FLÎKR® Fire2 Personal Fireplace: Warmth on the Go

The phrase “portable fire pit” doesn’t do the FLÎKR Fire2 justice. A fire pit denotes rusty metal and inelegant design. The FLÎKR Fire2, on the other hand, is the very essence of both intention and thoughtfulness. It’s small enough to carry in one hand and produces flames sufficient to promote a cozy ambiance. Indoor s’mores, anyone?

The Science

This 5 by 4.5-inch tall portable fire pit can hold up to 5 ounces of isopropyl alcohol. That equates to about 50 minutes of burn time, depending on the ambient temperature.

Can you burn it indoors? Sure, you can — that’s the FLÎKR Fire2’s best-known capability. The FLÎKR Fire2 sits comfortably inside of a sturdy human-made quartz base. A square of soft polyester felt lines the base’s bottom, ensuring the FLÎKR Fire2 won’t scratch your furniture.

The isopropyl alcohol fuel is cheap, readily available, and — best of all — extraordinarily clean-burning. You’ll only see soot on the areas of the fire pit that the flame touches, and you certainly won’t see any soot smudging up your ceilings. The fuel produces virtually no carbon monoxide. To be on the safe side, FLÎKR recommends not burning the Fire2 in a room smaller than 300 square feet, and to make sure you have adequate ventilation when burning indoors. Yet this fuel burns so cleanly that you can cook over it if you want to! (Remember those s’mores?)

To put out the Fire2, cover the top with the stone base (felt-lined bottom facing up, of course). Within seconds, the flame will die due to a lack of oxygen.

There are a few other safety considerations: always keep the Fire2 on a stable surface; never add fuel while the flame is lit, and be cautious of high winds that could blow ignited fuel out of the reservoir.

flîkr fire2 personal fireplace

The Design

FLÎKR Fire2’s design follows the Japanese principle of wabi-sabi. This design ethos is hard to translate directly into English, but it involves roughness, simplicity, natural objects and textures, and the acceptance of flaws. With that in mind, the Fire2 is simple but beautiful in its design and execution. The form follows function here.

The material is a proprietary, non-absorbent cement rated to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Each Fire2 is unique, and unless you smash it on a hard surface, you can expect your Fire2 to last a lifetime. It’s a perfect accent piece for parties (outdoor and indoor, of course), romantic occasions, quiet meals, cozy cabins, and long winter (or summer) nights.

The Fire2 puts out a small amount of heat — enough to warm your hands if you get close, but certainly not enough to counteract your air-conditioning on a summer day. After about 2 hours of burning, the Fire2 base can get a little warm to the touch, and increased warmth will decrease the fuel efficiency. Letting the stone container cool for about 20 minutes solves both of these problems.

flîkr fire2 personal fireplace

The Buy

The FLÎKR Fire2 is made in Tennessee and sells for $95. You can buy in bulk if you happen to be an event planner or party coordinator. FLÎKR is passionate about their brand and is always innovating. Be on the lookout for more from them in the future.

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flîkr fire2 personal fireplace