The 19 Best Men’s Polo Shirts

What you wear is what defines you to the onlooker. Clothes, and especially shirts, have been the best way to express your thoughts, feelings, passion, and others to the public without the need to say a word. Polo shirts among men, in particular, leave an impression of manliness, being in charge, and simply clean and neat. While polo shirts can be worn for casual engagements, it can also be worn down or dressed-up for formal/work ventures.

Polo shirt designs, however, are always evolving as time passes by. It is also influenced by the function along with the features that the wearer wants. Among the qualities that you may want to bear in mind when buying polo shirts are cut (slim, fit, or normal), breathable design, fabric material, color, and style.

These are the 19 best polo shirts for men.

The Best Men’s Polo Shirt

Proof 72 Hour Merino Polo ShirtProof 72 Hour Merino Polo Shirt

If you are keen on the type of fabric which your polo shirt has, then one of your best choices is the Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo. It is made from versatile merino fabric, which provides you with additional breathability along with moisture-wicking qualities. While it can be worn as formal attire, it can also be worn for casual wear. When it comes to style, this t-shirt is also quite trendy and neat-looking with its pair of button plackets.


Wellen Hemp PoloWellen Hemp Polo

If you love cotton out of your polo shirts, then you will find Wellen Hemp polo shirts quite the name to love. The shirts are made from organic cotton along with hemp to make a durable as well as long-lasting fabric for everyday use. It is designed with a good fit to define the cuts and muscles of a man’s body but is also made with enough room for a good amount of movement. Compared to other fibers, hemp fibers have a different dye effect, which produces a unique shade of color.


Todd Snyder Made in LA Montauk PoloTodd Snyder Made in LA Montauk Polo

When it comes to trusted names for polo shirts, Todd Snyder is always at the top. It is an American men’s wear company that designs and creates top-notch durable and functional clothing. Their polo shirt designs, in particular, are a favorite because of their classic, versatile, manly-rugged, and neat-looking style. We like this men’s polo shirt because while it looks stylish with its classic look, it is also made from high-quality materials that last a long time – perfect for any man.

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Rhone Delta Pique PoloRhone Delta Pique Polo

Many men also want a polo that can be worn not only on specific occasions but for all occasions. Rhone Delta Pique polo shirts for men are one of the best choices when it comes to versatile polo shirts. It is designed to keep you feeling cool and also warm with its modern-classic design equipped with GodFusion technology, which fights off body odor. The buttons are made from a rubber material, and the fabric comes with polyester for the elastic property to give the shirt enough tightness to define the man’s body shape.


GoRuck American PoloGoRuck American Polo

Another choice you can consider if you want a tested and durable shirt, which is much like those worn by the army, is the GoRuck American Polo. This polo shirt is designed and built in the USA and is ensured to be of the perfect toughness for men who love to perform and show. It has a good fit but provides enough space where the body can move around. It is made with fast-drying materials, such as polyester, nylon, and cotton, so you can worry less about sweat and rain.

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Flint and Tinder Supima Air Knit PoloFlint and Tinder Supima Air Knit Polo

If you love the smooth cotton out of your polo shirt, then you’ll find the Flint and Tinder Supima Air Knit polo a brilliant choice. It is purely made from Supima cotton, which is longer than cotton by 35%. Its added length generates a smoother texture and cleaner look since the yarn is well-knit. With the added length of the Supima cotton fiber, the cloth is also more durable and able to withstand greater amounts of stress than ordinary cotton materials. These polo shirts are also preshrunk to give that snug fit to the body.


Bonobos Classic Pique PoloBonobos Classic Pique Polo

If you prefer the stretchy yet snug fit out of your polo shirt, then the Bonobos Classic Pique polo is a great choice to bear in mind. It is designed with a UV-blocking fabric that keeps you safe and comfortable from the harmful rays of the sun. This is a popular polo shirt among golf-lovers as it keeps them cool and comfy even when playing under the sun for long hours. It is made from a balanced combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex for that snug fit but comfortable feel. This polo is also loved because of its sporty striped-collar.

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Rag & Bone Standard Issue Polo ShirtRag & Bone Standard Issue Polo Shirt

If you want more buttons out of your polo shirt, then Rag & Bone Standard Issue polo shirts might draw your attention. It offers a three-button placket instead of the usual two-button placket to provide versatility and to give off a range of style for the wearer. Another unique thing about this polo is its Melange knit that offers a contemporary yet classic look. It is designed with a short sleeve to show off the man’s guns and is also designed with a split hem.


Outerknown Nomadic PoloOuterknown Nomadic Polo

If you’re thinking about flat-knit collars out of your polo shirt, then Outernown Nomadic Polo is a good choice for you. This polo is made from hemp and organic cotton, which gives the perfect blend of softness and durability to your shirt. It is designed with a classic fit so you won’t be confused about the sizing and is available in 12 different and strong colors that won’t easily fade despite regular use or washing.

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Brooks Brothers Original Fit Bold Stripe Polo ShirtBrooks Brothers Original Fit Bold Stripe Polo Shirt

A good polo shirt that has an established name is Brooks Brothers polo shirt. This particular polo shirt is a favorite because of its range of cut styles, which include slim, original, and Big & Tall. Regardless of the fitting that you like, you are sure to find it here. The polo shirt is designed for comfort and durability through the Supima cotton fabric combined with polyester for the hint of elasticity, especially for the slim-fit design.


Arc'teryx Captive Polo Shirt SSArc’teryx Captive Polo Shirt SS

Another polo shirt that you can use as everyday wear and also for formal engagements is the Arc’teryx Captive Polo Shirt SS. It is designed for outdoor functionality along with the comfort and durability for indoor or casual ventures. It is made from natural fibers, so it does not irritate the skin. This polo shirt also has breathable features and allows moisture to escape immediately to regulate temperature. Available cut styles include trim fit and hip length fit.

Perfect to wear with your chinos.


Smartwool Merino 150 Pattern Polo ShirtSmartwool Merino 150 Pattern Polo Shirt

If you don’t have enough space in your bag for your shirt, you can always rely on the Smartwool Merino 150 Pattern Polo Shirt to take care of that. It is designed to shrink when not in use and expand when in use. It is equipped with breathability and no-odor feature with a relaxed fit along with a 3-button placket. It is made from merino fibers that are wrapped with a nylon core to deliver durability and comfort. It is also equipped with UPF 20+ properties, which ensure skin safety from the harmful rays of the sun.


Mack Weldon Vesper PoloMack Weldon Vesper Polo

Unfortunately, this next polo shirt is not for those who cannot spend a good amount for a high-quality and -stylish polo shirt. But the Mack Weldon Vesper polo shirt, although much more expensive than the rest of the choices mentioned in this list, is made to last a long time even from constant use. While the fabric is rather thicker than most polo shirt material, it offers a great level of breathability to give a cool and comfortable feel.

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Patagonia Men's Cactusflats PoloPatagonia Men’s Cactusflats Polo

If you’re looking for a polo shirt that’s a bit loose, especially on the arms, then the Patagonia Men’s Cactusflats polo shirts would be a great place to start your search. While it’s a bit loose, it still provides that snug-fit look to show the curves of a man’s body. It’s a cool shirt to wear in the summertime because it is made from polyester and Tencel fibers that promote fast-drying and breathability. This polo shirt is designed with an underarm gusset made from spandex to provide flexibility for men with bigger arms.


Criquet Player’s ShirtCriquet Player’s Shirt

If you find your polo shirt collar getting damp, you got to have a Criquet Player’s shirt. It features a removable collar, which ensures that your collar remains crisp and neatly folded the way it is supposed to be. This polo shirt is made from 100% organic cotton, which makes it super soft and easily wearable. It features a four-button placket to provide options for men with distinct tastes in their style.

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Sunspel Riviera Polo Shirt in NavySunspel Riviera Polo Shirt in Navy

Another polo shirt that you can check out if you love cotton is the Sunspel Riviera Polo Shirt in Navy. It features a super soft, towel-like cotton feel that delivers a whole different level of comfort, softness without compromising durability. This polo is designed with a variety of relaxed-fitting styles and is perfectly stretchable for a more comfortable fit. One thing to note if you have a broad frame is that you’ll want to buy one size larger than normal.


Grayers Hartford Slub Nep Jersey PoloGrayers Hartford Slub Nep Jersey Polo

Another fashion trend in polo shirts is the side vent. While it provides a form of ventilation on the side of the body, it also offers a stylish look that both men and women love. This shirt makes use of ultra-soft cotton, which enables it to be really soft but still durable to withstand wear and tear for a long time. It also has cloth-covered buttons to conceal the buttons. It has three-button plackets and is available in a slim fit style.

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Bonobos Softest Performance PoloBonobos Softest Performance Polo

The Peruvian cotton is loved by many fabric enthusiasts because of its soft yet tough feature. Among the few names that take advantage of Peruvian Cotton is Bonobos, and one of their best products yet is the Bonobos Softest Performance Polo. As its name suggests, it is the softest there is in its series. It is made from a combination of Drytex, Peruvian Cotton, and Modal. This is also one of our favorite polo’s because of its moisture-wicking feature that makes it quick-drying.


Lacoste Slim Fit Piqué PoloLacoste Slim Fit Piqué Polo

While this seasonal Lacoste Slim Fit Pique Polo is loved by men, it is also popular among men because of its simple and classy look. It features a 2-button placket with a 2-ply cotton petit pique. It is designed with a slim cut that is perfect for defining the curves and edges of a man’s body. It has a ribbed collar and ribbed armbands.