The Terraplanter – A Chlora-fun-filled Indoor Plant Experience

If you’re anything like us, your past is littered with the wilting corpses of a dozen once-thriving indoor plants. Perhaps you drowned them like a vengeful god punishing sinners with a great flood. Or perhaps you withheld vital hydration, each day forgetting about that living plant sitting mere yards away, a plant thirsting for attention, love, and, above all, H2O. Never fear – we’ve found a solution for you. It’s the Terraplanter, an indoor-plant solution engineered from the ground up to prevent you from committing herbicide.

The two leading causes of indoor plant death are overwater and underwatering. The Terraplanter prevents either from happening with its ingenious design. Here’s how it works.

the terraplanter

How It Works

The Terraplanter is a cylinder of porous terracotta-esque ceramic with a hollow center and a honeycombed, textured outer surface. To use it, just pour water into the center of the cylinder. Because the ceramic is porous, water will slowly seep through it and nourish your indoor plants in a steady yet sip-friendly fashion. The honeycombed surface holds water until your plant is ready to drink it. It’s genius!

“But wait,” you ask, “how do the plants get onto the Terraplanter in the first place?” Good question. It’s pretty cool. Those same honeycomb compartments that hold water for your plants also provide a handy spot to shelter seeds until they are ready to sprout.

So dust the surface of the Terraplanter with fern spores and watch as it turns into a rainforest of growth. Smear some chia seeds on it and channel your inner 80s kid. Wrap a climbing vine around it in interesting patterns. Strap moss onto it with rubber bands until the roots take hold. Want to adorn your office with a graceful flower?  Orchids love the Terraplanter because they are used to rooting in this fashion anyway!

It’s fascinating to watch plants grow, and with the Terraplanter, you (and your kids) can watch every step of the process. Nothing is hidden by dirt! That’s why orchids and wax plants are such good fits for the Terrplanter – watching the root system spread over the surface of the ceramic is half the fun.

You can mix and match plants of different types. And when you are ready for a new look, the Terraplanter is reusable.

the terraplanter

Simple Styling

The simple, neutral terracotta styling fits perfectly with décor of all types. Minimalist Japanese inspired office? Perfect. Scandinavian chic? Even better.  Mid-century modern? Well, maybe not all types of décor, but you get our drift.

The Terraplanter weighs about 2 pounds and sits about 9 inches high. The base has a diameter of 4.5 inches. It features a lid to prevent evaporation and keep your water debris-free, as well as a base to collect excess water. With a package that size, you can fit it into just about any window or nook in your space.

the terraplanter

The Buy

This simple, aesthetically pleasing indoor-plant solution will retail for $80, but if you hop over to Terraplanter’s Indiegogo page, you can snag one for only $62. You can also grab two for $104, three for $135, five for $210, and ten for $420. That’s up to a 47% savings by the time you get to the highest level.

The Terraplanter comes with a handy anti-plant murdering manual to help you grown your chlorophyll-filled friends. So bounce over to Indiegogo and give it a look!