The 15 Best Mail Order Mattresses

No matter who you are or what you do, you need a good night’s sleep to recharge for the next day’s challenges. The perfect mattress will help you achieve this.

Get the best mail order mattresses that fit your needs and avoid the hassle of driving it home or being limited to the availability of products near you. Choose from various stores across the country and allow yourself to sink into the embrace of a soft, cozy mattress. Or, if you’re more of a firm mattress type of person, then get the right amount of support as you drift to sleep

Tuft & Needle – OriginalTuft & Needle – Original

This mattress was designed by two Silicon Valley engineers and it shows. There is plenty of next-generation science put into this one piece of mattress that it’s crazy. It’s the number one choice for comfort by more than 1 million people and counting.

The T&N Original utilizes the proprietary T&N Adaptive Foam that allows it to conform and support all the different sleeping positions. It also has a two layer, open-cell foam infused with heat-absorbing cooling gel and graphite to provide high-performance heat-sinking to make your bed perfect for your sleep. In a nutshell, this mattress absorbs heat away from the body as it wicks away moisture and circulates air underneath through a supportive & breathable foam.

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Bear Mattress – OriginalBear Mattress – Original

The Bear Mattress Original utilizes its unique proprietary blend of smart technologies to provide supportive comfort during sleep. This mattress has been proven to pull body heat away that may otherwise get trapped underneath. This is made possible through the graphite-gel infusion in the Bear Mattress foam.

To provide the right amount of support to the right places, the Bear Mattress is highly responsive and satisfyingly supportive. It keeps the spine in neutral alignment as well as minimizes pressure on shoulders and hips no matter what the sleeping position is.

The open cell structure of the foam allows breathability and superior air circulation to prevent overheating. This package is also made better with the added feature of the breathable, cooling Celliant Cover.

The Bear Mattress is firm, supportive and cooling. It also comes with a 100-night risk-free trial when you order from this mattress brand online.


Helix - StandardHelix – Standard

The Helix Standard mattress comes in a lot of different configurations to fit your sleeping style and needs. The mattress gets configured based on how you want your experience to be. It is remarkably configurable.

The cover is a removable high-grade material that is breathable and has a cooling effect. The dynamic foam layer or the memory foam blend makes up the next layer, the comfort zone. Underneath is the support zone, which includes a layer of 6-inch coil units. The underlying support for this is a polyfoam that comes in several thickness and density.

In summary, the Helix Standard is a high-performance cooling mattress that is the king of configurable personalization.


The Casper - OriginalThe Casper – Original

Casper claims to be the best bed for everyone. and with their popular original mattress, this claim might just be true. The blend of technologies and material in this amazing mattress provides a well-balanced mix of soft and firm.

The top layer offers a breathable layer made of open cell foam that circulates air to disperse excess heat. Underneath this is a pressure-relieving layer that transfers weight and pressure away from pressure prone areas of the body. This provides the right comfort no matter the sleeping position.

Just below this is the proprietary Zoned Support layer that’s perfect for shoulders, hips. and legs to provide a neutral spine alignment. All told, the Casper has three main layers that provide breathability, pressure-relief and smart Zone Support.

The fourth layer is a base that provides an optimal support foundation for the top layers.


The Purple Mattress – ReinventedThe Purple Mattress – Reinvented

The Purple Mattress – Reinvented is a redesign of the original. First off, the name comes from the color of the specialized foam layers that make up this design masterpiece of a mattress.

The top layer starts off with the SoftFlex Cover that provides a breathable functional design that promotes airflow during sleep. Below this is the Purple Grid, which is designed to relieve pressure on pressure points. Below the grid layer are two layers of comfort foam. The top layer is responsive, cradling, and soft, while the bottom layer is denser and firmer

All of this makes the Purple Mattress – Reinvented a multilayer mattress that is unique because of its pressure-absorbing grid foam layer that acts to cradle the body.

Take a look at these top mattresses in a box and pick your favorite.


Sleep Number 360 C2Sleep Number 360 C2

This Sleep Number mattress is smart in all sense of the word. It comes connected to an app called the SleepIQ. This allows you to control your Sleep Number settings. You can also do this with a remote control that’s sold separately.

The smart features and adjustability of the 360 C2 is independent for each side of the bed. Another key feature of this ultra high-tech bed is its sleep tracking. This provides data that you can use to tweak your settings to achieve your perfect sleep. This makes it possible for couples to each have different settings.

Even by virtue of its materials alone, this classic Sleep Number bed still has Responsive Air Technology that adjusts to your sleeping style.

Overall, the Sleep Number 360 C2 is a high-tech mattress that you can adjust through precise controls from an app.



The PangeaBed starts things off with a hypoallergenic quilt cover that enhances the overall comfort provided by the mattress. The top layer of the PangeaBed is made of Talalay Latex with copper infusion throughout the foam. This is a breathable foam layer that has anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties that is excellent with heat dispersal and air circulation.

Below this is a gel-infused memory foam layer to provide relief from pressure points. This allows the person to sleep comfortably in any position. The thickest layer below all the top layers is the high-density, firm support foam that makes for an optimal base that carries the sleeper’s weight.

The PangeaBed is a supportive bed that utilizes the properties of copper to enhance your sleeping experience.

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Cocoon by Sealy - ChillCocoon by Sealy – Chill

The Cocoon by Sealy – Chill mattress is the product of over 130 years of innovation and experience. The Cocoon offers high-quality comfort from a memory foam that is married to the latest high-tech materials to provide optimal cooling during sleep.

The stretch-knit cover provides the first level of cooling technology. This is made possible by embedding Phase Change Material into the cover, which effectively absorbs and disperses excess body heat that may otherwise get trapped.

The memory foam layer adjusts to create the best personalized alignment for your body. Underneath this is a layer that you get to personalize upon purchase. You can either go with medium soft or firm. The bottommost layer is composed of a highly supportive foam that bounces back every time.

The Cocoon offers all the latest responsive materials for optimal cooling and support as well as the addition of a personalization option.


Saatva ClassicSaatva Classic

The Saatva Classic is a luxury mattress that has a whole lot to offer. This fine mattress is an inner spring mattress that seems to incorporate every other technology available on the market.

First off, it comes ready for personalization upon purchase. You have your choice of three firmness levels, from plush soft to firm. The support and durability of this mattress is ridiculous in that it can support up to 600 pounds of total weight without any deterioration of component integrity.

The top cover is made of organic cotton and utilizes a circular knit. This covers the memory foam Euro Pillow Top. Below this is a layer of individually wrapped coils comprising the inner spring layer. The base of the entire unit is made of 844 tempered steel coils for superior durability.

The Saatva Classic is a luxurious sturdy mattress you can fully customize.

And if you wish to save some space in your home, be sure to invest in one of the top-rated foldable mattresses from our list.


Leesa – OriginalLeesa – Original

The Leesa – Original is a beautifully designed multilayer foam mattress. This mattress incorporates high-quality twill fabric to produce a soft cover. Underneath this is the comfort layer that’s composed of responsive foam that’s breathable for an overall cooling effect. This layer provides the heat-pulling effect necessary to keep excess heat away from the body during sleep.

Below this is the memory foam layer that is crucial for providing pressure relief in the body contours that are prone to pressure. This layer is especially helpful for the back, hips, and shoulders. The bottommost layer is the support layer that is made of firm foam needed for optimum durability and resilience.

The Leesa is a well-designed multilayer all-foam mattress that provides you with the right amount of comfort for a great night’s sleep.


Layla SleepLayla Sleep

If you like to always have the option of doing things another way, then the Layla Sleep is the right mattress or mattresses for you. That’s right, with the Layla Sleep, you actually get two mattresses in one.

Each Layla Sleep has a firm side and a soft side. So, flip it over according to your preference that night. Each side has a removable cooling cover with Thermo-Gel for optimal cooling. Underneath this is a copper gel-infused memory foam mattress layer for effective heat sinking as well as antimicrobial and odor control functionalities.

Finally, in the middle, unlike single-side mattresses, is the support foam that acts as the Layla Sleeps internal core. It provides minimal bounce and ensures superior support.

The Layla Sleep is a 2-in-1 high-performance mattress with both a firm and soft side.


OSO MattressOSO Mattress

The OSO Mattress is a multilayer all-foam mattress that provides high-quality comfort and support for a great sleep. The OSO is designed to provide a firm or soft sleeping experience in one single bed. If you want a softer or a firm type of support, then just rotate it 180 degrees. Remember, don’t flip it.

The top starts with the latex layer made of premium-grade Talalay. It’s dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic. The Float Layer utilizes the RevTech foam to circulate air, creating a cool layer that disperses heat. The Dreamcell Foam Springs produce the soft pillowy side effect on the soft end. The Revtech Foam takes up the bottom layer. This material is highly durable and supportive. Also, the top knit can be removed and dry cleaned.

To summarize, the OSO is a mattress that has two levels of comfort. Just remember to rotate and not flip.


M3 MattressM3 Mattress

The M3 Mattress is the culmination of all the technological advancements that are at BedGear’s disposal. The M3 Mattress is touted as the only modular mattress available in the world. The M3 can be personalized to your individual specifications.

The top cover is made of Ver-Tex for a cooling effect. The Comfort Layer is made up of three proprietary layers that contour to the body, reduce the transfer of motion, and provide dynamic support that adapts.

Beneath this is independent suspension that can be personalized for each side of the bed based on your preference. The bottom chassis is highly supportive but is also very breathable to allow air circulation all throughout the layers to remove excess heat.

All told, the M3 has many unique technological features for comfort as well as high customizability for personalization preferences.

For outdoor comfort, be sure to invest in a quality air mattress for camping.


Allswell Luxe HybridAllswell Luxe Hybrid

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress has a lot of mattress critics and reviewers raving. It is touted as the best hybrid mattress around. Starting off, the plush quilting utilizes a very cooling Swirlfoam that pulls excess heat away to improve sleep quality.

Underneath this is a memory foam that is infused with heat sinking copper gel that is also antimicrobial. Beneath this is a high-density foam layer that provides soft support for the sleeper. This is then finally rounded off by individually wrapped coils that minimize the motion transfer to produce a high-quality sleep experience.

The Allswell Lux Hybrid is a well-made mattress that incorporates all the necessary high technology materials to provide the best sleep.


Avocado Green MattressAvocado Green Mattress

The Avocado Green Mattress screams California sensibilities. This is an all-organic mattress that is certified to contain zero polyurethane foam. Its manufacturing produces low emissions. To round out the artisanal environmentalist appeal, it is also handmade in California.

Structurally, it is a hybrid mattress that uses organic latex and has about 1,440 innersprings that are made in America out of recycled steel. It supports proper alignment of your spine, shoulders, hips, and back.

All of this makes the Avocado Green Mattress an environmentally sustainable handmade product that provides ultra-comfortable support.



Previous Picks

Shopping for mattresses can be tiresome, especially if you and your partner disagree on what makes the best bed. Aside from that, mattresses can be really expensive, so it’s important to get one you will love and use for years to come. This is why online mattress startups have become so incredibly popular. You can get a mattress of your choosing mailed directly to your door, generally with a risk-free trial and pick-up if you don’t love it.

Most mail order mattresses are made of foam layers, but some options include inner-coils and a few other fancy materials like metal-alloys and cooling gels. You can really find anything you want, from a bed that connects to your phone to monitor your sleep activity to a mattress that fights away germs while you rest. There are also hypoallergenic options and mattresses made from all-natural materials for those eco-friendly sleepers out there.

Most of these foam mattresses come in a small, manageable box and are tightly compressed, so delivery is hassle free. You simply open the box, lie it on its side, and pull the mattress free. It will unroll and expand on its own. Many companies advise that you wait at least 24 hours (some say one or two days longer) to allow the mattress to rise fully to size and finish releasing trapped gas before use.

Because not everyone has experience ordering a mattress online, we decided to make a list of the best mail order mattresses out there for you to choose from. All of these companies offer a ten-year warranty and a risk-free trial (most of which are at least 100 days long), as well as easy pick up if you decide to return it, meaning you can try it out without the risk of being stuck with a mattress you hate or dealing with the hassle of having it removed. Although, if you choose a mattress from this list, we are pretty sure there will be nothing to hate. Here are our twelve favorite mail order mattresses you will find on the web:

Helix mattressHelix

Helix describes their mattresses to be a “layered cake,” meaning each mattress is made up of several layers of premium materials. The best part is that you can completely customize your mattress by choosing each individual layer, which means you get virtually an endless combination of options to build the best mattress for you.

There are several foam options, including “Helix Foam,” which is a custom blend of foam with natural cooling properties, and contains no latex, unlike some other name brands, so you shouldn’t worry about allergic reactions. The high-grade poly foam allows you to choose different densities to customize how soft or firm your mattress is. The addition of a layer of pocketed coils improves airflow and distribution of pressure across your mattress and reduce the weight that can be added along with “filler material” inside the mattress. The many options available for each layer allows you to create mattresses both soft and firm, and they come in sizes from Twin to California King. Helix mattresses are handmade, so the width and length may vary slightly, but they are all 10 inches thick.

They offer a couple options for couples who disagree o the perfect mattress, including a blended mattress that takes both preferences and distributes them evenly across the mattress, and a dual mattress, which allows each person to customize only their side of the bed. Helix offers financing options as well as a ten-year warranty.


Bear mattressBear

All bear mattresses are built with some of the latest textile technology, called Celliant fibers, which are small fibers that are responsive to body heat, converting it into infrared light that is easily absorbed by the body. This leads to quicker muscle recovery and improved performance. This is how Bear focuses on creating mattresses that help you get restorative sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. The mattresses also include gel cooling foam and several transitional layers that provide either a soft or firm sleeping surface, or a layer of pocketed coils for airflow and even weight distribution.

Depending on which mattress you choose, it is either 10 inches deep or 14.5 inches deep, and they are available in sizes from Twin to California King, including Twin XL. Bear also offers a 10-year warranty and a 100-day risk-free trial.


Tuft and Needle mattressTuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle was one of the first luxury mail order mattress companies. Today is still one of the best. They use T&N Adaptive foam technology to provide support and pressure relief, which is infused will cooling gels. In combination with the breathable mattress cover, this bed will keep you cool throughout the night. Tuft and Needle holds several certifications for their mattress, which state that there are little to no harmful chemicals, VOC’s, ot other off-gasses. Another certification, the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, defines the mattress and each individual component to meet the standards necessary to be safe for children three and under, so there is no need to worry about foam related toxins.

They offer a full range of sizes with prices that start at just $325. Tuft and Needle prides themself on offering soft, supportive mattresses that won’t sink or sag. They offer a 100-day trial, a ten-year warranty, and easy delivery in a small, manageable box.


Casper mattressCasper

Casper is an online mattress distributor that offer three different options, including a luxury mattress design (that does come at a slightly higher price point.) These three options, The Essential, The Casper, and The Wave, all include a hybrid foam construction and open cell technology to help you stay cool while you sleep. However, the most popular mattress design, The Casper, includes a high-density supportive layer and transitional layers for added softness. The most luxurious of the three, The Wave, includes targeted support, advanced spinal alignment technology, and a cushioning top layer with extra pressure relief. Like the others, you ‘ll get a 100-day risk free trial and a lengthy warranty.


PangeaBed mattressPangeaBed

PangeaBed mattresses feature the same layered foam design as many other top competitors, but they also offer a few main difference that set their products apart from the rest. First. The mattress cover is made of soft hypoallergenic foam and features a quilted design, so it feels and looks luxurious. The mattresses are made of 100% Talalay Latex, which is hypoallergenic and has antimicrobial factors. The pocketed design allows air flow to help you stay cool.

Another option is the copper mattress, which has copper infused throughout the help the mattress stay both cool and germ free. The transition layers are a mix of memory foam and cooling gel, which is different from most companies who usually use one or the other. This mixture helps even further to keep the mattress cool, and also provides solid, but soft support. PangeaBed strives to make a bed that is comfortable and clean, meaning all of their mattresses work to fight bacteria, which is great since mattresses can usually get pretty dirty. Like usual, PangeaBed offers a 100 night risk-free trial, a ten-year warranty, and a full range of sizes.


Tulo mattressTulo

This company offers three different options in the same price point, allowing you to choose whether you prefer a soft, medium, or firm mattress. The company suggests that the soft mattress is for those who like to sleep on their side, the medium is perfect for tummy sleepers, and the firm mattress is great for people who sleep on their back. Each option includes a ten-inch mattress with hybrid layers and a white fabric mattress cover. The memory foam layers are infused with titanium particles and the pocketed design allows airflow, so the mattress has everything you need to stay cool while you sleep.

Each mattress has four layers of foam, and the difference between them is in the foundation layer, which are each made from foam of a different density to change the firmness of the mattress. Tulo offers a 120-day risk-free trial and 48 hour shipping to your door. There is a 10 warranty included and the mattresses are available in all sizes.


it Bed by Sleep Number mattressit Bed by Sleep Number

Sleep Number is a known and trusted mattress brand that deals with creating a comfortable sleep experience for people of all preferences. Their mail order mattress is no different, and although it is a bit pricier than other leading brands, it features some very modern sleep technology. The it Bed features a mobile app, and will easily connect to your mobile device. This allows you to change the settings for each side of the bed and track your sleep with SleepIQ Technology. This measures your heart rate, breathing, and movement so that you can optimize your bed to help you get the best sleep possible. The app tracks each side of the bed individually and gives suggestions for how you can improve your sleep, meaning this may be the easiest way to ensure you will always get a great night’s rest. Like many of the others, this bed features the same layered foam design with chambers that allow airflow and promote coolness. The it Bed by Sleep Number comes with a ten-year warranty and 100 day risk-free trial as well.


OSO MattressOSO Mattress

The OSO mattress is a unique option in that it gives you a firm and soft mattress in one. The micro-targeted support technology allows you to simply rotate the mattress (not flip) to obtain a different level of firmness. This means you can actually decided the firmness level you prefer by trying it out, rather than blindly ordering a mattress. Oso also works to deliver the most support in the areas of the mattress where you need it most, meaning that it focuses on supporting your hips, back and shoulders. The mattress is made of several layers, including air flow pockets for coolness. The foam is made from hypoallergenic, antibacterial latex and holds an OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification, meaning it is free of carcinogens and other harmful gases. Again, you’ll find the same 10 year warranty and a risk free trial. You can choose between a Twin, Full, King, or Queen.


Leesa Mattress Leesa

Leesa offers two mail order options, including their Leesa Foam Mattress and the Sapira Hybrid Mattress. Both of these options feature a layered design and the Avena Cooling Top Layer, which helps promote coolness throughout the night. However, there are some big differences in these two option. The Leesa Foam Mattress is the more basic option, starting at just over $500. It does feature some innovative technology, such as minimal motion transfer between sleeping partners and uniform pressure relief. The mattress is ten inches and made entirely of foam.

The other option is a bit more luxurious, with a price point to match, starting at a little under $1k. It features active body contouring that moves with you and focused pressure relief, as well as advanced technology to minimize motion between partners. The Sapira Hybrid features a pocketed spring layer, which not only makes the mattress a little lighter, but makes it a whole lot cooler throughout the night. They have the same luxurious as many others: a 100 night risk free trial and a ten-year warranty, as well as a full range of sizes.


The Saatva Company MattressThe Saatva Company

Here’s a company with three different luxury mail order mattress options, including the Saatva Classic, the Loom & Leaf, and the ZenHaven. These mattresses all start at a slightly higer price point, but each provides a different option. You can opt for a coil on coil luxury bed with plenty of airflow or 5-lb ultra premium foam. All of the mattresses by The Saatva Company feature spinal support technology and are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. The ZenHaven mattress is made from 100% Talalay Latex harvested from the reap sap of trees. This means it is made to be safe for even the most sensitive skin. All of the mattresses feature transitional layers of premium quality foam to help adjust the firmness and are affordable options to carry such luxurious qualities and materials. Once again, enjoy a risk-free trial and a ten-year warranty, as well as any size you need.


Luft BedsLuft Beds

Here’s a mail order mattress startup that has made a name for themself. Their mattresses feature a five layer innerspring design, starting with a gel-infused foam topper with a quilted surface. This layer is followed by graphite infused open cell memory foam. Both of these layers promote breathability and coolness throughout the night. Then, the next three layers include high density polyurethane foam, a coil innerspring layer that can be custom designed, and a high density base. These layers work together to provide the level of support and softness or firmness desired. These mattresses are each hand crafted and provide perimeter support to help balance the distribution of weight across the mattress. One more time with the ten-year warranty and the risk free trial. Sizes range from Twin to California King, including Twin XL.


purple mattressPurple

Purple prides themselves on the creation of a mattress that is the best of everything. It is said to support your back like a firm mattress and adjust to your curvature like a soft mattress. The mattress is made of hyper-elastic polymer, a material that can stretch to approximately 15 times its natural size. This material is used to provide a firm surface that still contours to your body in any position, keeping your spine straight and allowing you to get a comfortable night’s sleep. The material is also temperature neutral, so you won’t overheat while you’re asleep. It works to evenly distribute weight to apply even pressure. The mattress is made entirely of non-toxic food-grade materials and is completely recyclable. Last but not least, there’s a 100 night risk-free trial and a ten-year warranty.



Which Should You Choose?

Each of these companies has something new and fresh to offer, so we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for. Mail order mattresses are one of the newest and most convenient bed-buying trends today, and ordering your luxury mattress online can save you tons of tie (and sometimes even a lot of money). You may have the best pillow, but that doesn’t matter if your entire body is uncomfortable! Choosing the best mattress is entirely up to you and your preferences, though. Some things to consider include the quality of materials, how well the bed promotes air flow and cooling while you sleep, the firmness or softness (level of support) you prefer, the overall pattern of weight distribution, and price. Whatever you prefer, we are confident that you will find something on this list that is perfect for you!