Love Hultén’s Arcade Coffee Table Brings Nostalgia to Your Living Room

For many of us, nothing is quite as nostalgic as arcade games. The sounds of Pac-Man and Galaga have us dreaming of days of joysticks and using all of our quarters at the local arcade. While that experience is unmatched, Love Hultén, described as “an audiovisual artist and a Swedish craftsman,” has brought that nostalgia home in the form of the Arcade Coffee Table.

The American walnut and brass coffee table is handsome and unassuming, well-suited to the modern palette. But pull out the drawer and you’ll find an inset shelf adorned with 19 black resin buttons and two pivoting screw sockets. Unscrew the drawer pulls and wind them into the screw sockets to form joysticks, functionally transforming your coffee table into a pair of full, wireless controllers. Just connect to your TV or computer via the table’s matching signal box and play any game from the retro gamut. Elegant, functional, wistful.

Hultén recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live with his R-Kaid-R — and even created custom, arcade-inspired works for the likes of Kid Cudi. While some may feel that the visionary’s name and the table’s aesthetic alone warrants a purchase, it’s the sentimental value we think you’ll appreciate the most.

All Hultén products are made-to-order, so navigate over to his contact page and drop him a line, you’ll find no shortage of retro-revival ideas. Bring the joys of the arcade into your home with a handcrafted Love Hultén original.


love hulten coffee table