The 15 Best Trench Coats for Men

The Trench Coat is a classic mainstay of the fashionable man’s wardrobe. It was first introduced in the darker times of the first World War but has also been popularized by the old Hollywood movies of the 40s and 50s.

The trench coat is a highly functional piece of clothing that is very flattering. It’s not hard to look good in the snow or the rain with a trench coat on. You can have your pick of a myriad of designs. There are those that conform to the more traditional military look, while others are more geared toward urban and fashion-forward aesthetics.

Differences are also apparent when you take into consideration the material of trench coats. Whether they are made to replicate the military look or the old Hollywood aesthetic (or they may even have a more avante-garde pedigree), one fact remains: the trench coat is here to stay. So, if you’re looking for a coat to keep you warm and dry in the winter months while still maintaining a bold yet very classic look, then the Trench Coat is probably it.

Here are the best trench coats to consider.

The Best Trench Coat for Men

Acne Studios RelaxedAcne Studios Relaxed

The Acne Studios Relaxed trench coat is an avant-garde, high-fashion outerwear that has design features that are outside of the norm of what is expected of a traditional trench coat. This is a premium trench coat that you might find on the runways of Paris. Though it is not entirely just for show, it does evoke a very high-end urban functionality.

It is constructed out of a blend of cashmere and wool, which makes it a good warm outerwear for when the colder air starts to creep in. It is also made without any sort of lining – adding to its more fashion-forward appeal. The silhouette is very relaxed and is intentionally made to be loose. It makes for a great addition to your layering game. You’ll find that it has 4 oversized buttons right along the midline of the front. And, it also has two oversized pockets to its sides.

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Topman Check Double Breasted MacTopman Check Double Breasted Mac

Topman produces high-fashion apparel that is not snobbish regarding their price. The products that they make are for those who are well-informed about current trends but don’t want to pay more than necessary.

This beautiful Check Double Breasted Mac is one example of how they do things at Topman. This trench coat is cut and tailored to evoke the classic design. It’s one of the more visually engaging ones available on the market today.

The checkered pattern is bold and visually stunning. The construction is also remarkable. It is made out of polyester/viscose making it a sturdy coat that is able to weather the harsh conditions of the winter in stride. It’s a clear winner when it comes to its iconic traditional Mac look. The coat is button-fastened. You also get a belted waist and an elegant collar.

This is a chekered iconic classic that is both stylish and affordable, just like many of these amazing peacoats from our list.


Heywood Khaki Trench CoatHeywood Khaki Trench Coat

The Heywood Khaki Trench Coat harkens back to the style and fashion sense of the early 20th century. Everything about this is classic, from its khaki color down to its fit. This is in no way a point against this highly aesthetic trench coat either.

Looking at the coat, you’ll find that its simplicity is its main appeal. There are no excess frills. Every piece that’s on the coat is there for a specific reason. The cut and fit, too. is on point. The silhouette of the Heywood Khaki Trench Coat is slim, but you can have it custom fit for your own measurements and unique specifications. It’s constructed out of premium treated cotton that is both water-resistant and highly durable.

You can bring back the early 20th-century look with this custom made timeless classic.

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River Island Mac in TanRiver Island Mac in Tan

River Island is a high street fashion icon and this tan Mac is one highly fashionable addition into their already awesome product line. This tan Mac trench coat takes you back in time. It is made to evoke the timeless appeal of days past.

This Mac is also perfect when the environment is a bit nippy. The construction and silhouette on this Mac is a regular fit. It looks both very old-timey and very modern at the same time. It can easily become your favorite autumn or winter coat. It is lightweight and is double-breasted. It buttons in front and has a belted waist for added fit. To the side, you’ll find deep pockets, and you also have a storm placket for added protection as well as a spread collar that adds to its stylish appeal. It’s made of durable, non-stretch woven fabric, so it should last for years of use. Perfect to combine with your favorite chinos.


Arc’Teryx Keppel Trench CoatArc’Teryx Keppel Trench Coat

Arc’Teryx has gone out of its way to bring the world a highly functional and durable trench coat that only a Canadian climbing and winter sports apparel manufacturer like itself can make. Their Keppel Trench Coat is made to meet the demands of a gruelling city life.

It is constructed to be breathable, windproof, and waterproof. It’s made from Gore-Tex, the same material that is used in premium tents and protective climbing coats. This makes it more than durable enough to withstand your daily city commute. It is also designed with the bike commuter in mind. It offers a safety feature in the form of a reflective panel under the collar for improved visibility while riding. Even though it may be made out of a very durable material, it is still remarkably soft to the touch, which adds to its comfort value. It zips up at the front with a two-way zipper system, and it has a vent at the back.


A.P.C. Cotton-Twill TrenchA.P.C. Cotton-Twill Trench

This beige cotton-twill trench coat is like something straight out of a classic film noir from the middle of the 20th century. It has the classic look down to a T. When it’s all buttoned up, it is as minimalist as they come. It is constructed out of a medium-weight fabric that makes it the ideal choice for when the seasons are starting to change. Think: autumn-winter and winter-early spring.

This coat includes fine satin lining, which adds to the ease when layering clothing. Other features include flap pockets at the front, a single vent, and button fastenings that become hidden when fully closed. The buttons are made out of 100% buffalo horn.

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Brooks Brothers Single-Breasted Trench CoatBrooks Brothers Single-Breasted Trench Coat

This Single-Breasted Trench Coat is a fine addition to what may already be considered an already great collection of garments from Brooks Brothers. This coat can be used in the wet seasons since it is made out of fine 100% cotton that’s constructed with a highly water-resistant finish. Wear this in the rain or in the snow without worrying. It will protect you like a rain jacket.

It also comes with a lining that is conveniently removable. This special lining is made out of split-quilted wool. It also comes with a tartan pattern design feature that is a Brooks Brothers signature. When closed, the buttons are hidden to produce that clean minimalist look. Wear it as an addition to your winter layering or when you require a waterproof outerwear during some of the wet or colder months.


Burberry Kensington Trench CoatBurberry Kensington Trench Coat

The Burberry Kensington Trench Coat is a vintage look that is made modern. The iconic style is inspired by military aesthetics, but this style is more reminiscent of the film noir movies of the mid-1900s. Burberry also claims that this is the coat worn by Humphrey Bogart in his very iconic role as Rick in Casablanca.

This very confident-looking coat is made in England and is constructed out of the signature Burberry gabardine that is weatherproof. This is an ideal coat to wear when it showers or even when it snows. The coat features a relaxed regular fit that is genuine to the era when this type of coat was popularized. If you have specific or special preferences regarding this coat, check out the alteration options that are available as an in-store service from Burberry.

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Zara Check Textured CoatZara Check Textured Coat

The Zara Check Textured Coat is a stylish coat down to its core. It’s very warm too, almost like a down jacket.

This is an oversized trench coat that features a lapel collar and welt pockets at the front. At the back, there is a central vent that improves air circulation for added comfort. To close, this coat features double-breast button fastening. The outer shell is made out of a blend of acrylic, polyester, and wool. The lining is polyester and viscose.

Add this to your wardrobe if you’re not afraid of checkered patterns and you want to up your winter ensemble game.


Marks and Spencer Rain Mac with StormwearMarks and Spencer Rain Mac with Stormwear

Keep yourself warm and dry even in the wet and cold weather while maintaining your sense of style. The Marks and Spencer Rain Mac with Stormwear is a sleek-looking raincoat that is designed to produce a slim silhouette for a smart and very modern fit.

This coat is constructed out of special water-resistant fabric that keeps the rain out. This will protect you in the rain or even in the colder winter months even when there is snow. The raglan sleeves are roomy enough to allow superior ease of movement. This also features adjustable cuffs as well as a lightly padded collar. As for its size and fit, it runs moderately big to fit suits and layering properly.

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Uniqlo Men’s Trench CoatUniqlo Men’s Trench Coat

Stay fashionable in this modern era with a classic-looking trench coat from Uniqlo. Uniqlo has outdone itself this time. They have managed to produce and market something that is about 20 times more affordable than some of the other items on this list. This entry is easily the lowest cost on this list. The price, however, does not predict its quality because this is a high-quality product from a great Japanese brand.

At a glance, the Uniqlo Men Trench Coat is a well-designed coat that is perfect for moderately cold weather and rain. It is made out of a polyester and cotton blend that gives this coat its vivid color and glossy finish. It has also been treated with a water-resistant coating. This fine Uniqlo winter wear comes in either beige or navy. Another feature of this very affordable coat is that it’s wrinkle-resistant.


Vetements Black New Classic CoatVetements Black New Classic Coat

The Vetements Black New Classic Coat is an oversized, relax-fit trench coat that is just as at home on a runway as it is in a cold, wet city.

This very stylish coat comes in nothing but black. It is made out of cotton poplin. It has a spread collar, double-breasted closure and a storm flap at the chest. Other features include raglan sleeves and welt pockets. You’ll also find that the back hem has a central vent for added air circulation. This is a great option if you prefer the loose fit of the classic era. This loose fit also works well for those who are serious about layering or those who wear suits.


Mackintosh CarbethMackintosh Carbeth

The Mackintosh Carbeth is a versatile trench coat that is designed and crafted in the United Kingdom. The design is a more modern version of the old, well-loved classics.

What you’ll immediately notice is that it buttons up pretty clean. While a couple buttons are seen at the sleeves and at the pockets to the side, the front center buttons are hidden except for the first one at the collar. It is made out of rubberized cotton, so it is extremely water-resistant. This is perfect for the wet and cold months.

And if you get tired of the plain black, then just flip it inside-out because the Mackintosh Carbeth is reversible. On the flipside is black checkered wool that becomes the outer layer for an added design aesthetic. This layer becomes the lining if you want to go all-black again.


Aquascutum Bogart Trench - CamelAquascutum Bogart Trench – Camel

If you’re a big fan of movies, then you’re probably familiar with Casablanca. The Aquascutum Bogart Trench is the original iconic trench coat worn by Humphrey Bogart in that very heartbreaking movie. The trench itself looks very similar to what you see in the movie.

Aquascutum, however, advises and warns that like Humphrey Bogart’s Rick wears his trench coat, the Bogart Trench is oversized. So, if you prefer a slimmer fit, then you should get one size smaller than your regular fit.

The design itself is military-inspired, and the coat is made in England. It features raglan sleeves, a double breast design and has a club check undercollar and lining. It is made to be water-resistant and can keep you dry in a moderate rain shower. So, here’s looking at you, kid. Don this authentic trench coat icon and exude the same classic, stoic confidence of Casablanca’s Rick.


Aether Polar TrenchAether Polar Trench

The Aether Polar Trench is designed to be an alternative to the more traditional trench coat. While it is a trench coat, it is highly modernized. It’s constructed to be the perfect outerwear for men who live in cold cities or during the colder winter months of the year.

The Aether Polar Trench is highly functional and is constructed to be seam-sealed, wind-resistant, and highly waterproof. This makes it ideal as rainwear, just like these quality rain ponchos. The insulation in this trench coat is from 3 layers of fabric as well as 80 grams of the PrimaLoft Gold material. The design of the Aether Polar Trench is also made to have enough space at the shoulders and sleeves for those who wear suits. It has a phone pocket on the interior that comes with an easy access lift strap.