Kohler Stillness Luxury Bath: For Body and Beyond

You recline in sublime bliss, relaxing your entire body one muscle at a time. The peaceful sound of trickling water has replaced traffic, the phone, the TV, and all your other typical daily distractions. A gentle, aromatic fog envelops you, swirling in placid light, as you sink deeper into your luxury bath. It may sound like a mystical forest meditation scene; instead, it’s the Kohler Stillness luxury bath.

The Kohler Stillness Bath is a voice-activated smart bath designed to deliver an immersive experience that soothes the body and renews the spirit. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing, this Kohler luxury bath is a subtly high-tech sanctuary from the rigors of our commodified lives.

Let’s sit down in a lotus pose and take an intentional moment to give it a closer look.

Forest Bathing – In Your Kohler Luxury Bath?

So what is Shinrin-Yoku, and what does it have to do with high-end bath appliances? In “forest bathing,” as it’s called in English, one immerses oneself in nature to receive therapy. Forest bathers leave modern conveniences behind and instead focus entirely on their relationships with nature. Health benefits run the full spectrum, from physical to mental and beyond.

Kohler’s Stillness Bath conveys Shinrin-Yoku’s meditative principles to consumers interested in bathing innovation. Sensory immersion meets smart technology to deliver the goods.

kohler stillness bathtub

Getting Your Toes Wet – Tell the Stillness Bath Your Needs

The Stillness Bath experience starts with simple voice commands. Kohler equips the smart luxury bath with its “PreciseFill” technology, a built-in assistant that fills your bath according to your instructions. 86 degrees? 106? Just say the word — er, number. As well, PreciseFill can fill the tub to any partial level or make it overflow, infinity-style, into the spa-like Hinoki wood moat below.

Once your luxury bath has filled and heated itself to meet your most exact preferences, you can focus on aromatherapy with the “Experience Tower.” The low-profile add-on diffuses essential oils and generates steam — again, according to your personal taste. Finally, full-spectrum light illuminates the tub’s base and moat, completing the full sensory circuit.

kohler perfect fill

Settle In – Immerse and Let Go (of Your Credit Card)

The Kohler Stillness Bath is an unmistakably badass piece of home spa equipment. Inspired by esoteric Japanese nature therapy, voice-activated, surrounded by a moat of exotic wood? It’s an aromatherapy device, a soaking tub, and a light show.

Kohler’s luxury bath enlightenment, however, can only be sought at a price. Aspirants will pay around $16,000 for the full treatment. According to capability, Kohler will scale pricing: packages stripped of the moat, Experience Tower, etc., start at $6,198. Namaste.

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