The 19 Best Men’s Flannel Shirts

Rather than risking spending an entire day overheating, or ruining that formal jacket that needs to last until next laundry day, why not just carry a good flannel shirt?

Flannel or plaid shirts are not just a throwback to the simpler, grungy days of the early 90s. Notoriously comfy, warm, and quick to dry, flannel shirts are not likely to ever go out of style. They fold neatly and can be hidden in any small backpack, and they’re low-maintenance – which makes them almost perfect for everyday wear.

Here are the 19 best flannel shirts for men.

The Best Men’s Flannel Shirt

Check Flannel Shirt by Corridor NYCCheck Flannel Shirt by Corridor NYC

Corridor NYC is the quintessential Big Apple brand: high-quality, quietly daring, and ideal to jump between fast-paced deals and leisurely coffees. This flannel shirt is thick enough to keep you cozy throughout the fall and winter without any of the hassles of carrying a jacket. Its gray-on-black plaid pattern will look relaxed with a pair of jeans, but won’t attract too many unwelcome stares.

The super-soft, supple cotton will remain wrinkle-free and shapely for several hours in a row. This speaks highly of the effort placed when sourcing their materials. Not only is the color durable, but all manufacturing processes were checked to ensure they were socially responsible. In addition, the front pocket will easily fit anything from a fancy pen to a small multi-tool.


Checked Flannel by Knowledge CottonChecked Flannel by Knowledge Cotton

Fast fashion often makes it seem like no piece of clothing needs to last more than the mandatory three wears, but brands like Knowledge Cotton, who are fiercely resisting this unsustainable trend, ought to be celebrated. In keeping with their certified organic, 100%-vegan philosophy, they have now launched the quintessential “lifelong purchase” shirt.

Their checked flannel shirt follows a timeless style and improves upon it with quality materials and an elegant (if a bit uncommon) color combination. The fabric has all been carefully treated to ensure it’s soft, but not weakened, from the first wear. The cut is kept wide, which can allow for freshness or layering, depending on what the weather demands.


Stretch Flannel by ProofStretch Flannel by Proof

The strong association between flannel and the grunge scene has earned this style a place in the annals of rock history, but it has also harmed its reputation as office wear. Forever associated with baggy and unkempt styles, flannel shirts are rarely the kind of clothes used to flaunt one’s weight loss or style. Fortunately, Proof’s Stretchy creation now has a vested interest in changing this.

This shirt includes several additions that immediately improve its overall silhouette. The first one is the fabric, naturally: the cotton was reinforced with just enough spandex to ensure the fabric hugs a well-built body the right way. In addition, the shirt also has a shock cord hanger loop, which will help cinch the wait discreetly. It’s available in four different color combinations.

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Mendo Flannel Shirt by WellenMendo Flannel Shirt by Wellen

Fashion arthouse Wellen loves to imbue even their basic pieces with a deeper spirit that honors its native Southern California. A great example of this is their new Mendo Flannel shirt collection. Made from a light cotton blend and rich, sea-worthy colors, these shirts are the ideal beach companions for those who have earned the right to relax and don’t need to flaunt it.

This shirt is lined with twill tape around the collar and cuffs, which prevent its softness from becoming weak points. The cuffs themselves have two fisheye buttons for adjustment, which will allow you to transition easily from a rolled-back style to a more polished look. Finally, there is also a reinforced woven tape hanger at the back. This shirt is available in four different color schemes, based in blue, green, grey, and red.


High Sierra Shirt by California CowboyHigh Sierra Shirt by California Cowboy

The High Sierra model by California Cowboy brings flannel back to its oldest, most primal roots – those of the 1890s, where a good layer of fabric could stand between you and the elements for weeks at a time. The overall look may be classic and vintage, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t incorporated a few improvements. In addition to old-school, life-lasting cotton, these shirts come with a special phone pocket and side chest flaps that will hold a bottle opener, your keys, and other essential accessories.

This shirt is available in seven different color combinations, which range from green tartan, blue and yellow, red, and blue, and classic all-black.

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Buffalo Check Wool Shirt by WoolrichBuffalo Check Wool Shirt by Woolrich

Combining softness with sturdiness is no easy task; rarely do truly soft fabrics resist the ravages of time and intensive wash cycles. However, Woolrich has been perfecting this combination since 1850, and the fruits of this history can be felt all around your skin.

The Buffalo Check Wool Shirt is one of the brand’s oldest models. The fact that it has required very few adjustments ever since should say enough about its versatility. Some improvements have been made over the years, naturally. There is now a soft, sweat-free poly-cotton lining around the collar, and several key parts have been double-stitched for better resistance. This short is available in red, red and black, and black and navy blue patterns. Sizes range from Small to XX-Large.


Buck Camp Flannel Shirt by Legendary WhitetailsBuck Camp Flannel Shirt by Legendary Whitetails

This budget-friendly flannel shirt is not just comfortable; it also hides several high-quality details that will ensure it keeps its shape through dozens of washes. For example, although the fabric is primarily made from quality Egyptian cotton, the collar and cuffs have been lies with a smooth layer of corduroy. This goes a long way in ensuring the main structure holds itself neatly, even during a long and hectic day. In addition to instantly helping it look classier, it also makes these delicate parts easier to wash (no more soaking in baking soda).

This shirt comes in black, black and red, and gray and blue patterns. All the models are equipped with a discreet pencil pocket and a double-pleat back.

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Checked by UniqloChecked by Uniqlo

Uniqlo is probably now widely recognized as one of the best “basic suppliers” for anyone who is looking for versatile, high-quality cotton clothes. Their checked shirt brings a minimalist candor to an already timeless model. However, don’t confuse minimalism with lack of attention for details: the triple-brushed interior and carefully double-stitched edges presented the Checked shirt provide a tasteful and subdued look.

The classic button-down collar and the straight lines offered by this shirt will allow the marvelous fabric to stand out. With a total thread count of 40 and fully made from a single ply, this shirt provides a statement on elegance and economy. It’s available in dark green and purple.


Vintage Flannel Work Shirt by FilsonVintage Flannel Work Shirt by Filson

Filson dates back to the old Gold Rush days, and therefore have been in the flannel business since before their soulmates (denim jeans) were originally invented. This is why the details behind this high-quality shirt almost need no presentation. They stick to the basic, necessary, and well-loved requirements of comfortable, warm clothes.

The fabric is mostly made from a twill and cotton blend, which makes it fit snugly and helps it keeps its shape. The buttons are precisely tailored to their clasps and carefully placed to ensure they blend in with their background color. This shirt comes in four different color patterns: brown and black, red and black, blue and gray, and black and green.

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Trail Shirt by PendletonTrail Shirt by Pendleton

Pendleton is both one of the oldest families in the state of Oregon, in addition to one of the country’s fashion pioneers. Just like many other quintessential American pieces, Pendleton flannel shirts date back to the days of the Gold Rush and were specifically created to endure rugged work outdoors.

The virgin wool used in these shirts is made for mountain weather, although it resists repeated washing and dries relatively quickly. The color patterns have remained earthy, but they are not drab: the company continues to weave and dye all their fabrics on U.S. soil to better guarantee its quality. The corduroy patches near the elbows look stylish, yet remain functional.


Transitional Popover by OuterknownTransitional Popover by Outerknown

Outerknown loves to rehash old classics in a quirky way, complete with odd names and unusual details. This is why its Transitional Popover shirt is surprising and unusual. The name says a lot about the shirt’s intentions, but the end result is still sober and classy.

The remarkably soft and rich cotton fabric is tender enough to be worn without an undershirt. Nevertheless, it stays shapely and fresh throughout a long day. It will rarely require ironing (occasionally, a cold iron may be needed to smooth out the cuffs). It comes in two different, sleek whole colors: deep blue and rye.

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Highland Flannel Shirt by BarbourHighland Flannel Shirt by Barbour

A wide variety of color patterns and details will become completely unnecessary once you finally run into the ideal piece of clothing: a classic, wide-fit blue and red flannel shirt that appears ready to last until the next 90s revival. Quality organic cotton was dyed in rich red and blue hues, and the carefully softened to ensure superb comfort.

The long sleeves provide an air of formality and readiness to this otherwise relaxed fit. The small, shiny buttons peek their head just a little bit more than usual – not so much to make a statement, but just visible enough not to appear as if they’re hiding. This shirt is available in sizes Small through XX-Large.


Flannagan Slim Flannel Shirt by Toad&CoFlannagan Slim Flannel Shirt by Toad&Co

Toad&Co specialized in low-impact, high-quality everyday wear, the kind that is meant to last a lifetime and leave almost no trace on our carbon emissions. In addition to exacting sustainability practices, the Flannagan shirt was created with versatility in mind. After all, nothing generates as much waste as fast fashion, so the creators wanted to ensure this shirt will be viable through most of the year.

The edges are all double-stitched with resilient thread, keeping the organic cotton bright and shapely no matter how many times it’s washed, tumble-dried, and thrashed. The shirt is also equipped with two front pockets and adjustable button-clasped cuffs. It’s available in charcoal, blue, orange, and forest green.

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Patagonia FjordPatagonia Fjord

If you leave in one of the colder states and there’s nobody behind you forcing you to don a tie, then there’s a good chance that a good, snow-worthy flannel shirt is one of your go-to pieces. In such cases, it pays off to rely on one of the top names in outdoor wear, such as Patagonia. Whether you choose the classic long-sleeved Fjord shirt or its short-sleeved cousin, you will find that this carefully weaved cotton will snugly keep all the warmth inside, protected by a thick layer of style.

Two front pockets, a discreetly reinforced collar and upper neck slit, and classic think cuffs finish up this modern classic. The Patagonia Fjord is available in over eight different colors.


Harker’s Flannel by Howler BrothersHarker’s Flannel by Howler Brothers

Howler Brothers has quietly become a head-turner in the cold weather wear scene over the past five years. They have achieved this by combining supple, high-quality fabrics with no-fail designs and durable colors. Their Harker’s Flannel line is a great example of all the things that have made this brand great. Not only do they stay true to the “function first” spirit of all proper flannel shirts, but they also provide a superb amount of warmth and resilience.

The elbow patches are reinforced, and the hems are equipped with hidden microfiber sunglass to help it keep its shape. The metal buttons are secure and easy to operate. This shirt is available in pigeon grey and marksman green.

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Anton’s Brushed Flannel by Norse ProjectsAnton’s Brushed Flannel by Norse Projects

Sure, a named shirt speaks of a creator who is not afraid to stand for their product and its quality. This is the first (but not the only) way in which the Anton Shirt impresses and dazzles. Norse Project has cut no corners in their luxurious outtake of this All-American classic.

Made almost entirely from organic, high-quality, supple cotton, this soft shirt is warm and deserving of a delicate touch. The fabric was weaved to ensure it stays classy and sleek, and it won’t stretch even after long hours of wear. The slightly curved hem helps the wearer’s silhouette remain slim. As for warmth, the protection provided by this shirt is just what you’d expect from Norse Project: remarkable.


Mountain Shirt by Topo DesignsMountain Shirt by Topo Designs

At first glance, the bold color combinations and slightly unorthodox patterns of these Mountain Shirts will appear positively urban. However, the adventurous design is only the outer layer of an otherwise very warm shirt. Tope Designs has ensured to reinforce their organic cotton with enough twill to ensure full coverage and isolation from the elements, just in case you’re eager for actual Mountain Time.

The nostalgic neo-cowboy esthetic provided by this shirt will be further enhanced by the presence of double-stitched front pockets, an extra thick front flap, and oversized BDU buttons. Thanks to its wide hemline, the shirt will need no elastic or synthetic reinforcements. This will ensure it is ready to be worn again as soon as it’s dry.

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Ovik Re-Wool Shirt by FjallravenOvik Re-Wool Shirt by Fjallraven

Sometimes, the worship for organic materials makes us forget about the benefits of synthetic fabrics: while they may be a bit rough on our skin, they offer a superior degree of insulation from the elements, and they tend to require less ironing (if any).

Naturally, this is often offset by the perception of synthetic fabric as cheap-looking. True to its innovative tendencies, Fjallraven has defied expectations with their wool-poly blend flannel shirt. The craftsmanship is precise and neat. The solid colors make it appear minimalistic and much more elegant than it feels – just like one would expect from one of the largest names in Scandinavian design. It’s available in black, dark gray, and olive.


Red Cotton Fleece by Gitman VintageRed Cotton Fleece by Gitman Vintage

Gitman Vintage specializes in urban wear with a deliberate old-school appeal. In their latest winter collection, they have ensured to remain relevant and wearable even during the coldest depths of the season. This was achieved by adapting the ever-traditional flannel shirt for extreme temperatures, adding an extra layer of fleece on the inside. The result is a warmer shirt that hides its power from both outsiders and your own skin.

The cut was made slightly wider towards the bottom, which ensures the heavy fabric falls elegantly and still appears modern. Combined with its own weight, it will appear straight whenever you need to meet a stricter dress code but will still pair with a pair of snow boots and well-worn jeans.



Looking for More? There are the Previous Picks

Rugged, comfortable, and withstanding the test of time – the flannel shirt is a tried, tested and true companion to any American wardrobe. Cotton flannel and a form-flattering button-down fit, no other top will scream “I am outdoorsy, but comfortable” more than your classic flannel shirt. Breathable plaid flannel compliments a pair of worked-in jeans, while a muted solid color shirt can be dressed up for a night on the town. Winter is coined as “sweater weather”, but we believe a classic flannel can rock out any season, layered up or down.

On the hunt for a new versatile top that fits the bill for any occasion? Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite flannel tops for any season and any activity. Whether you are a newbie to the flannel game or have rocked them since Kobain was around, there is something here for you. With so many options of color, fit, and material composition, flannel is anything but boring. And as we always say, a wardrobe blessed with flannel is a perfectly timeless one.


Brooks Brothers Exploded Gingham cotton flannel shirtBrooks Brothers Exploded Gingham cotton flannel shirt

Materials: 100% cotton

Brooks Brothers’ signature 6-pleat cuff shirring is featured on this comfortable gingham flannel top. A part of their Red Fleece collection, the fit is slimmer throughout the chest and back but tailors to the body in a lightweight fashion. The fabric is wonderfully cozy and remains that way even after machine washing. A classic button-down collar, a patch chest pocket, and a clothing label that always brings their A-game when it comes to quality, this is a great go-to flannel option.


Topo Designs mountain shirt – plaid flannelTopo Designs mountain shirt – plaid flannel

Materials: 100% cotton flannel body and a 100% polyester lined neck.inner yoke

The Mountain flannel shirt is the king of plaid flannel classics, featuring a traditional button-down make and a gentleman’s tailored fit. Sticking true to its name, its subtle Western styling will make you feel at home in both the city streets and the outback. Featuring two front pockets, a polyester-lined neck and inner yoke, and coming in all your traditional plaid patterns. If you are in between sizes, Topo Designs suggests going up a size to maintain the well-tailored look.

Materials: 100% cotton flannel body and 100% polyester lined neck/ inner yoke


Patagonia Fjord flannel shirtPatagonia Fjord flannel shirt

Materials: 100% organic cotton

Winter stands no chance when it comes down to this flannel shirt made by Patagonia. Built with icy temperatures and cold winds in mind, the Fjord flannel is thick and heavyweight, and perfect for running errands on a winter eve. Its contemporary style showcases a button-down top with two chest pockets and comes in a classy orange plaid pattern. The fit is true, leaving out the guesswork when it comes to deciding a size. A flannel shirt created by a brand that knows outdoor clothing and style – this shirt is a no-brainer.


Pendleton long sleeve classic fit board shirtPendleton long sleeve classic fit board shirt

Material: 100% wool

Pendleton is an American brand that has been delivering quality wool products for over a hundred years, and their long sleeve classic fit flannel proves their craftsmanship yet again. Made from pure, soft wool and completely machine washable, their classic fit features a spread collar, button-front placket, and dual chest pockets. There is a color or pattern to suit the need of anyone with a twenty + color pallet to select from, making this flannel an excellent gifting idea.


Uniqlo flannel buffalo check shirtUniqlo flannel buffalo check shirt

Material: 100% cotton

Uniqlo has been taking over North America’s casual fashion scene by storm, and their success has been well deserved. They offer quality, casual apparel at fantastic prices, making no exception with this flannel buffalo check shirt. The dyed cotton is incredibly soft and comfortable and gives leeway to dress it up or down. It is a fantastic option for fall and winter, but a quick rolling up the button cuffs creates a year-round fashion statement. And with fantastic prices such as these, anyone can afford to look outdoorsy and put-together at the same time.


DC Runnels flannel hooded shirt DC Runnels flannel hooded shirt

Materials: 100% yarn dyed cotton flannel

From a brand that is known for comfy skater-style shoes comes this warm hooded-flannel shirt. A perfect combination of extreme comfort and rugged casual, the cotton composition creates a breathable and functional top. This item features a hood made from sweatshirt material, yarn-dyed flannel, duo chest pockets with buttons and flaps, a woven label and light-brushed fabric. DC is a trusted brand that makes fashion and comfort their number one priority, and this cozy winter button-down fits the bill.


Saturday’s NYC “Crosby” shirtSaturday’s NYC “Crosby” shirt

Materials: 50% Tencel, 30% cotton and 20% wool

When looking sharp while remaining comfortable is your number one priority when it comes to fashion, look no further: Saturday’s NYC Crosby shirt is all you will need to make a statement at the corporate barbeque or a night out with the guys. A unique black and bronze design creates a sharp contrast to pearl colored buttons, and its slim fit will fit like a professionally tailored glove. A curved hem, button down collar, and a front chest pocket all come together to create a timeless design.


Needles Rebuild 7 cut flannel shirtNeedles Rebuild 7 cut flannel shirt

Material: 100% cotton

The most eccentric and uniquely playful item on our list comes from Japanese brand Needles. This comfortable slim fit number is composed of various flannels of reworked plaid shirts, creating a completely unique design and pattern each time – no two shirts are ever made the same. With a button down fastening and one chest patch pocket, this top is sure to be a conversation piece when you’re in town. Throw it on with a pair of light grey jeans and you will have a comfortable and unique look.


Stock Mfg. Co. Ramsay plaid flannelStock Mfg. Co. Ramsay plaid flannel

Material: 100% cotton yarn dyed flannel

Trim-fitted but true to size and very comfortable, the Ramsay plaid flannel comes in four unique colors and patterns. Pure cotton flannel speaks for itself when it comes to quality and the level of warmth provided in this wardrobe staple. The Ramsay flannel features flat-felled seams, custom etched buttons, a single chest patch pocket, and is handmade. Machine washable, the sizing will remain unaffected wash after wash, creating a quality addition to your shirt set.


Faller flannel by Raph (Roark Revival)Faller flannel by Raph (Roark Revival)

Material: Outer layer is 80% polyester and 20% wool, lining is 100% nylon

For an incredibly insulated, thick and hearty flannel top, feast your eyes on the Faller flannel by Raph. Roark Revival’s legacy speaks of true outdoorsmen and the never-ending quest for adventure, ever so evident in the design of this flannel shirt. Showcasing a contrast interior lining for added warmth against the cold, double chest flap pockets with button closure, and a woven button-down design, this top will give you the lumberjack feels without ever having to step foot outside.


Howler Bros. Stockman flannel shirtHowler Bros. Stockman flannel shirt

Material: 60% cotton and 40% polyester

Quirky, fun and nothing shy of quality; Howler Brothers aren’t monkeying around when it comes to offering a staples flannel piece. The Stockman flannel was constructed with winter in mind, but can easily be thrown on in any season. True craftsmanship is evident in the specs: a contrasting color inside yoke, a beautiful shirttail hem, contrast stitching, metal snaps at pocket and placket, and classy Western style yokes display a wonderfully designed top. Offering two sharp plaid color schemes, the regular fit of this shirt is practical and comfortable.


Fjall Raven Singi heavy flannel shirtFjall Raven Singi heavy flannel shirt

Material: 100% cotton flannel

Made from super soft cotton flannel and sporting a beautiful array of plaid color combinations, the Singi heavy flannel boasts to keep you warm and make a splash wherever you go. Buttoned cufflinks make it easy for a casual rolled up sleeve look, and a G-1000 reinforced collar means a durable built that won’t become flimsy after washing. Duo chest pockets with an inner pen pouch reinforced button-down collar, and a trendy design pushes this flannel to the list of must-haves this season.


Blue Blue Japan flannel shirtBlue Blue Japan flannel shirt

Material: 100% cotton

If plaid just isn’t your pattern but blue denim is more down your alley, give this Blue Blue Japan flannel a go. This Japan-based company is known for their unique dying and construction techniques using a signature striking indigo blue. Each garment is never like the next, leaving a stamp of originality with each shirt made. Featuring a soft 100% cotton material, button-down collar, a chest pocket, mother of pearl buttons, button up cuffs, and a curved hem.


Woolrich Twisted Rich flannel shirt Woolrich Twisted Rich flannel shirt

Material: 100% cotton flannel

Twisted Rich offers a uniquely designed “twist” to the traditional plaid structure by adding strands of twisted yarn to create a texturized look and feel to the brushed flannel shell. An articulately tailored left chest pocket with a buttoned flap, a shirttail hem, Woolrich logo embroidered flap and a slim but casual fit make up this wardrobe staple.


Urban Outfitter’s plaid flannel button-down shirtUrban Outfitter’s plaid flannel button-down shirt

Materials: 100% cotton flannel

At Urban Outfitters, quality and comfort are blended together to create fantastic clothing and trendy household items that fit the needs of mostly everyone. One of their hidden treasures is the plaid flannel button-down shirt. Created to be an essential part of anyone’s closet, this breathable cotton top is perfect on its own or layered on colder days. This flannel shirt is made of pure cotton, and features a button closure, rounded hem, a chest patch pocket, and is machine washable. It also comes in 5 different patterns and colors, so why not grab them all?


 Land’s End traditional fit flagship flannel shirtLand’s End traditional fit flagship flannel shirt

Material: 100% cotton

Labeled as “the commander of the fleet”, there are several reasons why it is called the Flagship flannel. Carefully brushed flannel, a button-down collar, a chest pocket, spacious back box pleat, adjustable cuffs and it is machine washable; who could want more? Land’s End is no stranger to the flannel shirt world, building their flagship product with a two-ply box pleat in extra mobility in the shoulders, and a perfect breathable material made from ring spun combed cotton that will never overheat you. If you need any more convincing, you can order this shirt in one of three fits: Traditional (relaxed), Tailored (gently hugs the body) or Slim fitted (material is snug to the body).


Polo Ralph Lauren Iconic flannel shirtPolo Ralph Lauren Iconic flannel shirt

Material: 100% cotton

A leading brand in comfortable and trendy tops, Ralph Lauren knows what the masses want when it comes to style and cozy clothing. Recognizing the flannel shirt as a staple in the all-American aesthetic, the Iconic flannel has been created with featherweight cotton and a double-faced design. This shirt broadcasts buttoned barrel cuffs, double chest buttoned pockets, a relaxed fit and is machine washable. This black and cream checkered print is sure to be a winner.


Captain Fin Co. Men's Flannel ShirtCaptain Fin Co. men’s flannel shirt

Material: 100% cotton

For a classic fit, check out Captain Fin’s flannel shirt. It features a yarn dyed plaid with brushed cotton, providing breathable comfort all day long. It is machine washable and features a chest pocket, logo buttons, and Captain Fin Co. signature trim details. The red and black plaid pattern is a timeless design and a fantastic addition to your closet.


L.L.Bean Scotch plaid traditional flannel shirt L.L.Bean Scotch plaid traditional flannel shirt

Material: 100% cotton flannel

Coined as a customer favorite, the Scotch plaid flannel shirt is made out of expertly combed cotton that is yarn-dyed, promising to be fade resistant and to remain vibrant for years to come. A shirttail hem, button down collar and a single patch pocket are accentuated with the traditional, relaxed fit that you want from any great flannel shirt. With seven colors and pattern options, you can easily buy them all and sport one for each day of the week. Trust us, no one will judge you.


 Flag and Anthem Fullerton double layer shirtFlag and Anthem Fullerton double layer shirt

Material: 100% cotton

The Flag and Anthem brand is all about being true to yourself by standing apart from others in a comfortable and non-pushy way, and that’s exactly what this Fullerton double layer shirt achieves. For a perfect un-tucked casual look, an inner jean-like layer contrasts with the external plaid body in a fashionable woodsman-esque way, and looks perfect with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. A tailored athletic fit gives you space to breathe while still looking put together. Machine washable, lightweight, and practical enough for an everyday look.


Original Penguin Brushed Flannel ShirtOriginal Penguin Brushed Flannel Shirt

Materials: 100% cotton

Classically vintage, perfectly colored and super soft to the touch, the original Penguin brushed flannel is no stranger to the world of men’s casual fashion. The muted and complimentary colored stripes work their way horizontally around the shirt, giving it a soft vintage vibe and separating itself from the traditional plaid design. A heritage slim fit means a form-hugging design that looks professionally tailored to your body. A mini collar, button down shirt, two chest pockets and made from 100% cotton, this flannel top is incredibly easy to dress up on the fly.


H&M plaid flannel shirt H&M plaid flannel shirt

Material: 100% cotton

We love H&M for their versatile and, oftentimes, perfectly eccentric designs and color schemes, but that doesn’t mean they are strangers to producing comfortable, basic fashion for the masses. For example, their plaid flannel shirt: made from pure cotton that is brushed for a smooth and soft finish, this long sleeved top has a relaxed fit and features rugged colors to add to your collection. And at a price point that can’t be ignored, why not grab one (or five)?