Dhyan Zen Lounger – Philosophically-Inspired Style

Repetitive stimuli promote similar behavior and results. And if you’re finding it hard to focus on specific tasks or calm your mind, finding a stable, constant environment may help curb distractions. The Dhyan Zen Lounger is such an environment — an ergonomic lounger with water or garden features to keep help center your mind and still your thoughts. Stay tuned for the specifics!

dhyan zen lounger

Birth of the Dhyan Zen Lounger

Dhyan refers to focus or meditation in Sanskrit; the lounger will surely guide you to a zen-like state of mind. Designed by Sasank Gopinathan and winner of the A’ Design Award and Competition, the lounger is an invitation to sit down, relax, and simulate a stress-free environment in your home. Inspired by the tree of Buddha and Japanese Zen Gardens, Gopinathan created a piece to fully embody the Zen gardens’ green vegetation and water aspects. The effect? A space in your home dedicated to centering your mind with a purpose.

The Zen Design

The ergonomic lounging chair sits upon a raindrop shaped stand. The seat dips, and the raised bottom portion of the bed supports a comfortable posture. It is a serene design that boasts simplistic eastern philosophies and modern function with the black base and chair nicely contrasting the mocha-colored accents.

The lounger is available in three modes — standard, pond, or garden — changing the lounger’s ambiance to your preference. Additional bonuses like a USB plugin on the small table, an LED reading light, or planters mod the Dhyan Zen Lounger at your leisure.

dhyan zen lounger

Standard Mode

In standard mode, a platform surrounds the lounger with three compartments underneath, one larger circle behind the seat, and two elongated compartments on either side of the chair. Use the platform to keep your books, water, or paperwork within arms reach when engaged in an afternoon zoom call while hiding chargers and journals tucked away in the enclosures.

Water Mode

Water mode is for anyone seeking soothing sounds during their meditation. The platform is removed, and you can fill the 3D tear-dropped shaped base with water. A shallow pond with a waterfall surrounds you once you sit down in your Dhyan Zen Lounger. An inboard pump powers the waterfall that cascades from the back of the seat into the pool. Decorate it with eye-catching rocks or accessories to further enhance your Zen area.

There is a “small pond” mode for a hybrid between the standard and water mode. The platform stays in place,  but the rear compartment is left open for the waterfall to fall into; you can enjoy the soothing water white noise while still having ample room to spread your things on the platform.

dhyan zen lounger

Garden Mode

The garden mode is for all the green-thumbed individuals out there. Where all the compartments would be in the standard mode are now plants. The two smaller containers allow plants to flank your legs, and the larger circle is ideal for a tree or larger bush to hug your shoulders. Allow yourself some aromatherapy during your daily routines, and if you’re a city dweller, the garden mode brings you a natural escape in an otherwise concrete world.

Dhyan Zen Lounger

MSRP is yet to be announced. But keep your eyes peeled for the serene Dhyan Zen Lounger. A seemingly small adjustment to your environment and posture can elicit big mood and productivity changes. You won’t regret your purchase as you finally start to relax.

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