a nice option. A platform bed is often closer to the ground than a traditional bed.

There is also a style of platform bed, called the floating platform bed. This type of bed has the support for the mattress placed in the center of the bed, so that it appears to be floating. This type of bed usually has very little storage space underneath, if at all. This is because the base is typically a solid shape.

The mattress on a platform bed can be supported in a couple of different ways. It can be rested on a solid surface. There are usually slits in the solid surface for air flow. A mattress can also be rested on a support surface that is made up of wooden slats that are 2” to 3” apart. This also allows air flow.

Why buy a platform bed?

There are a few benefits to purchasing a platform bed for your home. The first benefit is the cost. This type of bed usually costs less than a traditional bed. This is because you do not have to purchase both a mattress and a box spring, which can be very costly.

Another benefit to a platform bed is the option to purchase one with built in storage space. Some designs of platform beds have drawers built into them. This is great for added storage if you are in a small room.

And there are a lot of design options for platform beds. They can be sleek and modern, more contemporary or even traditional. Platform beds can be made out of wood or metal. So, no matter what your design preference is, you can find a platform bed to match your decor.

What to consider when purchasing a platform bed mattress.

One of the first things you will look at is the manufacturer’s recommendation for a mattress. Usually an innerspring mattress will work well with a platform bed. Memory foam and latex mattresses are options as well. There are also some hybrid mattresses which are a combination of coil springs on the bottom and memory foam on top.  Another consideration is if your platform base is solid or has slats. If your base has slats, especially if they are wider apart, this can be damaging to mattresses that are memory foam or latex.

It is a good rule of thumb that the thicker the mattress, the better built the platform should be. If you will be using a King or Queen sized bed for 2 people, that is also a factor in choosing the right mattress. You want to be sure you purchase one that can withstand the weight of more than 1 person.