Studio Shed – How Many She-Sheds Should She See? Just This One.

She-sheds, step aside — your gorgeous Studio Shed cousin just came to town. These prefabricated modular buildings are your perfect solution for the space you need — whether it’s a home office, a guest house, or a get-away spot. Sleek, modern designs are customizable to your needs, so you have as much (or little) space as you need. In this time of sheltering in place and staying home, aren’t you ready for a space of your own?

Studio Sheds began when an Olympic mountain-bike racer was disheartened by the storage sheds available to house his bikes. With a mountain-meets-city design in mind, two friends created these incredible structures.

studio shed

The Deal

Your customized Studio Shed will be ready in four to six weeks, although there are quick-ship options available in as little as 2 weeks. There are hundreds of possibilities to choose from, from 1,000 square feet, one bed/one bath guest homes to 64-square feet studios to sunny greenhouses straight from Country Living. Their 3D Configurator efficiently allows you to see your design in real-time, controlling your budget, specifications, and delivery timeline without waiting on an architect to send back designs. Many of their options won’t even need a building permit and are fully livable (just check with your local occupancy codes!).

The Portland Series is the gorgeous, classic design beloved across the continent; the Signature Series is the sleek, chic modern shed on steroids; the Summit Series includes the full-sized dwellings with full kitchens and bedrooms; and the Studio Sprout Series with double-pane windows will give you the best gardening shed, artist studio, or sunroom you could find.

Typically a Studio Shed will cost you $120-$180 per square foot, which is significantly less than buying a full house.

studio shed

Studio Sheds will ship to all 50 states and select areas of Canada from their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. The walls and roofs are pre-fabricated at Studio Shed headquarters for easy installation when your shed reaches your home. The studios are delivered to your door by truck and assembled by a Studio Sheds partner, professional installation crews, or as your weekend DIY project. (While the electrical may be “simple,” we would still recommend getting a pro in to wire your shed, even if you DIY.)

Studio Sheds is all about environmentally friendly, sustainable building practices, and we love them for that. Not only do they use solar energy to power their production and partner with GoalZero to provide solar kits for their studio builds, but they have also minimized waste down to a single garbage can per build, and they recycle even that! They say, “good design, environmental stewardship, and affordability are not conflicting ideals,” and truer words may never have been spoken.

studio shed

The Design

What are these Studio Sheds produced from, you ask? They use engineered lumber, ZipSystem wall panels, LSL integrated headers, high-efficiency glass, clean aluminum trim, and concrete-based siding for durability and aesthetics in even the harshest climates. You can place these sheds on top of a concrete foundation or construct a deck-like structure for an elevated or hillside experience. Exact materials depend on what model and specifications you choose, but every shed is constructed from high-quality, weatherproof materials to keep your shed in tip-top shape for years to come. These designs have won multiple awards, like the Best of Houzz Design Award for 4 straight years.

studio shed

The Buy

Every model and modification will make the price vary, but the Signature Series begins at $10,900, and quick-ship units are available for as low as $15,000. If you plan to customize your model, it may take up to 6 weeks to produce and ship, so be prepared if you want to use the space for your in-laws next month.


studio shed