The 10 Best Mattresses for Athletes

If you lead an active lifestyle, your body needs a comfortable environment to relax and recharge for another day full of workouts and challenges. A comfortable bed with a good mattress are the essential elements of such an environment. Investing in a mattress that’s suitable for physically active people may seem unnecessary, but consider this. You spend one third of your life asleep, so it is probably a good idea to make the most out of that time, and a comfortable mattress is crucial to that.

Mattresses for athletes need to match two main criteria. First, they have to offer a dedicated cooling system that prevents your bed from getting too hot at night. Sleeping in an environment that’s too warm is bad for your mind, and it won’t help your muscles recover, either. Second, a mattress for physically active people needs to be extra stable and supportive so that the sleeper’s spine can fully decompress. Since athletes are often taller and heavier than an average person, the mattress needs to be able to accommodate the additional pressure and provide enough support for comfortable sleep.

Here are the 10 best mattresses for athletes that can improve the quality of your sleep and speed up your muscle recovery. Read our reviews and decide which one is best for you.

The Best Mattress for Athletes

Bear Hybrid MattressBear Hybrid Mattress

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s not too soft, you might like the Bear Hybrid. It is currently the best model that Bear Mattress has to offer, and it definitely lives up to this title.

The Hybrid model is pretty thick. At 14 inches, it is actually one of the thickest mattresses we’ve reviewed. This is a result of combining four layers of high-quality foam with a layer of supportive coils. The coils were redesigned specifically for the 2019 Hybrid and are now larger as well as individually encased to provide the best support for the sleeper’s body.

The coils are covered with multiple layers of transition foam, topped by a layer of gel memory foam that will help your body relieve the pressure after an intense workout. This means that you won’t be able to feel the coils even if you stand on the mattress. Nevertheless, they’re there, making the mattress a lot more supportive and durable, especially if the sleeper’s body weight is above average.

Overall, the Bear Hybrid is a great mattress that was designed to be well-balanced. If you prefer the extremes (very soft or very rigid mattresses), you might be better off with another mattress. Otherwise, take a closer look at this Hybrid mattress because it could be just the one you need.


Purple 4 MattressPurple 4 Mattress

Do you enjoy sleeping on your side? If so, you probably find most mattresses you ever tried rather uncomfortable and lacking proper support. Enter the Purple 4 mattress, the revised version of their extremely popular original model.

Unlike the original mattress, the 2, 3, and 4 models are all equipped with coils. This means that the mattresses can’t be rolled up and have to be delivered “as they are.” Fortunately, Purple takes care of that, offering free delivery with a team that’s going to bring the 150+ pounds of wiggly mattress goodness straight to your home and help you install it on your bed. If you wish, they’ll even dispose of your old mattress for you.

Should you find the Purple 4 unsuitable for you, you can always ask the manufacturer for a return. Purple will arrange for a pickup straight from your home, and the mattress will be delivered back to them – all for free, no questions asked. After the mattress has been picked up, notify Purple and your money should be returned within 2 to 3 weeks.

That being said, we find it quite unlikely that you’ll want to return your Purple 4 mattress. The top mattress layer is of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the brand name for Purple’s unique polymer formula. Thanks to this material and the unique overall structure of the Purple 4, it is an amazing mattress that is hardly going to leave anyone disappointed.

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Casper – The Wave MattressCasper – The Wave Mattress

If you’re not really trying to set a fixed budget for your future mattress, the high-end Casper Wave mattress is definitely going to attract your attention. One of the most expensive models on this list, The Wave is marketed toward people who care about their health and well-being, which, of course, includes athletes as well.

The Wave may not have been specifically designed for active people, but it is a very high-quality mattress that will probably meet their needs, anyway. The layers of premium foam make sure that your body feels supported no matter what position you sleep in. That being said, the Casper Wave is particularly great for people who sleep on their backs due to the extraordinary amount of targeted support. Still, sleeping on The Wave on your side or even stomach shouldn’t leave you disappointed, either.

Despite the great support system, we wouldn’t describe The Wave as a firm mattress. It’s medium-firm at best, and may even feel softer to you depending on your weight, build, and preferred sleeping position. Thus, do not go for this mattress if you want to feel a somewhat sturdy surface under your body as you sleep.

Overall, The Wave is a solid choice for any athlete who doesn’t have a strong preference toward firmer mattresses. It is a high-quality mattress that’s built to withstand years of continuous use. Get the Casper Wave, and you probably won’t have to think about getting another mattress for decades.

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Layla Sleep MattressLayla Sleep Mattress

Good products often cost a lot, which is understandable given that high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technologies don’t come cheap. Fortunately, manufacturers sometimes manage to find ways of achieving amazing results with minimal costs, and that’s what must’ve happened at Layla Sleep. The small company based in Connecticut has taken a thoroughly scientific approach to designing mattresses, and so far, the results have been very pleasing.

The current model range offered by Layla Sleep is rather limited, as it only includes a single mattress available in a number of different sizes. From Twin to Queen to California King, Layla Sleep has you covered no matter what bed you have. This is nice, as manufacturers sometimes only offer 2-3 standard mattress sizes, and it may be difficult to find one if you have an unusual or custom bed.

Layla Sleep mattresses are particularly good for people who haven’t worked out their mattress preferences yet. It’s a shame to have to return a firm mattress just because you didn’t realize how important a soft, cozy bed is for you. With Layla Sleep models, all you have to do is flip your mattress and enjoy its new, soft side.

The copper infused memory foam used for these mattresses is produced according to a proprietary technology and provides optimal heat dispersion. This unique cooling system will make sure that your body can comfortably recover after an intense training session.

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Zoma Sports MattressZoma Sports Mattress

Given the name of this model, it’s easy to figure out that it’s targeted at people who are physically active. Designed by Zoma, a company set out to redefine the environments in which we sleep, the Sports model is a solid performer when it comes to meeting the needs of athletes.

Unlike most other models on this list, the Zoma Sports mattress doesn’t have coils. This is a controversial design decision, because while it does make a mattress softer and more comfortable, it also removes the layer that provides the most stability and durability. Zoma tackled this issue by coming up with a new, extremely firm foam type for the Support+ layer in the Sports mattress. This layer makes sure that your mattress stays firm and dense for years to come.

The second layer is much thinner, and it’s the most responsive. If you sleep with your partner, you’ll be happy to find out that the Reactiv layer absorbs most of your motions without transferring them further along. This means that you can toss and turn as much as you want to without the risk of waking up your partner.

The final Triangulex layer makes sure that your body is properly supported while you sleep. It provides optimal pressure relief, which is so important for athletic people. All these foam layers are encapsulated in the breathable cover that’s unique to Zoma mattresses, helping your body cool down and recover from a workout.

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Eight Sleep – The PodEight Sleep – The Pod

If you can’t imagine a workout without wearing your favorite fitness tracker or smart watch, The Pod from Eight Sleep is likely going to be right up your alley. Admittedly, the price of this mattress may not be its best selling point, but the smart functionality built into The Pod is unmatched by any of its rivals.

At first glance, you probably won’t even be able to notice that there’s something different about The Pod. It’s thick, firm, and looks just like most other high-end mattresses we’ve seen. However, if you took a look underneath the sleek mattress cover, you’d find the Active Grid layer, the element that makes The Pod so special.

The Active Grid contains all the electronics and sensors that allow The Pod to be a “smart” mattress. You can connect your mattress to a smartphone app that will process the data collected by the sensors and assess the quality of your sleep. That’s cool, but The Pod actually has another trick up its sleeve: it has separate temperature regulation for both sides of the mattress. This means that your partner and you can configure The Pod to provide a sleeping environment that’s pleasantly cool on one side and invitingly warm on the other.

The Pod is a solid option for people who want all aspects of their lives improved by smart technologies. It is also reasonably priced for a high-quality all-foam mattress, so don’t let the price tag scare you off.


Sleepenvie Hunter MattressSleepenvie Hunter Mattress

If you need to keep things even more budget-friendly, Sleepenvie Hunter is probably your best bet at getting a good mattress without spending too much. Developed by a young Canadian company, the Hunter is the result of year-long passionate research to find out what makes a mattress truly remarkable.

Sleepenvie Hunter is made of multiple foam types to make sure that you won’t be able to feel the coils hidden inside the mattress no matter what you do. The thick layers of foam around the coils make the mattress firm, while the top layers of gel memory foam ensure responsiveness and flexibility. As a result, you get a well-balanced mattress that won’t sag under the weight of your body but doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping on a park bench, either.

Thanks to this feature, you can place the Hunter on virtually any surface and still get a good night’s sleep on it. You could have it lying on the floor and still get excellent back support from this mattress, which is quite impressive.

Some people may find the Hunter a little too firm. Since the foam layers prevent it from compressing under the weight of the sleeper’s body, you can’t count on it getting progressively softer as you “wear it in.” However, if you’re not a fan of super soft mattresses that feel like a pile of cushions, you’re going to love the Sleepenvie Hunter.

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Amerisleep AS3 MattressAmerisleep AS3 Mattress

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include the Amerisleep AS3, a mattress that’s recently become extremely popular among fitness aficionados and couch potatoes alike. That comes as no surprise given the 20-year-long history of Amerisleep, a company that set out to revolutionize the American mattress market at the turn of the millennia. The AS3 model is the culmination of everything Amerisleep has been doing since, and it’s a pretty remarkable mattress indeed.

This mattress has medium firmness, allowing it to be a perfect fit for most sleepers, whether they prefer sleeping on the back, the sides, or even the stomach. The memory foam used for these mattresses is plant-based and produced according to the original technology developed at Amerisleep. Thanks to this foam, the AS3 mattress can cushion your body and provide targeted stress relief for your neck, back, and hips.

The top layer of custom Bio-Pur foam is also the reason why the Amerisleep AS3 is so great for athletes. This memory foam mattress really helps the spine decompress regardless of your preferred sleeping position, so that you feel refreshed and ready to jump into action the next morning.

Finally, the cooling layer that doubles as the mattress cover maintains optimal temperature in your bed and provides a good environment for your muscles to relax and recover. The AS3 mattress is available in a number of sizes, so finding a good fit should not be a problem.


PerformaSleep MattressPerformaSleep Mattress

A company that places the accent on recovery rather than sleep, PerformaSleep is doing remarkably well if you take into account that it’s only been around for several years. As of right now, PerformaSleep only offers one mattress model, so you should have no problem figuring out which mattress to get once you’ve decided you want a PerformaSleep one.

PerformaSleep mattresses can only be purchased online, but that’s no issue because the company offers free 100-day returns if you happen to not like your new mattress. The shipping is free as well, so there are no additional costs for you.

This mattress is most often described as “medium-firm,” so it should be a good fit for most sleepers. If you sleep on your stomach, it may not provide enough support to relieve the additional strain placed on your neck and shoulders. However, you may still give it a try because your body could get used to the mattress and with the right choice of a pillow, you’d still get high-quality sleep.

We found the PerformaSleep mattress to be a good, budget-friendly option for athletes who want to get the most out of their money. Bigger sums are likely going to get you mattresses that offer better support and cooling, but the price difference may not be worth the minor improvements.

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Luxi 3-in-1 Adjustable MattressLuxi 3-in-1 Adjustable Mattress

All of the mattresses we’ve mentioned so far aren’t really going to change their shape to fit and accommodate your body. This may be the preferred scenario if you prefer firmer mattresses with a lot of support, but what if you crave a softer, more responsive bed?

Don’t worry, because Luxi has you covered. Their 3-in-1 Adjustable Mattress offers a lot of bang for your buck, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on the mattress of your dreams. The innovative approach Luxi took to their mattress designs allowed them to create amazing mattresses with multiple flexibility settings. Out of the box, Luxi mattresses are set to be “medium” and can be adjusted to be softer or firmer as you wish.

While this in itself is quite remarkable, it isn’t the most exciting thing about the Luxi 3-in-1. The best feature of this mattress that also makes it perfectly suitable for athletes is that the company is going to further customize your mattress as you sleep on it and develop a better idea of what you need. All adjustments made in the first 1,000 days following the purchase are free, and you’ll have to pay a nominal fee for any further ones.

As you can see, the Luxi 3-in-1 offers an unmatched amount of flexibility for athletes who might need the mattress to “morph” closer to their body shape for ultimate relaxation and muscle recovery. Oh, and as a bonus, it also has a pretty great cooling system, so you don’t have to feel too warm in your bed even if your body radiates a lot of heat after an intense training session.