The 10 Best Golf Gloves

If you are a golfer heading to the golf course, the most vital thing you should carry is gloves.

Some accessories have become a fundamental part of the game. A golf glove is something any player should have because it offers much-needed comfort, grip, and swing control.

Not all golf gloves will improve your game. Some might even worsen it by hindering your grip on the club. Gloves designed for playing golf should fit and feel like a second skin, to improve your grip and give you better control of the club.

To help you choose the best golf gloves for your daily practice, we have selected the ten best golf gloves based on fit, feel, comfort, durability, and price.

The Best Golf Gloves

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf GlovesFootJoy WeatherSof Golf Gloves

The FootJoy WeatherSof is one of the most loved and popular golf gloves on the market. It is a modern-looking golf glove, fusing excellent design and performance with durable construction. Any golfer who wears this product will feel comfortable no matter the weather conditions.

This glove combines the flexibility and comfort of synthetic material and the durability and performance of Cabretta leather. Made with premium Cabretta leather, the palm and thumb patches improve grip performance. The back is mostly synthetic material, and there is dual PowerNet mesh inserted in strategic zones for breathability. There are ventilation holes on the fingers and back of the glove for moisture management. The two systems work together to maintain your grip when your hands get damp from sweat.

The fit of this glove is perfect. The PowerNet mesh is elastic and more comfortable compared to all-leather or leather-synthetic combo golf gloves. The flexibility provided by the mesh on the knuckle and thumb areas improves your grip and allows for a better range of movement. The three-directional hook-and-loop closure offers a tight fit, so you feel in control of the grip and swing of the club.

The glove comes in a pack of two, both left and right-handed orientations. This product is a great deal because you get a pair for the price of one, and means no player is limited to a single orientation. You can choose between a wide range of standard sizes, which are rated to fit 84% as expected.

This glove is ideal for any golfer looking to have the best game experience and up their performance. You won’t find the soft-feel of this glove on your regular golf gloves, its durability outlasts other brands, and its price remains friendly to any pocket.

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Bionic StableGrip Natural MediumBionic StableGrip Natural Medium

With Bionic gloves, you can grip tighter and swing better. Made of high-quality Cabretta genuine leather, this glove will last through several seasons. The build of this glove is perfect for both amateurs and professional golfers who appreciate a light glove that feels well-padded.

It uses a relief padding system that helps distribute pressure evenly on the hand surface to prevent fatigue. You’ll find that strategic placement of the relief pads goes a long way to increase strength. These gloves will also adapt to the natural motion of your fingers. This Pre-Rotated Finger design makes for a comfortable fit and an effortless grip.

This product is more of a mid-season golf glove, but it won’t be too hot during summer. You’d think the summer heat would make this thick glove feel uncomfortable, but it doesn’t. It is fitted with a Terrycloth interior and Lycra on strategic zones to improve breathability and manage perspiration, so it will perform exceptionally well even when your hand is a little wet. You don’t have to worry about blisters either.

As a product made by Bionic, it has guaranteed durability. It most certainly will last longer than your ordinary golf gloves. It also looks stylish. At its price point and with its superior build quality, it’s an excellent pick for both medium and large-handed avid and novice golfers.

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Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf GloveCallaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

Just because you’ve seen one or two golf gloves doesn’t mean you’ve seen them all. They may all look the same, but nothing feels close to a Callaway all-leather golf glove.

With this product, you’ll have a perfect grip no matter the size of your hands because it comes with an adjustable closure that allows for a firm, secure fit. This feature helps master an incredible grip and increase swinging strength. The all-leather construction also helps tighten your grip on the club.

This golf glove has an impressively soft feel, thanks to the Cotton Terry Cuff. This feature also gives the glove improved perspiration management, which can help maintain your grip even in warm weather. The cotton cuff on this glove also offers maximum breathability, giving you an excellent grip to make the perfect lob shot.

For even better breathability and moisture management, the Dawn Patrol is perforated in strategic zones on the fingers and palm.

The Callaway comes highly recommended for any golfer who needs a reliable glove that is a little more durable than any other glove you’ll find in the market because it can stand up to any number of swings you take. The only thing that doesn’t look good for this glove is that you’ll need to break it in.

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf GloveTaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove

If you are looking for a high-quality golf glove that promises ultimate flexibility, enhanced breathability, and a superior fit that gives an exceptional grip on the club, the TaylorMade Tour Golf Glove is hard to ignore. This product is the kind of glove that was engineered for the top golf players in the world, and your game will significantly improve when you use it in your rounds.

The company used patented quality AAA Cabretta Soft Tech leather to achieve a firm pro-like grip that is sure to boost your confidence and enhance your swing control. The glove fits tightly, and its ultra-thin construction makes for a comfortable butter-soft feel. Because it is crafted with thin material, you can feel the weight of your club in your hands. For the pro golfer, this helps balance and angle the club properly according to your width of stance for a perfect shot.

For enhanced breathability and moisture control, the glove has strategically placed air vents on the back of the hand, the knuckles, and on the fingers. This feature also allows for a cool, dry grip when the weather gets warmer.

This golf glove offers the perfect balance between comfort and durability. It’s also reasonably priced.

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PING Tour GlovePING Tour Glove

There are three Ping Sensor variants, including the Ping Tour, Ping Sensor Sport, and Ping Sensor Tech. Among the three, the Ping Tour is the only one made of all-Cabretta leather, and it genuinely feels like a second skin.

This product is perfect for you if you have arthritis that can weaken your grip. The premium leather material of this glove can enhance your grip so much that you’ll be able to hit 300 yards off your first tee.

The Cabretta leather on this glove can give you better control and superior grip. This material is premium leather, so you know it’s durable. The leather is also very thin and light, so you won’t even feel it on you. Each finger is also pre-curved to fit your hand naturally and offer a better grip.

Ping used premium Solite Cabretta leather, which is known to be soft and comfortable. Being made of all-leather, however, the Ping Tour could stretch out and wear, depending on your hand size and the demands you put upon it. The other Ping Sensor gloves, Sport and Tech, are fitted with a spandex material on the back and across the knuckle to make them more flexible so that they don’t wear from extended use.

The strategically placed perforated holes in the back leather make the glove more breathable, allowing you to play even during hot and humid conditions. Also, the ventilation in the knuckle and along the fingers make the palm sweat-resistant. This feature can also significantly improve your grip.

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Bionic RelaxGrip Golf GloveBionic RelaxGrip Golf Glove

There is a reason why they dubbed this glove the “RelaxGrip.” It has extra padding around the index finger and thumb to improve your grip. Also, the extra padding on the base of the finger makes it an excellent glove for those with arthritis.

The glove’s strategic padding evens out the surface of your hand, and it provides a uniform distribution of pressure when you grip your club. Sadly, there is minimal padding on the palm, which can make things uncomfortable when you often play, especially if you are playing in the summer heat. Also, I’m afraid the thin layer around the palm can make blistering inevitable when used for an extended period. It helps that the glove comes with decent moisture management.

The perforations along the top of the fingers offer adequate breathability, and the Lycra gasket provides a comfortable fit for superior performance even when damp. This feature isn’t the best perspiration management we know, but you’ll be surprised at just how this glove holds up even when you’re sweating.

The RelaxGrip is not an all-leather golf glove, but its durability trumps most other gloves in the market. It combines a synthetic back and Cabretta leather to offer you the best of both worlds. It is a perfect construction for the golfer who likes to feel the flexibility of a synthetic while appreciating the durability of genuine leather.

This glove fits the hand of any golfer, and this quality is hard to find at this price.

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Nike Dura Feel VIII Golf GloveNike Dura Feel VIII Golf Glove

Nike is known for producing superb sports gear. They made these gloves to withstand harsh conditions without feeling bulky. It isn’t the kind of glove that will develop holes after a couple of outings. Its quality is unmatched, and it boasts impressive durability and grip.

This hybrid golf glove by Nike is perfect for golfers who play in hot, humid conditions. The back is perforated for ventilation. It also provides better breathability and proper moisture control, resulting in a great feel even in adverse conditions. It also absorbs liquid better than most gloves on the market, making it perfect for playing in the heat or even the rain. You can trust this product to be an all-weather golf glove.

This glove is made mostly of polyurethane that makes it fit tightly. Nike also uses nylon and goatskin leather for enhanced longevity. The thumb and palm are made of genuine leather for a superior grip every time. Its overall construction looks very thin and light, but it sure is well-made. It is durable enough to endure the elements without compromising your grip.

There is also a durable hook-and-loop closure system that lets you adjust your hand for an ergonomic fit that gives your fingers and hands an adequate range of motion. Also, stretch fabric is fitted in strategic zones at the back to ensure a comfortable fit and much-needed flexibility for better play.


Under Armour Golf GloveUnder Armour Golf Glove

Aside from improving your grip performance, a golf glove needs to be comfortable, and it has to last long enough to be worth the investment. This product from Under Armour can provide it all, no matter what conditions you are playing in.

The combination of polyester and elastane makes it an excellent fitting golf glove that feels like a second skin. The use of genuine soft Cabretta leather not only improves durability but also enhances your grip. The overall construction is thin enough for excellent club-feel.

This glove fits snugly, and it feels right with each swing. It also provides a firm grip, even for arthritic hands. Its soft material also looks nice. You get a customized fit, thanks to its secure-fit closure system. Once you have the hook-and-loop closure fastened, you don’t have to worry about the glove slipping down when you swing.

The strategic zones on the back of the hand and fingers are fitted with Under Armour Iso-Chill fabric that uses an exclusive coating to help dissipate heat while creating a cooling effect. It couples with the micro-perforations along the fingers to help dodge that uncomfortable, sweaty feeling when playing in the summer heat. The UA cool fabric not only wicks moisture to dry your hands, but it also allows for a better range of motion for maximum control of your swings. Your hands always stay dry in less-than-desirable conditions without compromising comfort and flexibility.



The FINGER TEN a low-budget but high-quality golf glove that will solve your club-slipping issues.

It’s an all-weather golf glove that will let you play golf and practice no matter the weather. It is the best choice for the money if you are looking to play in rainy, hot, or humid weather conditions.

The design of this golf glove is nothing new if you’ve already used several gloves for daily practice. It is mostly made of durable synthetic leather designed to be highly functional. High-grade Cabretta leather is employed in key pressure zones on the thumb and palm to enhance durability and improve grip. These zones are well padded for comfort and maximum control with each swing.

The Lyrica spandex is included in key areas, such as on the knuckle and middle-pinky fingers, to promote airflow, maximize motion range, and enhance flexibility. There’s also integrated moisture control by way of finger perforations and water-resistant fabric that keeps your hands dry for better grip and game performance. These features make this product a perfect choice for amateur golfers who find themselves sweating a lot.

The adjustable tab allows for a customized fit that will hold the glove securely in your hands and allow for a better grip. Also, putting on and removing the glove is super easy.


MG Golf Glove DynaGripMG Golf Glove DynaGrip

Just because you love golf doesn’t mean that you have to opt for the most expensive product. Sometimes, the lower end of the price spectrum offers gems that will make your golf performance skyrocket. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook the MG DynaGrip golf glove if you are in the market for a new glove.

This product is budget-friendly but very durable. Its grip is superior, and you instantly feel more confident if you are an amateur. The brand made this glove with butter-soft materials, so your hand feels warm and cozy inside. The hook-and-loop strap helps secure the glove so that it feels like an extension of your hand. It makes for a perfect fit, providing you with the ultimate control.

You’ll be amazed at how much detail the brand was able to cram into the simple design. They managed to feature detailed stitching work on traditional construction and seamlessly included functional features, like the palm and finger relief zones, for comfort and enhanced grip. The perforations on the back of the fingers help with air circulation for a cool and dry feeling when playing in hot and humid weather.

The glove comes in all white, which might be hard to keep clean. All the same, this is a high-quality golf glove offered at a very competitive low price. It also comes in both left-handed and right-handed orientations, so no one gets left out of the deal.