The 22 Best Classic Sneakers for Men

If there is any piece of clothing that quintessentially embodies comfort and practicality, it’s a good pair of sneakers. Ideal for everyday speed, they will help you feel right at home in any sort of casual setting. However, such a staple of your wardrobe needs to be equally comfortable, durable, and easy to match – unless, of course, you want to go through the ordeal of getting a new pair every two months.

If you need something that will fit like a glove for miles on end without causing sore spots or sore eyes, then take your pick from one of these 22 best classic sneakers for men.

Puma Suede Classic+Puma Suede Classic+

If you are ever in the market for a “dress sneaker” (or simply need to verify that they indeed exist), then definitely take a few minutes to examine the Puma Suede Classic+. At first glance, they seem to inconspicuously blend in on any 90s teen movie.

Take a closer look to find a series of details meant to make your feet remain soft and pampered even if you have to be on your feet all day. The outer lining is made from delicate yet brightly colored suede. They are overlaid with a lace-up vamp and padded with just a bit of foam to ensure the fit remains snug and comfy. Feel free to wear them as office sneakers.


PF Flyers Center HiPF Flyers Center Hi

There are many ways to achieve the vintage 90s skater look, but those who actually knew how to wheel around the mall are the most likely to remember PF Flyers. This high-top classic sneaker offers a light, easy-to-clean fabric as the main material. However, the synthetic soles were always known to have a superior grip and a remarkably comfortable arch.

They are not available in the large array of color combinations as their more famous cousins. Instead, they offer 10 different solid, bright, and durable colors, all combined with white soles and laces. After all, sometimes less is more.


Superga 2750 COTO ClassicSuperga 2750 COTO Classic

This unisex model never really abandoned summer fashion catalogues. Its low-cut design will irresistibly evoke beach boardwalks, rolled chinos, and a relaxed atmosphere that managed to remain effortlessly elegant. The durable canvas upper sole breathes remarkably well and won’t scratch your feet even if you accidentally get some sand inside. The footbed is comfortably cushioned, and the non-slip laces remain in place for hours: clearly, these white sneakers were designed for long days and fun nights.


Vans Slip-on Core Classic SneakersVans Slip-on Core Classic Sneakers

High-cut and low-top shoe lovers can argue all they want over which shoe best represents a vintage spirit. Pretty much everyone will agree that, if what you are looking for is comfort and convenience, then slip-on shoes are the way to go.

It’s not just about being able to kick back and begin resting easily; the Vans Slip-on Core Classics hide several deceptively high-tech features meant to enhance coolness. From the full canvas build that keeps its shape even after being dumped on the washing machine, to the removable rubber insoles and the padded footbeds and collars, these shoes were an early pioneer to barefoot comfort.


Converse Chuck Taylor High TopsConverse Chuck Taylor High Tops

A pair of “Chuck Taylors” is now regarded as one of the biggest All-American symbols, to the point that it’s hard to remember a time in which they were anything but desirable. Recently relaunched and re-improved, it is now harder than ever to find fault with these shoes.

The additional eyelet close to the collar makes these all-black sneakers the perfect model to jump up in one single movement, with full confidence that everything will be exactly where it should upon landing. It may take a little bit longer to take them off, but you are likely to never want to do so.


Nike Air VortexNike Air Vortex

Vintage and skater aesthetics are now so intertwined that it’s hard to remember that not everyone wanted to be Tony Hawk back in 1995. However, dipping your toes in a pair of Nike Air Vortex will transport you instantly into a scene were quick jumps and aerodynamic stunts were an everyday staple. These famous Nike shoes never failed to look sleek and elegant, both inside and outside the stadium. This all happened thanks to the deep curve of their cushioned rubber soles, as well as their daring color combinations.


Adidas GazelleAdidas Gazelle

Named after their inspiration and their goal, the Adidas Gazelle was meant to let you fly faster than the movie’s heartthrob hero. A soft leather upper sole, synthetic lining, and supportive sole was meant to keep the weight light. However, the distinctive triple-striped design was still recognizable enough to ensure the Gazelle would be coveted and admired across all scenarios. Now discreetly redesigned and proudly available to an entire new generation of future athletes, the Adidas Gazelle has earned its place among the most influential sneaker models of the last century.


Reebok Club CReebok Club C

Tales from the elders hint that, not so long ago, a tennis club was one of the last available retreats for elite sports. Their notoriously difficult dress codes continue to demand rigid compliance by its practitioners. But at some point, it was easy to cover your lower base easily thanks to a democratic, yet peerless pair of sneakers. The Reebok Club C was easy to wear, comfortable, and durable. Its affordable price tag brought a “dressy” alternative for all the kids who were not willing to stop misbehaving when attending glitzier surroundings. In many ways, they were the ultimate rebellious sneakers.

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Adidas Munchen Super SPZLAdidas Munchen Super SPZL

Specifically designed and launched for the now-legendary Munich Olympics, this model offers a comfortable compromise between athletic performance and a national gala uniform. The same flat rubber soles, hidden cushioning, and round-toe designed was improved with rugged, fractioned edges and the softness of a suede top sole. For their relaunch, they have also been provided with new color combinations, and improved, washable shoe laces.


New Balance 574New Balance 574

One of the most-renowned members of its original Essentials catalogue, the New Balance 574 model is a classic precisely because of its boldness. Rather than solid colors and flat soles, they aimed to provide the unconventional crowd with a new way to express themselves. The overall lines of this model keep to the same round toes that symbolizes speed and maneuverability.

However, they added a scaled sole that could easily remain steady across a larger variety of soils and terrains. The patches of earthy colors were beautifully contrasted by the brand’s symbolic and unapologetic “N”. Meanwhile, the EVA-cut foam midsole and cushioned heels captivated those who were interested in superior comfort, not just good looks. It’s available in 13 different colors, all subdued to provide an Instagram-worthy vibe.

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VANS Old SkoolVANS Old Skool

Once considered a symbol of skater culture, the Old Skool VANS are now found across all social sectors and settings. They are loved by nostalgic folk but mostly sought-after for their surprisingly comfortable deep cushioning, gripped rubber soles, and ease of washing. In addition, these Vans shoes are now available in a much larger color combination than ever before. It’s almost impossible not to find one that will match your favorite team, company, or school’s pattern.


Continental 80 by AdidasContinental 80 by Adidas

You don’t need to go all out with an 80s-inspired look to rock this timeless model by Adidas. This was among the first sneakers to popularize the brand’s now-famous straight lines. The reason for their success is quickly made evident as soon as you put them on; the slim rubber soles keep your stride light and silent, while still providing just enough grip to quickly pivot around the local field. The synthetic mesh that covers them is easy to wipe clean, while the textile-coated inside keeps your feet smelling fresh. They’re now available in over a dozen color combinations.


Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

Whether you call it football or soccer, chances are that you never noticed how comfortable this type of low-profile shoes ever were. Now, they may result even more impressive because of their subdued glam, which never stops being comfortable but remains remarkably beautiful.

The Tiger Mexico 66 model by Onitsuka was, even at its height, reserved for sports connoisseurs rather than teenage masses. However, its red and blue suede stripes merged so beautifully with one of the most important sporting events of its time – while its premium leather continues to pamper even the most demanding of feet.


Asics Gel SagaAsics Gel Saga

Supersized “astronaut” soles may have seemed like a short-lived trend when they first appeared, but there’s a reason gel soles never really went away. If you were ever truly interested in track, jumping, and speed, then you were bound to feel the difference in your calves after a good running session. These OG sneakers by Asics were among the first to truly take advantage of its aesthetic possibilities, and they remain among the most daring and recognizable iterations of it.


Aprix Corduroy SneakersAprix Corduroy Sneakers

Who ever said sneakers had to be worn on gym day only? Some simple experimentation with the right materials can add layers on top of levels of versatility to this universal piece of the postmodern wardrobe. Aprix understands this, and they have never been afraid to play around with contrasting colors and odd textures in order to offer something truly unique.

Their Corduroy sneakers will always be counted among their greatest hits. A deep curve separates the two contrasting tones that render them immediately interesting, despite keeping to the same classic shape of its era. Add some leather lining and a discreet racing tag to a side, and get yourself a winner.


Reebok AztrekReebok Aztrek

Chunky, outrageously cushioned, and capable of raising you an inch or two above your peers (without actually having to jump around all the time), the Reebok Aztreks once provided one of the literal highest peaks of the oversized “OG” sole trend. Not content with pushing the envelope with their joint-protection features, this now classic model also offers entertaining and vibrant color combinations; why be just black, white, or navy when you can play around with eggplant or tangerine accents?


Nike Air Jordan Classic SneakersNike Air Jordan Classic Sneakers

There was a year where the ultimate status symbol after a long summer was to stroll inside your new classroom in a pair of Air Jordans – and that year was 2019 (and 2018, and 2008). Not only were they inspired by one of the best athletes of all time; this famous shoe model has managed to captivate people from all backgrounds thanks to its instantly-recognizable design, great quality, and smart branding efforts.

Look beyond the raised collar and Nike logo to find a resiliently-padded interior, breathable mesh, easy lace adjustment, and full-sole shock absorption. The latest batch comes in ever-more-daring color schemes.


Vans Old Skool Checkerboard EditionVans Old Skool Checkerboard Edition

During the days of flame-colored skateboards and backward hats, any pair of Vans Old Skool were supposed to boost your stunt credentials – but the Checkerboard edition was reserved for those who were completely committed to the lifestyle and the attitude.

This shoe possesses the same waffle bottom and outsole that everybody expects from Vans, and that was meant to keep you on top of your board for longer. However, the instantly-noticeable pattern of the Checkerboard is equally daring as it is easy to combine.


Puma Smash V2Puma Smash V2

Puma is still renowned for being one of the most reliable athletics brands out there. Their shoes are rarely returned and have a well-deserved reputation for lasting forever. If you are about to invest in such a pair of life companions, then it makes sense to want to ensure that these shoes are as fashionably versatile as they are practical in the gym.

A solid-colored leather top sole is broken up by an aerodynamic accent, which only serves to better highlight this shoes’ sporty credentials. You’ll need to try them on in order to get the full experience: from a snug arch that keeps your posture upright to a tight-knit diamond pattern beneath the rubber sole, these shoes exude performance.


Converse One StarConverse One Star

A lone star is a powerful symbol, so it’s no coincidence that several states and nations around the world have built their identities around them. They were only the precursors of one of the most powerful logos in the casual sneakers department, the Converse One Star, a discreetly elegant suede-based model that offered skating-worthy comfort and a fast pivot to those who could not let go of that last drop of vanity.

Once, they were one of the foundations upon which streetwear culture was created. Nowadays, they are a timeless classic available in over a dozen shades.


X90 Suede Sneakers by New BalanceX90 Suede Sneakers by New Balance

Dressier and only an inch more discreet than the 574 model, the New Balance X90 sneakers provide a more fashionable alternative for urban athletic wear. They follow the now-famous New Balance slight curves and aerodynamic appeal. However, the bright synthetic meshes are abandoned here in favor of neutral suede, matched to perfection with slight sole accents.

The earthy appeal of this classic model is further enhanced by the ventilated and padded upper soles and a supportive ankle-high reinforced mouth.


Reebok RoyalReebok Royal

The best of all the different 90s sneaker trends are combined in the Reebok Royal: thick, shock-absorbing soles, a skateboard-worthy grip, curved logo lines, and a slightly higher-than-average collar. This is all accomplished while maintaining a comfortably, high-quality feel that will overtake you as soon as you try them on. The EVA midsoles make this shoe ideal for anybody who will need to be on their feet for hours on end, while the reinforced heel support will make you appear just a little bit taller and help you stand a little bit straighter.