The 10 Best Undershirts for Men

Undershirts are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe, from boardroom to barbells. They provide a lightweight layer to protect your more delicate threads from sweat, which is stubborn to wash out and can permanently damage certain types of fabrics. And let’s not overlook the fact that they’re convenient in the cold season, too, offering that extra bit of warmth you need when the temperature drops.

We’ve considered these qualities to bring you a rundown of the ten best undershirts for men on today’s market.

Mr.-Davis-Men’s-Bamboo-ViscoseMr. Davis Men’s Bamboo Viscose Undershirt

The undershirts by Mr. Davis feature a lightweight viscose fabric that blends with your skin tone. In combination with the v-neck cut, these t-shirts are nearly invisible under light-colored or white dress shirts. They also showcase a slicker, longer fit than the usual cotton undershirt, which means they’ll stay tucked in and bunch-free throughout the day.

Reviews often point to the softness of the material and the fact that they wick moisture very effectively.


TexereSilk Men’s V-Neck Lounge Tee UndershirtTexereSilk Men’s V-Neck Lounge Tee Undershirt

Finding a good-fitting undershirt for taller men can be a real challenge. TexereSilk Men’s V-Neck Lounge Tee Undershirts come in three different sizes: standard, long and tall, and extra-long and tall. 

The lightweight and smooth cotton/rayon material is notably absorbent and makes for a comfortable fit even on the hottest days. These qualities also offer maximum temperature and odor control. The thin fabric blend is barely perceptible beneath dress shirts and guarantees that your outer layer won’t bunch up. The extended torso sizing means they’ll tuck in neatly to your trousers and stay there throughout the day.

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Ejis UndershirtEjis Undershirt

If you’re a sweaty guy, Ejis is right up your ally. This cleverly engineered shirt features specialized, silver-infused fibers layers to absorb excess perspiration and mitigate odor-causing bacteria, leaving you feeling clean and smelling fresh.

Form-fitting, lightweight, and long in the torso, these undershirts will neither cling to your dress shirts nor come untucked. The handsome v-neck cut is another plus.

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Undershirt by Calvin KleinUndershirt by Calvin Klein

Among the biggest names in the clothing industry, Calvin Klein has been making undershirts since the designer’s inception.

Calvin Klein uses a fabric that is lightweight and nearly invisible under dress shirts. The design boasts excellent moisture control and temperature regulation to keep you comfortable and looking sharp. This classic is a staple at the gym and a longstanding favorite among athletes thanks to its airiness, efficient absorption, and supple flexibility, so do not hesitate to combine it with your favorite gym shorts.


David Archy Men’s UndershirtDavid Archy Men’s Undershirt

David Archy’s undershirts are as clean-looking and seamless as they are breathable and comfortable. Their single-weave jersey fiber is often referred to as “silky” by reviewers.

If you’re looking for a soft, barely-there undershirt, look no further.

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FitnessSun Men’s Tight UndershirtsFitnessSun Men’s Tight Undershirts

FitnessSun designs lightweight compression undershirts, which boast a secure and crisp fit. The elastic-blend fabric is surprisingly breathable, and the form-fitting cut mitigates static and bunching-up of your overshirt.

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Hanes Men's White and Assorted V-Neck T-ShirtsHanes Men’s White and Assorted V-Neck T-Shirts

Hanes’ undershirts are iconic. Their soft, tagless 100% white cotton v-neck is a multipurpose staple. Wear it under your business attire, to the gym, or on the sofa. Bonus: the lay-flat collar creates a smooth and seamless base for your freshly-pressed overshirt.


Fruit of the Loom Men's Stay Tucked Crew T-ShirtFruit of the Loom Men’s Stay Tucked Crew T-Shirt

Fruit of the Loom is another time-tested brand. Their tagless undershirts feature 100% cotton and sleek stitching. The “stay tucked” name refers to the extra-long torso design; this additional one or two inches allows for more material to ride below the belt.

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Gildan Men's Crew T-Shirt MultipackGildan Men’s Crew T-Shirt Multipack

Gildan comes through with some multicolor options to suit your every undershirt need. White tees are 100% cotton, while the grey and dark tees feature a light and breathable cotton/polyester fabric blend.

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Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Classics Multipack Crew Neck T-ShirtsCalvin Klein Men’s Cotton Classics Multipack Crew Neck T-Shirts

CK makes our list yet again, with their tagless crew necks offered in multiple colorways. Although made of 100% cotton, reviewers state that these crew necks are remarkably flexible.