Every sophisticated man needs a bathrobe for lounging around the house.

Bathrobes are the perfect compromise between style and comfort. Why walk around the house in only boxers when you can be sophisticated and cozy at the same time?

Here’s a list of the 20 best bathrobes for men.

The Best Bathrobe for MenBorje Men’s Soft Kimono RobeBorje Men’s Soft Kimono Robe

Silky satin material, machine washable, and unisex, this robe is a stylish winner. Plus it comes in red, so what’s not to like?  Note that Asian sizing is smaller than standard US sizing, so pay attention to the size chart.

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Arus Men’s Hood’n Full Ankle Length Hooded Turkish Cotton BathrobeArus Men’s Hood’n Full Ankle Length Hooded Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

This ankle-length robe is cut with a wide hood for comfort and is made of plush Turkish terry-cloth. Machine wash, tumble-dry low. A fabric belt and two voluminous pockets round out the package.


Towel Selections Men’s Plush Spa Fleece RobeTowel Selections Men’s Plush Spa Fleece Robe

A kimono-style collar and a variety of color choices set this robe apart from the pack. 100% polyester fleece makes for a soft skin feel.

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Noble Mount Mens Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Spa/Bath RobeNoble Mount Mens Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Spa/Bath Robe

If you’ve got a chilly house first thing in the morning, this robe is an excellent choice. The 100% polyester fabric is soft and plush, while the shawl collar wraps you up for a cozy feel.


Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Long Hooded BathrobeAlexander Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Long Hooded Bathrobe

A roomy cut and hood make this a perfect bathrobe for big and tall guys. This robe comes with a risk free, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Even better, you’ve got a ton of eye-catching designs to choose from. An interior tie keeps this robe secure while you chase your cat across the lawn.

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TexereSilk Men’s Luxury BathrobeTexereSilk Men’s Luxury Bathrobe

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, and this bathroom is made of 70% bamboo-derived fabric (the other 30% is cotton). Simple and classic, you can also get this robe in hooded version.


Hooded Herringbone Men’s Soft Spa BathrobeHooded Herringbone Men’s Soft Spa Bathrobe

Want a pop of color to set you apart? This robe has you covered. A soft herringbone pattern completes the package.

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Yugo Sport Mens Lightweight Kimono Wrap RobeYugo Sport Mens Lightweight Kimono Wrap Robe

Clean, slim lines are the name of the game here. A 60/40 cotton/polyester blend is a great compromise between comfort, stretch, and odor control.


Ross Michaels Men’s Long RobeRoss Michaels Men’s Long Robe

A floor-length robe is the way to go for maximum comfort. But it’s the velvety finish that really sets this robe apart. We like the optional navy-blue color as well. Perfect for big and tall guys.

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Turkish Towls Cotton Terry BathrobeTurkish Towls Cotton Terry Bathrobe

For the sauna lover in search of an authentic turkish sauna experience. This terry-cloth robe with a tie closure is made in Turkey from plush turkish terrycloth – and it comes in range of colors.


Comfy Robes Men’s Deluxe Turkish Terry BathrobeComfy Robes Men’s Deluxe Turkish Terry Bathrobe

This turkish robe is notable for its plush comfort, derived from 100% turkish cotton. A shawl color adds some classic styling, while the cuffed sleeves keep the fabric out of your breakfast.

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Kingsize Men’s Big & Tall Terry Bathrobe with PocketsKingsize Men’s Big & Tall Terry Bathrobe with Pockets

Are you a big and tall guy looking for a 100% cotton robe? This is a good choice. We like the 3/4 length sleeves, but our favorite part is the optional stripped pattern. It really pops!


Wanted Men’s Hooded Microfleece Bathrobe with PocketsWanted Men’s Hooded Microfleece Bathrobe with Pockets

Polyester plush micro-fleece feels so cozy on the skin, your partner is going to want to steal this robe. The hood keeps things nice and warm, and we are fans of the tattersall plaid patterning. A perfect addition to your wardrobe, just like some of these cool shorts for summer.


Essentials by Seven Apparel Men’s Plaid Plush BathrobeEssentials by Seven Apparel Men’s Plaid Plush Bathrobe

Another plaid patterned robe, this stylish entry is one-size-fits-most. A shorter hem makes it easier to move around in if your mornings are more active.


Pembrook Men’s Soft Fleece Kimono RobePembrook Men’s Soft Fleece Kimono Robe

This robe is finished in a semi-stetchy coral fleece with a shawl collar. The kimono wrap opening is classic, while the pockets add convenience.

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COSMOZ Hooded Herringbone Spa/BathrobeCOSMOZ Hooded Herringbone Spa/Bathrobe

It’s hard to beat this robe’s combination of timeless gray color and herrinbgone patterning. Soft 100% polyester is comfortable, and the tie closure keeps everything secure.


Forever Lazy Fleece ¾ Length Hooded BathrobeForever Lazy Fleece ¾ Length Hooded Bathrobe

Unique patterns are this robe’s claim to fame (check out the beer mug pattern). Comfortable 100% polyester material doesn’t hurt, and a 3/4 length cut won’t get in the way as you go about your morning.

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Abstract Men’s Towel/BathrobeAbstract Men’s Towel/Bathrobe

We like the optional blue piping on this robe, but it’s the 100% cotton material that really draws our attention. A button closure adds added security.


Luxehome Luxury Cotton Terry BathrobeLuxehome Luxury Cotton Terry Bathrobe

This is a perfect robe for achieving an immersive spa experience. 100% cotton material and classic white styling scream “pamper me.”

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Turkish Linen Men’s Waffle Kimono Spa/BathrobeTurkish Linen Men’s Waffle Kimono Spa/Bathrobe

Another authentic Turkish classic. A roomy cut and voluminous hood maximize comfort.