The 15 Best Oxford Shirts for Men

Oxford shirts are one of the most versatile articles of clothing that you can have in your wardrobe. Many designers and fashion experts call it a man’s best friend because every guy looks good in it.

Indeed, Oxford shirts are considered staple items in every man’s wardrobe. They are comfortable and versatile to wear. You can wear it in the office. You won’t feel out of place when you wear one to the pub. Oxford shirts can be mixed and matched with a pair of jeans for a casual look or with a pair of trousers for work. You can roll up its sleeves for a relaxed look. Simply put, there are numerous ways of wearing Oxford shirts.

Here’s our list of the 15 best Oxford shirts for men.

The Best Oxford Shirt for Men

Flint and Tinder OxfordFlint and Tinder Oxford

Flint and Tinder is a brand that is popular for its casual basics such as tees and hoodies. But it also produces excellent Oxford shirts just like this one. This soft washed Oxford has a chest pocket where you can store small items. It feels pleasant thanks to its enzyme-washed construction.

Available in blue, gray, and white, this Oxford shirt is versatile. You can wear it at work or any casual occasion. It’s airy and breathable, which makes it highly recommended during the warmer months. It’s also the right choice for layering when the weather cools off.


Todd Synder Japanese Selvedge Oxford ShirtTodd Synder Japanese Selvedge Oxford Shirt

Todd Synder is a brand that’s known for its heritage-inspired yet modern clothes, and this Oxford shirt is a good example. The brand uses Japanese selvage cotton that is known for being comfortable and durable.

It is available in different colors, including lavender, gray, blue, black, and pink. It has a classic yet stylish button-down collar. There’s also a utility pocket on the chest.

Impeccably woven, it will make you feel comfortable and fashionable wherever you may go. The Japanese selvage cotton and durable construction help guarantee this Oxford shirt will be with you for many years to come.

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Outerknown Nomadic Oxford ShirtOuterknown Nomadic Oxford Shirt

The Nomadic Oxford shirt from Outerknown comes in a wide range of colors. It is an all-season shirt that you can wear with practically every piece of clothing in your closet, from a shawl cardigan to a denim jacket. It also looks good, whether tucked in or out, and it offers a noticeable amount of stretch.

This traditional Oxford shirt is organic cotton and has a clean and modernized look, sans a pocket with a button-down collar and reinforced button placket. You can choose from six soft and solid colors.

It also has enough weight that it won’t easily wrinkle and doesn’t feel flimsy at all. You can expect a shirt that can be comfortably worn both at work or on casual days, without worrying about collecting wrinkles throughout the day.


Uniqlo Men’s Oxford Slim Fit ShirtUniqlo Men’s Oxford Slim Fit Shirt

This slim-fit, long-sleeved Oxford shirt from Uniqlo is as versatile as any shirt you will find. It is pure cotton, and with a simple look, this Oxford shirt can be worn in the office or for a stroll in the park.

This slim fit shirt has a clean design, with no box pleat at all, and the brand employs a heavy pre-wash process that gives it a pliable feel. And it has that elegant look that many of us expect from Uniqlo pieces.

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Taylor Stich Everyday OxfordTaylor Stich Everyday Oxford

The Taylor Stitch Everyday Oxford is one shirt that you can wear every day regardless of where your plans for the day. It is a smart, stylish, and handsome Oxford shirt that comes in a classic package. It has everything you want in a great shirt, from its tailored fit to its perfect length. You can wear it untucked or tucked.

This Oxford shirt is 100% pure cotton. It’s sturdy and durable enough for wearing all year-long. It also features the familiar Jack button-down collar of Taylor Stitch and has no pleats for ease in ironing.

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Mott and Bow Kent OxfordMott and Bow Kent Oxford

The Mott and Bow Kent Oxford is high-end Albiate Italian cotton. It is available in a wide range of colors such as white, light blue, and black. Blending great style with a modern fit, this is one of the more affordable Oxford shirts that you can find on the market.

This Oxford shirt has a slim fit, but you won’t feel constricted when wearing it. There is enough room in the waist and chest, so you can be comfortable wearing it all day long. The shirt has the perfect length for wearing it tucked or untucked.

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Lisboa Francisco Brushed Plaid OxfordLisboa Francisco Brushed Plaid Oxford

While only available in two colors—olive and light plaid—the brushed Oxford from Lisboa Francisco is wonderfully soft for comfortable wear all year long. It’s something you can wear regardless of the season, whether during the cold winter days or the warm days of summer.

This Portugal-made Oxford shirt combines soft linen-blended fannel and cotton. The fannel is lightweight yet provides enough warmth for the cold months. The shirttail hem, meanwhile, will look great whether the shirt is tucked or untucked.

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Everlane Air Oxford ShirtEverlane Air Oxford Shirt

This short-sleeve shirt is lightweight, 100% cotton, making it best for the warmer months of the year.

Available in a wide range of colors from dusty blue to faded sage, the Air Oxford Shirt from Everlane is woven tighter than the original Oxford fabric of Everlane. Lightweight and durable, this is the type of shirt that you will want to wear during the summer. Slim but not too tight, this Oxford shirt can functions well both tucked or untucked.

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Buck Mason One Pocket Oxford ShirtBuck Mason One Pocket Oxford Shirt

Buck Mason’s One Pocket Oxford Shirt features a tailored body and contoured cuff. The back-yoke makes the shoulders look broader than they are, while the custom-milled cotton construction promotes breathability and comfort, especially during the warm months.

It is 100% cotton. This Oxford shirt is not only stylish but robust. It lays crisp wash after wash, season after season. The single pocket on the chest gives you an area to store small items.

This easy-going shirt should look good on dress trousers, jeans, and chinos.


Bonobos Oxford ShirtBonobos Oxford Shirt

This stretch Oxford shirt from Bonobos is versatile and comfortable. You can wear it any time of the year. It’s stylish enough to be worn on every occasion.

Bonobos chose a combination of cotton (98%) and spandex (2%), so this shirt feels pleasant on the skin.

It is also easy to iron, and the combination of stretch and the slim-cut enhances its fit. Expect minimal ballooning around your waist with this shirt.

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Old Navy Everyday Oxford ShirtOld Navy Everyday Oxford Shirt

Old Navy is one of the more prominent American fashion brands, so it is not surprising that it gets an entry in this list. Its everyday Oxford shirt features a hint of stretch and comes at an affordable price.

This Oxford shirt has a button-down collar, long sleeves, and a patch pocket at the chest and is a soft-washed Oxford cotton. It’s not as lightweight as the other shirts on this list, but the Old Navy Built-in Stretch technology offsets the heft.

This shirt is versatile, wearing well during warm months with light khakis or jeans, but also working well during the colder months, especially with a knit tie and blazer or with a trench coat.


Brooks Brothers MilanoBrooks Brothers Milano

The Brooks Brothers Milan Fit Oxford shirt is ideal for guys who are always on the go. It is a workhorse of a shirt made of dense Supima cotton.

According to Brooks Brothers, the Milano is the slimmest fit in the brand’s Oxford range. At first, the shirt feels a bit rough, but it will soften eventually after multiple washes.

There’s a chest pocket on the left side of the shirt where you can store small items. The shirt may not be the lightest in the market, but the added weight makes it less prone to wrinkles. The collar also refuses to sag.

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Taylor Stitch Jack In Army OxfordTaylor Stitch Jack In Army Oxford

Taylor Stitch is a Bay Area brand that is known for its stylish and well-designed shirts. The Jack in Army Oxford shirt is a prime example.

It is 100% organic cotton, so it’s lightweight and comfortable on the skin. It also features Taylor Stitch’s familiar Jack button-down collar. It doesn’t have pleats for clean lines and ease in ironing.

It also has the right amount of sturdiness that feels perfect in an Oxford shirt. It looks good when pulled straight off the hanger, but even better when pressed.

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J. Crew Slim Pima Cotton Oxford ShirtJ. Crew Slim Pima Cotton Oxford Shirt

J. Crew’s slim Oxford shirt has the qualities you want from an Oxford shirt. It is versatile, lightweight, comfortable, affordable, and comes with a bit of a stretch.

This shirt is Pima cotton, known to be more durable and softer compared to other cotton types.

It has a versatile look that goes well with chinos or a pair of jeans. The cotton fabric is loose and washed for a natural, comfortable drape.

Moreover, J. Crew kept the collar of this shirt unlined and a bit longer as a nod to the brand’s Ivy League heritage.

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River Island Oxford ShirtRiver Island Oxford Shirt

If you’re the type of person who loves classic-looking and affordable shirts, consider getting this Oxford shirt from River Island.

While this Oxford shirt may not be the best one to pair with your suit, it will still be stylish enough to be worn with a pair of chinos. You will also love that it is easy to dress down.

It’s also ideal for use in the summer months because it is 100% cotton that’s breathable and comfortable on the skin. Finally, you can get this for less than half of the price of most Oxford shirts on this list, so this is quite a steal.