Glerups – 100% Natural Wool Footwear for Summer

Say Yes to Wool Shoes in the Summer – Glerups

A lasting pair of slippers that you can wear all year round can be a hard product to come by. Either too hot in summer, too cold in winter, unable to withstand the perils of everyday wear and tear, slippers are hard to get right. In Denmark, Nanny, the founder of Glerups, found a solution when she felted a pair of boots with wool from her sheep. Starting as a small hobby and growing into a world-class design, Glerups have maintained their values of being kind to humans, animals, and nature and managed to keep their operations close to their hearts and home.

Glerups - 100% Natural Wool Footwear for Summer

Manufactured on the family property in Denmark, as the company grew, the facility adapted and evolved. Not wanting to sacrifice quality for quantity, processes advanced, but Glerups shoes are still handcrafted. The Glerups team prides itself on the attention to detail exercised to make these handcrafted shoes, making them a must-have. 100% natural wool, comfortable, itch-free, odor-resistant, moisture absorbent, and temperature regulating, Glerups points out the five reasons why their slippers are perfect for summer.

Many people know that wool is great for winter. But with wool being absorbent, it’s great for summer months. Think about sheep; they have to be able to live in their wooly coats in the heat. These traits of wool translate into wool products. Wicking away and absorbing sweat and odor, it shines above synthetic and cotton materials in this realm. The foot-shaped sole makes them comfortable, and the wool is breathable, regulating temperature, making these shoes perfect for time spent outside during the summer. Wool is a self-cleaning material as well. When your feet sweat, it produces salt, which mixes with natural fat, lanolin, in the wool, creating a natural soap and cleaning your Glerups shoes as you wear them.

Glerups - 100% Natural Wool Footwear for Summer

Initially made with Gotland Sheep wool and evolved to include a New Zealand white wool, the 100% natural yarn is high quality and produced with animal welfare in mind. The wool is carded then felted into “socks,” sewn onto calfskins tanned within the guidelines of the EU and treated with modern and environmentally friendly methods. This process ensures you have a long-lasting, durable pair of slippers.

The rubber or leather soles are designed with your feet in mind, have a functional pattern that keeps you from slipping on different surfaces.

Between The Shoe, The Slip-On, or The Boot, all available with either a leather sole or a black or honey-colored natural rubber sole, you’ll find a pair that fits your style in a variety of colors ranging from grey to red to lime green. Can’t keep your kid’s feet out of yours? Glerups offers juniors, kids, and toddlers sizes. Find them their pair in their favorite color.

To top it off, cleaning and caring for your Glerups is hassle-free. Keep your slippers clean by allowing them to breathe in the open air and let the wool take care of the rest. This hands-off approach is not only beneficial for you but the environment as well.  If you accidentally spill or stain your Glerups, pick up some wool soap and a damp cloth and be sure to let them dry in between treatments if necessary to clean them a few times. If yours are rubber soles, wipe them with a damp cloth. A leather brush is best to clean leather-soled versions.

Glerups - 100% Natural Wool Footwear for Summer

If you’re looking for an all-around perfect summer slipper, Glerups has you covered. Priced between $75.00-$125.00 depending on style, sole, and color, they’re not the cheapest pair of slippers on the market. But when taking into account the versatility, values in production, and the longevity of the shoe, they’re worth every penny.

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Glerups - 100% Natural Wool Footwear for Summer Glerups - 100% Natural Wool Footwear for Summer