The 14 Best Pocket Tees for Men

If there is one thing that every man has to own it’s a solid collection of t-shirts. T-shirts are great for all occasions. They’re lightweight, practical, and with the right combination of clothes, they can also be quite tidy.

When you are looking for a way to upgrade a t-shirt and give your look that extra little bit of edge, then a pocket tee can be the best way to go. A pocket tee is an understated piece of clothing that helps you take your desired look to the next level.

Here are the 14 best pocket tees for men.

The Best Pocket Tee for Men

Buck Mason White Slub Pocket TeeBuck Mason White Slub Pocket Tee

Fashion trends come and go, but there are few fashion objects that have endured for quite as long as the plain white t-shirt. The Buck Mason White Slub Pocket Tee is a worthwhile addition to any wardrobe. It combines the classic plain white tee aesthetic with a ridiculously comfortable 100% slub cotton material. The t-shirt was also designed and created in Los Angeles, California, which is yet another assurance that this t-shirt is going to look and feel amazing.


Aether Long Sleeve Slub Crew with PocketAether Long Sleeve Slub Crew with Pocket

Environmentally and socially conscious fashion is increasingly becoming the way forward, and one of the best pocket tees that ticks both of those boxes is the Aether Long Sleeve Slub Crew with Pocket. The shirt is made out of cotton from Supina, which is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the use of Pima American Cotton around the world.

The shirt itself was made in the USA, and it has an excellent, slightly tapered fit that really helps you look great in the summer months. The pocket and the collar both have a unique looking stitching, which also helps the t-shirt stand out from the rest. The shirt is available in both long and short sleeve form, but the long sleeve option is a much nice fight and is more suitable year-round. The shirt may be on the pricier end of the scale, but its quality ensures it is worth it.

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Todd Snyder Indigo Slub Jersey Pocket T-ShirtTodd Snyder Indigo Slub Jersey Pocket T-Shirt

Todd Snyder is one of the most consistent menswear fashion brands in North America right now, and their range of pocket tees can rival any other fashion designers on the market. This beautiful indigo t-shirt from the company is the perfect pocket tee to complement a wide range of different summer outfits.

The shirt’s slub cotton material is incredibly comfortable on your skin and is excellent to wear when the weather begins to pick up. Like all Todd Snyder clothes, these are made in Los Angeles, so you can be sure that these guys know a few things about summer wear.

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Billabong Team Pocket TeeBillabong Team Pocket Tee

Regardless of what else is in fashion, one thing is always for certain – surfer brands are always going to be cool. Billabong has been a pioneer when it comes to creating iconic clothing for the surfer and beach scenes, and their range of pocket tees is no exception.

The team pocket tee is one of their best designs yet. While the t-shirt itself is nice and light fitting, it is the pocket on this one that really jumps out. The almost psychedelic design screams out California beaches and helps create the perfect summer or spring vibe.

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HippyTree Lowball Pocket TeeHippyTree Lowball Pocket Tee

This simple pocket tee by the guys at Hippy Tree is yet another great example of how much you can pull off with such a simple type of clothing. The t-shirt has a dual black colored design, which gives it a really unique look, and this is then further complemented by a striped pocket with really unique stitching.

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RVCA PCT 2 Pigment T-ShirtRVCA PCT 2 Pigment T-Shirt

If you are hoping to pull off a bit of a vintage grungy look this summer, then the RVCA PCT 2 Pigment T-Shirt could be the perfect pocket-tee for you. The shirt has a garment dye, which gives it the appearance of being worn in and can really help complement that retro vintage style that’s perfect to wear to the beach with summer shorts. The RVCA logo is subtly embedded on the shirt’s pocket, and the stitching around the pocket only adds to the impressive grungy style of the tee as well. It also provides a pretty striking looking contrast.


Roark Revival Well Worn Knit Pocket TeeRoark Revival Well Worn Knit Pocket Tee

The Roark Revival Well Worn Knit Pocket Tee is another excellent pocket tee that has that excellent worn-in vintage feel straight out of the packaging. If you are looking for a slightly darker, edgier look, then the Roark Revival Well Worn Knit Pocket Tee is perfect for you. The darker colors can match perfectly with worn-in denim jeans and a pair of stylish leather boots. Alternatively, the t-shirt can also work quite nicely with a range of other different looks as well.


Bonobos Short Sleeve HenleyBonobos Short Sleeve Henley

Bonobos have a range of stylish and unique pocket tees available right now, and this is one of their most striking looking pieces. Another huge selling point for this t-shirt, though is that it comes without a tag, which means you don’t have to spend time regularly scratching and being irritated and can just enjoy wearing the t-shirt and looking great in it.

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Vans Washed Everyday Pocket T-ShirtVans Washed Everyday Pocket T-Shirt

Vans are one of the most enduring and coolest fashion brands of all time, and their range of pocket tees is one of the best around. Their washed everyday pocket t-shirt is one of their most iconic looks and can be perfectly matched up with a pair of tight jeans and some vans classic sneakers. The shirt screams relaxed beach style and is perfect to wear in the summer.

It is also made of combed cotton, which means that not only does it look great, but it also feels great to wear and is easy and light to carry around. The t-shirt also lives up to its ‘everyday’ name, helping you fit in no matter what situation you find yourself in.


Rip Curl Glory Pocket TeeRip Curl Glory Pocket Tee

If you want a pocket tee that has a little bit of variety in its look, then the Rip Curl Glory Pocket Tee could make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The shirt has that classic Rip Curl effortless style, and it also manages to combine it with a colorful tropical pattern on the pocket, which really helps this t-shirt stand out from the rest of the competition.

Rip Curl is always a sure sign of quality, and this 100% cotton pocket tee is no different. The shirt is incredibly light and comfortable and looks excellent, being worn on the beach. It is also machine washable, making it one of the most practical and stylish pocket tees available.

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Lady White Co. Clark Pocket TeeLady White Co. Clark Pocket Tee

Like all of the best t-shirts, the Lady White Co. Clark Pocket Tee is simple but also incredibly effective. The t-shirt has a classic look, and it carries the classic Southern California cool vibe with it. The shirt was made in LA and is made from six-ounce sanforized tubular knit unbleached cotton, which means you can ensure that the shirt is not only going to feel incredibly comfortable but also that it is going to last.

Feel free to combine it with your favorite chinos.


Sugar Cane Whitesville Heavyweight Pocket T-ShirtSugar Cane Whitesville Heavyweight Pocket T-Shirt

It’s not just American clothing brands that can produce excellent pocket t-shirts. Sugar Cane is owned by the Japanese brand Toyo and this pocket tee is one of their most effective designs. Based on a classic American style, the shirt looks effortlessly cool, and it is made from long-staple combed cotton, ensuring comfortable wear and a really nice fit.


Patagonia Men’s Work Pocket Tee ShirtPatagonia Men’s Work Pocket Tee Shirt

When it comes to good old-fashioned durable clothing, there are few brands on the planet that can really compete with Patagonia. The company may be renowned for its outdoor clothing and gear, but their range of t-shirts, especially their pocket-tees, are also excellent.

The Patagonia Men’s Work Pocket Tee Shirt is a simple design that manages to mix style with practicality perfectly. Like all Patagonia products, it is incredibly durable and is designed to not only look great but also to be able to endure all seasons.


Vans Piñata Pocket T-ShirtVans Piñata Pocket T-Shirt

No wardrobe is complete without a stylish Vans tee, and their Pinata Pocket shirt is one of their finest. The shirt has a black symbol design with a colorful tee that pops out and grabs the eye. The t-shirt is 100% ringspun, which means that the fibers that make it up and softened and straightened, making this one of the most comfortable t-shirts to wear on the market today.