The Barisieur Tea and Coffee Alarm Clock

There’s only one thing better than drinking piping-hot, precisely brewed coffee on a cold morning — and that’s not having to leave your sheets to enjoy it. The Barisieur Tea and Coffee Alarm Clock by Joy Resolve blends the timeless appeal of mid-century modern style with the contemporary sophistication of pour-over coffee. Best of all, it does all this from your bedside, and functions as an alarm clock. What’s not to love?

Brew It Up

Let’s start with the most crucial part — the coffee. The process begins in the boiling vessel. When the machine switches on, an induction coil brings the water to the boiling point and sends steam up the glass tube into a stainless steel funnel. There the water condenses and flows out of the rain-shower style nozzle, onto the coffee grounds, and through a two-layer mesh filter. By the time your coffee hits the awaiting mug, it’s 201 degrees Fahrenheit, chock full of perfectly extracted oils, and free of grit and sediment.

The perfect cup of coffee.

The Barisieur Tea and Coffee Alarm ClockWait, There’s More

Suppose you prefer tea, no problem. Just follow the same process but use tea leaves instead of coffee grounds. 

If you want a dash of cream in your brew, the Peltier mini-fridge keeps a serving perfectly chilled for you overnight. You can store your grounds or leaves in a tiny drawer to the right of the clock. This container is sealed for freshness and includes a stainless steel measuring scoop. 

The machine rests comfortably on your bedside table, with a footprint of 11 inches by 7 inches, and sitting just 11.5 inches high. Premium materials round out the package this isn’t your grandma’s plastic drip machine. Borosilicate glass and stainless steel accents abound. The coffee maker sits on a machine-tooled, hand-finished slab of solid wood, sourced from an FSC-certified forest. The whole process is filter-free so that you can feel eco-conscious and responsibly lazy. 

But coffee making is only half of the Barisieur’s job. The other half is waking you up to enjoy said coffee. We can’t believe we are going to say this, but Joy Resolve has managed to make the process of interacting with your alarm clock an exercise in tactile pleasure. 

The Barisieur Tea and Coffee Alarm ClockRise and Grind

While the clock readout is digital (and dimmable, if you so choose), the controls are a series of analog switches, dials, nobs, and toggles. In short, setting your alarm doesn’t feel like setting your car clock.  A brew delay switch gives you the option to get your coffee brewing five minutes before the gentle alarm pipes in, as the alarm goes off, or five, ten, up to fifteen minutes after you wake up.

The finishing touches round out the design. There’s a USB plug for charging your devices. Like any decent alarm clock, there’s a snooze function and alarm memory, so you don’t have to reset your machine every day. And if you need more than one cup of joe before you can face the world, there’s a manual brewing function for your second cup. 

Some might balk at the $445 price tag, but we think this elegant design realized with premium materials is worth every penny.

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The Barisieur Tea and Coffee Alarm Clock