The 13 Best Men’s Chore Coats

The signs are there, and it shouldn’t surprise you when the heat starts to fade. When it does, however, wouldn’t it be great to have an ever-reliable chore coat? It has endured years of fast-paced fashion and is proven to be one of the most reliable outerwear for practical, style-minded men.

The options are endless, from rough dark denim to a durable chambray shirt. But a reliable chore coat should be comfortable, stylish, and functional. We’ve spent weeks scouring every store that we can think of, and checked the usability under extreme conditions. All of this, only to find the best men’s chore coats that you can always rely on, year after year.

The Best Men’s Chore Coat

Taylor Stitch Ojai JacketTaylor Stitch Ojai Jacket

Taylor Stitch is a brand that always comes out on top of the best chore coats, year after year. After getting our hands on their Ojai Jacket, we’ve come to like it even more. We believe that they have the best interpretation of what a modern workshop jacket should be.

The design of this jacket makes it perfect for all-day functionality, without compromising style. Taylor Stitch used easy-to-layer washed cotton fabric, making it ideal for fall, winter, and, of course, demanding work in the shop. It’s light, comfortable, and offers excellent usability. The design elements don’t appear too loud, and is one of the very few chore coats that you’ll want to show off.

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Wellen Stretch Chore CoatWellen Stretch Chore Coat

There are a plethora of chore coats that anyone can buy, but Wellen Stretch Chore Coat fits the bill for perfect workwear with its style, utility, and price. This chore coat went up on our list for ticking all the boxes in what we consider as the modern-day outerwear for style-minded men.

What we love about the Wellen Stretch Chore Coat is that it provides enough stretch that creates room for extra range of motion. The fabric uses a combination of durable hemp fabric and soft organic cotton, which offers a natural, light feel.

The Wellen Stretch Chore Coat has great versatile design as well. It has a dual entry hand patch pockets, a single chest patch pocket, and an interior pocket for valuables. It blends well with everything, from grey denim to tan corduroys. It’s undoubtedly an excellent addition for hardworking men who won’t compromise utility for design.


Filson Workshop Chore JacketFilson Workshop Chore Jacket

When people need a chore coat that can adapt to various working conditions, Filson is the brand. It was the first store that we checked, and their workshop jacket ticked all the boxes. They designed this rugged coat, especially for workshops, but it works great for outdoors, just like trench coats, even when the weather takes a nasty turn.

Filson used their notorious Tin Cloth for this piece, making it water-repellant and windproof — perfect for hardworking, style-minded men. What we love about this chore jacket is that it’s unlined, making it look and feel light, despite its high durability. It has two lower front patch pockets, an inner phone pocket, a button-flap right chest pocket, and a slotted utility left chest pocket.

The Filson Workshop Chore Jacket is not the cheapest that you can buy, but its functionality, durability, versatility, and design make it the best chore coat that you’re apt to find these days.


Carhartt Men's Full Swing Chore CoatCarhartt Men’s Full Swing Chore Coat

Carhartt’s Full Swing Chore Coat is the perfect choice for men who are always on the move. We were impressed with the robust build of this jacket and how it adapts to almost every working conditions that we could imagine.

Carhartt claims that their Full Swing Chore Coat provides movement-enhancing stretch panels between the shoulders, making it easier for instant recovery. It also offers an increased range of motion for your arms and elbows. To top it all off, it stays in place, and the coat doesn’t ride up. The main seams have three layers of stitches that make it even more durable and capable of handling extreme working environments.

The utility is above average, with front button closure that fits comfortably. It has two rivet-reinforced chest pockets, two industry-standard lower-front pockets, and two inside pockets. Nevertheless, this robust coat remains one of our top choices for chore coats that you need to check out.


Wrangler Men's Big and Tall Barn CoatWrangler Men’s Big and Tall Barn Coat

We experienced love at first sight when we first saw Wrangler’s classic barn coat. They engineered it for weather resistance, utility, and style. The smart placement of snap vents at the side seams made it stylish. It also gave us an extraordinary range of motion with exceptional comfort when needed.

The Wrangler Men’s Barn Coat has a heat seeker lining and rib-knit storm cuffs, which offers unbelievably warm and fuzzy feeling even on cold weather. The rugged outer layer, on the other hand, can withstand strenuous activity in the shop. For utility, it has two chest pockets, two lower snap pockets, and one inner pocket. The main seams have three stitches, giving this barn coat exceptional durability that can endure years of heavy use.

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Patagonia Men’s Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Chore CoatPatagonia Men’s Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Chore Coat

Sustainability, durability, and style; these words stuck when we first saw Patagonia Men’s Iron Forge Chore Coat. This chore coat is another entry in the long-line of outerwear that the brand offers, most of which had received rave reviews from thousands of buyers.

Using Patagonia’s exclusive fabric, hemp canvas, they were able to offer a chore coat that can handle even the most demanding work environment. It is 25% more resistant to abrasion and tears than regular chore coats. The Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Chore Coat is a perfect piece for utilitarians working during fall, winter, or any other extreme working condition.

Unlike other chore coats, the Iron Forge Chore Coat’s triple-stitched main seams don’t feel like overkill. We even liked how it creates subtle accents with the chore coat. We’re so impressed with its features that we believe it’s a must-have for hardworking men who are looking for reliable workwear that can serve them for years.


Ben Davis Men's JacketBen Davis Men’s Jacket

Everyone loves denim, and if you’re looking for a chore coat that uses this classic fabric look, then Ben Davis Men’s Jacket is for you. It’s one of the few that we tested under extreme working conditions and still managed to be comfortable and stylish.

The heavy-duty full-length snap closure offers windproof and weather resistance. For utility, Ben Davis Men’s Jacket has a dual entry patch lower pockets, a left chest patch pocket, a right chest snap pocket, and an interior pocket for valuables.

This jacket uses Ben Davis’ proprietary Heavy Duty Twill Shell, 100% cotton, and composite fabric for its lining. It has a perfect fit and provides enough room for better swings. It doesn’t feel too tight or too loose, and is easily manageable, making it excellent workwear for men who want to layer up.

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Vans Drill Chore CoatVans Drill Chore Coat

Vans Drill Chore Coat is a step ahead than most that we’ve tested. It’s a combination of all-weather materials weaved into one stylish workwear that goes well with a smart-casual attire. It uses 100% cotton, making it feel light and comfortable while maintaining the much-needed water-repellant feature.

The Vans Drill Chore Coat has a full-length zipper closure with storm snap flap for all-weather usability. It also has a thin lining that adds a layer of warmth when working under cold temperatures. It even has a hood that you can tuck at the collar with a hidden zipper.

This jacket has a boxy fit, but it gave us enough room for layering, making it easier to mix and match with other thicker clothing. What we love the most about the Vans Drill Chore Coat is that, despite everything that it offers, it only cost half the price of other chore coats that we’ve tried.


Levi’s Engineer’s CoatLevi’s Engineer’s Coat

Levi’s also had their interpretation of what a modern chore coat should be and coming from an iconic brand; we couldn’t help but see it for ourselves. Levi’s Engineer’s Coat, as they call it, is a minimalist denim chore coat. It’s a combination of polyester, acrylic, and Elastane for breathability and a bit of stretch for an extra range of motion.

We love how Levi’s designed this Engineer’s Coat. It’s relatively simple with two lower patch pockets and one left chest patch pocket, with the unmistakable Levi’s red tag. It looks and feels simple, but, we think, it’s one of the best chore coats. It’s an excellent representation of vintage workwear that will endure years of rugged use.


Red Kap Blended Duck Chore CoatRed Kap Blended Duck Chore Coat

Red Kap had a viral chore coat that received excellent reviews, and they did it again when they made some modifications to their previous workwear. These modifications add water repellency and a black quilted permanent liner for warmth. It made Red Kap Blended Duck Chore Coat even more versatile, comfortable, and a worthy competitor for the best chore coats.

The blended fabric for the Red Kap Blended Duck Chore Coat combines 65% polyester that repels moisture and better sweat-wicking, and 35% cotton that gives the coat added strength and better texture. This chore coat also has stain-resistant technology, making it highly reliable workwear that can serve style-minded, hardworking men for years.


Carhartt Men's Field CoatCarhartt Men’s Field Coat

Flexibility, usability, and comfort are three things that best describe Carhartt Men’s Field Coat. The first thing we noticed with this cotton duck coat is the removable lining that can make it lighter or warmer as you want. There are very few chore coats that offer this feature, and it is the only one that is good enough to be on this list.

The Carhartt Men’s Field Coat has a full-length, two-way center zipper with storm flap snap closure that makes it an excellent all-weather coat. We like the pleated bi-swing panels that create room for an extra range of motion, and the triple-stitched main seams that create subtle design accents.

For utility, the Carhartt Men’s Field Coat has two rivet-reinforced lower pockets with snap closure, a right chest pocket with flap snap closure, and a left chest patch pocket. With its stylish design, excellent versatility, and cheaper-than-most price tag, we think that this chore coat is something that a lot of practical, utilitarians will love.


Orvis Men's Classic Barn CoatOrvis Men’s Classic Barn Coat

Broken-in quality is the best when it comes to comfort. It gives you the feeling of using the jacket for years, providing softness and warmth in cold weather. That’s what made us fall in love with the Orvis Men’s Classic Barn Coat. There’s nothing, even on this list, that beats it in comfort, without compromising utility and modern style.

Although not water-resistant, it’s windproof, and usable on all weather conditions. The traditional corduroy collar and cuff lining create an optional accent that goes well with contemporary fashion. It also has bi-swing shoulders that create extra room for a better range of motion. The utility is average, but we didn’t mind because it’s an exceptionally comfortable, all-day, all-weather chore coat.


Goodthreads Men’s Barn CoatGoodthreads Men’s Barn Coat

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the best value chore coat that you can buy. Sure, there are other cheaper options that you can get, but this workwear has the best design, durability, and usability that we’ve seen in its price range.

Amazon’s Goodthreads calls it a barn coat, but every feature that it has is reminiscent of a classic chore coat that we’re apt to see these days. It has a thick unlined canvas construction that is comfortable to wear. It’s made from 100% cotton, making it capable of taking punishment even from the most demanding workshops.

You’ll know that Goodthreads designed this chore coat for style-minded men because of the colors available. This wide range of color selection makes it possible to mix and match your workwear with most smart-casual attire.