Best Gardening Gear for Your Indoor Garden/Balcony Garden

There are so many great products in the indoor gardening world that it’s hard to weed through the options. Where do you start? There are tool kits, seed starter kits, hydroponic plant kits, and more! Or maybe you already have your garden planned and need a new way to show it off — there are beautiful pottery options, plant stand options, and even hanging plant holders to fulfill your wildest hippie dreams. Don’t forget the lights; LED plant lights can mean the difference between happy plants and withered plants, especially as we move into this colder season. So, where do you begin when faced with all of these categories and options? We took the time to research the best indoor gardening tools, accessories, and starter kits so that you can spend less time browsing and more time growing.

The Best Gardening Gear

sonkir 3-in-1 soil moisture light ph tester

Sonkir 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester

Were you born without a green thumb? Many of us are delving into home gardening during these stay-at-home months, but we didn’t grow up cultivating beautiful flowers or tasty veggies. If you don’t know how to tell when or how much to water, this three-in-one testing machine has come to save your garden patch and window plants. The Sonkir Soil Tester measures your soil’s moisture level, pH level, and sunlight level on a large screen that never needs batteries or charging. The two sensor needles need only to be placed in the soil near the plant, and will automatically read out whether your soil is acidic, too dry, or not getting enough sunlight. These sensors can be used for outdoor and indoor plants and are light enough to be easily transported around. This testing unit is well worth its price. There are a few items to note with this three-in-one tester: first, it cannot be used to test the pH of any other liquid besides water, so don’t go experimenting! Second, since the soil is most often in a neutral state (i.e., it’s pH value equals 7), the pH needs most likely will not move beyond a value of 7 or 8. This does not mean that your device is defective but simply means that your soil is balanced precisely where it should be. If it does show less than 7 or more than 8, you may need to add different soil mixtures around your plants to bring the pH value back into balance.


mother earth coco plus perlite mix

Mother Earth Coco Plus Perlite Mix

Sometimes normal potting soil just won’t cut it. Some soil lets the water drain out and leaves the plant high and dry, no matter how often you water. To combat dehydrated plants, break out this soil alternative made entirely of natural materials — coconut fibers and volcanic minerals. The combined long and short fibers from the coconuts (also known as coir) hold moisture while allowing balanced aeration. This mixture does not compress as easily as regular soil, which helps with moisturizing and aerating your plant’s roots while simultaneously aggressively feeding your flowers. Mother Earth uses 70% coir and 30% perlite, a natural mineral found in volcanic glass. Place your plants directly into this mixture in a pot or garden bed, and watch them bloom. A 50-liter bale yields about 1.7 cubic feet of premium alternative garden soil mix.


hydrofarm grow!t bamboo stakes

Hydrofarm Grow!T Bamboo Stakes

So you’re starting a tree farm? Planting a maple in the front yard? Lining your driveway? Fantastic! But how will you keep your new shoots growing straight and tall? GROW!T’s hydro-farmed bamboo stakes inactively coach young trees and other woody-stemmed plants to grow up, rather than grow sideways in crooked or bent fashions. These natural bamboo stakes are flexible enough to allow natural bends and won’t interfere with root growth, even driven deep into the ground. These stakes are also strong enough to withstand heavy elements, as well as large and growing stems. Since bamboo is a highly renewable natural material, these stakes are more cost-effective, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than wood or metal stakes. Use any extras as markers, supports, beams for covers, Each package contains 25 bamboo stakes, while there are a variety of lengths to choose, from two feet to eight feet


vivosun pruning shears

VIVOSUN Pruning Shears

No gardening set is complete without a quality pair of pruning shears. Whether you need to prune, trim, or deadhead, a sharp set of snippers should be on your gardening belt at all times. Vivosun Pruning Shears offer spring-loaded blades and comfortable, ergonomic grips to reduce hand strain, especially during marathon trimming sessions. Non-slip handles ensure that sweat or water won’t damage your hands or these shears. Stainless steel precision-sharpened blades offer micro-snip tips for ultimate control when you’re trimming, while the lock is easily snapped into place by both right- and left-handed gardeners. The bright color options allow you to easily find your shears regardless of where you leave them among the plants. 

For more handy tools like this, check out our guide to the best loppers.


planter’s choice bonsai starter kit

Planter’s Choice Bonsai Starter Kit

Forget all of your other planting endeavors: Planter’s Choice collected the ultimate start-up kit for growing stunningly beautiful bonsai trees. This kit includes organic seeds (kept in safe vials for increased germination) for Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Poui, Norway Spruce, and Flame Tree bonsais. Four biodegradable growing pots, four expanding-soil discs, four bamboo plant markers for easy labeling, and one bonsai clipper round out the collection, while a comprehensive instruction booklet and growing guide ensure easy and effective planting for both novices and pros. These plants can be planted indoors or out, at any time of the year, making these bonsais great housewarming gifts for any occasion. This whole kit promises four gorgeous trees that will last you for years. Not happy with any of these four trees? No problem; Planter’s Choice offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll get 100% of your money back. (We highly doubt you’ll need to return these, though.)


scuddles premium garden tools set

Scuddles Premium Garden Tools Set

So you want to start gardening, whether it’s renovating the front of your house or brightening your living room space? We’re here to help — you’re going to want a kick-butt garden toolset to start. This eight-piece planting toolset includes a garden shovel, a trowel, a mini rake, a hand weeder, a gardening fork, a 25-ounce flower mister, a pair of gardening gloves, and a beautiful washable tote to carry those gardening tools from plot to plot. The tote is made from two thick, durable layers and includes pockets for each tool, along with elastics to hold them securely. A bonus back pocket gives you extra carrying space for stakes, your phone, or extra tools. There’s plenty of room inside for carrying extra pots, seeds, water bottles, and more!

Each tool allows you to carry out a different function: the trowel sports a pointed end for easy digging, while the transplanter uses a wide shovel to hold all of the roots and dirt as your transfer plants. The claw rake lets you till up soil before planting, while the hand weeder rids your garden of pesky weeds with ease. Water spritzers allow you to moisturize roots without washing them away before planting, as well. Each tool is made from high-quality wood and anti-rust coated steel for lightweight durability. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this awesome toolset, Scuddles offers a lifetime warranty and a full refund upon return.


ezorkas grow light

 EZORKAS Grow Light

Living in a cloudy, rainy area or semi-darkness doesn’t bode well for many bright, colorful plants. If you want to extend your growing season or start it earlier than Mother Nature planned, a grow light provides simulated light perfect for photosynthesis. The Ezorkas Grow Light uses 80 LED lights (52 red lights and 28 blue lights) on four limbs to provide ambient light in any direction. The lights use three lighting modes — red, blue, and purple, or the red and blue lights together — and can be dimmed through nine levels, from 100% light to 20% light, to accommodate plants that usually take full shade, partial shade, or full sun. Want to sun your plants while you’re out and about? Set the timer for a 3-hour, 9-hour, or 12-hour shift that will automatically light up every day at the same time. Each light bar is nearly 8.5-inches long on a flexible stem to bring the light closer to the plants or spread out the light over a wide area of growing indoor gardens. This grow light comes with a USB plug for ease of charging and includes an AC adapter for direct plug access. A table clamp at the lamp’s base allows you to easily place the lamp on a window sill, coffee table, or desk out of the way. 


aomgd macrame plant hangers and hooks

AOMGD Macrame Plant Hangers and Hooks

Congratulations — you’ve successfully planted your new household beauties! But where to put them? If your tables, shelves, and window sills are already full, these beautiful retro macrame plant pot holders are just the ticket. Worried that your pets will knock plants off of every surface? No problem. This pack of three handwoven cotton hangers hold pots ranging from 3 to 10 inches wide. (Sorry, you’ll have to buy the pots themselves separately.) These potholders come in three lengths: 46 inches, 41 inches, and 34 inches, to be precise. What’s great about these hanging pot holders is that they will hold various pot shapes, from the classic round to square. These elegant macrame plant holders will add a homey, crafty touch to any room in your house.


gardenix decor 7-inch self watering planters

GARDENIX DECOR 7-Inch Self Watering Planters

Looking for the perfect planters for you hanging plant holders? All you need to know is in the title — these planters truly do water your plants for you. These high-quality polypropylene planters, designed to be virtually unbreakable, won’t crack or wear through over time. Instead, the nested pot design allows the inner plant holder to keep your plants out of the water pool, destroying the possibility of mold and rot. Plants can slurp water through the inner pot’s legs when they need, rather than being overwatered and drowning. A water level indicator will let you know when your plants are running low, but most often, you can leave your plants alone for more than 2 weeks. Each planter comes equipped with coconut shell fiber potting soil, which offers the best water retention and drainage of any self-watering planter. Your plants will find a perfect balance between aeration and water retention. Since each pack includes three planters, your favorite shoots will survive even your busiest of weeks.


copree bamboo 6-tier 7-potted plant stand

Copree Bamboo 6-Tier 7-Potted Plant Stand

When you need to make the most out of every square inch of space in your home, but don’t want to compromise on your beloved plants, this tiered plant stand swoops in to save the day. Standing nearly four feet tall, this stand offers up seven stands with heights ranging from about 10 inches tall to over 17 inches tall. Each stand is just about 58 square inches, with plenty of room for a 7-inch wide planter base. The stand is made from beautiful and eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo that’s both insect-protecting and strong. The bamboo’s durability allows you to place this tiered stand inside or outside, worry-free. Wide crossbar pacing allows for air circulation and water drainage, just in case you overfill your planters. Place all of your plants on this stand, or throw in a few keepsakes and photo frames! This tiered stand will open up space on your tables, home office desks, windowsills, and floor by compactly and elegantly stacking your beautiful plants. This is a great option for small offices or apartments, crowded rooms, or small porches.


yishang terra cotta pots with saucer

Yishang Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer

Your indoor garden is of no use without the perfect pot to plant your flowers and herbs! Terra cotta pots are a great option for plants that prefer drier soil, such as cacti, succulents, ferns, orchids, and most herbs. The clay terra cotta pots tend to draw water out of the soil, which keeps the plant from drowning. Terra cotta also allows the roots of your plants to breathe, creating airflow. If you don’t want your clay pots to strip as much water, try soaking them in warm water for half an hour before potting your plants.

This four-pack of 6-inch wide terra cotta pots comes with clay trays for each pot, so that excess water can drain through a hole in the bottom of the pot and stay trapped in the tray until your plant needs it. This protects your surfaces from water damage and protects your plants from overwatering. Yishang fires these pots at 1922 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum durability and crack-resistance while still maintaining a lightweight and a beautiful exterior. Paint your own designs on these clay pots, or leave them in their classic red color. If you’re unsatisfied in any way, Yinshang offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will refund you the price of your purchase


besttoyhome owl succulent pots with 3 tier bamboo stand

BESTTOYHOME Owl Succulent Pots with 3 Tier Bamboo Stand

A perfect gift for college students in dorms, small apartments, or desks that need as much space as possible, these adorable ceramic pots with a three-tiered bamboo stand add a fun touch to any area. The small ceramic pots are decorated with wide-eyed owl features and are just wide enough at 2.7 inches to hold succulents or herbs. The bamboo stand is sturdy and durable, yet lightweight. Each stand includes a small drainage hole on the bottom to protect against collected water damage. The whole stand is just 7.8 inches long and will easily fit anywhere around the house. At a bargain price, this is a wonderful gift for your plant-loving friends and family!


vogek hydroponic indoor growing system

Vogek Hydroponic Indoor Growing System

The ultimate indoor growing kit comes soil-free. This hydroponic system from Vogek includes seven plant troughs, 70 red and blue LED lights, an automatic water pump and circulation system, plant food, and adjustable light. This entire kit is designed to help your plants grow and maintain their healthiness. The timed lights automatically turn off in 12, 14, and 16-hour options, with light level options ranging from normal to medium to strong; this keeps your plants from withering under too much light while you’re out for the weekend or off at work. The light stand adjusts up to 13.4 inches tall to accommodate growing plants! When you’re nearly out of the water, the system will ding to remind you to fill it up but will continue to circulate the water and feed your plants automatically. Since this kit doesn’t require soil after the initial seed pods are “planted” in each trough, it’s a mess-free way to create the ultimate indoor herb or starter garden.


yintatech lightproof plant growing tent

YINTATECH Lightproof Plant Growing Tent

Some plants are daylight neutral and simply grow whenever planted, like the flower that normally blooms all summer long. However, other plants are extremely light-sensitive and will only bloom when they receive a precise amount of (or lack of) sunlight. If you’re looking to extend the growing season for these more sensitive plants, a light-proof growing tent is a vital tool in your gardening arsenal. Yintatech’s 48-inch by 24-inch by 60-inch lightproof tent is just such a tool. It’s large enough to hold multiple plants and light stands within its walls, but small enough to fit in a shop, garage, basement, or spare room with ease. The walls are made with 600 denier reflective mylar fabric, which prevents tearing and blocks natural and artificial light that your plants may not want, while also retaining the heat they need to thrive. This allows you to completely control the plant’s environment with the heat and sun-simulation lamps, so you can grow whatever flower you want at any time of the year! This growing tent uses multiple circular double-sleeved vent holes. Hence, it’s easy to install your lights, filters, floor fan, and anything else that uses a cord without compromising the light-blocking capabilities. A reinforced-zipper opens a door for easy access to your plants and equipment inside. All poles, connectors, belts, and hanging bars are included, along with a removable floor tray to protect your home and the heavy-duty cover. An easy-to-follow instruction manual will assist you with set-up and tear down. This product comes with a 12-month warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee if anything should happen during installation or use.


garden republic indoor pepper seed starter kit

Garden Republic Indoor Pepper Seed Starter Kit

Tired of herb gardens or trying to grow bland veggies? Kick it up a notch with this Garden Republic Spicy Pepper Starter Kit! This kit includes a stylish wooden gift box that doubles as a planter with a drip tray, four rustic fabric growing bags with drainage holes, four compact soil discs, four bamboo markers to show when you planted your peppers, and a pair of steel scissors for when it comes time to harvest your crop. There’s also an instruction packet to ensure you have all the tools and knowledge you need before planting your next crop. But let’s not forget the real stars of this kit — the peppers. Garden Republic includes four packets of 100% non-GMO heirloom pepper plant seeds: habaneros, cayennes, Anaheims, and USDA Certified Organic jalapenos. Each pepper brings its own level of heat to the kitchen, so you can mix and match with every meal you serve. You’d spend more money on a smaller amount of spicy peppers at the grocery store than you can grow in your kitchen window with this starter kit. Garden Republic is a veteran- and family-owned small business that understands the value of simple, easy, homegrown food. Gift this starter set to your friends and family who love to add pizzazz to their meals or are looking to begin their own home garden.