The 17 Best Work Gloves

What is it about doing it yourself that makes us feel so terribly accomplished? It can’t possibly be the hundreds of dollars that you can easily save by not calling the plumber every time a new tiny drip develops. It may have something to do with the very basic satisfaction of taking care of your own space, of improving on your daily tools, or even creating something new completely from scratch. After all, aren’t tools one of the signs that separate us from the wildlife around us?

But before you dive all in to your new bricolage project or clean up your backyard, it’s important to be kitted out properly. After all, medical bills from infected splinters and crushed fingers can actually be more expensive than a technician’s bill – without even going into the terrible impression that dirt and grease beneath your fingernails will make on your next Monday meeting,

The following work gloves will all help you keep your hands neat and protected. Good, durable gloves don’t need to break the bank, but high-quality can easily hide in unexpected places. That’s why we’ve done our research to show some of the best work gloves to consider.

American Made Buffalo Leather Work GlovesAmerican Made Buffalo Leather Work Gloves

Before leather became the favorite material of premium decorators and retro bike shops, it was humanity’s preferred protection gear. Even video games are constantly pushing us to upgrade our flimsy furs for a good leather jerkin – and the way it features so prominently in farm life and cowboy imagery should say everything you need to hear about its practicality.

Now you can bring the ruggedness of pioneer life straight to your next home improvement weekend with these Buffalo leather work gloves. Made from authentic American Bison, these gloves will allow you to pitch in supporting both local materials and crafters. They’re flexible and comfortable on the outside, which will help you to keep a precise grip on any tool you need to use but are still remarkably warm and thick.

Available in five colors and four sizes, these gloves are equipped with sheared wrist elastic that will keep them in place, no matter what you put them through.

Combine them with your favorite work boots for top performance.



Memphis N9690 Ninja Ice GlovesMemphis N9690 Ninja Ice Gloves

As the weather turns colder and more aggressive, finding a good warm pair of work gloves becomes doubly important. It’s not simply about keeping your fingers safe from bruises or splinters but about preserving your mobility. And anyone who has ever felt the joint stiffness that conquers most glacial January mornings knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The Memphis Ninja Ice Gloves are ideal for that time of the year. Their 7-gauge acrylic liner fabric will keep your blood circulating neatly. Furthermore, their HPT coating will repel liquids (an essential feature on a snowy day!) and therefore prevent any musty smells or yucky bacteria feeding off your sweat. Double layered and pitch-black, they will remain inconspicuous and still evoke that Liam Neeson uber-protective drive when needed.



US Forge 400 Welding Lined LeatherUS Forge 400 Welding Lined Leather

Work gloves are not exclusively for those who simply have a rougher weekend hobby. As the drive to create gets stronger, many of us feel the call of rougher and more drastic techniques. What could top welding’s destructive and creative power? Hot flames, badass equipment, and a robomask make this an expensive talent to pursue, without even getting into the hurdles of training or certification.

Stronger power also requires stronger and more resilient protection. You will be facing more than a few loose splinters only. Welding gloves require special care and tend to be Spartan and utilitarian. But since when does that mean they can’t be fancy? Locked stitched cotton and leather were painstakingly crafted here to ensure everything stays protected while you experiment with your new iron gate.



Wells Lamont Leather Fencer GlovesWells Lamont Leather Fencer Gloves

Unlike traditional shiny jacket leather, The HydraHide leather of these Well Lamont work gloves will combine the sweet, soft appeal of suede with increased water-resistance, extra abrasion-resistance, and a dash of warmth.

Also, this model pays homage to one of our most useful features. Ever feel like you need to go out of your way to keep your opposable thumbs useful while wearing work gloves? Not with these gloves. The manufacturers have provided an extra palm and thumb patch right on the spots where you’ll be gripping and holding down your tools. These just happen to be the first places that gloves tend to break or tear, so they were clearly thinking of providing you with a lasting product.



5.11 Tac A25.11 Tac A2

Tactical gloves are not work gloves – at least not always. However, depending on the kind of work you are doing, tactical gear can still ensure your knuckles stay protected and your tools don’t slip from your sweaty, hyperactive fingertips.

A combination of nylon, synthetic leather, and key-placed reinforced anti-slip layers will improve your performance whether you are smashing a hammer or attempting to climb a cat castle (or assembling one). Thanks to their stretchy, light back panels, they will not hinder any of the precision-tasks that come your way either.

As an added bonus, all the materials are fast drying, even if not quite waterproof. Just throw them in the washing machine, and they will be as good as new.



Carhartt All AroundCarhartt All Around

If you are not a fan of woodwork or welding but need something that can be easily taken all around the house instead, then you need a pair of versatile work gloves that can adapt to any situation. Sure, they won’t be as protective, but they will be used every other weekend for years to come. Extra points if they look stylish, right?

Made from fine grain leather with a cotton duck shell, these gloves are Carhartt’s answer for anybody who is repairing the sink one weekend and checking the car the next. The elastic wrist will keep them in place while the reinforced thumb and palm spot will extend their lifespan for an extra year. Warm and comfy, these gloves are not meant for a skintight feel. However, they do come in two color schemes: gray and black or beige and barley.



Custom Leathercraft 124L Workright Flex GripCustom Leathercraft 124L Workright Flex Grip

Designed with professional workers in mind, these gloves are a great investment if you find yourself fixing a roof more than once a year. However, they are still useful for mechanics and construction workers in general.

Made from stretchable spandex and reinforced with lycra side panels, these gloves are light and bendy, but will still prevent any bloody knuckles or cracked fingernails. They won’t shrink and won’t impede your movement. In addition, their adjustable straps will ensure they don’t slide off if you are ever working in the rain or under sweltering heat conditions.



DeWalt All-Purpose Synthetic and Velcro GlovesDeWalt All-Purpose Synthetic and Velcro Gloves

Bright, versatile, and enduring: the best qualities of DeWalt all come together in these work gloves. Full of extra attributes and hidden specs, these gloves are a great budget-friendly option for beginner home fixers and advanced woodworkers alike.

Their unique polyester and spandex blend is equally tough and breathable and will resist a quick cycle on the washing machine, or even just some airing in between uses without developing any funky smells. This is because DeWalt ensured the space between the fingers is made from breathable neoprene, keeping the high-sweat areas clean without endangering the tips or the palm of your hand.

Available in three sizes, these gloves keep to the classic brand’s color scheme.

To protect your knees as well, be sure to invest in some of the most reliable knee pads for work from our list.



Mechanix Work Wear GlovesMechanix Work Wear Gloves

The list of tasks around your home and garage that require a good pair of gloves is likely endless. However, the greasy, heavy quality of mechanic work is often the first one to call for something extra, at least when it comes to safety gear.

These gloves are stylish and easy to clean. They come in a wide variety of enduring colors that manage to stay attractive and hide the occasional oil stain at the same time, ranging from full black to forest green. Although made completely from spandex, they are nonetheless resilient and maneuverable. No matter how tiny the bolts you need to handle, you’ll get a good grip with these Mechanix gloves!



DeWalt Thermal Insulated GripDeWalt Thermal Insulated Grip

These work gloves were designed especially for construction workers, but their superior grip, comfortable texture, and weather insulation has made them a favorite for anyone handling winter activities or even going for a motorbike ride in inclement weather.

This doesn’t detract one iota from their ability to keep nasty wood needles from pecking at your skin or from ensuring abrasion scars will remain an unknown entity in your medical chart. Their unique blend is made from a 15-gauge nylon outer shell with excellent moisture-wicking properties and a 30% acrylic thermal liner. The fingers are lined with a very thin layer of microfoam, meant to increase your grip without sacrificing fine motor skills.

And, in keeping with DeWalt’s rigorous standards, these gloves are affordable and available in a variety of sizes.



Ironclad Modern Water ResistantIronclad Modern Water Resistant

A rainy day is often one of the first mishaps that will cause any construction work to stop. For such a common element, water can be surprisingly destructive and uncomfortable on a construction site. Maybe that is why so many designers and manufacturers have invested a lot in designing good, water repelling, yet comfortable gloves.

Ironclad has scored a real hit with these Modern Water Resistant work gloves. Neoprene knuckle covers offer both impact and moisture protection, while the loop closure and rubber hook ensure these gloves can be easily put on or discarded. Meanwhile, the clever suede cuff puller will keep them in place longer without making you feel like you are wearing handcuffs.

Be sure to combine them with some of the best work pants from our list and stay protected.



John Tillman and Co Top Grain Leather Mig WorkJohn Tillman and Co Top Grain Leather Mig Work

Working with heat? Then flame retardant materials are not optional – not unless you have several thousand dollars to spend in a burn unit, at least. Fortunately, flame retardant work gloves are no longer prohibitive or ugly. If you have any doubts, a quick look at these John Tillman gloves should provide all the proof you need.

The bi-color design is a bit out there, but it offers an opportunity for both the leather and cotton parts to show their best possible face. The extra-long sleeves will keep your undershirt from catching fire and your wrists from getting any accidental spark burns. And the ensemble will be kept firmly in place thanks to the adjustable elastic cuff. The Klevlar seams add extra protection, which is always needed.



Maxiflex Ultimate Nitrile GripMaxiflex Ultimate Nitrile Grip

Okay, so these work gloves look a bit like they just walked out of a Tom Cruise action flick. Is this necessarily a bad thing?

If they were unable to perform, perhaps. However, these Maxiflex gloves could never be accused of being uncomfortable or ineffective. Their nitrile ultra-slim design will allow you to handle oils and breeze through wet surfaces while maintaining maximum dexterity. In addition, the elastic knitted fabric around the grip will keep them in place and prevent any debris or dirt from accidentally entering and disrupting your work.



Ironclad TOG-05-L Tactic OpsIronclad TOG-05-L Tactic Ops

These gloves are equally useful for anyone attempting a precise repair outdoors or needing to ensure they can shoot without leaving any fingerprints behind – but you didn’t hear the latter from us at least.

Jokes aside, these top-of-the-line tactical gloves are meant to endure hard work and the elements alike while remaining silent and comfortable. They’re a perfect choice for a hunting trip, especially if you are looking to provide a bit more oomph to your outfit.

Available in black, brown, gray, and camo green, these gloves are reinforced both at the palm and at the back of the hand. Made from terry cloth and high-grade polyester, they have a very sturdy loop closure at the wrist. They’re easy to regulate and comfortable even during long hours.



Steiner 21923L Welding GlovesSteiner 21923L Welding Gloves

Welding jobs may require extra protection, but that doesn’t mean your gloves can’t be a bit flashy or even used to make a statement. Made from high-grade, fine cowhide, these welding gloves made by Steiner bring a bright orange quality to your next work session while providing the unique softness of a suede-like coating.

Behind the soft exterior, they hide several layers of foam insulation and a full flame-retardant cotton lining. All the edges are welted, and the wrists were made extra-long and tight. Far from a fashion choice, this will help you protect your forearms while simultaneously keeping the gloves in place, preventing them gloves from sliding off or, even worse, your tools from slipping out of your grip.



Ironclad RanchworxIronclad Ranchworx

Many of us can’t help but feel excited whenever the word Kevlar shows up in a materials list… and when paired up with “reinforced”? That’s an excellent chance to play with danger, and who in their right mind would miss that?

The Ironclad Ranchworks are worthy of the “Cowboy” label and everything that it implies. Fully machine washable, their unique Exo-guard protection will keep you safe from scrapes, crushes, and bites alike. Meanwhile, the roll top coating at the fingertips will increase your dexterity while ensuring these gloves remain worthy of facing the harshest and most extreme conditions that the countryside has to offer.



Stonebreaker DemoStonebreaker Demo

These gloves are definitely not limited for those working at the quarry, but they do evoke everything that is rugged and strong about such an environment. Versatile and adaptable across any sort of industrial setting, a pair of Stonebreaker Demo work gloves offers the toughest-grade protection available in the market right now.

The soft-looking gray cowhide merely covers a superb system of seamless shock absorbers and protective layers, although it keeps their grip easy and protects from any accidental drops. Easy to clean and to keep dry, these gloves are only just below welding quality – the short wrists make them less than ideal when handling the fast flames of a welder, although they are still equipped with very resilient wrist straps.