A Toast to Ingenuity – Mitsubishi’s Electric Bread Oven

The world’s most expensive toaster, or a stroke of genius? We’d let you decide for yourself, but the kind of toasted perfection that this electric bread oven delivers is too important for frivolity. Imagine a single slice of toast with a perfectly crunchy exterior and a warm, fluffy interior.

Thanks to the precision of this Japanese design, every piece of bread is treated like the masterpiece it is. And thanks to the Mitsubishi Electric Bread Oven’s moisture-sealing technology, toasting your bread doesn’t mean eating dry, burnt slices anymore.

mitsubishi electric bread oven

How It Works

Mitsubishi utilized its expertise in producing high-quality, moisture-sealing rice cookers to deliver soft-centered toast with crisp, toasted exteriors by trapping and sealing moisture as the bread toasts. This electric bread oven gives you several options to cater to your toasted tastes.

Choose from five bake settings, including Fluffy, Normal, and Crisp. Choose the thickness of your bread (great for thick, homemade sourdough or thin English toasting bread) and your cooking settings (toast, frozen toast, toppings included, or French toast). After tickling a few buttons, close the lid, step back, and let the oven toast away.

The cooking settings are key — you can toast your bread with an egg or cheese on top, get your bread ready for stuffed French toast, or crisp that frozen loaf of Texas toast to compliment your world-famous chili. Whatever you choose, the Mitsubishi Electric Bread Oven is prepped and ready to deliver by using temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

What We Love

First off, the aesthetics got us. The sleek and chic look of the smooth dark sides and the wood veneer on top fit with our décor plan perfectly. This electric bread oven’s design is beautiful enough to take center stage on your table for any meal, but breakfast especially. Rather than keeping your toast creations in the kitchen, it allows your brunch guests to toast their bread to their tastes. Watch out; you might become the next brunch hotspot with this toasting wizard!

If you don’t read Japanese, not a problem: the icons on each cooking option will quickly clue you into which option you’ve chosen for your favorite toasted texture.

But what we can’t stress enough is the moisture-sealing technology used in this upgraded toaster. The interlocking, thermal-insulating lids keep the moisture baked into your toast right where it matters — inside of your toast — without the need for steam injection. No more scraping your butter knife over a cardboard-like scrap of toast; while the exterior will be perfectly crisped to your specifications (more like a sear than toasting), the interior will remain fluffy, moist, and warm. The two heating plates on either lid make sure you enjoy an even toast on both sides.

mitsubishi electric bread oven

What We Don’t

Mitsubishi warns us that anyone who purchases this electric bread oven outside of Japan will need a power converter. While this isn’t a huge deal since converters can be pretty cheap, it’s still an inconvenience.

But the big deal-breaker could be the exorbitant price. At nearly $340 on Amazon (and selling for more than $550 elsewhere), this is not a starter-kitchen sort of appliance. However, if your life revolves around perfectly toasted bread each day, this is an investment you may not want to skip.


mitsubishi electric bread oven